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AccuWeather for iPad brings you the most accurate and personalized local weather details available.

This app delivers hourly and long-range forecasts, interactive Apple Maps, and pushed severe weather alerts. Plus, the app lets you translate everything into multiple languages, choose from different display themes, and share weather info through social media. Our users tell us it is “interactive and user-friendly” and “one of the best apps out there.”

With AccuWeather for iPad, you get:

• Severe weather notices, including optional, real-time pushed severe weather alerts for your home locations in the United States. The pushed severe weather alerts are user-friendly and easy-to-read, and visible from your lock screen, home screen, and from the notification center.

• For home locations outside of the United States, when AccuWeather forecasts severe snow, ice, rain, wind, or thunderstorm probability, you will see an orange exclamation point displayed within the location’s current and 15-day forecast screens.

• Advanced Hurricane Center that lets you track the latest storms.

• Complete iCloud synchronization of locations and settings between multiple devices and the AccuWeather for iPhone app.

• Exclusive Lifestyle Forecasts that show how current conditions affect specific health risks or even your favorite outdoor activities.

• Current weather conditions constantly updated with the very latest relative humidity, visibility, UV index, wind speed/gusts and direction, and AccuWeather’s patented RealFeel Temperature® that analyzes multiple weather conditions to determine how the local temperature actually feels.

• Radar for all of North America and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Apple Maps. Pin some or all of your contacts to the radar map to see the current weather conditions in their location.

• Current news and weather videos, with many available in both English and Spanish.

You will also get:

• Hourly and 15-day forecasts for 2.7 million locations.

• Social media sharing using the social media apps you installed on your device.

• Simple menus that show the current temperature for your favorite locations.

• Ability to store multiple locations.

• Customizable design themes.

• Choice between metric or imperial units, and advanced settings such as a 12-hour or 24-hour time display.

Get the accurate weather info you need! Download AccuWeather for iPad today.

Customer Reviews

  • Kid

    by Cost too much money

    One of my go to Weather Apps. Love the extended forecast feature.

  • Dependable app

    by androux49

    My go to app for checking weather, local and elsewhere, helps me determine how to pack when I travel.

  • Glitch

    by Jmar9

    Great app but it keeps making my iPad 3 reboot. I am running the latest iOS version.

  • Poloway

    by poloway

    Great App. My wife says, check the weather in PDC Wi. To see how my brother is doing. We have other weather apps ,but always go to this one.

  • Acuweather

    by Tbdevin

    Great app. Very easy to use. Has all kinds of choices.

  • Mrs.

    by Rupsus

    I find it very helpful in checking the forecast for my area as well as where my children live.

  • Very reliable source!

    by Judy in Boston

    Makes my day easy to plan.

  • It's great----and then it crashes

    by MARGARET Carr

    I love this app, the look, the features----those that I get to before it crashes. When it crashes the screen goes black and the apple logo appears---like when you reboot the iPad. I have iPad 3 and would really like to use this app more. Can this be fixed?

  • Review

    by Calxyn

    Works well. Switches among locations fairly easily. Accurate. But your ap does not work! ---- Seemingly fully functional Feb 12th, and I find it quicker than most apps when I need immediate info.

  • Great

    by Mom in Comfort

    Very reliable app.

  • Accuweather

    by DOME2014

    I like the attempt to provide an extended forecast.

  • Top weather app I've found

    by SC trainer

    I use it every week when forecasting my boating trips. It's the most accurate wx prediction I've ever used!

  • The best

    by Renan R


  • Weather


    Best and fastest

  • Like

    by Me 2587

    Really a good app I've had it for a few months now and it's much more informative and accurate than the weather channel app

  • Good accuracy

    by Strine2

    I have found this to be an accurate weather app, generally on target with its forecasts.

  • Good

    by Dmzlady

    Like this app very much. Wish it had additional cities option. For travel purposes would like to see the forecast for other areas.

  • Favorite app

    by By Bob 's wife

    Love it. Being able to check the weather at my planned destination helps make the decision to take the one-day travel trips I love, and also what to wear -- shorts, jeans, coat etc.

  • Weather

    by Dave Simmons

    Great, thanks Good App.

