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Now supports iOS7 and iOS6.

The Weather Channel for iPad combines interactive and beautiful imagery with our WEATHER(TM) expertise. With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm) forecasting technology, The Weather Channel helps you plan the best day possible for any season.

Favorite Features:
• Trusted forecasts help you plan your day, week, or even the next 15 minutes with the most accurate forecast available.

• Maps offer past and future radar, as well as customizable map layers (radar, clouds, temperature, rain, and snow, among others).

• Severe WEATHER(TM) page has everything you need to track and prepare for a storm, including an interactive hurricane tracker map, safety tips, National Weather Service (NWS) alerts, and breaking news video (when available)

• Severe WEATHER(TM) push alerts & badges

• Detailed WEATHER(TM) conditions give you the temperature, sunrise time, sunset time, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed, and humidity.

• Beautiful HD WEATHER(TM) backgrounds

• Travel destination WEATHER(TM) - See average temperatures, average precipitation, forecasts, and more

• Latest news coverage, gorgeous user photos, and videos— everything from your local forecast to climate change.

• Statewide Flu levels and Pollen forecasts for the U.S.
Don’t forget to check us out at and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel for the latest breaking news.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Planning Tool

    by The gamma

    I use this when I plan my weekly activities at home and away. It is very easy to use.

  • Best weather app out

    by Yukon08guy

    I've tried so many weather apps and this is the best out, it's simple, clean and the hourly forecast is in extended detail! Thanks weather channel!

  • Different temps

    by Meg Watson

    Does not make sense to me that the iPad and iPhone versions have such different data. This morning, both set for Minneapolis, one told me it was -15 and one told me it was -8. The iPhone always seems to be colder. Shouldn't they operate off of the same data feed?

  • Great

    by Jwatts310

    Gives me all the different prices of information that I want in an easy to use format

  • Works for me

    by L3isme

    I like the app. It does what I need and shows me the current and forecast for the places I need.

  • Four Stars Only

    by Valdito

    it has annoying adds thats why I only give this app 4 stars. I would pay to take off the adds. Other then that its a cool app to have since the iPad don't have a weather app like the iPhone.

  • Go-To App

    by B. Sonnier

    This is an easy to use, reliable app I use daily. I especially appreciate the severe weather alerts for the cities I follow.

  • Good enuff

    by Doch29

    Like 10 day forecast but not the ads

  • Easy to use

    by Pdxgirl8

    I've never had an issue with this app, and it seems to be as reliable as any news or other app. I really appreciate the feature which sends a severe weather alert depending on where I am in the world. It's been helpful when I travel and don't know about severe thunder storms in the area.

  • Radar not working

    by Nashman222

    The radar portion of the app doesn't work for the Nashville area.

  • Awesome app!

    by Silver Arena

    I love this app. It has great videos and accurate weather. Trust me, that's saying a lot if you are living in bi-polar San Antonio, Texas.

  • Inconsistent lately

    by Njpat

    I am getting weather statements that all end at 7pm on Wednesday, regardless of when they are issued. Also noticed that there are differences in the forecast between the iPad, iPhone, and internet versions, at the same time. How can a 60% chance of rain be made up of 15 minute increments that all have a 0% chance of rain?

  • Go to weather app

    by Ed Pe

    My favorite weather app on iPad. Like that I can have multiple cities available for quick checks. The forecasts are usually trustworthy and the radars pretty good, with a slight lag. Sometimes I have to change the view to get the radar to update rain.

  • Advertisement

    by lX Doc Xl

    Not very happy with paying for $6.99 for the app and still have advertising on the thing! App is good just your ad crap I don't want!

  • Good App

    by Grape grower 2009

    This is a good app with good data and a great GUI. Making it a 5 star app!

  • Couldn't do without this ap!

    by Maudellen

    I've used the information on this ap all over the world, at airports to track a storm, and at home to plan my day. It is reliable and updated constantly. Best ap I have.

  • Great app

    by Zcb310

    Very helpful with the 2014 Winter storm.

  • My fav app

    by Chrissysandvivnana

    I check the weather everyday. Very easy. I have several favorite places.

