Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts Weather App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: Jackadam
  • Updated: Apr, 16 2012
  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Size: 3.78 MB

Languages: English

Seller: jackadam

We hope you're not an Entomologist, because this update squashes a whole lot of bugs in the all new Dark Sky.

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Dark Sky can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow) up to an hour in advance, so you’re free to walk the dog or run out to lunch and know you’ll stay dry. You can also explore the most beautiful weather animation you’ve ever seen, both forward in time or back.

(Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.)

Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-to-minute predictions for the next hour and detailed forecasts for the next day and week.

The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future.

Dark Sky can send you an alert before it starts raining at your exact location. Even if you haven't opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you're in the path of a storm.

Customer Reviews

  • Loving it

    by weave

    The smooth animations are wonderful. I also love to zoom out and look at precipitation and temperatures around the planet. Just be aware you can’t zoom in on all countries for detailed animations. (UK works but not France, for example)

  • Love this app with the new update!

    by Lindsey625

    I now was able to delete my other weather apps. This one has everything, and it has been the most accurate. If it says light rain starting, sure enough it does. The Weather Channel app would tell me it was sunny outside when it was raining. It was never accurate! I love the new look, and it's easy to use. It tells me exactly what I need! Please don't change it!!

  • Simply beautiful but push notifications...

    by Steve Swann

    Push notifications are really late in this new release. Every time it's rained since I've updated it's been 5-10 minutes after initial rainfall that I've received a notification and the app has been a recently opened too.

  • Radar

    by Sp3cial 3d

    Bought this app a while ago and it worked very well for it's only purpose at the time (help me not get rained on on my walk to or from work). I think the overhaul of the app is great and would have given 5 stars but the radar update is appalling.

  • great layout, lousy data

    by flisflis

    This is how a weather app should look like. 6 stars! however it is not reliable. Up to 36 hours before a sizable snow storm it was telling me to expect 1 inch of rain while the other big firms told us 4 inches of snow! Only at T minus 24 hours did it start providing better data. What is their source? You can't plan on that!

  • Go-To Weather App

    by akarp

    Love the smooth radar map. Scroll a bit into the past then forward to get a feel for what's coming. Pinpoint precipitation is an extremely useful concept and so far, it seems to work. If developers continue improving this app I will be a happy camper. Better transition from hourly to weekly radar map would be nice.

  • Great update!

    by BillBlasko

    This latest version makes dark sky a much more complete weather app. I personally prefer this new look to the old dark look. It feels classier.

  • Best purchase I made in months


    Was having trouble with this earlier, but after contacting the Devs & getting a quick response everything works wonderfully. You get accurate weather, plus notifications are pretty spot on. Screw all the negative feedback,this app is totally worth it.


    by Project: Bluebird

    I liked the old version of this app a lot; it was hyper-local, reasonably accurate, and easy to use. This new version is all of that, and more. The interface is slick, in the best way, it has the most important information at your fingertips - and more information easily accessible. And the new precipitation/temperature maps… Gorgeous! Worth updating for that alone. One minor feature that I highly appreciate is the Sunrise/set times. In fact, if they were to add Moonrise/set in a future update, I wouldn't need any other weather app.

  • I redownloaded it!

    by Kipicus

    I really love the new updates! I am using it to monitor Atlanta Snowpocalypse, THE REVENGE. I am confident I will get stuck in my apartment with my hubby this time. Best. Zombie. Winter. Ever! I'm REALLY glad I got this app again, the yahoo generated app provided by apple wasn't enough. This one is beautiful, comprehensive and dynamic. Good job, team!

  • Miss the old version

    by Daniel Levy

    The new version is confusing and not as intuitive. Please bring back the old version.

  • Love Update

    by JdawgMoll

    New UI is fantastic. Love the new look and feel. Accuracy continues to be best in class!

  • Update good except one thing

    by Screaming Wounded

    Unlike a lot of people here, I like the 4.0 update. The temperature chart is a nice at a glance feature for the day, and the ability to drill down on upcoming days is clean and effective. The only negative is the notification sound use to be unique to Dark Sky. Now, it makes the same sound as everything else, so I’m less likely to notice.

