VirtualBrowser for Firefox + Flash & Java Player and Add-ons -Secure VPN edition for iPad Business App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: VoicEcho LLC

Fixed the 'slow keyboard' bug. Now the App has much faster response (when keyboard is open)!

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The VirtualBrowser for Firefox App connects you to the real Mozilla Firefox® browser with 'desktop-class' features like these:

▶ Flash Player ¹
  Browse and use Flash-based websites, apps such as:
Games               Productivity          Video¹, e-cards & entertainment
------------        ----------------------       --------------
Facebook            Prezi                   JibJab
- Farm/CityVille     Adobe   Paperless post
- Poker             Jacqui Lawson
- Evony              Sliderocket             BlueMountain
Bridgebase          Aviary                   American Greetings
Animal Jam           Microsoft Office365
        Google Docs ...& many more

▶ Java ¹
 VirtualBrowser for Firefox lets you run almost any Java application such as:
 > Runescape
 > PartyPoker
 > Gametable
 > Etrade Pro Elite
 > Scottrade
 > NetDania NetStation
 > Aleks
 > Blackboard Collaborate
 > United Unimatic
 ...and many more.

▶ Add-ons, Plug-ins, Extensions & Skins +
 With VirtualBrowser for Firefox you can take advantage of all the customization and integrated features offered in Firefox Add-ons, Plug-ins, Toolbars and Extensions, including:
 > Evernote Web Clipper
 > Yahoo! Toolbar
 > Adblock Plus
 > Lastpass
 > Xmarks
 > Awesome Screenshot Plus
 > Themes
 > Springpad
... and tons more!

▶ Sync +
Browse more, type less: Login with your Mozilla ID and Firefox Sync bookmarks, Add-ons, history, tabs, etc. from your Firefox account on your home or work computer.
Sync with other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari by installing Add-on/Extensions like Xmarks, Lastpass, Roboform, Dashlane and others

▶ Powerful standard features (in all editions)
> Fullscreen Mode – hides address bar, menus and tabs so you can use the full display
> Private browsing Mode
> Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites
> Right-click 'contextual' menus
> Multi-tab and multi-window usage
> Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys

Items marked ¹ Premium option required
Items marked + Premium is recommended

Premium edition feature comparison:

            Basic/Standard edition        Premium (in-App Purchase)
Video Mode        Trial               ▶ Yes
Flash               Yes               ▶ Yes
Java                Trial               ▶ Yes Java
Anonymous          all sessions      ▶ optional "Firefox private sessions"
Save data +         No                ▶ Yes
Secure VPN          No                ▶ Yes Premium connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device.

How it works/Notes:
- When you use VirtualBrowser for Firefox, you connect 'remotely' from your iPad to Xform Computing's high performance Cloud service in one of our 2 secure data centers: Los Angeles, California, or Europe:Sofia,Bulgaria (whichever is closer). The farther you are from these locations, the more latency/delay you may experience.
- View is Landscape only at this time.

Questions? visit Contact us at

Firefox ® is a trademark of Mozilla Foundation.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

  • Firefox

    by Suki_Rock on!

    This is a really awesome app.

  • Nice

    by chan369553

    It's a great app, very simple and easy to use and it works really well for me.

  • amazing

    by chan369553

    The app is amazing and it works really really well on my new ipad. i highly recommend this to all.

  • Review - VirtualBrowser for Firefox

    by johnson8ryley

    I love using Firefox and all it's awesome addons and extensions that have been developed for it. Somehow it's now been ported to the ipad and it works just like the desktop Firefox.

  • Cool!

    by ZiggoChyi

    Love this app. You can use it as a local browser. Hope it can add more feature!

  • Lacks features for the price

    by wooddaver

    For the price, it lacks things like full java and persistent sessions that you would expect, and instead has them with an additional IAP subscription.

  • For fans of FIREFOX!!!! Good java app

    by xsoccer09

    If you are fond of, or absolutely partial to Firefox this is a must have!!! It is such a good browser! with the features of being able to use java and flash. it is basically like having your desktop on your ipad!! Very useful, highly recommend if you are looking for a non-safari browser to play flash and run java!

  • Cool browser

    by Eric kay

    It's really cool browser on firefox to play flash game on website.It's amazing app!

  • Does the job!

    by rosscoer

    Would like the extra features, but what you get is usable… Buy it if its what you need… but for a quick fix.. go for it.

