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Bug fixes and small improvements.

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With WATCH ABC you can view the ABC network live or on demand on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and your computer. It puts access to the network right into your hands at home or on the go.

Enjoy your favorite ABC TV shows, sports, local news and weather.

Sign in with a participating TV provider account to start watching live and to see the most recently aired episode of your favorite ABC shows on demand.*

It’s included in your TV subscription service.

*Show and episode availability subject to change. Program substitutions may apply.
Live video available in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco. Live streaming is available within those cities with these TV Providers: AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Google Fiber, Midcontinent, Optimum and Verizon FiOS.

- Sign in with a participating TV provider account to start watching live and to see the most recently aired episode of your favorite ABC shows on demand. View ABC shows such as Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal, The Bachelor, Modern Family, Revenge, Good Morning America, General Hospital, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and more.

-Look for the VERIFY TO WATCH tag or LIVE tab to get started

- Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
- Closed captioning available on select shows/episodes.

For more information visit:

Go to GETWATCHABC.COM to check availability in your area, ask your TV Provider for WATCH ABC or to access our FAQ section.

U.S. based Internet connection required.

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Customer Reviews

  • Not ABC fault

    by Dadebator

    Those complaining your provider isn't provided, that's your providers fault, not ABC's. Take it up with them

  • Not totally useless now

    by gamer234567

    Thanks for giving us some things to watch. You still have to verify your cable provider to watch the most recent episodes, but you can watch previous episodes without verifying. Will be five stars when they get rid of the verify to watch or expand their cable providers to include more providers.

  • Love it!

    by § TheHorseJedi §

    Love this app!

  • I Love Wath ABC!

    by JBMexico

    I Love this app

  • Best TV App!

    by Yar Neerb

    Have no issues once I put in my cable provider. Shows come in clear and crisp. Best shows to watch are on ABC!

  • Terrible!!!

    by JeanieVan

    I don't know what these folks were thinking to release an app that is this poor. You no longer can view shows on demand without verifying your tv provider, and when I go to verify this information, it tells me an error occurred. Not just once, but every time I have attempted entry! I am locked out of this application. This is unacceptable, and it is enough to make me spend my viewing time elsewhere. Way to go ABC - you have chased off yet another viewer. If I were in charge, I would let this team go and hire some folks who know what they are doing! 'Nough said!

  • best update cable subscribe require

    by noorbigtime

    Thank you for the best update. This is Awesome lock the new episode you need cable to watch. I been waiting years for this update to appear on the app. Keep it please. Lock the other episodes as well it will save cable companies as well.

  • It's Ok!

    by Mhuyhygyg

    Most people think it's bad...but even if you don't have cable you can still watch recent episodes! I love it!

  • Ok but

    by Michael-1222

    Too many irrelevant ads. I wouldn't mind paying for this app but ads have to go.

  • KM

    by rosaababe


  • it's not that bad .. ABC shows available after the live broadcasts

    by Regret asap

    ABC did itself a major disservice by not making it clear that it wanted users to register the app for LIVE broadcasts vs the uses who watch thier shows later on at another time. I like your shows but ABC is not the only choice for entertainment and news and this fiasco of a rollout has cost you many customers The absolute morons ABC has answering user questions via offshore services is one of the reasons they did not get five stars. These folks obviously do not understand user comments and questions, nor do the canned scripts they use in reply make sense. Is there something wrong with hiring some north American native speakers of English who can read and understand and reply to user questions since your audience is from north America ? Clear and plain explainations to your customer base as to what was happening and WHY would have cut down the hostility ABC created by just labeling your updates as minor when in fact they had a huge customer problem. As an aside, many people really hate thier cable suppliers because many are captured in locations with few other options in the face of truly outrageous rate escalations without any betterment of services. So requiring cable is a stupid option, especially as the trend to drop cable tv is more and more popular. If you want to show live then just allow the app to have an option for LIVE so that users who have cable tv in can watch your shows live and the rest of us can wait. A lot more thought to your message upfront will save ABC from losing long time customers in the future.

  • Convenient!

    by Amancan

    Absolute life saver when wanting to catch up on my shows fast!