  • Latest Update is great but with flaws

    by bAd DeTeCtIvE

    I love the latest update. A more well rounded Dark Skies allowed me to delete my two other weather apps. But the more I use dark skies the more flaws I see. Radar has changed for the worse. The "global" view may be cool but not being able to see the radar up close from where I am seems counterintuitive and I feel like the Dark Skies took two steps back with their radar update. Also, not being able to search for weather conditions of cities that I am traveling to is bummer as well and it looks like I will be re-downloading my two other weather apps. Other than that, Dark skies is extremely accurate and will absolutely remain on my home screen.

  • I'm not an expert, but ...

    by SixtyYearsOn

    Since I only have 12 weather apps my input may not be very valuable, but Dark Sky is now the only weather app on my home screen. Since the update I find that I don't bother to check with my other weather apps. And most of them are pretty cool also.

  • Great Design, lacks a few features

    by ace3265

    Like many I want a one-stop-shop for weather that is easy to understand at a glance. I have bought a dozen weather apps. I like Dark Sky's design the best. Very easy to see what you need without clutter. I wish it had a few more features that could be implemented, I think, without spoiling the layout: Please give me severe weather alerts. We had a windchill advisory and I had no way of knowing that with Dark Sky. Please put a temperature badge on the icon like other apps such as Fahrenheit so I can see the temperature without opening the app. This is small, but you can ask for a warning when it is going to "rain" but the setting really should say "precipitation." (And again, I can get a warning that precipitation but not other severe weather?). I hope the developers keep it up because the design is wonderfully minimalistic and the global weather map is worth the price alone. But it can stay simple while providing a few more features.

  • Great app

    by Bryan07

    Great app! Please add more blue color and update the icon.

  • अद्भुत

    by करन

    Extremely well-designed app, which makes it fun to look up the weather and that's saying a lot. I especially love the newly redesigned radar view!

  • Best Rain Info App

    by brandonj3

    Ok so. I am a weather app addict. Dark Sky is the best app for rain information. The wiggle graph is usually fairly accurate and being able to go back in time is very useful. Plus the push service for rain alerts is creepy accurate. It's like they stalk every individual rain drop! UPDATE: no longer get push rain notifications :(

  • Bring back old map and timeline features

    by Kidndjski457

    The update is ok, but I have always used Dark Sky for its map and timeline. It's simple interface was always accurate and easy to use. Now I'm a little at a loss because no longer is the timeline front and center and the map is pretty poor quality-allowing me to only zoom in so far, my locations are not able to be present. I don't really need to know what's happening in Fiji. I just need to know what's happening where I live and where I will be riding. Another reviewer also mentioned the dark sky (turn the white down!)-I have to agree.

  • More losses than gains.

    by Wrave

    I like the new version for offering temperature and letting me travel back in time further. I don't like how the new version has handled layout, typography, and panels. Gripes: 1: there is a little bump animation after the first load. It makes me jump. I don't even know what its for. 2. the map is a page but doesn't have behavior like the other panels. 3. The new timelines are impossible to decipher, partly because of the introduction of temperature. I don't know what dark grey vs blue means. 4. The timeline on the map used to be big enough for a thumb and focused on the next hour of time. Now it is really small and difficult to scrub. It spazzes out sometimes, too. 5. The scope of the timeline changes when you switch between temperature and precipitation. Don't do that. Read "Don't Me Think" by Steve Krug. Messing with a user's spatial memory of interface elements is a huge UX no-no. 6. The temperature rainbow displays numbers in Fahrenheit even when the rest of the app is in Celcius. Give me a break. 7. The old map was clear and easy on the eyes. The new map is always blurry. I don't really need to be able to twist and spin a globe. I need to focus on the next hour of weather. I want you devs & designers on this to realize that the old Dark Sky had focus. It helped the next hour be clear by closing off access to too much of the past. Instead of watching previous cloud patterns like a hawk, it forced me to trust being notified. It was better. Now i feel temped by distraction. I'm just one user, but keep it in mind as you make more additions: keep it simple, stupid. I agree with one of the other reviewers. You should revert this one and release the "new" dark sky as a different app. Been using this new one for a while now. Added more gripes and dropped a star.

  • Used to be great

    by Outlooksync

    The latest update has made the app harder to navigate and harder to use. It used to be simply elegant and reliable, now it is unnecessarily complex and less responsive.

  • Radar is always down

    by KMinard

    I think in the dozen times I've accessed this app, the radars have been down eight of those times. Useless app. I'm deleting.

