NOAA Hi-Def Radar Weather App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: WeatherSphere

We listened!
- Lightning Strikes on the map!
- Add bookmarks on map using address book contacts
- Share Radar Screenshot via email or social media
- Send Weather Postcard to friends or family
- Weather info screen also shows severe weather warnings when applicable
Several other enhancements per user request:
- Show weather directly from bookmarks screen for each location on iPhone
- On/off buttons in Choose-Layers screen work properly
- Remembers if animation stopped when restarting app
- Find address screen less confusing
- Bug fixes

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Simple yet powerful, this is the only app in the appstore that shows amazing real-time hi-def animated weather radar images in vivid color with snowfall, hurricane tracks and lightning strikes on a highly responsive interactive map, along with weather forecast, severe weather warning boxes, storm direction arrows, wildfires, current drought severity, and snowfall on the same map. 90% of our users who got it more than a year ago are still using it everyday!

Plus this is the only app that automatically augments land-based radar images with latest images from NOAA satellites covering the Atlantic/Pacific oceans into one single screen. This lets you track and follow the upcoming hurricanes and storms all from the same map.

Plus this is the only app where radar images will show up and start animating within 2 seconds of launching the app, even when on a slow 3G connection. This is also the only map based weather app that keeps up even when you are rapidly zooming in and out or just moving the map around, without any distracting flickering or other inconsistencies, and it will keep the animation going even as you are moving the map!

Plus this is the only app that allows *you* to control the loop speed, and also choose the interval between individual frames from 5 minutes all the way to 1 hr, and also change the number of frames shown in animation.

Plus easily bookmark multiple locations so you can do a quick radar + forecast check for all your important places in just a few seconds.

- Install and go, no complex setup
- Sharp images
- Lightning Strikes on the map!
- Check the current weather + forecast for any point on the map
- Severe weather warning boxes on the map
- Storm Tracks/arrows on the map with detailed storm information
- Hurricane Forecast Tracks on the map
- Wildfire locations on map with detailed information and firefighting updates
- US Drought severity map
- Fast Loading
- Near real-time, shows the latest radar images within minutes of being gathered.
- Bookmark multiple locations for quick access
- Intuitive Play/pause/manual modes for moving between frames.
- Always shows both time-stamp and "minutes ago" with each frame to prevent any confusion while viewing the loop.
- Select opacity of radar images to your taste
- Save/Share Radar Screenshot via email or social media
- Send Weather Postcard via email or social media
- Read Area Forecast Discussions issued by your nearest NWS forecast office.
- Check your local radar site's hardware operational status from within the app
- See images from upto 6 hours ago by increasing frame interval and number of frames to maximum
- Portrait/Landscape/FullScreen
- Get fast support from within the app

If still not satisfied, then try our even more feature-packed app, "RadarCast Pro", currently 25% Off for $2.99. Besides everything in this app, key additions are hi-definition future-cast radar, push-notifications when its about to rain, lightning strikes in near real-time vs delayed by a few minutes, a cloud+radar layer, saving bookmarks across reinstalls, and more.

Coverage Notes: If you live in a very-high-altitude town in Colorado (e.g. Fraser, Vail, Aspen), most likely this app will not meet your needs since radar beams get blocked by the tall mountains. Alaska coverage includes only the southern coastal areas, and does not include the Aleutian Chain. Also cloud coverage does not include Alaska and Guam.

- This app is only useful for users in the US, including all 50 states and territories including Puerto Rico and Guam.

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by Snuflufagus

    I have about 20 weather apps. This is my favorite radar app by far. Very accurate and very well designed.

  • Not bad

    by Tanyalilly

    So far no issues

  • Boy,try this one!

    by TCrawf3

    I write a few reviews and I am definitely a weather app junkie. I've seen this one all of five minutes and I will say I love it's look right away. It is so straight forward . Pick a location, tap it and you get the weather and a radar view live. Nice! I will try it for a while and I may update my assessment but right now, boy, give this one a try!

  • Radar at its best

    by Radar bug

    Not bad, not bad at all

  • I check four or five times a day

    by YME1963

    My local weather reports are hours behind the real deal. This is a great visual of what is coming.

  • Ok, could use some tweaks

    by JoeBro499

    Love the app in general, but I can't get the tornado alerts tab to open and I also can't get the snow alerts tab to open Not getting the best out of this app Just fix the buttons please!!!!

  • Student fixed and helicopter wing pilot

    by cpfan9800

    Not as good as the FAA instructor but just starting flight training. This app is the best. It has so much and is accurate. I use it to help schedule my lessons.

  • Great weather app!!!!

    by Sledgehammer 82

    Very informative and accurate. Really like being able to pin point particular spots on the map and the ability to get the weather for that place immediately.