  • Browse

    by Anita Brin88

    As far as functionality goes this app is ahead regarding it's competiton. Could use a little more polish on the graphics but in this case I can overlook that...Impressed

  • Wow

    by Nathan Blum

    Now this is what I call a good browsing experience. App works flawlessly. Supports everything I could think of and the some. A must try

  • It's OK

    by cskobe

    Seamless links to your PC Firefox browser

  • Getting there

    by dreadnok

    I'll admit I didn't read the description all the way through before purchasing, all I saw was Firefox on iPad and I was in. That said after reading about the app I now understand it's lot more and have slowly adapted to it as I now comprehend it's function. It will not move at the speed of light but you'll get quality work done with it

  • Amazing Browser!

    by haruharujuku

    I was skeptical whether this would work or not. And it was a bit pricey as well. But once I started using this app, it was all worth it! Video streaming and so much more! I love it!

  • Very creative app

    by segafun1

    This app is very creative.The user interface is also very good,the operation is very convenient. I think to buy the app is worth. But, this app requires high network speed and higher hardware configuration,otherwise, the app will not run smoothly.

  • great

    by Robertappreview

    The app functions as advertised. The speed was excellent. Overall very much worth trying.

  • Good

    by Nicodiac

    This is a very interesting application. You get a very good browser, like on desktop. You can use again flash player. The application works well, but the Performance is kind of sluggish, even on an iPad Air. I hope it gets better with time.

  • An OK download

    by heathen3017

    Being able to run the Java docs is great, but not being able to save the password after shelling out $6 and than having to pay another $2 for a month's worth of service doesn't get high marks. Fairly fast considering it's operating in the cloud.

  • Best browser for iPad

    by MrCooper5

    The best browser app for your iPad. This browser can make everything what makes the usual Firefox browser on your computer. You can easily use flash based sites and run any Java application, add extensions, plugins and many more. Really powerful browser app. Definitely worth buying app.

  • Fix

    by I will love them forevers

    Can u please fix this because I don't wanna waste my money I brought it and it keeps freezing and shutting down UPDATE ! Now .

  • its really slow and they dont tell from the first that we should pay every month for permium

    by Mansi1345

    its really slow and they dont tell from the first that we should pay every month for permium. I regret to pay for it.

  • Sorry I Bought It

    by Emmys Grammy

    Wanted to see if it was better than Puffin for watching videos, turns out it's worse. The picture and sound is very jumpy.

  • Poor

    by virtual Firefox for ipad

    browser does not save history or bookmarks and resets each time you toggle from one app to another on your iPad. can these issues be addressed with your new update? only plus is flash enabling allows java to run smoothly.

  • not great

    by jose o valencia

    I read many reviews saying that its great, but I downloaded it and it's horrible. The app lags constantly and it freezes as well. Im really disappointed with this app and I hope the app creators can patch this because it was a waste of money.

  • Don't waste your money

    by SRK-Kajol/Shahid-Amrita

    You probably don't believe me, but I also looked through the reviews and I saw some good ones and some bad ones. I downloaded it anyway. That was a big mistake. Not worth even three dollars. Some apps such as puffin and photon are better than this.

  • Mr

    by PointToPonder

    Does not work as advertised. After paying about 5.oo highest I ever paid. Is a ripoff. You have to pay for a primuem to have it even save your password. They have the make money screw you perfected.

  • Works as advertised and worth the purchase price

    by Tom-Tom jr

    Purchased this app for the sole purpose of using Java based document applications. IT WORKED! User must understand that the iPad is "transmitting to" & "receiving from" the developer's computer-based Mozilla application (i.e. operating in the cloud) for accessing the user's website(s). It is the "blink of the eye" update speed, (which is NOT SLOW considering that your iPad is handshaking data with another computer), that causes some user's to squawk and balk in the reviews. For the professional who needs to access Java-based applications, YES! This app is superior to Cloud Browser (which had a subscription and 10-min timed use feature :-( When app is in use, it looks and acts like Firefox. This app is solid and doesn't crash (it can't because it is using data transferred from another computer system). The speed of this app's display is inherently dependent on the network bandwidth. With that said, negative user reviews probably are a result of slow, crowded, and narrow bandwidth of the negative user's network. As the network's bandwidth enlarges in the future, this app will be a necessary tool for the professional - like me, or like you!

  • Terrible App DONT PURCHASE!!!!!

    by Piplup1222

    This probably has to be one of the worst browser apps ever. It may have java but the sessions with Java only lasts for 120 minutes. It's such a scam that you have to pay for an app then pay for subscription through the app. This app is not worth buying. It is slow, graphics are terrible, and you get nothing like a normal browser. Whoever buys this app will regret it just like I have...

