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  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: Yahoo
  • Updated: Apr, 18 2013
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 15.43 MB

Languages: Arabic, NB, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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Winner of an Apple Design Award 2013!

See the weather like never before - only Yahoo Weather combines stunning photos with accurate forecasts across iPhone and iPad.

The forecast is beautiful - Yahoo Weather’s immersive experience makes checking and sharing the weather inspiring and entertaining.

Favorite Features:
- Beautiful photos that match your location, time of day, and current weather condition
- Detailed weather information and forecasts
- Interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps, plus sunrise/sunset times

- Swipe vertically for detailed weather information and horizontally for favorite locations
- Enable notifications for Severe Weather Alerts (U.S. cities only) by visiting "Settings" in the sidebar
- Submit photos to the app at Project Weather on Flickr

"Weather data? Neat. But what’s particularly amazing here is the design of the app itself. It’s a million impressive little things. It’s the blurring of the background as you dive into the grittier details; its the subtle parallax scroll when flipping between cities; it’s the way the cute lil’ windmills spin faster or slower based on the actual current windspeed of the city. It’s the fact that this is made by friggin’ Yahoo." - Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch

Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful design, lots of information

    by AriZzle1428

    Easy to use!

  • Aesthetic and Effective

    by Aristonax

    This is what the apple weather app should be. This app successfully provides users with all the information they care to know about the weather. It's accurate and it has a beautifully simple display that allows the data to be easily and enjoyably processed. I'm sure there are plenty of weather apps that provide similar features but this one is nonpareil in terms of aesthetics.

  • Beautiful app

    by ChenYenLai

    Great design and all useful info.

  • Great app

    by bertw11

    Have had this for a couple of weeks and it has become my primary source for weather information. Nice layout and flow of relevant information. I highly recommend it.

  • Yahoo Weather

    by Oldeyoga

    I love the beautiful pictures! The pictures for Keaton Beach, Florida is only sky and clouds! Get me some of the beach and trees of the area!

  • I love it

    by Vyjvffv

    This is the best weather app on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very good! APP

    by wakinvogue liang


  • Good app

    by musifanofGod&man

    I love the pics

  • Simply beautiful!

    by P1tz1

    Well done, chaps!

  • Great app

    by AppTimeWriter

    Love it.

  • All you need for weather with great design.

    by Itsmurat

    Detailed weather report with alert I am just happy not to watch tv to get all details. Plus has great design kudos Yahoo team.

  • Great app

    by Mpt0103

    This app is very helpful and easy to use

  • Great design, love the interface.

    by Tuney Suz

    Deleted the Weather Channel.

  • User friendly weather app!

    by Firestar212

    Great app with the pictures adding a different touch altogether!!

  • Good app

    by CERO27

    Easy to manage cities

  • Love the App

    by Shauna Mayo

    I love this app. It provides good weather information and I love the pictures.

  • Elegant, fantastic app

    by cheribom

    I've cycled through o number of weather apps, looking for ones that give me lots of information, but with a nice interface that isn't cluttered. I'll be honest, I never expected something this nice from Yahoo! The photos (with credited links to the owners' Flickr accounts, props) is a really nice touch.

  • Elegant, fantastic app

    by cheribom

    I've cycled through o number of weather apps, looking for ones that give me lots of information, but with a nice interface that isn't cluttered. I'll be honest, I never expected something this nice from Yahoo! The photos (with credited links to the owners' Flickr accounts, props) is a really nice touch.

  • Fantastic

    by Bgirl Super flea

    Gorgeous UI. Very functional and well laid out. The subtly animated icons are a nice touch. This is pleasure to use.

  • Best weather app

    by Someone????

    This is the best weather app on the AppStore. The beautiful design, along with detailed information and intuitive UI just makes it perfect. I actually enjoy checking the weather! 100% recommended

  • Lovely app but inconsistent performance

    by Edfig99

    Using on retina iPad, wifi/cellular AT&T. Pix used in backgrounds are stunning. Appearance of Weather info itself appears very reminiscent of weather app on ios7 on iPhone 5s. Major issue with app is you can't add new cities while connected by wifi. The data for any existing cities does update via wifi but get server error messages when adding new city. If I disable wifi and enable cellular, then I can add a new city. Would otherwise be a 3 or 4 star app.