  • Not Worth The Price

    by bittlebox

    I bought this after watching a glowing review on Twit TV … they must not have taken any real time to use this app because it's not so great. Portrait only mode is horrible, the graphics are boring and it's not very accurate which is the most important part of a weather app. I compared this to the weather channel app for about 10 days and the weather channel app really hit spot on where this one failed most of the time. Save your money and go with the Weather Channel App or the Yahoo weather app.

  • Worst app ever!

    by Flopalipo

    I was really excited about this app but never works.

  • Worthless

    by Sctpdx

    Without any value. Not user friendly, attractive or accurate. We just experienced a major snow storm and this app was way off throughout.

  • Inaccurate

    by HeavyDee

    Deleted it after two weeks (during which time we had 4 rain events and two sno events). It wasn't even remotely accurate. It couldn't get the forecast right even an hour out.

  • 8-14 inches ?! Everyone else says 3

    by Joshyomy

    Not the most reliable weather

  • Interface

    by Crash67393747

    App keeps getting worse! Alerts are no longer accurate. Will probably delete. Please give the option to use the old interface. It was great. Not a fan of how it looks now. Less likely to use the app

  • Destined for app graveyard

    by Anjlefire

    I used to love this app until the update. It was clean, simple, visually pleasing, gave accurate reliable results. Now after the update it's no better or different than any other weather app. Accuracy seems hit or miss and visually hard on the eyes.

  • New version...no notifications

    by DRen72

    Notifications have stopped working since the update. Useless. What happened?

  • I like the new features but...

    by scorpiophoenix

    There needs to be a dark theme, the white is too bright and just bad. If the map could load faster that would be good, too.

  • Old version

    by Johnfogertyfan

    I liked last version much better!

  • Old version

    by Johnfogertyfan

    I liked last version much better!

  • Horrible Update

    by Gustlock

    So incredibly disappointed in the latest update. Completely trashed everything that made it amazing. Bring back the old version!

  • Ugh!

    by On lanier

    Why did you change it? Can I have my money back, because I would never have purchased this app had I known this version was coming. I hate it.

  • Hate this version

    by Starrider459

    Please switch back to the old version, this one is not good at all

  • Disappointed in view feature

    by DC_B

    Please put "landscape view" into app. i can't use it at my desk having to look at it sideways. In the meanwhile i will stick it back in an app folder waiting to see if there is an update. If not, it's no big deal. i'll just use a more versatile weather app. However, you should disclose that shortcoming instead of requiring people to find out after purchasing it.

  • The new user interface update is horrible.

    by Skywalker326

    I am an art director, and I work in interactive design. While this new app interface may look clean and inline with some of Apple's recent iOS 7 formatting, it definitely falls short of the original app design for Dark Sky. Frankly, I'm surprised that they didn't change the app icon to a white background too. The new black and white design is void of color and lacks the original characteristics that this app began with when it was funded by Kickstarter. I was one of the many people who saw great potential in this app and helped to fund it to fruition. I'm sure there are many others who funded this app from Kickstarter who would also disapprove of the new interface and like myself, would not likely have funded the app if it displayed this bland black and white user interface. Dark Sky is not without merit, and it has make some improvements to the functionality of this app, however, the swipe controls are unintuitive and lacking in color, which creates a less enthusiasm for the user experience. The radar is the backbone of this app, and it was better when it had a black background and neon clouds, which is what made it look unique. The white radar now feels washed out and too similar to other radar apps out there. I used to be proud to say that I backed this app on Kickstarter, but now I am considering deleting this app because of its disappointing new update.

  • App won't launch

    by Fumbletackle

    I'm on an iPad air, app won't get past the spinning circle. Please fix.

  • Not my favorite anymore

    by Frederick Bauman

    I liked the usefulness of the old design. I looked forward to the new skin and gave it a couple weeks... I really don't like opening or looking at this new version. I've switched to another app that uses the same API as I get the quick temp and precipitation without the muddy white and overly busy interface.

