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Seller: Apalon Limited

- Enhanced performance and stability: enjoy better experience with the app
- More app shelves, icon skins, themes, wallpapers and backgrounds added

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Optimized for iOS 7. Download NOW!

Pimp Your Screen is an award-winning app that helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, app shelves, neon combos and many other eye candies.

You no longer have to set the image you prefer first and then go back to the Home screen and see how it looks with the icons on it. Pimp Your Screen has an instant preview feature that allows you to quickly preview your new background or app shelf.


* A million different combinations, variety is the spice of life
* Wallpapers arranged in categories: Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Animals, Sports, Nature, Holidays
* App Shelves (enable “Expanded content” at the bottom of the menu)
* Special holiday and seasonal content updates
* Retina and standard resolution images
* New and Popular galleries
* Landscape and Portrait images available for iPad
* Share your images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or email
* Lock Screen Themes
* Home Screen Themes

Bring some color and glow into your everyday life and change the look of your device every single day. It's time to Pimp Your Screen!

We add new eye candies daily. Just tap 'New' to see updates.

Customer Reviews

  • Great Pictures

    by Kleellllyy

    Great Pictures! Hope it's going on like this

  • Nice

    by sarandah

    very nice . Thank you

  • GREAT APP .. ..

    by CaptSwirler

    i struggled with this apps use at 1st .. but the more I play with it and try new options .. the better & better it seems to be .. keep up the good work developers .. ..!!

  • It's pretty awesome!

    by Sethathin

    There are wallpapers for all people! I would definitely recommend it! You gotta have it.

  • So I guess no shelf button?

    by VinaMatgarita

    The whole idea why I paid money for this app was because you can organize all your apps in book shelves and other styles?? How come that's not happening?? & then I get this special app while on this app to buy a dif custom app for ur app designs for .99 like c'mon get real!!!

  • Great App

    by Restless snoozer

    Beautiful designs that save to your photos. It updates for the holidays/seasons. I'm always finding more screens that I just need to have.

  • by Abrat4u

    Two thumbs up that I have this app. There are so many backgrounds to choose from it's totally awesome. Easy to use and make sure background look great!

  • Gotta Have It!

    by mlrw

    I've had this app for a few years now, and it's proven to be a much used staple on my phone. The ease of use and the quality of the pictures makes this an app and a company I feel I can trust. Because of this, I've tried some of their other apps and loved them too. I even make it a point to gift this app to any friends new to IOS devices. Thanks for a great product.

  • Must have

    by Shanelpn74

    This should come standard w every phone !!!!! ❤️ it

  • Great wallpapers

    by mltagm424

    Consistently updated, seasonal, high quality wallpapers

  • Good app!!

    by Atadlock

    I enjoy anticipating what is new each day!

  • Great App!

    by Tide to the Sea

    Especially like that it is constantly updated with new wallpapers and app shelves.

  • I love this app

    by #1Crawford

    I check it out everyday. It's a great app indeed.

  • Colorful and fun,

    by Annngele

    I've enjoyed this app since I had an original iPad, and now with the air, it's even more wonderful! The clarity of the images is out of this world fantastic! Always delivers a fun new screen whenever I want one!

  • I like this app

    by Hollyberry7795

    I like this app

  • Great app

    by hirschette's eye phone

    I use it each month for the calendars nice selection

  • It's alright

    by afinkel10

    The lock screen calendars don't go to the actual date and it's kind of a rip off it does have nice wallpapers but I wish I could get my money back cuz this app wasn't worth it

  • Slow...

    by Jorge Valenzuela

    ...very slow.

  • Love this

    by gvgirl87

    This is an awesome app! Worth the money!!

  • Love Pimp your Screen!

    by Giggy52

    I had an older version on my I phone, so I decided to splurge, only since it was this particular app, and buy the upgraded version for IOS 7 & my new mini I pad. It was my second new addition to my new device. Can't do w/o my Pimp...! So far I've spent as much time perusing the new app as I have playing with my new mini. Love them both, and expect great things from both. Only 4 stars since it is not immediately obvious if shelves & skins are available without reading small printed instructions.