  • Great!

    by 4321pmb.

    This app is great. The weather is as accurate as all others. It does depend on where weather is taken at. So close enough. Love the pics. Has all I need.

  • 天气太不准了

    by God is not here

    天气预报根本不准 只是界面设计还行

  • Beautiful app

    by ryan153572

    Pleasure to use, and the photos from Flickr are a nice touch.

  • Good app - needs bug fix

    by bash33

    Easy to use. Outstanding graphics. Source of weather is pretty accurate (weather forecasts aren't always right). The current location feature doesn't always work. Since I'm at the same location, it appears to be an App issue, not my network.

  • Great App ..... Minor adjustments

    by Charles124488

    Love the app and the city views. Make sure to allow for easy rearranging of cities, also picture of city should match weather in that location, weather alert push notification needed. Beautiful app. I love scrolling through the various cities! The details are amazing ..... E.g. Wind glad I have this app. Thank you

  • Yahoo weather

    by Florida Boomer

    I like the layout and it has all the information I want.

  • Simply amazing

    by hmneedsmore

    Fantastic app, I have no complaints. Only thing I would suggest is a display showing how much precipitation is predicted to occur in addition to just the chance.

  • I check it often

    by iBeth01

    This app is way better than the native weather app. Useful info beautifully presented.

  • Cool design with practical flaws

    by Jllat

    Really cool design. However, my current conditions never changed from "cloudy" through thick fog, rain and 16 inches of snow. Not helpful if I'm not near a window. The forecasts are mostly accurate though.

  • Love it!

    by JamLiske

    One of the best weather apps out there!

  • Great UI...hiccups here and there...

    by WDM83

    Solid. Need to iron out bugs.

  • Good app

    by Bdaddyf


  • Great!

    by yadabel

    Love this app. Beautiful design.

  • Yahoo

    by Daxj

    Good app

  • Very nice application

    by Nad2111

    Easy to use

  • Muy buena

    by Flako2734

    Excelente app

  • Awsome!!

    by Obrian7809

    I like the way the information is given. The animation depending on the weather is great and I use to open to check the weather, now I just open this easy using and accessing app :)

  • Favorite Weather App

    by AdamJ917

    Very innovative, all in one weather app. Has replaced all the other ones I was using prior.

  • Good

    by DrNisson

    It worked great until I agreed to rate it, then it was no intuitive.

  • Really like this one

    by joelsyl

    This is a weather app all should have

  • What a Great Weather APP!

    by jinglealltheway

    Graphics and accuracy wise, this Weather APP is simply the Best that I have seen! Bravo!

  • Libya

    by Sassoke


  • Great app

    by Tack35

    Best weather app ever

  • Great graphics

    by Ram99205

    Great graphics without a cluttered screen.

  • Top notch!

    by JJSchieffer

    Everything I need for a quik look at today's weather

  • Nice

    by Kees28

    Good graphics and interface

  • Last update broke the current location

    by Hate_ads

    The last update broke the current weather location. It just says oops now. All other areas work if you just name the city. It's been months now Yahoo...get your act together!

  • Great app

    by Cmlvmx

    Very good

  • Like alot

    by Ja.medrano

    Love gives all the details I need to know about weather

  • Great weather app

    by Dascher66

    Beautiful pictures and graphics. Shows everything you need for weather, and I like the photos.

  • Yahoo Weather App

    by Over it.

    Best weather app I have used. All the weather information very easy to find and read, without a bunch of ads getting in the way.

  • Beautiful.

    by customer01010101

    The nicest looking weather app on iOS. It would be great if it accommodated microclimates. San Francisco weather varies dramatically based on where you are in the city. Sadly there is just one forecast for the entire city :-(

  • Likin' it

    by Scottie mcgreen

    Accurate and beautiful to look at. Very pleased.