  • Very good

    by Pro singer

    It's a good app don't know why every one hates it it's not that bad

  • Rough ride

    by appr8er

    Between the crashes are too many commercials. It would be nice if they showed a few minutes of the show FIRST, before airing so many commercials. Some of us have to pay enormous prices for data usage, and we don't always know if the episode we are watching has already been viewed. least ONE of us (me). And I really don't want to go fishing for episode trailers before I watch an episode.

  • ABC means All aBout Cash

    by DoodleJam

    What executive that made the decision to require "cable verification" to watch should be fired. BAD idea. You get money from requiring us to watch ads which you get paid for. Why the money hungry cable deal? Too many old school people in charge in a digital world. Btw making roku wait a week isvjust another joke Ur just losing out ABC.. I deleted to app! -5 stars

  • Still got a long way to go...

    by Keith M. Adams

    After this week's update, it looks like the app doing okay for the moment. I can even sign in with my Verizon ID & password. However, it still needs to fix its flaws before it can truly great.

  • Love this app

    by MOOSE2010

    I'm glad my cable company is listed

  • Point less

    by Mariko808

    Out of all the t.v network apps this is the only one that requires you to have to verify your t.v network. If your going to make people verify how they watch this channel then maybe you should also consider putting all the providers on your list including digital antenna boxes.

  • Mediocrity at its worst....

    by HaAlCo

    Congratulations to ABC...they have succeeded where few have tried...they have taken a really good app...maybe the best of it kind...and buried it in mediocrity...

  • Abc app

    by Careergalley

    The worst and NOT improving. I am a Verizon subscriber, I already PAY to watch ABC and I am still subjected to the same ad FOUR AND FIVE times in a row in this app. Now it closes and reopens with no sound. AND I get to watch the ads again with every freeze. I would not patronize these advertisers out of sheer aggravation. Wishing there was a negative star rating.

  • Commercials AND need a cable subscription AND DirecTV doesn't count? Lame...

    by Jsuther1974

    Commercials AND need a cable subscription AND DirecTV doesn't count? Lame...

  • best to worst

    by leeltd

    This use to be one of the best apps on iTunes. Now, the worst. It's bad enough that they delayed posting episodes a week after airing. It's been worse since they increased the commercial break time from 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes but now it crashes multiple times while watching one show. Worst of all, it crashes at the end of almost every commercial break. I wouldn't mind it if it just continue where it dropped off. But no, you have to watch the entire 2.5 minute commercial break AGAIN. I swear, if I have to watch another anorexic model clothes for Target, I'm going to burn my Target card. I'm deleting this app until they at least get crashing fixed.

  • Has become mostly useless

    by ABC app user no more

    Without the ability to see recent episodes, the usefulness of the app has mostly disappeared. Before I watched multiple ABC programs via the app. Now I'll be moving on to other programming. Unless you have the right cable provider, forget about this app.

  • Worst

    by Joshn777

    Terrible app

  • Rather Useless

    by TJ426

    Why can't I watch a live local newscast without sports getting cut? Dumb. And Deleting Now.

  • Still disappointed

    by Sarah2004

    When will you listen to your fans??? Corporate greed is sickening. Especially when you promoted the apps so heavily on every commercial break to now charge. So disappointed.

  • Goodbye ABC

    by Ilovetrees77

    Well it was nice while it lasted. Network TV is now only for the elite and cable privileged. I will miss you Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Rookie Blue.

  • ABC ruined app

    by Macbob111

    A really good app that ABC ruined by making users sign into a tv service. Why? Apple blocked me from giving a 1 star so giving a 2 star rating. ABC, you need to change app back to where it used to be so everyone can watch it.

  • Total crap

    by LukeF-16

    This is ridiculous. I can't watch a show that I watch every week on Dish Network because they are not a "verified provider". My husband cancelled my recording on accident so now I just don't get to see it - what is this 1992? - I should have used my old VCR I guess. Thanks a lot ABC

  • F You, ABC!!!!

    by SCG421

    You just keep on pushing out these meaningless updates and we'll just keep on submitting lousy reviews! Too bad there isn't the ability to give this ZERO stars!!!! All kinds of new shows coming out this spring, and guess what? I won't watch a single one; I'm sure many others will do the same. F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you!!!