  • TWC App

    by Don't_waste_your_time

    Good app - worth downloading. App crashes make the interactive map unusable, app crashes after one second when trying to see moving weather. Hope they get is fixed soon.

  • Love it!

    by NikkiMG

    Best weather app!

  • Crashes

    by Bugbearbg

    Awful. Radar crashes time after time.

  • Retarded...

    by 14g18hv837h

    After listening to the same Discover commercial three times within 8 minutes, I watched "professional" weathermen guffaw at snow, sharing no bona fide content, and embarrassing what used to be a brilliant network.

  • Lame

    by I miss my PalmPilot

    - Inaccurate predictions - Doesn't have the ability to find me, I have to enter the location - Building a list of favorite locations isn't static.. the app replaces favorites with my one-time search locations Pity that an organization focused on weather isn't focused on the ease of publishing that information

  • App is junk

    by Guru This

    The maps are useless and hardly ever work

  • Screwed up

    by StephenRobertsNYC

    Won't load or just keeps crashing over and over and over again.

  • Too much advertising

    by Anchorman4

    Way too much advertising. And not as detailed weather info as before. I had this app for years but it's getting worse, so I quit.

  • Too much advertising by fare

    by 1GMS

    Advertising has taken over. Good app if you want to bye something!,

  • The weather channel

    by John Dugan

    This app freezes more often than not....very annoying.

  • Too slow

    by Fljaydub

    Too slow and it limits you to 10 cities to track weather. Doesn't provide any of the detailed info that a lot of the other APPs provide (wind speed by hour, marine forecasts, probability of precip by hour, live cameras, etc) Accuracy of forecasts is not real good. There are much better APPs out there for weather that provide you with a LOT more information.

  • Consistently wrong for Nice, France

    by FRH-SD

    As of this writing at 20:25 GMT+1, Nice, France shows partly cloudy at 24 deg F, same for neighboring Cannes, France. Actual temperature in both places is 46 deg. Temperatures can never be so low in this coastal stretch of the French Riviera, but this app consistently show such low temperatures. Interestingly, the forecasted temps are correct at ~ 55/45 deg F.

  • Disappointed in latest version


    The most recent version doesn't play videos with sound; only silently. I have come to enjoy many of the videos but I can only watch the silent version.

  • Crashes

    by iOSBrandon

    App crashes and closes. A "report problem" pop up comes up during the crash but even that crashes before I can click it.

  • Layout is awful

    by Bcrafty7

    What happened to this iPad app? My phone app is ok but the iPad app is not user friendly. The layout has way too much going on. Simplify it. And get rid of the grid at the bottom.

  • Won't Launch

    by Co999

    With 7.0.4 iPad 2.

  • Looks great / but not accurate

    by C24Vw

    I'm not sure if something changed in the last couple of months but I'm not able to trust the forecasts anymore. They've been so wrong so many times lately that I am looking for a new app. The interface however is very well designed and looks great. Once they get their forecasts consistently accurate they will have the complete package.

  • Useless

    by vsootremm/tt

    useless spinning wheel of death nothing more.....this app used to be good !

  • Does not work at times

    by Tam8389

    This app works when it wants to. Most of the time it looks as if it is loading and then it just stays blank.

  • Absolutely Horrid

    by Brewsterrocket

    Rarely loads local data, even though I've added my city/state/zip. We're about to get slammed with a winter storm, and it's not working again; no radar, no forecast, no alerts, no nothing. And then there's the ads....Ridiculous.

  • Slow Death

    by Ambaker

    First is started with no weather radar at the default magnification, I had to zoom out to see the weather, and sometimes chunks of the radar layer were missing. Then my home location turned into blanks. No data, no temperature, no town name. Reset the iPad (iPad 4 128gig). No luck. Deleted and reinstalled. Now it cannot find any town. Not even major cities. All data is blank. Deleted the app, reset the iPad, installed the app, reset the iPad, still no luck. Even as the only active app, it would not run. I used to really like the app. My favorite interface. Even willing to tolerate those stupid flashing ads.perhaps DirecTV has the right idea. I'm moving on...