  • Fun and fast,accurate. Once one learns all the in's and outs! The app is Raaazzzooo!

    by Ratesr.u812


  • Ok for current temps, poor at predictions

    by Hman0070

    Great for letting you know the current temperature. Very poor at predicting any sort of weather event, storms, rain and snow. Hour by hour frequently wrong. It will show rain for each our or rain currently when the day is dry. Terrible for snow prediction. Will forecast inches of snow and flurries arrive. Will forecast only flurries and inches will fall. Can't use for any sort of weather predictions except for temperature.

  • Crashes iPad 4, iOS 7

    by ErikThecyclist

    Looks great but about half the time it crashes on start and reboots my iPad. Fix that and it would get more stars. Nice UI.

  • Semi-AccuWeather is faulty

    by Skejump

    This app is OK, works most of the time, but is not as exact in its name may insinuate. The faults I have a hard time with is occasionally, just after I open the app, it will wink out and reboot my iPad. It is a iPad 4. And I paid for the upgraded version, and still get the irritating advertisements. I have paid the extra bucks for several apps to get rid of ads, so what is with this company? Get rid of the ads, and the problem with crashing & rebooting, and I will change my rating to 4 stars.

  • Ad features a cockroach

    by Oboemonster

    Forget the weather part. They run an sad that features a cockroach running across your screen. Totally tasteless

  • Great App

    by Noahsark143

    I am the Director of Plant Ops for a hospital and I'm responsible for staff transportation during severe weather. This is the App I depend on for up to date and accurate information.

  • AccuWeather

    by Sgt Scott

    Simply said, "our families go to weather app." Always ready, and fast with information and maps. Don't leave home without it!

  • Best of All

    by Gizzer7777

    my husband has a different app but he finds mine easier and quicker.

  • Great app

    by Julievojo

    Works great, provides all the information we need to plan our travels.

  • Accuweather

    by Eppdog

    Easy to use and understand.

  • Crashes since update

    by WolfLadycas

    Every time I try to load the map animation the app shuts down.

  • Great weather app!

    by AbnVol

    I use this app all the time at home and while traveling. Very dependable and easy to use. Highly recommend!

  • Ipad Air... Crashes

    by W8lifts

    On maps the app closes... Very annoying.

  • Good app

    by TylerDrums

    I wish there was a paid version with no ads. Will upgrade my rating when that comes out.

  • Delightful and Useful App

    by eBureaucrat

    This was one of the first apps which I installed when I started to use my new iPad 3. It worked just fine for nine months. I then updated it and the new version worked fine too, and it even started to remind me of a good insurance company to keep in mind. No indication that there will be any problems with it. I use it almost every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. I started this review about a year ago and am finally finishing it. I'm still very pleased with it, but it no longer reminds me of the insurance co. I'm impressed that my partial draft review was maintained so long for me to come back and finish it.


    by DearOldDad

    Excellent app, easy to use, accurate, nice to look at.

  • Works Well

    by RNDI322415

    Use it daily and have come to depend on the information for work and other activities. Easy to navigate and has a lot of info and maps. This app is not cluttered with excess info and advertising like the weather channel (terrible). I'm hoping it stays simple and uncomplicated.

  • Accuweather

    by Barbecool

    Great weather alerts. Fun to track it hour by hour. Seems pretty accurate.thanks!

  • Weather app

    by Amkconrad

    Easy to use, easy to read, and accurate

  • Almost great

    by Bubba Farley

    Accuweather app provides loads of info, and all of it useful. Data seems to be fairly accurate for locations in the U.S., but iffy overseas. I'm sure this is due to some foreign data being of low quality, GIGO. Improvements I would hope to see include cleaning up the user interface (one central menu to switch location and data set), and as suggested by a previous reviewer, a trip planning feature to check weather along a route for road tripping. One more thing I would love to see is a weather map such as the Nat'l Weather Service puts out that shows isobars, warm and cold fronts, wind speeds, etc.

  • Good app

    by Ninja no soy

    I like it. Only request is for an option to display imperial and metric units simultaneously.

  • Weather

    by Sarabi007

    This app is a great 'go to' when I am determining my day long outfit. How many layers will I need?

  • I love it.

    by LCNMuser

    This weather app works great! Good for home, trip planning and travel. Thank you!

  • Weather

    by Notrub123

    Pretty much close most of time

  • Persistent crashing since 1/30/14 update

    by nota4398

    Accuweather for iPad since latest update PERSISTENTLY crashes on iPad 4 and reboots the device. Latest update was 1/30/14. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help. Please fix this otherwise great app

  • Rating

    by MJ in IA

    Great weather app for everyone to use. Easy to use and accurate.