  • ABC Awful!

    by SCCatLady

    This is terrible....used to be able to watch shows...can't anymore. What a crock...

  • disappointed AGAIN....

    by Moodybich

    I decided to keep this app after the whole "verify to watch" fiasco because I figured I could still at least watch the episodes...even if it is AN ENTIRE WEEK LATER. Well...I just tried to watch Revenge and, much to my chagrin, the episode was unwatchable. It was all blurry and it kept freezing up. After it would freeze up it would fast forward to a different part and cause me to miss everything that happened. I shut the app down after this happened three times in the first six minutes and tried again only to get the permanent loading screen. I think somebody at ABC sits up at night coming up with new ways to screw the people without cable providers...

  • Lame

    by Feyaya

    Requires cable verification when the ABC channel isn't even CABLE!! What sense does that make? I'm deleting the app as soon as I submit this one star rating.

  • Disappointed to say the least

    by Pennpam

    I can't believe that you have to be affiliated with a cable company to enjoy current ABC programs on Watch ABC. I enjoyed the flexibility of watching shows off schedule with the old app, now I am just screwed as I am a satellite tv person. Makes watching a series hard when you have to see the newest one before the old one if you happen to miss an episode. Thanks for making my ABC TV experience so difficult. Was really nice to be able to catch up if you missed a show. What total BS. Again, all about money I guess instead of happy viewers. Can not imagine it would be for any other reason.

  • Very poor app!

    by Mike T Newman

    Neither of my cable providers work. It was 100% better without cable providers.

  • Bad Changes

    by 930672dsf

    Love abc, but the recent change requiring one to sign in with a tv provider was a horrible change. I like the app because I don't have a provider and access to many other shows. Please consider going back to the way things were.

  • Terrible

    by 16jfbirdy

    Having ABC tram up with cable like this is the reason why the NBC app is better.

  • Content good, app not good

    by JJMFe

    I am also reviewing the app as it appears on Apple TV units. There are times when I leave a program and I come back to watch the rest of it and it will say that "program is unavailable" or "user is not authorized." Usually what I do to bypass that is I log clear out get my password get my login name labor asleep and are it with the virtual keyboard and log back into ABC. For the Apple TV units that also means that I have to go back to a desktop computer or laptop and re-authorize that device. This is a huge pain in the butt. The product should be registered once and continue to work through all of its updates. I am less inclined to use this app because of this ongoing bug, regardless of the quality and variety of its content

  • Nice move!

    by Well ok then

    Looks like I will be spending my spare time watching shows on other networks!

  • Not even worth one star

    by J3n325

    If I could give this app zero stars, I would. It's worthless and I can't watch crap with it!

  • Me

    by The curse is here!

    another update, and it plays worse than ever. Wait a week to watch and, then with all the starts and stops, it takes a week to watch it. Minus 100 stars!

  • Terrible

    by Nagidar

    ABC dropped the ball with this app, it went from being able to watch new episodes with no issues to requiring you to log in with you service provider, they really screwed up, do not download this app, it's terrible.

  • Totally a useless App.

    by Gracey53

    Once a great app now useless! ⬇️

  • WAS my favorite app

    by Erin Keefe

    Now after this latest update I can't even sign on with my provider. Wth abc. Keep effing with me and I'll just be done with this app altogether. Fix this issue!!!!! I want to watch killer women damnit. NOWWWWWWWWW!!!

  • Still stinks!

    by Slots Fan

    One star is much too generous. Listen to your viewers and get rid of the Verify to watch feature if you want your ratings to improve!

  • Terrible

    by Rdt335

    This used to be one of my most used apps... We still have to log in through cable

  • Still awful

    by Deb1965

    I don't care how many "bug fixes" you push out there to get rid of the 1 star ratings. Until you remove the cable company requirement, you will continue to receive 1 star ratings. Get a clue, ABC.