  • Love it.

    by Alexx420

    I use it everyday. Loading the city's temp can take a while sometimes. Also I wish it was easier to switch between cloud coverage and radar. Thanks :)

  • Very cool

    by ebrn

    It works so good and I love so much I use it all the time and where I live it comes in handy! Love it

  • Crazy good.

    by djzenlips

    This is the app you buy, don't tell your friends and wait for a tornado. So simple, amazing detail.

  • works great.

    by Erk!

    no problems, works well.

  • I'm addicted to this radar

    by Laudydawdy

    Best radar app made!!!

  • Fast

    by ScottMcGerik

    I love how quickly, from launch, this app displays the latest radar images. I never have to wait.

  • Fast

    by ScottMcGerik

    I love how quickly, from launch, this app displays the latest radar images. I never have to wait.


    by WontShutUp

    And I like the iPad version just the same... very good.

  • Maxrpm

    by Turbine2169

    Great real time updates and temps shown are right on. Great APP

  • Best radar app

    by Kylan Vaughn

    Loads instantly. Latest scans. I use this app to monitor weather conditions for camping boating 4 wheeling mowing snow plowing or anything I can think of where weather can be a factor. I can always predict more accurately than the news! Thanks!!

  • Awesome

    by alpeters


  • Reliable!

    by Carefulgator

    I swim and love the outdoors. It's great to be able to watch for those (previously) unexpected Florida thunderstorms.

  • App doesn't show future

    by ssturri

    What good is the past? I can not figure it out. To many options, to cluttered and it only shows me things in the past nothing in the future. Disappointing. Had it a few months and just can not figure it out .regret buying it

  • Meh

    by Cslinker

    Don't understand these 5 star reviews. This is coming from a knowledgeable weather enthusiast so rest assured I know what I'm talking about for weather apps. -It uses apple maps.. -Misses a ton of rain. I have incredible accurate NEXRAD data (Radarscope/GRLevel) and it misses a ton of rain/snow. There was a bunch of snow In a localized area In the southeast and didn't even register it. -I don't know how people like the graphics, they're nothing special. -Anyways, the radar misses a ton of positive DBz ( aka rain). On the good side, the lightning strikes are neat, and the implemented satellite feature. Again, not sure why this has so many 5 stars.

  • Over charged

    by Jamie 2222

    I paid $1.99 got charged $4.98 what's up, I'd like my change back please or refund, not cool!

  • Hmmm

    by Milo4347

    Says it's snowing on radar picture. Been raining for hours. My accuweather radar is showing rain??

  • It dosen't work

    by Sohe!l

    I live in Iran and it dosen't work for my area I want refund

  • It's ok, not my favorite.

    by Deb1359

    It lacks a quick efficient way to see the weather for multiple locations. If you have pinned locations around the U.S., either you have to push the map around to find the pin, click on it, then click on the tiny arrow in the pop up box and wait for another box with the weather details to pop up, read it and then close it. Or click on the bookmark icon, chose the location, click on the tiny arrow in the new pop up box and then click close the bookmark box covering the map. Whew. Why not locations listed in a bar at the top or bottom of the screen for easy access?

  • Not accurate at all

    by Vroc51

    I have no idea where these five-star reviews are coming from. I just drove through 25 miles freezing rain and when I checked this app it shows no precipitation at all. All local radars from local news stations showed the frozen precip accurately. Skip this one

  • Buyer beware

    by kingbin

    Why would you sell an app and then in the feature updates post a message dated several months old that this app was replaced by another app and for a limited time you can update for 50% off. Not to mention that window has passed. Very poor. I feel swindled.

  • Outdoor trekker

    by Outdoor trekker

    This radar app does not allow for precipitation & cloud layers to be merged. One must navigate through app to select between cloud layers for desired weather. Time consuming please merge. Please increase radar sensitivity. I have compared to other apps for accuracy. I like the app please make changes.

  • Rip Off

    by GMAGSLP

    Don't waste your hard earned money. This is a rip off and apple should be ashamed to sell this on their site.

  • No support

    by Shouldhaveknownbettee

    No radar images and outdated directions to solve the problem. No response from "support".

  • Don't waist your time with this App

    by Michael852

    Loads poorly hard to locate your local info constantly brings up other areas info. Trash just trash.

  • fishing

    by The Shrekster

    A great app that we use daily aboard our fishing vessel. It's really handy here in the swamp. Use it to judge when them fish will be biting and when to steer clear of bad weather.

  • What happened?

    by ralvinklein

    Used to be accurate but it is raining/ snowing right now and there is nothing on the radar (been doing this for weeks). I bought this and the pro radar (not worth it). I am very unhappy because I have invested more money on these apps than any other and frankly they're horrible now...

  • Not the best app

    by South Yuba

    I bought the app thinking that it would be useful for our Thanksgiving trip to California's north coast. NOT! Put a pin in Ft Bragg to bookmark it & the app doesn't recognize the town... the same with Mendocino. Toggle to the map to place a pin & the app says Ft Bragg CA but show weather & you get Ft Bragg NC!