  • Bring back the old UI

    by Eko3alpha

    Unfortunately I cannot recommend this app anymore after this update. I used to rant and rave to my friends how great it was! Functionally the app was great for short term weather prediction. The ui was excellent and data was nicely laid out. That's where it falls apart with this new update. I do not like the new flat design. It feels like they are cramming long term weather and other information I'm not interested in. I don't care about weather around the globe! I wish they had kept the simple interface of the previous version. The map view isn't as functional now that it spans several days, I only care about the weather for the next hour! There is no more contrast between elements and this move to make everything "flat" just looks like an intern designed it, to be fair I'm also not a fan of ios7 I read an article written by the makers of this app saying long term weather prediction is hit or miss... So why bother? There are other apps that do a much better job at laying out the ui/ux for forecasting long term weather. I wish the makers of this app would have kept the focus on short term and local without adding "feature" spam. The swipe interface is rather clunky especially in the third slide. You had the best short term weather prediction app period! Now you're just another general weather app with a watered down short term prediction capability. However I'm apparently in the minority. - I'm quite saddened by this update as I really liked this app :(

  • Wow

    by gdecamp

    A total waste of money, a dart board is more accurate.

  • Terrible

    by KrisMcKenna

    Been raining/drizzling all day, freezing rain now, and not a peep from dark sky (have it set to notify in all rain). Opened the app periodically during the day and it says "no precipitation." Shows my address and all too.

  • Inaccurate weather, but nice graphics

    by MikeDrips

    I have checked the weather during a rainstorm and when it was sleeting, and this app said there was currently no precipitation! WRONG!! Well the graphics are nice, but otherwise this app doesn't live up to its hype.

  • I want my money back

    by Cheft84

    This is terrible. Your radar is horrible and choppy. If I wanted google earth I'd use that app. I want to be able to see what's currently going on in the area I'm in. Not be sent to a map, (again, google earth) with a lousy precipitation overlay that quickly speeds through a seven day period in 5 seconds. And when I zoom it you keep the same ridiculous speed, but now only you get to see what's going on from 3 hours in the past to 1 hour ahead. Why the hell do I need to know what happened 2-3 hours ago?? I was there. I know whether or not it rained or snowed. We should be able to see what's going to happen. Your hourly forecast is embarrassing and dull. And the seven day layout is pretty lame too. Why exactly did I waste money on this??

  • From useful to cumbersome

    by cox.516

    Disappointed in this update. I liked the notify function, but now it's not as useful. I used to be able to turn off the notifications while I was asleep, now they are either on or off. I can't set it not to notify me while I'm sleeping. It's become an app I have to turn on every morning & off every night. Too much hassle. If this isn't fixed in the next update, which hopefully it will, I'll probably end up deleting it. A simple, useful app has become cumbersome.

  • Nice looking app, but forecasts are way off!

    by FriscoSooner

    The layout of the app is great, but it fails on the accuracy of the conditions and forecasts. The app currently says that on Thursday we will be getting 4-6 inches of snow. Every other app and weather station shows sunny and 55. This app will show rain or snow when there is none in the area. I really want to like this app, but it is useless if if cannot get accurate information.

  • New update looks like a broken app

    by noxalere

    I thought the app was malfunctioning after the update! It is colorless, unattractive. Will be looking for a replacement unless a better version follows this dull creation! Also, cannot turn the view, and I use my iPad in landscape view!

  • Update is a nasty surprise

    by iSchmox

    No more landscape? The map takes 10 times longer to load? I hate it now and I loved it before.

  • Does Not Work

    by Joshua McQueen

    After reading articles and reviews I was very excited to try out this app. The app for the past day has told me there is no precipitation within 100 miles of where I live (Abilene, TX) yet in that same time period there has been a consistent light drizzle allowing for the roads to freeze over. Save yourself $4 and stick your current weather app.

  • Lost it.

    by AdamWillis

    I use both Dark Sky and Forecast.io and I've liked them both. Now that Dark Sky is just a newer version of Forecast.io I gotta say I don't like it. I liked the colors and simplicity of dark sky way better. I do appreciate that I now have all features in one app and not 2 but I always felt forecast.io looked dull but It was okay that it was dull because it was a web app. I liked forecast because I am able to see the daily timeline in a scrollable 24 hr timeline for each of the next 7 days. This app wants to cram that timeline into the whole 24 hrs that isn't zoom able or detailed. The app isn't bad or unfriendly to use now, it's just not a dark, pretty, and very simple app like it was. I don't want you to revert back to the last version but I'd love to see this $4 app be what it used to promise when it comes to simplicity, usefulness, and design. At the moment it's just the iOS app for www.forecast.io which is already a web based app. Can you guys also make the notifications more relaxed or reliable? I almost never get notifications when I feel I should be getting them. I have them set to any rain and turned on but I still will walk outside to snow/rain that this app was supposed to warn me of. It's not that the app doesn't know yet that it is raining, it just never warns me these days like it used to.