  • I love it so far!

    by RetroUltraModern

    I have only been using Yahoo Weather for a few days, but so far I think it is the best weather app I have tried. I have been frustrated by the Weather Channel app's unreliable forecasting, and the native iPhone weather lack of features. Yahoo Weather addresses these with trustworthy forecasts from weather underground, and a simple, beautifully designed interface with all the features I need and incomparable ease of use. I love the fact that I can look at forecasts around the world and the local times are displayed. The local time is such a helpful and simple thing to include, but the other weather apps I've tried lack it.

  • great

    by Dbad

    its also pretty

  • Best weather app I've used

    by EustaceScrubb

    A little derivative, but in all the right ways. Beautiful. Not 100% in love with Flickr powered first screen, but other than that, pretty close to perfect.

  • Best weather app I've used

    by EustaceScrubb

    A little derivative, but in all the right ways. Beautiful. Not 100% in love with Flickr powered first screen, but other than that, pretty close to perfect.

  • Best weather app by a mile

    by nurider

    Beautiful app and interface.


    by Katk55

    THE Most helpful!

  • Attractive app for seeing the weather

    by Aladandy

    I use this just to see the temperature in different cities - works well for my needs and is very attractive. Also shows what time the sun rises and sets and precipitation details.

  • Form over function

    by Thavian

    First the good: This is one of the most beautiful weather apps I've ever seen. Now the bad: The flashy graphics and animations can get in the way. It can be hard to find the information you're looking for. For example, the forecast only tells you the percentage chance of, say, rain or snow for today and tomorrow. Want to know what's happening the day after tomorrow? This app will show you a pretty icon to represent the type of weather, but no indication of 10% chance versus 90%, making the forecast all but useless. If you want to see a weather app done right, check out Bing Weather on a Windows 8 tablet or PC. It's nearly as beautiful as Yahoo Weather, and much easier to use. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find something comparable on my iPad.

  • Best Weather App!

    by Luffman

    Yahoo has outdone themselves in the beauty and functionality of this great app! Outstanding!

  • Good app

    by ShortMort47

    Yahoo did a decent job with this app.

  • Delete a town?

    by Chiefrose

    Read all I can find... No luck

  • Love

    by Mlle HunnyBunny

    It's great

  • Love this app.

    by Holland Dwellers

    It tells me everything I need to know plus other helpful stuff.

  • Love

    by Lisi1793

    Does all I need it to! Recommend

  • 400+ MB storage?!

    by typo_kign

    This app ballooned to taking up 400+ MB storage for no apparent reason! Epic fail for a weather app.

  • Just perfect info

    by Rohitashwa

    All what you need in a page, with awesome idea go crowd sourcing and plugging the best photographs from Flickr!!! I love it!!!

  • Love it!

    by Suzieqgirl

    Although others may not rate this perfect....I love it. The graphics and the info are great and it is much nicer than other apps I have tried. Certainly has everything I need. I also love the 'alerts' that you can activate which is very useful.

  • Well Done

    by Tuck234

    Graphics are top notch; easy to look at, loads of info

  • Beautiful weather app

    by Chris Potter

    Love how easily you can scroll between features. The long range forecast could use some more detail (similar to weather bug). This is still my first stop, but will go over to the bug if I want more detail for the long range.

  • Great weather app

    by Hasher1980

    This is a very useful app to have and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Just good

    by tamagochi

    Clean, clear, and easy to read

  • Very useful

    by Steeev12

    Interface is pleasant to look at. Loads quick and just love the design.

  • Pictures are wrong

    by nickrp

    Pictures usually get the location right but are often the wrong weather (and almost always the wrong season).

  • Yahoo weather

    by Alawe_UAE

    Great app, probably the best weather app.

  • Inaccurate

    by CLH-USA

    Inaccurate. Screens don't agree with each other. Forecast temperatures are off by a factor of two and severe weather notifications simply don't work at all. Pretty, though. Just not useful for anything.

