All New Dreamdays - Countdown to the Days that Matter Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: Yao Liu
  • Updated: Oct, 31 2013
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Size: 18.16 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Yao Liu

- Fixed the year / month / day display
- Other fixes

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530 Ratings
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1378 Ratings


50% off to celebrate the All New Dreamdays released
Dreamdays 2.0 is here! It has been redesigned for iOS7 to optimize the countdown experience with more than one million Dreamdays users worldwide. With Dreamdays 2.0, you can sort through your countdown events by categories and time. You will be able to customize each countdown event with your personal background, record voice memos that reflect your feelings beyond words, and share your delight with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Main Functions & Highlights:
- Supports countdown to events and counting up once they arrive
- Toggle between time in days and years/months/ with a single tap in each event
- Five default categories (Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Life, School) and the ability to add customized ones
- Voice memos to record your thoughts for each event
- Set your favorite event as cover with ease and style
- Push notifications to remind you of an arriving event
- Ability to sort events by time
- Customizable background for each event
- Color-coded Anniversary to distinguish it from all other events
- Automatic sync to the iCloud across all of your iOS devices
- Passcode protection to keep your privacy safe

Customer Reviews

  • best app ever

    by Peace Rock On

    L O V E

  • I stop using the lite version !!

    by Deb*Rose

    I eventually had to buy this app. It has a personal touch to it. That I enjoyed more so than the other countdown apps currently on the market!

  • fantastic and beautiful

    by jahovvee130

    love using the iOS 7 themed app


    by Erikachuuu

    I love it

  • makes the days go faster

    by nanskiii

    the best countdown app ever!

  • Love!

    by Pixiewomyn

  • Like it

    by Blurose30


  • Hey

    by Hiijustwantthewallpapers

    It's cool I guess

  • Like this a lot ...

    by Antiragweed

    Would love some frames for dates and icons for vacations. Also different icon options for different holidays would be great!

  • Amazing app

    by Danp1010


  • Ok but need more features

    by Wzz2071

    The app can't change the color or size fonts. It's all white fonts which are hard to read in pics with a light background in the middle (where the countdown days are shown). The pics that come with the app are also very limiting. Better download an app of wallpapers.

  • Love it!!!

    by Madrede3kidlets

    Man I use this app soooo much! I count down the days until schools out and my birthday!!!!!! Amazing app!!!!!

  • Beautiful app

    by MattBenJammin

    This app is just beautiful!!

  • Good app

    by Vicks>.< ^.^

    Good app

  • Awesome

    by Sydneyalicepayne

    Great app. Love it.

  • Good app

    by 独唱幻想Tina


  • Love!!

    by Ettelyn

    Even better with the update :)

  • Wallpaper Review

    by LiliCameron

    Love it!

  • Love it!

    by Nllamas

    Favorite countdown app

  • It works

    by Two kids and a dog

    It works and is easy to navigate. What more do you want?

  • It's an OK app

    by KYRAIN74

    When I purchased it I thought for sure it would add a little badge/icon or something to my home or display screen to let me continually view the days to... the event, was extremely disappointed with the "lack of" on that. In the voice memo, nothing plays back....???? And pay an additional $.99 for wallpaper, really come on now that was a low blow it should have been added in the price to begin with. I paid for app and wallpaper so I'm using it, however I want a countdown that actually displays continuously on my home screen so I am aware of my upcoming events without having to go into the app itself, really wish the developer had put a tiny bit more thought into this.

  • Good, but....

    by CalReyn

    Pretty, easy to use, and inexpensive. But it would be nice if the price for the wallpapers was included in the original price.

  • More features

    by Bethalina612

    Works great, wish it had time countdown too.

  • Great app

    by Kenna Kay

    Love this app I have so many countdowns to make!

  • Love!

    by EGawAlaska

    Awesome app!

  • Great app!

    by Reesey93

    I definitely don't regret spending a dollar on this app.

  • Love itt

    by xxxxJASMiNExxxx

    A little step up from the first dream days

  • Dreamsdays

    by Kelsie Warner

    Great App! It's very useful!

  • Review

    by Popo1949

    Great product

  • Very good

    by JaronNan

    Very good layout. One suggestion is that missing of lunar calendar! Hope it will be added in next version!

  • Count Down

    by Chukman

    Nice app, this what I was looking for.

  • Works

    by AA23AA

    Great app


    by Clay Kostura

    Nothing to say it's perfect

  • Enjoying app

    by 14wonders

    Friend had this app, glad I have it now

  • Great!

    by fuhrie

    Great app, simple to use

  • Great app!

    by Supercalifragilousness

    Love the simple design.

  • Love it

    by Amybabieeeeee


  • Love it!

    by Natasha Branch

    Awesome app.

  • Countdown

    by RachelLMitchell22

    Used this for my husbands deployment and baby birth countdown. I love it :D so creative!!

