6abc StormTracker Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: May, 24 2013
  • Version: 2.6.50
  • Size: 26.3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

Minor bug fixes

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WPVI-TV Philadelphia. With 6abc StormTracker, when threatening weather is nearby your phone can be set to alert you!

Weather alerts are read aloud for you so you don’t have to stop to read the screen. It’s the power of a NOAA Weather Radio combined with the accuracy of AccuWeather and 6abc Philadelphia all in one convenient app! There’s no other app like it.

With the FOLLOW ME feature you’ll stay safe when you’re on the go. 6abc StormTracker can alert you to severe weather wherever you are – whether you’re on your daily commute in the Philadelphia area, or travelling anywhere across the U.S.

The 6abc StormTracker is fully interactive; Zoom down to get a street level view of live conditions. And of course, get current conditions, hourly and long-term forecasts right at your fingertips.


* Follow Me – Activate this feature so that you get weather alerts wherever you are, anywhere in the U.S. No matter where you travel, the app will help keep you safe.

* Set a static location – In addition to the Follow Me feature, you can set three (3) additional locations to receive alerts on. So if you’re on the road, you could still get alerts for what’s threatening your home, or where a loved one lives.

* Audio alerts – Listen to weather alerts just like a NOAA Weather Radio, so you can be informed and keep moving.

* Current Conditions, Hourly Forecasts and 7 Day Forecasts.

* Video forecasts and live weather video (when available).

Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Angela's bff

    I love this app! It shows you the weather! How amazing! I dont even know what weather is but i'm going to try and try to learn about it! Now tell me. Is the wiggily lines suppose to be snakes or string! Very confusing! Anyways ta-ta!

  • Location service all the time

    by vectorizer99

    I deleted this app because it used location services even in the background. No need to drain my power like that. Otherwise it was useful, but no better than another app I tried.

  • Great app 5 stars

    by ShaunMan

    A great app and it's very cool when the voice alerts come on

  • Tip

    by Silly birdies

    Great app, but you need to force close it, otherwise you'll find yourself with a dead battery.

  • Not bad

    by Dr. Hydrogen

    I haven't used it yet too much but one thing.... I wish the radar loop was more than 20 minutes. The Weather Channel radar is 5 hours.

  • Me encanta les felicito

    by yolylovegod

    Super nice me gusta mucho felicidades

  • Alex Finnel

    by alexwashere45

    I love this app! It works for my iphone4s :)

  • iPad version please

    by Septa rocks

    Hi, although this app is great, it is not that good on the iPad; if you can make an iPad app for storm tracker 6 that would be awesome! I use the app everyday, I do a lot of weather work and it would be nice for them to make a iPad version! Thank you! THIS APP IS WORTH GETTING!!!!!!! :)

  • General contractor

    by 40coconuts

    I work around the weather all the time. this app locates me and allows to zoom down to street level and still shows radar moving. of all the apps this for me my far is the best

  • ❤❤❤

    by GooGoo29109

    I love this app but can u please make an iPad version?

  • Love the app

    by AMushroomQueen

    Alerts me to the second of incoming storms and warnings! Thunder cracked at the pool exactly when my phone alerted! Brilliant!

  • Nice radar, Room for improvement.

    by scott523

    Those who can't isolate the unnerving visible iPhone tracking symbol, the built-in "Follow Me Tracking" feature is ON by default for live location-based weather alerts. It can be turned off within the app. However, the battery drain is surprisingly unnoticeable. 1. Live radar useful in outdoor events. Includes Apple's standard/satellite/hybrid map overlay with other customizable weather options. 2. Extended and hourly forecasts is a nice touch but NOAA's weather.gov forecasts are better. 3. Radar animation history too short. 4. No landscape mode. 5. Ads also a nuisance.

  • AWFUL Alert Sounds!

    by Applshampu26

    Good app, but are you kidding me with the alerts!? The alert noises are so not necessary. A simple beep would suffice. I do need to hear Cecily or Adam, or the ear piercing flood warning alarm.

  • Great app

    by Eagles fan05

    I love this app. I was in ocean city and my phone alerted me of an approaching storm. This will come in handy when I'm on the beach. I've been caught walking the beach when a storm approached out of nowhere in the past.

  • Storm Tracker APP

    by liferdog89

    Great APP! 6ABC is the best. The news staff sticks by product. I think it's the best thing since slice bread. Keep up the good work 6ABC. What are you guys working on next? Whatever it might be. It's going to be another success.

  • Love it!

    by Caitlin Kohler

    So far, no complaints!!

  • Great app

    by PS Music

    Looks great, works great, and after a quick run-through it seems very fast and responsive. Video loaded fast! The only CON is that the extended forecast is different than the new Action News App. Like completely different forecasts. UPDATE: Down from 5 stars to 3 stars. this thing is a battery hog. Deleting and will use weather in regular Action News app.

  • Nice app, but shut off the location!

    by sdschramm

    This app has a lot of nice features and looks and works great. But even after closing all of my open applications, my location is still being tracked. When I went to my privacy settings and looked under location, THIS APP was the source of my location always being tracked. Talk about battery drain and no privacy! I will be removing this app until this bug is fixed.

