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Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- Fully supports the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch
- iOS6 bug fixes

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KTRK-TV Houston. Wake up with the ABC13 Houston Alarm Clock app! Start your day with local news and sports headlines, Live Mega Doppler HD Radar, current weather conditions and traffic. Set your alarm to wake up to the sound of your favorite Eyewitness News morning personality, such as Tom Koch, Sharron Melton, Casey Curry or Don Nelson. You can choose one of our classic alarm tones or even choose a song from your iTunes music library and adjust the alarm sound fade-in to give you a really pleasant way to wake up slowly!

- Choose from 5 custom ABC13 tones: Tom Koch, Sharron Melton, Casey Curry, Don Nelson, and the ABC13 Breaking News theme music
- Choose to wake up to your favorite song using your own music from your iPhone music library
- Wake up to 1 of 10 built-in classic tones: Alarm Clock, Ascend, Chimes, Descend, Dog Barking, Doorbell, Sonar, Waterfall, Whistle, and an authentic Rooster crow*
- Choose from 3 different Houston-area images for your alarm app wallpaper
- Clock dimmer is adjustable
- Choose 12- or 24-hour clock
- Multiple alarms supported
- Snooze/Stop alarm
- Sound volume adjustable
- Snooze time customizable
- Sound fade in of alarm tones to wake up gently
- Turn vibrate ON/OFF
- Repeat alarms on certain days of the week
- Alarm works even when the screen is locked or when iPhone is muted
- Background Alarm: receive sound notification alarms when the app is not in the foreground**

★ NEWS ★
- Get the latest news and sports headlines from Eyewitness News right when you wake up

- View animated Live Mega Doppler Radar HD maps
- Get hourly and extended weather conditions
- Automatically set weather to your current location or manually add a location by zip code
- Watch the latest ABC13 video forecast

- Get the latest Houston traffic information to plan your commute using our real-time traffic maps

*For the most authentic experience, we even visited a local family farm and found a rooster willing to give us a real rooster crow for our “Rooster” tone!

**Like all 3rd party alarm apps, make sure our app is running in the foreground when you go to sleep at night – so make sure you don’t hit that iPhone “home” button!

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by meenabeena123

    Easy to use, easy to scan news that appeals to me.

  • ABC13alarm

    by BozoclownIII

    Live news is back!! Thanks

  • Like

    by Mrs. Lewis25

    Good for on the go!! Nice & Fast! Better then the old app. In Houston, GET IT!

  • iOS update broke the app

    by judyseagram

    I liked this app a lot and have been using it as my primary alarm clock for about two months, but the new iOS update had broken it. When the alarm goes off, and you slide the slider to unlock your ipad, the snooze alarm appears for a split second, then the ipad closes the app and snaps to the home screen. In order to snooze you have to re-open the app, open the alarm, and manually re-set it. I hope someone will fix this so the app is useable again!

  • Great App

    by Airco436

    Love the app!

  • The alarm clock that has it all

    by Infoyouneed

    Everything you could want in an alarm clock is here. Great product!

  • Great App!!

    by HeavySleeper 435

    This is the only alarm I've found that can actually wake me up!! Totally worth it!!

  • Best News App by Far

    by Sherman G.

    This app is amazing. UI is so user friendly and layout is just awesome. Please redo the news app similar to this app. Thanks!!

  • Where is the Tim Heller alarm?

    by Levelor

    That's the one I want. Maybe 13 could update it ...please?!

  • Awesome app!

    by Houston News Junkie

    This app is fantastic! The alarm wakes me up and I LOVE how the traffic, top headlines, and forecast is all right there! I feel bad using this app since I don't have to actually watch the abc13 morning news anymore since everything I need and expect when I wake up is in the palm of my hand.

  • Awesome

    by Uribez

    Awesome app but there is an issue when it comes to adding another location. Please fix. Otherwise, the app is awesome :-)

  • Wicked Awesome

    by Dubyaduke

    I love this app!!!!!!!!!!


    by Arcadeenjoyer

    I don't live in Houston, but being an antenna/local fan, I just had to download this app! Can't wait to see what it does tomorrow morning!

  • Alarm

    by Xbshsiakskd

    I always wanted to wake up next to Casey Curry

  • Mrs

    by AmyGamber

    Allows me to quickly get weather.... Wherever I am .... with hometown news. Great job!

  • Love this app

    by Jess0521:)

    Cool app ....has everything ppl want to know thought out the day : )

  • Love it!

    by jpov89

    I wish the news app was designed as user friendly as this one!

  • Nice app

    by JAG380

    I love it.

  • Abc13

    by Keith.l©

    BEST APP couldn't ask for more abc13

  • ABC-13 Alarm App

    by Love Summer!!!

    Really great app, I love waking up to my favorite news team!

  • Read the privacy policy!!!

    by Mom of a hypoglycemic toddler

    They take a lot of information about you! Read it carefully!!!

  • ABC13 alarm click app

    by Larrytoots

    Very nice but it won't rotate, so it's unusable for me because I can't stand it up if plugged in and won't go into landscape to stand it on it's side. Don't have a dock, I use a stand to hold it at night. Also, the time should be bigger than the temp.

  • Houston news app

    by Mediahouston

    Love this

  • Smart! LOVE this idea!

    by GoRockets47

    What a great useful app that has everything I need for the day all on one screen.

  • Love it!!!

    by It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Love this app! Extremely well done with a super sleek look too!

  • Awesome-ness!

    by BrownMaestro

    Wake up to Casey or Sharron! What could be better? Well done app.

  • First

    by Generic343434


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