  • wow

    by Hapablap

    wow, a black dot that sits in the middle of my screen, pulsing endlessly and providing no information about anything whatsoever. Best $3.99 I ever spent

  • Full-featured weather app

    by CalifDude

    This app packs a lot of features without being cluttered. I love the rain notifications! Why haven't other weather apps done this sooner? My only request is I'd like to see a little more color being utilized, like in the 5-day forecast, etc. Red, blue, primary colors.

  • New update is a game changer

    by dude5748484

    The core feature of minute by minute rain information is as good as ever, but the app as a whole has been redesigned to be better overall, especially in terms of future forecasts. Like others, I do prefer the previous color scheme (that matches the app logo). Black maps simply looked better.

  • Phenominal

    by Grundlesweat

    I rarely write reviews. A must have for weather enthusiasts or for anyone needing precise, localized, real-time weather information. Beautiful and simple.

  • Much improved

    by Raymond Brigleb

    The app is a little overconfident with its estimates, but it's really well done and a delight to use.

  • Update

    by Ak474747

    The recent update for ios7 completely broke the app. It's practically functionless now. Yeah, it's white now, great job! But nothing works. No notifications, poor radar ux, confusing layout... Bing maps? Who approves stuff like this?

  • Weather information

    by azjuice

    In the past I only used it for short term/how long will it snow data. Now it replaces my other weather apps, gives me a forecast of 1 week, with up to the minute data all presented in a clean format.

  • Terrific Redesign

    by AccessG

    Dark sky has been beautifully redesigned with its content properly displayed in a user friendly iOS7 theme . Some observations as I poked around: Tap your current temperature for more detailed information about your area. The map is now useful and clear. Tap the address bar to change your location or look up another. Also, on the third page you could swipe the forecasts to left for additional details. Reqest if possible: It would be nice to set the frequency on when you get notified of precipitation. For example if I set it to light rain it will only notify me once. If the rain changed to heavy I would like an option to be notified of that as well. Cheers!

  • Bring back the old UI

    by itmightbedave

    I open up dark sky one to find...what is this??? Did I accidentally open some other, uglier weather app? No, it really is Dark Sky. Bring back the old design. I tried giving it a shot but this thing is terrible.

  • Northwest Rain

    by omaco

    It's not true it rains all the time in Seattle, just most of the time! So Dark Sky comes in very handy to find out how much rain will fall when I'm out walking my dog. I liked the original funky front, but now the app has become some kind of transcendental interface, communing with the rain Gods. Love notifications. This is the information I could never find in weather sites. Finally!

  • Improvement for long distance commuting

    by Chi drive

    I love being able to see the regional sweep.. As a travel or and long distance commuter most weather indicators are focused on point. Love the sweep. I do have to admit I loved the deep colors of your previous version but I'll probably acclimate eventually. Since we've been in polar vortex at first it seemed the white background was a bad joke. And then it wasn't... But you still get a five. I use this app every day. From one end of the city to another, from state to state weekly and regional on every holiday. Thanks for the uniquely good long distance view.

  • New version is awful

    by luckyaqui

    Loved the old version of this app. Clean, simple. This new version tries to do too much and it's no longer DARK! Plus there isn't even a way to view it as landscape! Wish I hadn't updated!!

  • New Favorite Weather App

    by PK18

    Insanely accurate when it comes to precipitation. Update allows me to scrap all other weather apps.

  • Update colors are blasé, lackluster, and boring.

    by LosAngeles90631

    Great app, but new color update is really lousy. Please rethink the new "ALL WHITE" graphics. The colors before (black, white, purple/mauve) were cool (like the icon you didn't change to the new scheme). Another review was correct, the map does not 'zoom-in' as far and doesn't give the close-up view of my close area. This app is designed for close, individual alerts and weather, but seems to have wondered from that. Also, seeing "alerts" is confusing. I am not sure HOW THAT WORKS now. Is it "global" or only for the first location in the locations menu, or ALL OF THEM?!?!? Made a fantastic "screen saver" just to leave in the dock on my desk all the time. It would catch the attention of many co-workers. Now it just "sits there" looking like a bowl of milk. At least put in an option to restore the last color scheme. Sorry. I have to be honest. It's boring and less user friendly. Needs MUCH MORE WORK, or go back to the old colors.