  • Great app

    by Ljmjr

    I like the audio alerts But even with the volume all the way up It's a little hard to hear Just need to crank up the Volume a little bit

  • Great

    by Bane215

    Great app!!

  • Meh

    by JDB1984

    The app has some good qualities to it, but also some bad ones. My primary issue is that it can turn on GPS (location services) and leave it on even after you close out of the app. This can drain batteries and make you feel like you are being tracked all the time.

  • Ruined

    by Rich Henderson

    This app used to be good before the update introduced all of these bugs. Unreadable text, doesn't fill the screen, and yesterday there was an icon showing sun and it said 90% - Presume it was a 90% chance of rain and not a new & improved "optimists" forecast.

  • Broken update

    by Echoingtruth

    After the most recent update it stopped working. It freezes and the app shifts down! No bugs were fixed you created new ones!!!!

  • Good but has flaws

    by reg036

    Was looking forward to a nice local weather app from my favorite weather source, an all in one solution for me. First impressions were good, 7 day, radar, hourly pages. Interface was ok and then came the bad news. Even closed down the app keeps location services running and that will drain your battery in no time at all! So until a bug fix is put into place I would stay away from the app!

  • iPhone only

    by Bmsailor

    Sure wish they would tell you it's for the iPhone and not the tablet before you waste your time downloading it. On the iPad it comes up as a very small window, very useless!

  • Better than the accu weather app but…

    by Mister Honest

    Why do you have your app track users 24/7? I had to go into settings and manually turn off my location services to it to get it to stop tracking me. I rate 2 stars for this app because I think an all-day tracking service is not what I want in a weather app. Change it to only having tracking active while the app is open and I'll change my rating to a higher star-value. Until then, 2 stars is what this app deserves in my opinion.

  • Battery drainer

    by Mhusfelt

    I couldn't figure out why my battery has constantly been going dead. Then I realized that this app uses the location tracker 24/7. Deleted.

  • Disappointed

    by Wakawaka Garfield

    I think the 6 abc app is so much more helpful! This one is frustrating.

  • Crashes or doesn't load

    by Emkemper

    This was a great app, just like the Channel 6 news itself, but it has continually crashes or fails to load up. I have to rely on the WeatherChannel App and dont want to. Please fix.

  • Huge battery hog...

    by David Romashko

    The App itself is great but it needs to be recoded. The constant location tracking is eating up battery life. An update is greatly needed to address this issue.

  • Pretty weak

    by Mull736

    Trying to put everything on mobile devices isn't working

  • Greatest app

    by Girl4Reba

    Absolutely love this new app. Super handy during Andrea. Thanks 6abc. I sure do appreciate you all.

  • Great app!

    by 6 fan

    Everything I need in a weather app!

  • Eats battery

    by gotgizmo

    I noticed since I downloaded this app that my battery burned out so quickly. After looking into it I found that it uses your location services all the time. Most apps will update each hour or when opened. This just keeps using data and will decreases your battery life.. Hopefully this helps out the next person.

  • Great weather app but notifications can be better

    by DarkRavyn

    I really like this weather app and I'm glad I tried it out. Definitely recommend. One thing I would like is that when I first look at a location I'd prefer to see current conditions and a written snippet of what to expect today into tomorrow first then have the option to go to the live radar tab, 7 day tab, or hourly tab. The reason I gave a 3 star was bc of the notification settings, it's Cecily saying there is a warning and there is no way to turn off sound notifications. I would much rather see a notification popup and/or vibrate. Please add this option!!

  • Love it!

    by Love the new storm tracker app

    I love the new storm tracker app. It just gave me a flash flood watch and if I didn't have that app I wouldn't have known it was in my area!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Eagle Arrow

    I love this weather app! It really helps me stay alert on storms and warnings. The only suggestion that I have is to add Future Tracker. Thank You 6abc!

  • Better than weather channel app

    by Gotakealap

    Radar loads faster than weather channel app! Alerts for severe weather are very helpful. Would like to see precip amounts.

  • Idea for Update

    by Concordville firefighter

    Maybe you could Make the Option to Have turn on and off Stormtracker 6 3D. You should also show the radar sweeping like you guys do on TV.

  • Great!

    by P_R_K

    What a great app!! Love the weather alert feature!!! Thanks!!!

  • I thought I'd love to have Cecily Tynan calling...

    by bluehaha

    Are you kidding me with that stupid "This is Cecily Tynan..." severe weather alert!? How about just a beep??? I was in a meeting when that dang thing came on!!!!


    by Dead Acres

    Just like with their newest news app, the developers of this app have nailed it! Fantastic and easy to navigate interface. Wish these developers worked on ALL apps! Others could take a lesson.

  • everything you need in one ap

    by Tbird0123

    5 day forecast, animated maps, location settings, push settings for warnings and watches that are important to you. Deleted two other aps as this has all I need.

  • Highly Recommend

    by PRRo6

    Really great App and provides great information. It's really user friendly.

  • Great app!

    by kevinsc84

    Great little weather app! Great job 6 ABC!

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