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10% of the world's volcanoes are in Japan. Among them, 108 have erupted in the last 10,000 years, 50 in the last 100 years, and 36 are currently active.
A Japanese poetry form Haiku comprises of only 3 lines.
A traditional Japanese toilet looks like a urinal lying on the floor.
After breaking up with their boyfriends, some Japanese girls would cut their hair.
All you ever wanted to know about the world's largest phallus festival can be found in Japan.
Apart from the four main islands, Japan is composed of over 3,000 smaller isles.
Aspiring young Japanese musicians play on street corners and in subway stations hoping to get discovered.
At many businesses in Japan, they offer alcohol to the employees after 6 pm.
Christianity comprises less than 10% of the Japanese population.
Coffee is very popular in Japan; this country imports approximately 85% of Jamaica's annual coffee production.
Despite Japan being the world's second largest economy, Japanese people only enjoy the 17th highest GDP per capita, or 24th when adjusted for PPP.
English happens to be the only foreign language taught in Japanese schools.
Fortune cookies are a Japanese invention one going back to 19th century Kyoto and linked to the tradition of Omikuji.
Fruits are very expensive in Japan.

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Customer Reviews

  • Japanese app

    by .*(kakashi)*.

    As long as is a Japanese app it a very cool app

  • Good to view

    by SeikoSKO

    I download this before going to Japan and its an interesting app. it's something to look over and get a fast understand a bout japanese culture

  • Good app for free

    by Gwen234

    Its Worth looking at

  • Simple but ok

    by JAHnoOtoko

    the app does just what it says... Some data and lots of ads. But I got it for free so I guess it's ok.

  • Useful!!!!

    by Bebe Happy

    Good app!! I learned a lot....thanks

  • Like it!

    by FLDeb45

    Very interesting information!

  • Love this app

    by Houk666

    Love this app a lot. ^_^

  • Love the app!

    by Maasrur

    ^^ really good app! terrific! I hope you would add more slides though.

  • Very informative!

    by JimmyTheWood

    Lost track of time reading these bits of info, could be better if there was an option to expand on a topic. Overall great app for free.

  • Disappointing

    by 3380215401

    If this app had 5000+ Fun Facts about Japan, it should have kept me busy for at least a couple of hours. In reality, it seems there are only about 50 actual Japan facts, not necessarily fun or up to date with modern Japanese culture. And why is the category listed as "Weather"? Looks like the other 4950 facts are downloads in other, widely diverse, categories. Sorry folks, this one was not worth the free download.

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