  • Junk

    by goodtimealex

    Doesn't show anything and crashes if I try adding a city or hitting any buttons. Not worthy of even one star.

  • Weather Channel

    by May 11, 2011

    This revision is very disappointing. Extremely slow

  • Lost

    by Mirandamoon

    Since the update it lost my home location and can't find me anymore. It used to update locations instantly and now takes awhile to do so. It also crashes frequently. I used to never have any problems with this app, it ran perfectly. I run it on my iPad.

  • Crashes after update

    by Nanci Akemon

    Can't search and lost home and favorites

  • Now doesn't open

    by BillMichigan

    App is continuously crashing, unable to load even current location. "Send error report" pops up regularly. This used to be a good app, what happened?

  • Crashy

    by Ghiuytrh

    Was a great app. I have the paid iPhone app and use both every day but it seems with the latest update they have become very unstable. The radar is almost unusable. Glitchy and crashes almost every time

  • Open the app then crash it and couldn't send the report it.

    by NorthwoodsMJS

    Whenever I clicked on this app, it does open but crashed it and closed it and pop screen to report it by click send report it which I couldn't click to send report it. When it will get update to be fix it?????

  • Stop the Flashing!

    by Amovino

    Used to love TWC app, but am now looking. For something else because of the flashing ads. They are so annoying that I'm deleting TWC app altogether. Wise up.

  • Flashing ads

    by Eileen225

    Hate the flashing ads at bottom, very distracting. I understand you need to have ads, but these are so annoying.

  • Keeps crashing

    by CRD1219

    Was good before, but now when I go to the radar map, it flickers all the time then shuts off. UPDATE PLEASE.

  • the deserts of New Jersey

    by iMamasaurus

    I'm wondering why most of the screen space is given to an irrelevant photo, while getting an actual written forecast for the week is difficult. Used to be my most used app.

  • Rid of

    by JoyNYwine

    I will have to get rid of this app if it keeps having flashing Ads.

  • Could be better

    by Goaway100

    Takes forever to load!!!!!!, good thing I have other weather apps to use, they have better radar!!...

  • Ads make it ugly

    by TCJohnston

    Don't know what ad network they use, but flashing junk on the bottom of the screen make it too annoying to use! There are enough alternatives.

  • Avoid this app

    by Parangaran

    I had really liked this app earlier. The new version with extremely distracting visual ads is odious. Avoid this app.

  • Crashing

    by BeckyTurner

    Like others have written, it's crashing before it opens. Is anybody in there? If it gets fixed, I will change the rating.

  • Annoying ads

    by Customer xyz

    Flashing/distracting ads, worst than X10 ads of yester years.

  • Crashes

    by Solinkc2004

    Continues to crash. Can't even get into the app

  • No Sound with Videos

    by Former fan5

    The videos have no sound. I deleted and re-loaded it twice - still no sound! What the heck!

  • Great job fixing something that wasn't broken

    by ShikyoTenshi

    It wasn't broken but is now. Not sure what previous version I had but it didn't work either. Thought maybe it was just out of date but upon update. Same problem, try to start the app and it crashes, the only difference is not it teases you asking if you want to submit a report without actually letting you. You guys dicked it up pretty bad, so now I have to find a different weather app. Then again it seems the actual channel has vanished from my cable line up now so maybe that's why.

  • Awful ads

    by Quixotic9

    I want to like this weather app but can't. The layout is good but the forecasts are not. But even if the forecasts were better, the new ads are absolute show stoppers, with flashing red and white banners that you can't turn off. I removed the application as soon as those ads started to appear.

  • Used to be favorite, now not so much

    by Joules4

    I used to love TWC, but now they rarely get the weather right, the videos often fail to start though the commercial always manage to work and that yellow and pink flashing ad makes me feel sick and distracts terribly from the video. It's difficult to navigate and slow to load, I'm off to find a new app today, sorry TWC, can see why Direct TV dropped you now - too much fluff not enough serious weather.