  • :(.....

    by Bevo1984

    NOT WHAT U THINK IT IS. All it does is save pictures for background.. I won't to be able to REALLY customize my screen like jail breaking. Not worth it!!

  • Nice

    by Me1774

    Just lost a $1.99 . Does nothing special. The back ground colors when you open up a box of apps you have ruin it. Maybe if the colors were transparent. I really like the way it asks you to by other apps. If I buy a app that's the reason why. So I don't get advertisements.

  • Description

    by hamiltoc

    App did not do what description says. Could only download backgrounds.

  • Wait

    by Jenny+

    This app is a pseudo-photo taker that is not really that creative.

  • Horrible.

    by robcoke

    Would not even scale right on my phone. It was always zoomed in too far - the actual wallpaper and the shelves. Huge waste of money... Don't buy. Wish I could get a refund

  • Scam! Don't download the app!

    by Playtown199995

    Don't download the app, all you can do is get wallpapers and you can do that from google. I want a refund if possible! I feel like I just got robbed.

  • Geeze

    by Trentonb1

    Either I don't know how to use this app or it's a rip-off don't buy it!!

  • Awful, nothing loads!

    by Jhbh052212

    Only two or three backgrounds load and then nothing! What a huge waste

  • It's Ok

    by sdorsetteii

    Nothing Special

  • Luv it

    by Kitty7971

    Luv this app!!


    by Thetkulik

    What the hell I already had this bought a few years ago and now I had to buy it again?!

  • Been a Favorite

    by Jim's iPhone 5S

    This app has proven itself to provide variety, high quality Wallpapers to enjoy and change the screen on my iPhone. For the price it is really offers a lot and kept me up-to-date on new items which I enjoy. I highly recommend this app as an outstanding app in the App Store.

  • Awesome

    by KillaZombie-13

    I had this app a while ago but accidentally deleted it and when I went to re-install it it wasn't in the App Store. So glad they brought it back! It's one of the greatest apps for personalizing your phone.

  • Good App

    by José Hernán

    Nice pic

  • Love it ❤️!!

    by Lattejunkie12

    This app is fantastic

  • Good app

    by Jaredross13

    This is a great app but need to have an icon changer in it and then I would have gave it 5 stars!! Has awesome looks to it and is worth the money!!

  • Love this app!

    by Luci2504

    I change my lock and home page everyday. My choices fits my mood on a given day.

  • Amaaazing (:

    by Lolastala

    freaking amazing app and I love how it always updates

  • برنامج جميل

    by hla-wallah

    خلفيات البرنامج جميله ويستحق تحميله.

  • Great app!

    by J434088

    Nice photos!

  • Love it

    by Rav117

    All the wallpapers are so pretty. I just love changing them everyday. Gives my phone a fresh look.❤️

  • Luv it

    by Jennjennpie

    Luv this app. Have had it for 2 years. Works like a charm, never crashes. So many choices u can't look at all of them.

  • I enjoy this app!

    by Zanne924

    It is like getting a little present 5 days a week! I would like to have the header and footer designs as an option for my iPad as I do for my iPhone. Also, the name ' pimp' in your title is very ugly. I wish you could find a name I wouldn't be embarrassed to say. Neither of these issues are enough to take away a star, though. Great app!

  • Very great

    by R-dog120

    Love the app it is amazing I love the landscape pics

  • The pictures are LIES!!

    by Hdjeoekbebe

    The pictures are all LIES!

  • App crashing.

    by :) :) :D ;) ;D

    App crashes when I click on home screen maker.

  • Good

    by JJJF18costarica


  • Very Good

    by User99999999

    I have been using this app for so long and I always recommend it.

  • Current version

    by nazrul86

    Nice wallpaper collection, but wallpaper loading time slow

  • Nice

    by Big kush 30

    I love the app gives you a variety !!!!!

  • Best wallpapers ever

    by Appleaddicteduser141

    Amazing, brilliant, and the most creative wallpapers. I absolutely recommend this to everyone!