  • Fix the app!

    by Multar

    There is no radar image shown on my map. Seems like everyone is having some kind of problem with this program. Please fix this. Switched to back to MyRadar Pro, because it works.

  • Disappointed

    by Jaynerrs

    Absolutely no App Support!!! Very disappointed!!

  • Awesome

    by MrCHayes

    The best weather apps available. HELLA COOL to the max. Well it was till I updated it, now all it shows is a blacked out screen, suppose work better with iOS 7.0.4 but it has not worked since the update. I've even try clicking the icon & letting my phone set for 2-3hrs, still nothing…I'm taking my stars back

  • spammy likes spammin'

    by Gonsplode

    Starting to get popups for other apps (Calorie Counter Plus & All-in Fitness) whenever I open this app. Boo, man...

  • Love this app

    by Sled head6

    Use this app 3 to 4 times a day nice job

  • Love it

    by Cindydup

    Works great!

  • Best radar.

    by KCCOfireman

    Great app. Works every time. No issues. Highly recommend.

  • Stopped working

    by Pharaohlll

    Worked for a few months, started crashing. No longer works, just a blank black screen

  • Great App

    by cardelkw900

    Very useful and accurate love it

  • I love this app.

    by Jaime Estrella

    I use it all the time not just for checking the weather but also for showing locations.

  • Disappointing

    by Oceanic987

    Bought this app to learn it is N. America only. Frequent questions section (only available after you buy) states this app is US only. This is not stated at all on the App Store description. To be clear, they mean North America only. I'm in US territory in the Pacific. Disappointing.

  • First rate

    by Actuallybeenthere

    Quick and easy to I use it all the time. High recommendations.

  • Super app

    by BoroGal88

    This is a must have! The ability to see exactly what's going on with the weather viewmotion and zoom into area is valuable. Its always very accurate and useful.

  • Not good

    by KKRCus

    No hourly forecast and not convenient to use

  • Finally

    by Bevo1111

    After years of putting up with the pathetic Weatherchannel radar, I have found a radar app that works great.

  • Great weather app

    by Anglomat

    It has many options and very up to the min results

  • Best weather app!

    by Radobabe

    This is the best and most accurate weather app I've used since the iPhone came out. I love how I can get up to date information on wildfires since I live in a fire danger area. I also love how I can customize what I see on my weather map.

  • A great weather Ap

    by PhotoGuy2424

    THIS is the one weather/radar Ap you'll need. Concise, colorful & informative: It puts the power of a meteorologist in your pocket. It's got more bells and whistles than most will ever need or explore, but it's fun to know they're there.

  • Very good app.

    by KyFord

    Solid app.

  • Excellent

    by Oki810

    Excellent app


    by CCT106

    Outstanding .......awesome !!!

  • NOAA Hi-def radar

    by DVP OPs

    Great app, I love the hurricane tracking and storm tracking. Very good for a quick look at the weather when storms are around.

  • Great "New iPad" App

    by Certography

    This app leaves The Weather Channel and their "local on the 8s" in the dust. Zoom in enough to put a push-pin in a residence. Put as many pins as you like. Zoom in or out, the pins retain their size. Tap a pin an get the option for the current and forecasted conditions. This app makes rather detailed street map. Worth every cent of the minuscule amount they require. Kudos to the developers. 2013-10-05: Still love it. Almost never is a day I don't use it and most days more than a time or two, depending on weather or the close-up views of any spot and push pin markers. This app is part of my life. Again, kudos to the developers.

  • Disappointing

    by Weather2000

    Shows less info and satellite images than, which is pretty useless also for weather imaging. Doesn't show anything other than strong storms radar. Completely overcast one day here showed NO clouds at all. Waste of money. Maybe it is not good with ios7. I don't know what problem is but I'm deleting it and out 3.99

  • Ok

    by Akron Al

    Runs smooth, but this is the second time in a week where it's been raining and the radar shows nothing in a 500+ mile radius.

  • Very Helpful

    by atrax16

    Always works well. I am happy with this app for sure.

  • Cool app

    by Weather Willy north Tx.

    Cool App real helpful

  • NOAA Hi-Def Radar by WeatherSphere

    by Wapaho

    I have several weather apps and this is the best and most user-friendly weather app! It EASILY enables one to add many locations and cities of weather interest and those locations can be personalized with custom icons. It has detailed information on fires, floods, etc. The graphics, vibrant colors, and color choices of the forecast screen also make it a beautiful app. I purchased another NOAA Hi-Def app for $2.99, I regretted the purchase immediately and removed it from my iPad. It is not user friendly nor is it as sophisticated as this app. My hope is that down the road the developers will not change a thing, sometimes it's best to leave things alone when perfection has already been attained! G Stephens

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