  • Useless when abroad

    by OldDad

    The world is shrinking. When I am outside of the U. S. you would think US media would like to keep me viewing. But not with this App. It is useless in Taiwan. Even when verifying using my US Comcast / Xfinity ID. Deleting now.

  • Update!?! Where!?!

    by Sevy yay

    New "update", yet looks the same to me. Verifying to watch is not making the app any better! What's the point? No one even needs cable to watch ABC on tv anyway, so why do we need it for the app! RIDICULOUS!!

  • Negative 5 stars!!!!!! :(

    by ToMiTa

    It used to be so nice, now it is useless. Totally outrageous!

  • Useless

    by DaveG41

    I can't even connect to the app anymore. I am booted off before I can even select anything. The app worked fine before the newest update and changes. Does not even deserve a one star because it is not useable.

  • Not impressed

    by DLBB987

    This app is horrible. I shouldn't have to verify to watch a NON subscription channel. When I try, my provider isn't listed.

  • Still zero stars...interesting that my reviews don't show up!?!?

    by Mijajuju

    ...but App Store forces the 1 star rating, which is not an accurate rating for ABC or their app. Continues to ignore issues raised by "former" viewers and loyal fans who have been shut out in favor of the cable dinosaur--headed toward extinction. However, the upside is that NBC and CBS have some great shows! Never realized it before because I was watching ABC and now I don't.

  • Need cable?! What's the point?

    by Smoosen33

    Need to verify cable provider to watch. What's the point of cutting the cable? I was willing to watch your ads, but now I won't watch at all.

  • Would give 0 stars if I could

    by Lex8363

    The fact that I now have to provide my cable information is complete BULL!!! I am a paying customer for ABC Family and I am unable to use your app. Get over yourselves! This is a perfect example of everything that is wrong w America you pay a ton of money for nothing!

  • New update = dumb move

    by Frogs=Fun

    The new update requiring cable verification was a dumb move. People who have cable and want to watch a show live tend to actually watch on their tvs. All this does is annoy the people who can't watch shows live. They've gone the way of FOX, waiting a week to unlock episodes. How many app viewers did FOX have compared to ABC? I'd bet a small fraction. I hope you realize this is going to drop your on the air ratings too. You now CANNOT catch up on a show before the new one airs. Get ready to kiss your viewers goodbye ABC.

  • AWEFUL changes

    by Ljaxw

    The new way of making people sign in is AWEFUL! My schedule does not allow for watching and my husband being military has a crazy schedule and it is something we enjoy doing together once we are both home which is not every week and our provider isn't on the list. The worst move abc and abc family could do.

  • Stupid

    by Reeree85

    This whole partnering with cable thing is ruining what had been good. My parents are the ones who have cable and we don't know the login, so therefore I can't watch. Such crap. You are losing thousands of customers because of this, so bravo.

  • Fail!!!

    by :(:(:(:(:(:(:(55555

    I don't like the new verify to watch!!!

  • Don't Bother

    by Csd2583

    Don't bother downloading's now a total waste of time. Only a "chosen VERY few" providers who have been browbeaten into subsidizing ABC's content are allowed to watch shows on this app. since they don't want us watching on their app....I don't plan on watching their TV channel either. I'll stick with Netflix, AMC and FX

  • Still can't verify to watch

    by Tempcooler

    Why not add more providers so we can watch?

  • Once wonderful, now wretched

    by 13425

    Unlike many others, my cable company is listed, and yes, I did take the time to set up an account, but even then, the verify to watch process doesn't work. Not sure why, but it's very frustrating, especially after taking the time to get everything set up. I've just about had it. Hmmm...CBS's app is pretty great, now that I think about it!

  • Horrible

    by Ironlionrobin

    They ruined it. Something stinks. Goodbye ABC.

  • Not working

    by Rubeneer

    Can't tap tv provider.

  • Why, ABC??

    by CmhComments

    You took the best TV app out there and destroyed it. If there were a zero-star rating, I would give that to you. What a disappointment. With so few people interested in week old shows, it would seem the cable thing is a poor business decision...that is if you expect to make money off advertisements on this app.

  • Verification

    by An0nym0us 1234567890

    It was a great app until you had to verify your cable in the recent "bug fixes", now it's just annoying. It's a shame I have to give it at least one star.