  • Perfect Weather

    by AzureMedia

    This is an excellent, thoroughly accurate, reliable, smartly conceived app, providing a wealth of instantaneous and intelligently-organized information about weather conditions both local and national, as well as international. It's the fastest and easiest way that I've ever found to obtain not only complete current readings, but also a forecast that can range from brief to detailed, and from short-term to long-range, depending on the user's needs.

  • Accurate Weather

    by Toy02

    The data has been consistently accurate. I rely on this more than the WX Channel. Two thumbs up.

  • Needs Additional Features...

    by HeadMoose

    ...such as the ability to get weather in more than one location. If I am travelling, for example, I need the weather in locations from start to finish. This is too basic to be useful.

  • Unusable on my iPad

    by MNystrand

    To operate this app, checking on weather over the course of the day involves covering the screen with my hand.

  • Quick efficient

    by AbbeyShea

    Great on both iPhone and iPad. Provides what I need to know quickly with easy to read graphics.

  • Great weather program

    by L 77 L

    Keeps me informed and warm...

  • Accuweather is..

    by ClipperMan73

    I depend on Accuweather for quick, concise weather summaries, as well as the availability of more detailed reports when desired. This lives up to its name.

  • A really great app!

    by USA4evr

    First thing in the morning I launch this app and I get a snapshot of what I need to know. Detail is available with a few taps &swipes. The graphics are intuitive, and the layout just right.

  • Works good!

    by jasmin77777

    So useful

  • Great app. No problem on I pad.

    by Awesomedalen

    Nice app. I like graphics, and simple to use.

  • Great Tools

    by Gammaguppy

    Very accurate, I like the extended forecast feature, graphics are very nice feature.

  • Like the selectable details.

    by Jrmc3rd

    This weather app presents plenty of info on the opening display. There is more info that you may select by simply dragging your way across the "sky display" to see forecasts within the hour or 24 hours away. Excellent colors and sharpness! This even shows wind conditions like direction, speed and gusts. I really like it!

  • Great app

    by JLR029

    I like it very much. It gives a fast and good weather report

  • Acuweather

    by Wisbbtlar

    Easy to use, as accurate as weather forecasts are, good price.

  • Cool app

    by Kristen39

    We love this app because we can just grab the iPad and save time. Rather than turning on the tv and waiting to hear the weather.

  • Easy and accurate

    by CaptainT2

    This app is as accurate as any, and it is easier to use them most. The iPhone version is easier for me to use than the iPad version, but they are both quite good. On another note, I am annoyed by any app, including this one, that attempt to write a glowing review for me. Nice try guys and or girls.

  • Accuweather

    by mtnelec

    I use this app all the time. We are calving and have to watch the weather closely. We rely on its accuracy! I love the map. I can also keep an eye on several locations where extended family lives. I love this app. Not too many advertisements either!


    by TFD44

    Probably the most comprehensive weather app out there. Provides more information than most people can use! Very detailed along with a beautiful HD RADAR display. Beats TWC any day of the week!

  • Crashes ipad every time you open the app.

    by RailPig

    Avoid until they fix it.

  • The Right Info

    by iahsa

    This app is more accurate than the Weather Channel app! I use the info and forecasts to plan construction activities where time and money are at hand. Thanks for "the right stuff"!

  • Failure

    by Merc96

    Crashes my tablet (iPad 4) every*single*time I start the app. That means I can't run the app anymore. I'm deleting it.

  • Weather checking ease

    by Ed '53

    This app has recently been causing an ios reset after a few seconds when called up for the first time. This problem wasn't there prior to the last update

  • Strongly recommended

    by V_Ko

    Very good

  • Accu Weather

    by I'm the sh@$

    Very useful! Easy to use for daily and weekly weather information. *****I use this App each and every morning and it is very inciteful!

  • Good app

    by reslater_wa

    This app is pretty accurate... I check it daily against my weather station and the nearest location to me about 10 miles away and it is usually within a degree or 2.

  • Animated Radar crashes every time

    by albinoGrackle

    I'm surprised that all of these stability updates haven't fixed the animated radar problem. With this latest update the radar now crashes consistently (before it crashed randomly). I have to rely on My Radar for my animated radar, which handles detailed animated maps with ease.