  • Good but one suggestion.

    by FreePointMachine

    This app seems to be very good and all, but I wish that you could see the estimated precipitation amount for each day on the 5/10 day forecast. I had this on my previous weather app before they shut it down and i very much miss this feature here.

  • Love this

    by Goodgodiseverynicknametaken

    Beautiful app and very easy to use. Only problem is that it is slow to display info sometimes but maybe that is a problem with my provider. I just love opening it to see the photos!

  • Great...but

    by just4j

    Would have given 5 stars but hung up on review page!

  • Beautiful app

    by Anuj162000

    Better than weather channel

  • Great weather app!!!

    by Gizzmoyw

    On this very rare occasion, I've decided that this app is indeed worth rating. I love that all the pertinent info is on one screen. No waiting for the next screen to load after pushing several icons, etc. Everything you would possibly be checking the news for as far as conditions is in this weather app, except of course the closings, lol. It's very detailed and no meteorologist gibberish. The Flickr photos in the background, although irrelevant to the current conditions, are beautiful and at least seem to be from this general area (or surrounding areas). What I would like to see however, is a more diverse variety of photos. It would be cool if the photos were an accurate indication of the current conditions, but that may be pushing it. Good job yahoo, maybe the next update will take some of these reviews into consideration.

  • The screen shots

    by Spinachyoumeus

    Are awesome!!! Good App all around

  • Oops is silly though

    by Hopeful Now

    In to do away with it is Just becoming to much it better to show me the last cache that an irritating oops oops.

  • Awesome

    by •Moonshine•

    Best weather app out there!!

  • Now showing snow

    by orvalle

    After reading several reviews, I was ready to switch my years-long allegiance to The Weather Channel (TWC) app to this one. I gave up when I realized its radar maps showed NO winter weather at all. Now that's fixed and I switched over, especially with TWC having total outages where it reports nothing. Unless something changes for the worse (like losing winter precipitation) I don't think I'll go back.

  • Surprisingly good.

    by trospero

    Update: App deleted; it repeatedly prompted me to make Yahoo my default search engine. You nag, you're off my phone. Yahoo, you've surprised me with this one. Perhaps the best solution to a notoriously difficult problem: how to present a lot of data in an easily digested form. Beautifully done. (But one star lost for nagging me to rate it)

  • Very Nice!

    by Specktor89

    Much better than stock apple weather app.

  • Nice! :)

    by Ghost pepper mike

    I love this weather app, it's great. I wish they could animate the current weather condition though, like I've seen in Apple's iOS 7 video

  • Very nice

    by Tre-1980

    Very nice

  • Watch out for unwanted data plan usage

    by CelsoSC

    - The app looks wonderful, but only thanks to third party pictures. - It works a bit slow on my 64-bit iPad mini 2. No excuses for that, so I won't even try it on the iPhone. - I can't add cities if I'm using wifi only. It seems it wants to use your 3G/LTE data plan without letting you know that. Really??? - The pop-us asking you to switch to Yahoo are REALLY ANNOYING!!! Improvement is actually used for things that work. This app needs fixes instead.

  • Best weather app ever !!!!!

    by Jsp307

    Great job !!!! I have had local apps and some news station apps as well . I really enjoy this one the best because it has been more accurate then the other 5 apps I had . I live in a little town near Philadelphia and major news casters always predict so many different things but this apps been right on so far ..... Ok people I read some of the bad reviews and I have to say the major news stations are wrong all the time with predictions .....relax!!! 5 stars to you yahoo :-)

  • Best weather app!!

    by Dnjsmom88

    This is so much better that the default Apple weather app. I really like how it gives me detailed info about the day and not just hi and lo temps. The sunrise and set animation makes me chuckle too!

  • Great App.

    by MEP Engineer

    The best weather app. I've experienced yet.

  • Works great !!

    by Mintlp

    Good weather app! Easy to use.

  • Beautiful interface

    by cooldude12345

    Great app - beautiful interface, very informative and useful information

  • Best weather app

    by Geckodru

    That is all

  • Fine Weather App

    by Hook9773

    I really like this app. It would be cool if you could incorporate pictures of your local area into the thing.

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