  • Seriously?!?!

    by INKatie

    ABC was one of the first & best apps to view missed episodes. Wow! You just shot yourself in the foot! You are a public network ...not cable. The biggest satellite companies aren't even on the list, like DirecTV. Even if it was, I might still protest for those who have no cable provider. I'm out!

  • Update Awful ...repeat of previous review!

    by Jmatski

    Here we go again. I'm beginning to believe all those others reviewers who insist ABC keeps making minor updates to get rid of the thousands of bad reviews. Nothing has changed. We hate the update! No plans to watch any ABC shows any longer.

  • TV Provider BS stopped my using the app!

    by ........Me!!!........

    ^see above

  • Horrible! Do not download

    by Elmatrix18

    I used to watch all of my fav shows here and this app was once very convinient, they are trying to hide bad reviews by adding an "update" not going to happen sorry

  • Horrible

    by jamielynn829

    Thank you sooo much for taking away my ability to watch shows. Now i have to verify. IF I HAD CABLE I WOULD WATCH IT ON THE TV AND NOT THROUGH THE APP! Complete waste now. Thanks for not allowing me to watch on now

  • Stinks to high heaven!

    by All About You MS

    I used to enjoy watching abc on my iPhone, but now I am not able to. I have directv or exfinity to choose from. Directv is not a given choice and Exfinity says it is not part of my service, which it clearly is part of my cable service. I am very disappointed in the app.

  • I hate it

    by Kngddvbedb

    Change it back please my tv provider is not even listed.

  • App is useless

    by Jim La

    I do not have a cable company

  • Complete waste

    by sensaria5454

    If I could give it no stars I would. It is complete crap that when I pay as much as I do to have the privilege of the sorry excuse for programming the ABC offers on my TV that when there happens to be a small moment of something redeeming that was aired that I missed, I can't watch on this app. Don't download. Complete waste.

  • So disappointed!!!

    by 356pandagirl7

    I usually watch my favorite ABC shows when they are televised on TV as scheduled. I do not have cable nor have the income or desire to have cable. ( I had a dish a long time ago and dislike all the shopping and infomercials.). I occasionally watch some of my favorite shows on the ABC App on my phone when I missed a program due to conflict in schedule and could not watch it "live". Now, I could not even used this ABC App because I do not subscribe to cable! So very disappointed!!!! Wish I could give it a "Zero" to this update!!! A formal fan of ABC network shows.

  • Useless and still waiting

    by Upset123456upset

    Can't watch because I have directv. This is a joke! You don't even need cable to watch on the tv but I need it to watch on my iPad and I still can't watch because I don't have the right cable provider.

  • Useless app now

    by Ghostie83

    Cant watch anymore because i don't have one of there providers..this whole thing encourages downloading illegal. Why would you need a provider anyway when this is a channel you don't need cable... Very angry

  • Terrible!!!!

    by kriss0312

    If I could I would give it 0 stars!!


    by Enough already...

    What they said.


    by J.A.B.A.G.

    Worst. Updates. Ever. It's still crappy and I'll continue to write reviews and prevent ABC from whitewashing the app rating. I was motivated to write my first ever App Store review based in this update. This greedy money grab by Disney is just awful. The ABC app easily went from best TV app to worst. This registration scam is stupid, especially for a broadcast network, and when they still show ads. If I could give this zero stars, I would. Totally craptastic.

  • From best to worst

    by Kdubhimself

    A small update to clear thousands of negative reviews. I would give this zero stars if I could. So ABC, you want me to enter my cable provider just to watch ad supported (with some ad breaks being almost 4 minutes long) television that originally was broadcast over the air with less commercials? You lose ABC. Go back and read the reviews from 2010. People used to love your app. I used to think of your company as being forward thinking, but not anymore! Sayonara!

  • Verification

    by Briggsdoeeee

    Still a broken app

  • The new and improved bull crap

    by 277654

    You have to have a stupid service provider The reason I have this app is because I don't have a service provider Get your act together abc or you will be loosing 80% of app users

  • by Shitpickle1234

    Was able to catch up on my shows that I would miss, now this app is useless. F u ABC.