  • Great app!

    by Buffawuffa

    I use this app every day and love it!

  • Weather anywhere!

    by 137 Lathrop

    This app allows you to see how friends and family throughout the world are experiencing their day. Love it!

  • The one I use

    by newfie02

    Having tried many weather apps this one is the most accurate

  • Awesome

    by Rdlg1953

    For the information I need, more than adequate. Awesome,easy,reliable.

  • Awesome

    by Big Russ 93

    Awesome app as advertised plan my whole week. Very accurate even for as far 2weeks in advance.

  • The GUI is not very user friendly

    by BL on iPhone

    I have been using this app on both iPad and iPhone for years. I like the iPhone version than the iPad version. It needs too many taps to change a location or check the maps. There are plenty of empty space on the top of the screen, why the developers do add some shortcut icons instead of going through the menu.

  • Not trustworthy

    by Kingsmen72

    This app had not been consistently trustworthy in its weather predictions. The radar screen also continually reloads without displaying the time lapse map. In short, pretty doesn't cut it for me. I need dependability and performance. I have moved on to something else.

  • Traveler

    by Bikedude

    This gives me what I need a weather app.

  • Very good

    by Frazzeldorf

    Handy, accurate straightforward. Easy to use and keeps me as informed as I need. I wish they would give precipitation total by storm instead of, or in addition to,breaking it down by days.

  • Unstable

    by M7476

    Keeps shutting down my iPad.

  • Excellent

    by Costas46

    It is accurate and easy to use for multi-city weather information.

  • Easy to use

    by Nor Wang

    I like this weather app because it is very easy to navigate. However, it does not appear to be as easy to read as the Weather Channel app.

  • Very accurate and simple to navigate. I also like the accompanying graphics. Good app.

    by X379

    Accurate forecasting with an easily read format. Great job!

  • Most accurate

    by LisaAtlanta

    I have other weather apps, but rely on Accuweather as it seems to be the most accurate.

  • Bizarre interface

    by dr_punditington

    Goofy and bizarre interface. Info is hard to find. Radar animation displays military time and your view of the animation is always blocked by a popup which says that's loading, even while it's otherwise properly displaying.

  • Nice...

    by beingherenow

    Really nice graphics and information.

  • Great app

    by Grammie98674

    Great app

  • The most accurate weather app I've tried

    by Steven Dempsey

    This is the only app that actually tells me there's dense fog when there actually is. Other apps just say cloudy. As a photographer, I like to know what's happening before I go out and this app is spot on all the time. My only gripe is that there is no way to get rid of the ads. I would gladly pay to have those removed. Other than that, highly recommended.

  • Good

    by Pin99

    The App is well structured, information mostly accurated, but a little bit slow on changing pages.

  • Accurate

    by NewMexico Mom

    Accuweather is better than any of the local tv weather reports and forecasts and they don't have to stand outdoors in hurricanes or floods to do it.

  • Still Unstable!

    by 2talents

    Just downloaded the latest update that was supposed to focus on stability issues. It still reboots my iPad on starting. Every time. Without fail.

  • Good weather reference

    by Bob670

    I use it to check weather two weeks out. Also useful for trying to find out when the precip will come, ie, daytime or nighttime.

  • T-bone for Accurate weather

    by your boneness

    Tried many others but this is by far the best and easiest to use.

  • Bad Ads

    by RWPeach

    AccuWeather was my go-to weather app, until the flashing ads became much too distracting. I won't be depending on this app anymore, unless they least tone down ads, and make them a little less "in your face". Looking for a replacement weather app.

  • Awesome app.

    by Ram THE MAN.

    It is a very helpful app.

  • Disappointed

    by Soldier on two wheels

    Every time I open the App it forces my IPAD to restart, not occasionally but constantly. Good app for weather my incredibly annoying when everything shuts off because of one APP


    by TERKO979


  • Very good app

    by Ridge_0

    Use this map almost every day

  • CAN Control the Weather!

    by Iso-Barry

    The app loads quickly and promptly divides the weather information between "hour by hour" and the "15-Day Forecast". Pulling up the radar map is intuitive. Very easy to switch between locations. Weather data for local are often off by up to 10 degrees in temperature. Overall, a great tool to have on the iPad Desktop.

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