  • Amazingly great

    by Anti-Luddite

    It's beautiful, easy to use, easy to understand and still the only weather app to give amazingly precise short term weather forecasts. I retired all my other weather apps for Dark Sky. Very few apps make me say "Wow!" This is one of those few apps.

  • I miss the old Dark Sky!

    by herbsandspices

    App is slow to load updated content now - it used to load immediately. Even the daily details are slow to load. The map is too slow and having hard time getting a local view, instead of the default global view. Zooming in is really slow, and map lacks detail and won't zoom in enough to tell REAL local detail. Seems like function is suffering behind form here, and the update looks nice (I preferred the 1-page interface), it just isn't as intuitive and quick as it used to be. :-( Moving to the grayscale color theme doesn't so anything for me from a design standpoint - it's an easy way out and not as contemporary design as the previous version. Lots to like with the update, but it seems hastily done and not well thought out and/or tested. I wish I wouldn't have updated.

  • Worth every penny

    by Solosoul

    I was skeptical. I thought "great, another weather app that will give me a general idea of what I MIGHT expect the forecast to be." I couldn't have been more wrong. This app is incredibly precise; it doesn't leave m guessing or ill prepared for the elements. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for the superior weather app in the App Store.

  • The Holy Grail of Weather Apps?

    by lightbox17

    Insanely accurate. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. Not inexpensive; but, then again, we’re okay with spending our money when it’s worth it—we have iPhones! Make space for it on your home screen. To be fair, predicting the weather is an imperfect art—and no weather app is perfect for everyone. But if you’re looking for a simple, elegant presentation of accurate weather info so you can plan your day (and the next several days), this app is pretty much unbeatable.

  • Location Services

    by Defender of Truth 2011

    I like app but will not load for me unless I keep location services "on" even after I select my city. Pls help!

  • Disapointed

    by JailerJoe

    I wish I'd known there is no landscape mode before I updated. I never use my iPad in portrait orientation. Very disappointed.

  • Buy Now!

    by Daniel Lemke

    This app is amazing. It out performs any other weather app on the App Store. I thought I would regret spending $3 on it, but I use this app all the time. Every morning I check it to see how I should dress for school. Now scroll up to the top and buy this app!

  • Cause it's raining

    by MariannePhoto

    One star because I'm looking at rain and it says partly cloudy. Fail.

  • Very awesome!

    by matt90915

    Love this app even more now with the new update!

  • Ugly, distracting design

    by tapper browser

    Thanks to Marco Arment's endorsement, I've realised how poorly designed the app is. The map hidden in the background makes the main page look like it had a weird, splotchy smudge behind it. Also, every other app knows that what people want to see is the weather, not just whether it will rain right now. This app is too in love with it's original idea to be a useful weather app.

  • Meh, one suggestion.

    by Dustbusting

    I like change. Don't get me wrong. Never complained about windows 8 or 8.1. But I do like the GUI and animation before the update better than this one. I do like the new features. But there's no dark sky any more. It's a light sky. I still give you 4 stars. I do still love you. But you've changed a bit.

  • Map is bad

    by Rlbfalcon

    Bring back the old map. This new map has very bad graphics. Bad color and very little detail.

  • Fantastic update

    by David Levine

    The iOS 7 update is fantastic. I really like the redesigned map view and that you can play the animations. It's also great that you can see more information like the next 24 hours and 7 day forecast.

  • Loss of landscape mode is disappointing

    by @McDev

    My Mini stays in landscape mode. It's disorienting to have to alter the rotation to use what was one of my favorite apps. Please consider adding this back.

  • Wow!

    by veenemj

    I love this app. It's a must use before my runs. The new update looks beautiful and I can't wait to use it some more.

  • New look missing a lot

    by Colo buddy

    The new look is hard to determine where info shown relates to a location. It looks like your looking though fog cloud. Needs better definition and drill down to better than a few hundred miles

  • Better with New Version

    by tBasco

    4 stars. Probably should 3.5. The update is better with new and better features. The only problem is accuracy. There used to be a report conditions when it is different from the app but not with this version.