  • Flashing Ads -- How immature!

    by SteveCB1

    I used to rate this with five stars but with the flashing Obama ReFi ads distracting on the edge of the weather I have no choice.

  • Correct Location wx reports

    by Tuscansun

    This is ridiculous. I sent an email to developer requesting that they correct an inaccurate wx report for San Remo, LG, IT. They haven't done so shows it's snowing which it is Not and a temperature absurd. Wrong. I'm deleting this app

  • Central NC

    by Former fan5

    Buggy, inaccurate, distracting ads - please get your act together!

  • Crashing

    by skennedy1023

    Won't open since the last update on my iPad air. I used to love this app, but I have been forced to find other sources to check my weather. Waiting on a solution. Absolutely horrible right now

  • Weather Channel app

    by Craylapoo72

    Disappointing app. Have to choose favorite cities, can't just see entire weather map w temps, etc. Blaring, flashing ads are very annoying. Not good.

  • No good

    by J.illinois

    Slow to load. Radar just crashes out. Can't remove cities I just wanted to check temporarily.

  • Terrible.

    by I prefer software that works!

    Zoom on map yields undeterminable results. Maybe you'll see the weather patterns maybe you won't. Maybe part of the clouds or snow or rain or whatever will show maybe part of it won't. You'd think the weather channel could get it right.

  • Great App.

    by Not4ubut4me

    Use it daily, at least when it is cold. Good tool to have.

  • Great App

    by Dbobdean

    Great app. Use it several times during the day without any glitches.

  • Radar doesn't work, too many bugs

    by Mc2020

    I have had versions of this app for many years and they were great. Sadly, this latest one is simply unusable. The radar doesn't work, the weather page will not open on my preferred city and then it simply closes. Wait for a better version.

  • Great

    by (@)@(@)

    Use it all the time never let's me down looooovvvveeee itttttt!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Each update gets worse

    by The_Eck

    I’ve had this app for some time now and I really enjoyed it when there were animated backgrounds of rain, snow, clouds, etc. It seems like it’a always had this ribbon of news squibs across the bottom but for the last two months or so, there’s this horrible image of something called “Grid Breakers” of some poor schmuck lying in snow with a frozen beard. Yoiu can see this in the first image in the “Details’ tab. I do wish TWC would remove that image. For now I’ve gone to another weather app that doesn’t display cruel photos.

  • Location name blocks view on map

    by JCR-LFOD

    See that big location name, postal code, and temperature block above the push pin on the map? Yea, we don't need that. It sorta kinda blocks a good portion of the radar near our current location, and you won't allow us to make it go away... Do the people that created the map actually use it? This seems like a rather obvious problem to fix...

  • great way to keep current

    by mylittlepeeps

    Nice to know local weather, and weather for travel! Plus it works to keep track of weather where friends and relatives are....use it often!

  • Pretty good app

    by Nikki Wallace

    Generally, this app is very useful. However, sometimes it is really wrong. I don't know if it 'hangs up' and or just hasn't updated. Having said that, the map is great for seeing if weather is moving in. Update Jan 2014: The map hasn't worked in the last several months. NO radar is shown unless one zooms out. Totally useless now. Please fix. It used to be so good. Temperatures are completely wrong, as well.

  • No city

    by Iowa PreK Teacher

    I used to love this app but it seems that there is a bug because I can no longer find a city at all. Please fix this soon so I can use your app again.

  • Like!

    by LianiDC

    Nice, clear photos; up-to-the-minute weather updates; info n hows of interest. No loading problems. Like this app.

  • App missing

    by Sethbirdrules

    I downloaded the app today and tried to find it on my ipad

  • ???

    by Vondon77

    This is not easy to get around in and that ad thingy on the bottom is irritating. Really, I wouldn't even bother.

  • Please fix the bug!!

    by Cfishe814

    Whenever you open the app it crashes. I even restarted it and it crashed. I reinstalled it and it kept crashing.... PLZ fix this!,

  • Weather Crashes

    by JimTHX

    Unfortunately, the program has become useless. No information is posted and the program keeps crashing on my iPad. Until the program is fixed, don't waste your time!