  • Emily Thorne Would Not Put Up With This

    by GHolli

    First ABC messes up a previously wonderful app, and then releases multiple updates addressing "bugs" that are clearly only meant to address the swell of overwhelmingly negative reviews resulting from the move to provider verification. If possible, I would have rated this previously stellar app 0 stars. Prior to the latest string of updates, the ABC app was among the best TV apps in the iTunes Store. It was well designed, highly functional, allowed me to catch up on shows I may have missed, see things I wouldn't have ordinarily watched at home, and view on the go. As currently updated, the app isn't worth having at all. Now I'm only keeping it to continually refresh my negative review as "updates" are released.

  • Needs a complete overhaul

    by 18651056

    This app is terrible. Requires verification, sound is double most of the time, often refuses to load, buffering cause halts for extended periods - what a mess. Why can't this be fixed?


    by Brandy210

    ABC updated just to erase all the bad reviews. We will just keep posting. Do not bother to download. This ap is a SCAM. Read all the reviews before ABC creates another phony update to hide them.

  • Pathetic.

    by Usedtolikeitbutnowitsucks

    Considering my cable company isn't on your list, I can't use the app anymore. I've had this app for years and now all of a sudden it's useless to me. I think ABC & ABC Family need to reevaluate their strategy because you are turning away many many people with your prejudiced app. Kudos to the chosen few that can still watch the shows on the app. I guess the rest of us have to sit here and twiddle our thumbs, hoping ABC reads this and changes it back. Your app is worthless now. So sad.

  • Joke of an app

    by JJ in AZ

    ABC can keep making tiny "bug updates" to try and shake the negative reviews, but until they fix the real problem nothing will really change. What used to be a fabulous app is now just a joke. I miss the old ABC App! I did turn it on again, just to see if it had changed. I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to take part in a survey, where I could convey my displeasure with the verify to watch update. So, I urge you all to turn on the app & take the survey if it asks!

  • ABC still doesn't care 1 star app

    by Skiking226

    2-10-14 Yet another update and still catch watch, still a 1 star app Version 3.1.2 1-15-14 Still can't log into my provider, ABC doesn't care I load it to watch the latest 20/20 and it says "go to app store an download ABC Player" while I'm in the app. Would not play video please fix, also new version "Watch ABC" doesn't work in my area, Los Angeles, 2nd major city compared to New York, and I can't watch live shows, sad Update: 9-20-13 ABC doesn't care, still does not work, no live tv on iPad 4 Update 10-18-13 live tv still not working I just get error Update 11-27-13 I have charter cable now, and wage trying to sign in through the app, it says wrong log in or password, I go on charters site and log in no problem, bugs, bugs and more bugs 1-6-14 Still not working, latest update still does not allow people with roof antennas to watch, there is a reason this app gets 1 star rating, and still ABC doesn't care!

  • Greed

    by Richpoko

    Just by fixing a few bugs, it should be better. I use this app because I do not have cable. Corporate greed is all this is. They charge the "chosen" cable operators, who also charge us more. I do not have cable, therefore I am not paying more. If ABC is not making enough money, or there are no longer any commercials, maybe this is ok. Limited commercials would/should be only two or three commercials. Don't be so greedy!!!!!!!!!!

  • U have got to be kidding!

    by Juli T

    The app was always the best out of all the networks, but it is ridiculous that u have to have a cable provider. I have one and you do not even have that provider. Not happy. If I have to watch all the commercials, I should not have to give my provider too. Ticked off....

  • Still Bad!!!

    by Ittiam

    The people who do have one of the cable companies you offer are still having difficulties! That should tell you something and the fact that you still have only one star! You will have one star for a long time. No matter how many "updates" you have!

  • Verify to watch

    by artstar30

    Bad mistake ABC, verify to watch. No thanks! Cable is too expensive.

  • Once again an update to remove negative reviews

    by Frog Lover2

    ABC is now the worst app

  • Punishing the users for our choice of cable companies?

    by jamespa1

    Another refresh to get rid of the bad reviews? Shame on you ABC.

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