  • Works well

    by Diebunnydie

    I've used many apps like this. This is the one I keep coming back to.

  • Good

    by Jrarara

    This app is pretty useful. Love the pictures. Such good quality.

  • Great app!

    by OllyLopez

    Very cute and a fun way to keep track of all your upcoming events/dates.

  • Awesome!

    by nothesameanymore

    Love the app. Has a great look.

  • Love it

    by Magoz89

    Great and I can put UR own custom backgrounds :D

  • by Spongebob_is_amazing0987

  • The best

    by PINKflt

    Love this app. So convenient.

  • Not a bad app

    by Shack75d

    Once you get the calendars under one app it's easy to modify and update.

  • Yes

    by Gordonkuang


  • Nice!

    by Ashpmk

    One of my favorite apps!

  • Great app

    by Todd Larsen

    Perfect and simple

  • Great!!

    by Bob Hdn


  • Love it

    by RDMartin73

    Now I won't lose track of concerts

  • It's beautiful

    by sfk099

    Great app love it

  • Hi

    by Poongpoongii

    The best!

  • Great App

    by iwalani17

    Would benefit with more features, but regardless, it is exemplary.

  • Great App!

    by AdriLoves

    Love it!! I wish it wouldn't stop my music while I'm using it but it's a great tool!


    by Bdwhite20

    This app helped me keep track of how many days I fasted! Thanks!

  • Good app

    by Herondale4life

    Works pretty well so far, good images just wish I could change the font color or adjust where the lettering and numbers appeared like other countdown apps allow

  • Great

    by Zach Davis

    Awesome app

  • Love this App!!!

    by victoria olinger

    I love how well organized this app is. It's extremely helpful, and not just with holidays but with the daily events of life as well.

  • Dreamdays

    by Kristanicolehosey14


  • Sleek and easy

    by hluna4

    I really love the clean interface, the smooth transitions, and easy settings

  • cute app

    by Aabgrc

    worth paying for i like it a lot

  • by roar123456789.

    very awesome app !!! well designed and a great utility to have !!

  • Not bad

    by Napolerat


  • Favorite app!

    by Ciera!(:

    Love love love this app!

  • Amazing

    by Mamaavee

    Love this app!

  • Dream days

    by Yowza11111111

    I love this!

  • Cool App

    by Emperoo

    Previously I used DaysMatter, but this one is much more beautiful.

  • Good

    by VL


  • Love this app!

    by Wildfloral


  • Lovely!

    by nicknames are dumb.

    This app is elegant & does exactly what it says it does. I love it!

  • Easy and effective

    by Mxer90

    Great for keeping track of important dates

  • Woo

    by Hajj tuff

    This app is really great. It helps you count down to those special events!

  • GREAT!!!!

    by Lnfjxkdnsoawyuaosbeg

    I love it!

  • Love it.

    by Jimmy Wright

    Such a fun app.

  • Great app !

    by AbouRayan

    Nice handy app

  • Awesome!

    by Emilie Zdansky

    My friend recommended me this app for countdowns and I think it's awesome!




  • Review

    by NicoleRocketship

    Love the crisp, clean look of this app.

  • Love it!

    by Mgesling

    Crisp, clean & simple. A great way to countdown to fun events with great style.

  • Great app!!!

    by sincerelyallana

    Fantastic for organization

  • Excelente aplicativo.

    by Samuelevi

    Muito útil e cumpre o que promete, tem uma interface agradável e intuitiva, só pecou por não restaurar as datas que eu já tinha inserido depois da atualização.

  • Great Countdown

    by laurieee92

    I love that I can do more than one date and chose my own photos.

  • Amazing


    Best countdown app on the market

  • Very handy!

    by Daps_h

    Love it!

  • Awesome app

    by Michael :)

    Use this app for everything!!

  • Amazing

    by Reinaldo Luna jr


  • Great!

    by Sawhite01

    Just starting to use the app, but I already like it.

  • Love this

    by MarshallLuther

    It's simple & cute. I love this. No problems at all.

  • good

    by lkew ihew

    i like it

  • Uses dirty underhanded tricks to unlock features

    by sam larsen

    Like for example giving the app a 5 star rating to unlock wallpapers.

  • Best Countdown App

    by AJohnston29

    Awesome app!

  • Love

    by coloradobrown2014

    Love this app!! Awesome for count downs :)

  • Love it!

    by Goallygirl

    Great app!

  • Great app

    by CK5119

    Gives me the countdowns that matter the most

  • Works well

    by Big mama art

    Works well so far

  • Great app!

    by Tweet409

    You will not regret downloading this app!

  • I like this app

    by Nicole mariex2

    But I wish we could change the color of the words and the date & stuff. Other than that i like it :)

  • Fantastic

    by parviz.bahri


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