  • What happened?

    by frenchade

    What is going on here? Have enjoyed this app for 2 years now. Pictures do not fit nor do the shelves. Also after all this this time a thumb nail view of the pictures should be available. It's cumbersome flipping through them one at a time. I do like the added menu listing theme categories.

  • Good Wallpaper App!

    by 12345denver

    This app has a pretty good variety of wallpapers to choose from. The only negative is that it's slow to load, so of you are not patient beware.

  • Review

    by Goodstuff30

    It works well with a simple and efficient design

  • Doing great!!

    by Schlief13

    Awesome app but could use more choices. I always use this app to keep my phone in season.

  • Force closes too much

    by Tattoo friek

    Had so mAny cool things. Got away with some icons and skins. Now it force closes all the time. Fix it.

  • Rocks

    by Goofyin55

    Nice to be able to view before using. Great choices for wallpapers

  • Privacy Pirates

    by Slinka69

    I actually loved this app until the new iOS7 system upgrade and now all apps have to have access to your photos before you can use their service. WHY? Are they going to sell my photos? Why do they need that? And even if you purchase the app they still require that acess. I won't be purchasing anymore apps and I will not allow apps to have access.

  • Paid twice

    by David Fernandez

    This app would receive 5 stars from me ...except for two things ... One ...I had to pay for this app again ... No respect... I've been ripped off ... Second the shelves no longer fit my ipad icons even when I change the function under settings ... Used to be my favorite wall paper app ... I still enjoy the high def wall papers ... And I use them ... If they fix the wall papers to fit the icons and reimburse me my money I will change my rating to 5 stars


    by Yrgjigfd

    This is absolutely the best wallpaper app I have ever downloaded. I was nervousness paying the $2.00, but it was worth it.


    by Dharmakm23

    It may seem you can personalize your apps but it's just wallpapers. It was a waste of 2 bucks

  • Kind of disappointed

    by djvdiddy

    The best wallpaper app by far! Had it forever and have had no complaints. My only complaint now is that for the past 2 months all the new content is pretty crappy. Use to get home from work and couldn't wait to see the 3 new wallpapers for the day. But seems now they're constantly putting up girly pics like flowers and puppies. Yuck! GIVE US SOME COOL ABSTRACT STUFF THAT COMES ALIVE LIKE YOU USE TO!!!!

  • Love it

    by Royalgold72

    Beautiful background selections for my iPad Air! Well worth the money!

  • Great app

    by KrelanQ

    It really doing a great work on the iphone 4

  • I like this

    by Prettytigress

    I like all the different choices on backgrounds. I like being able to view the backgrounds before I use them

  • Best In Store & Customer Service

    by B_23401

    The best selection of wallpapers and I had problems with redownloading saying I didnt own and I sent them an Email about the problem and they promptley had it fixed. 5 star customer service.

  • Great App!

    by Sugamama1827

    I love this app!

  • Don't get this app

    by 153946193719472693480173

    This is def not worth $2 the selection on screens ain't very big and I don't like it!

  • Pimp my screen rocks!

    by Anerie22

    This app. is great! It has really neat backgrounds with cute animals, holiday scenes and art for enhancing your phone!

  • Awesome

    by Boss snipe

    Does just what I wanted it too.

  • Pitiful....

    by WoNgIe 1

    "Pimp Your Screen"was great in the beginning, but now the themes, wallpapers, designs, etc. are so awful that I just removed the app from all my Apple devices. I can't believe that someone at this company would actually think they're doing a satisfying job. There are only a few one/two star reviews which is not enough to let "Pimp Your Screen" know what a horrible job they are doing. It is the middle of January and they still have Christmas and Happy New Year pictures on. Who the heck would use that?! In less then a month will be Valentines Day and there is nothing close to that special day. "Pimp Your Screen"= YUKKO!!

  • Beautiful wallpapers!

    by Have a man?

    Great app with tons of wallpapers and themes for all tastes. Love it!!