  • app

    by Leigh7818

    App is not working today. Love this app but with this massive storm hitting. I can't get my information from my favorite app. I guess I will use the website itself. Disappointed.

  • Retaliation by TWC

    by Ocog cool man

    Used to love this app but as a Directv subscriber it's ironic that since their dispute now my app will not show my home locations weather any longer...not a problem I'll just use yahoo weather or my local news channel app. Your retaliation tactics are desperate and pathetic TWC

  • Lost locations

    by PixieinPA

    Now it won't even allow me to get locations. I ended up deleting the application and when I reinstalled it, it doesn't return any locations when you do a search in order to add them

  • Why bother?

    by LuvShakespeare

    I'm getting a blank screen after numerous attempts to reinstall, update, etc...Direct TV dropped them? You'll hardly miss them if their program is anything like their app...

  • Sasha

    by Shonla

    This was the best weather app that I've ever used. But as of 2 days ago this app just quit, stop working nothing so fix this app please.

  • Does not work on my new iPad Air

    by speednby

    Installed on my iPad Air. Does not work at all. The old iPhone app that I had on the iPad worked fine with the exception of no landscape view. I deleted the iPhone app thinking the new iPad app would replace it. Big mistake, because now I can't seem to be able reinstall the iPhone app. Very disappointed as the Weather Channel app was my primary weather app.

  • Does not work

    by Odysseydla

    After the most recent update, the app is useless. It will not recognize my location, and will not allow me to enter one in. Just sits there blank. Have tried deleting, rebooting, etc., and it still does not work on the iPad.

  • Ms

    by Biz blog

    This is my go to app when I need to know what the weather will be for the next few days. This is especially helpful when traveling out of the country. Easy to use!

  • Too many advertisements!

    by Surfhunter

    The latest version forces you to view adds at the bottom of the screen. I would rather pay for this application, if it meant getting rid of the advertisements. If a fix doesn't come soon, I'll delete the app. Numerous other weather apps do not have any advertisements!

  • Twc

    by Rabelais6515

    Fantástic and very useful ap. Thank You

  • Good if they fix the bug

    by Trssho91

    App is good except of a pretty big bug. I have a ipad mini retina on ios 7.0.4 and the videos have no sound. This is clearly some issue with app compatibility with ios 7 and devices with 64bit as my 5s has the issue while my wife's 5c is fine.

  • Keep your squabbles to yourself

    by SRQ Rob

    I have grown tired of seeing your appeals for your app users to join a protest of DirectTV's decision to drop the Weather Channel. I am not a subscriber to DirectTV so I am not motivated by your appeals. I do not subscribe to ANY cable, telephone, or satellite broadcast service. I access your services on the web using my laptop's browser and mobile apps. I put up with the endless ads in order to utilize the information you provide. If you cannot restrain yourselves I will use your competitors' apps.

  • My Go-To

    by Ieduk8kids

    It's my Go-To app for weather.

  • Can't do it

    by Matthew Oravez

    Where's the tv live stream? i want to watch twc on my iPad Mini and fix the problems

  • Frustrating at best.

    by Vlnchick

    This app, why I keep it I don't know, but it never seems to get better. In the amount of time I've had it, which definitely longer then I care to admit, the radar has never worked. It just never loads. The touch parts of the app are sluggish at best. When I try to close a day's details, it skips ahead and opens another day without the closing the one I wanted. This process takes too long to work correctly. It constantly misreads what I "click" on and through countless updates these basic problems seem to persist. I'm sad that the weather channel can't seem to get it together.

  • Amazing Accuracy

    by Slimjimjacob

    I would think that the Weather Channel is a great application!

  • Good app, but...

    by Orangecam

    Because of the directv and the weather channel dispute, I have decided not to support the weather channel. Until the dispute is resolved, I will use other weather services.

  • Keeps getting worse

    by CinnamonBun

    Radar never works. I have to zoom in or zoom out to see the weather in my area. Radar freezes all the times. Sometimes the weather doesn't refresh itself, and it's usually when something big happening. I'm really disappointed. I expect more from the weather channel.

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