  • Design disaster.

    by MTWomg

    Very bad. Uninstalled.

  • Super accurate

    by DavidFL

    Incredibly accurate. I enabled the notifications feature and twice already it has saved me from getting caught in the rain while running outdoors. I no longer need to keep refreshing my weather apps when it looks like it may rain. I don't know how it works, but it does. It's by far the most useful app I have on my phone. As someone who runs outdoors daily, this app is essential. I can concentrate on running safely and let DarkSky worry about the weather.

  • Needs Dark Theme and Location button

    by AlexSof14

    I am a longtime Dark Sky user and have recommended it to countless people. I'm happy this update has brought a ton of features making Dark Sky a fully functional weather app. Please fix a couple of things Add a dark theme option - white looks great but when I invert my screen black looks beautiful I'm not crazy about the globe map. The details are poor when I zoom in and I easily lose my own location. There needs to be a location button that brings you back to your location and zooms you in. Once you spin the globe it's a hassle getting back to your location manually.

  • Review changed

    by enter prise

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. Don't like new look. Too much stuff now. I got this for its minimal feel. Now it's yet another weather app.

  • Awful performance

    by Oompah57

    Works well on my IPad II but won't even open on my mini IPad I. Says it has been downloaded but exists no where on the mini IPad I. Worst experience I've ever had with a paid application.

  • Really neat.

    by iBe Numero Uno

    Just need landscape mode for 5 stars.

  • Newest update

    by Old BeachBum

    Really do not like the new version of Dark Skies. The old version showed the local weather very nicely with timely updates. This version is less local and more global then is needed. I will be going back to WeatherBug for the close, local setting we enjoy here, especially during times of rough weather.

  • Clumsy to change locations

    by uinazi

    Could use a swipe to change locations while retaining the view. Currently changing locations means going back to the front screen- current temp and one hour precipitation. Otherwise fabulous.

  • Not impressed..

    by Steiny74

    I don't get any notifications, and the app hangs. Garbage.

  • Some gains. Some losses.

    by Wrave

    I like the new version for offering temperature and letting me travel back in time further. I don't like how the new version has handled layout, typography, and panels. Gripes: 1: there is a little bump animation after the first load. It makes me jump. I don't even know what its for. 2: The timeline on the map used to be big enough for a thumb and focused on the next hour of time. Now it is really small and difficult to scrub. 3: The old map was clear and easy on the eyes. The new map is always blurry. I don't really need to be able to twist and spin a globe. I need to focus on the next hour of weather. I want you devs & designers on this to realize that the old Dark Sky had focus. It helped the next hour be clear by closing off access to too much of the past. Instead of watching previous cloud patterns like a hawk, it forced me to trust being notified. It was better. Now i feel temped by distraction. I'm just one user, but keep it in mind as you make more additions: keep it simple, stupid

  • Excellent Weather Radar App

    by quells

    This is the most beautiful weather radar rendering anywhere. Powerful prediction algorithms make it even better. The 4.0 update adds a lot of the general purpose weather app features that were previously lacking, as well as a stunning iOS 7 redesign.

  • Very accurate

    by ksgant

    So far, it’s been very accurate as to when a weather event is going to happen, which is important to me because I drive a lot and it’s helpful to know when it’s going to show and how much. While it’s a very pretty app, accuracy is much more important…and Dark Sky features both.

  • Pretty, relevant details

    by nashrocks13

    Dark Sky gives you all the information you need, in a very pretty package. The radar view is amazing, especially if you have a fast connection.

  • Great, except for the new map

    by Stewartla

    Colors are difficult to interpret with no legend, white graphics are hard to read and many city names disappeared. Not able to zoom in very much, as well. Other updates are terrific but please keep working on the map - this was a backwards step.

  • So good

    by Billmacarthur

    This app is the best weather app I have ever seen. You definitely need to get it.

  • Great App

    by AriX

    Dark Sky is one of my favorite apps, and I can't stop telling people about it. Unfortunately I really don't like the new UI at all; it feels cluttered, boring, and unattractive. Still leaving a positive review, since the app itself is so good!

  • Disappointed

    by Milo the Cat

    Do not like the recent update. Boooooring.... Very disappointed to say the least. I was a huge fan of this app; would share with my friends and family. That will not be the case going forward.

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