  • This USED to be my favorite wallpaper app...

    by Dbarnes5

    This app was once unique and I would look forward to seeing every single new wallpaper they would add, which isn't the case in any other wallpaper app I've had. Now it's absolutely no different than all the others and may even be lesser than many of them. The icon skins and shelves really made this app stand out and I guess when iOS updated they decided instead of changing with the iPhones, they would just stop creating the things that made them such a great app to have. Now, you will find beautiful wallpapers, but they are no better than all the others you can find. The selection is actually smaller than most of my other apps, which is now just another struck against P.Y.S. I'm considering deleting the app to clear up space these days.

  • I'm not 12

    by staddison

    For an app that's called pimp your screen these pics are elementary. I would love them if I was a 12 year old girl.

  • Pimp your screen

    by Steph135

    Awesome app love it great for I phone 4s

  • Totally worth it

    by luis 1095678

    This app is great, though i wish that u guys could make backgrounds that have lights and move around,but i still love the app and don't hesitate to buy this app.

  • $2 why....

    by Arca20

    Lame ...it only have girly Backgrounds so not worth it for guys lame... Refund...

  • Great app

    by Lalibertybrian

    Love it

  • Meh...

    by KingMorgul

    Wall papers do not fit like they should. Shelves are way off of where they should be. Everything is a hot mess, I feel like I wasted me money.

  • No sirve de mucho

    by Jcarlospineda

    Hay muchas aplicaciones que son gratis y que son mejores que esta

  • Theft

    by Mcam1503

    I purchased this app and even have some screen shots still saved on my phone however it is wanting me to pay again??? How do I have to pay for an app I owned?? Once you buy an app even if it isn't on your phone I have always been able to get on my App Store account and download it again... This is wrong. I wouldn't purchase anything from this developer. Do the right thing and refund my money. I couldn't even write a review without PAYING for the app AGAIN!

  • Fun!

    by Mrs. Flower

    I love this app! I wish I had more backgrounds to fill!

  • Great App

    by Las Vegas Walker

    I always like to change my app and this never lets me down.

  • Love this app!

    by Luci2504

    I change my lock and home page everyday. My choices fits my mood on a given day.

  • Love it

    by Quelly101

    I really like the quality but some of the wallpapers are generic

  • Good

    by Faisal aa

    Vary good

  • Shelves don't fit

    by Nsdeagle

    As others have said, the shelves don't fit in portrait view on iPad. It looks like it's saving the landscape view regardless of which way I turn it before saving because I get the exact same image from what I can see. I'm on a mini with retina, but this has the same resolution of a regular size ipad with retina. Also, the way to customize everything is not as intuitive as it used to be. I have this on my iPhone and love it there though.

  • Fun Ap

    by EquiBarb

    This ap is fun and easy to use. Needs more animal pics. Works well on iPad mini.

  • Love it...but

    by AlliC4

    Love pretty much everything about this app. Just wish there were more themes.

  • Disappointing

    by FluffyNubbers

    I BOUGHT this app and now I have to AGAIN!

  • Fix this

    by Rulexis

    App immidiately shuts down when i open it... Fix this!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by Hermosa Soy Yo

    Love it

  • Excelente

    by Jhonatan Marin

    Muy buena aplicación, sobre todo la parte de temas, te muestra imagen para fondo y pantalla bloqueada

  • Cool app

    by Pickle lover 22156

    This app was better than I expected and u don't have to have IOS7 for it It is totally worth the money


    by Cariinindy

    I Love It, but would like to see more categories. Especially, team sports, interests, activities; things that add personalization...

  • Beautiful

    by Sunshinemeh

    Love the themes, beautiful images. Diverse grouping to choose from.

  • El Rey

    by Samarang

    Wonderful selection and many ways to put your personal stamp on your screen.

  • Superb app!

    by hanahula

    Stunning photography, gorgeous graphics, unique and customizable content.

  • My favorite wall app!

    by LieselsGma

    The only thing I think you could change would be an alert saying that I've already downloaded the picture and it's on my camera roll.

  • LOVE!!!!

    by Dragonesse

    I love this app!! I'm digging the fact that we can use our own pictures and make them look that much better with the frames and all!! Cool!!

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