  • SCAM

    by dwaite2010

    Pay $5.99 for the app then find out that you have to pay another $1.99/month to use the advertised features? RIP OFF! As close to fraudulent as you can get and still be legal. Hugely disappointed with this, it doesn't even work with the one site I purchased it for even though they give you the settings to use but they won't work.


    by HEMPHILLJ02


  • Over sold

    by harleySE

    Won't run any program i needed it for that requires java!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by Hometown74

    Slow and graphics are bad, use Puffin

  • Firefox app is a waste, I want my $5 back!!

    by SienaJackson

    I love my desktop version but this thing is THE PITS!! I mean seriously it is so slow, won't let u scroll down, nothing works as far as remembering passwords, I can't log in to use the add-ons for some reason. I want my money back. I did it for flash player & Java, but I'm deleting it.

  • So far so good!

    by ecua476

    Had app for a while and so far it's been great.... Bought the "pro" US$ 9.99 IAP and so far it's great. The browser is a bit laggy but sites like runescape run very well. App never has crashed, I'd recommend for someone looking for a browser with Java and flash

  • Wasted my money

    by RJJB99

    Do not buy it, it is crap!

  • Crashes too much

    by rjr123421

    This browser crashes too much. When flash is set the videos suffer. It breaks up a lot. Hard to see. The sound is breaking up constantly.

  • Slow

    by Danieloxnard

    Slow. No vale la pena

  • Lixo!

    by Azymack

    Lixo de app lento pra caralho compre isso e enriqueça uma empresa fdp que mente na velocidade de seus videos e sequer oferece um minimo de velocidade pra entrar em qualquer site. Lag infinito até para digitar. Lixo!

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Goofygal2444

    Slows down your processing. Does not run java like promised

  • Great browser

    by Carissa Forbush

    Awesome job thanks!


    by kevinupstairs

    You pay five dollars for the app but then you have to pay another ten dollars for the "pro" version. The app itself is barely functional. Am sending a complaint to Apple on this one for shady description.

  • Outstanding!

    by MagicWolfy

    Blows my mind, Ive waited for a while but its finally here. Only addition is that I wish there were directional keys to adjust cameras on runescape. :)

  • Painfully Sl-o-o-o-o-o-w!

    by Miss My Puzzle

    Navigating, scrolling, excruciatingly slow, and because of that - when it almost immediately prompts you to get 'premium', of course you're thinking that will improve performance. Not so! Then, you're working and a box comes up saying that your browser session has ended and if you don't want that to happen you have to upgrade to 'pro', as if I'd spend another penny. Now, it doesn't even work, saying that my network doesn't support sound. Yuck. Don't do it!

  • Virtual Firefox

    by Martdrew

    This app is a total ripoff for iPad. Slow, jerky and no sound with flash player.

  • Way to slow…….. and jerky

    by Mardi Gras Dog

    Yep, this Firefox app has all the bells and whistles of the desktop browser but is way too slow and jerky on my new iPad Air. With a ll the adverts flying into my new iPad I wanted something with AdBlock Plus. At $5 I hope the developers do something about this.


    by Crawfordmomof2

    I bought this thinking I would get a basic version of Firefox. As soon as I logged on, it told me that I had to purchase the PRO version for another 10.00. I thought I would be able to use the program as is. NOPE! You won't be able to do anything with this unless you pay the extra 10.00. If I had known that, I never would have purchased.

  • So not worth it!

    by bnelson22

    I would like my money back! This is was a waste of my time!

  • Completely Dishonest - DO NOT BUY

    by App technically works

    The app does not function *well*. It does technically function. However, in order to use it, you must be simply looking to scan through regular web pages. This is not for games. This is not for videos. This is not for using flash, java, or anything that your regular Safari or Google Chrome browser cannot already do. If you are buying this to play RuneScape or anything on Pogo, DO NOT. The app does not run RuneScape well. If you are considering using this app to keep up with a farming schedule on RuneScape, do not. The app took 2-3 minutes to move from the Inventory menu to the Magic menu. It took multiple minutes to walk to and access my bank. After selecting a footstep, there would be 20-30 seconds before my character would move. After selecting a key, about 10-15 seconds later the letter would appear. YOU CANNOT MOVE THE CAMERA. If you purchase this app, you are buying a slow, ineffective app from individuals who apparently do not care about their product. How could a business see reviews like this, fail to address the problem, and continue selling the product? It is beyond me. Do not buy this application. Don't make my mistake. It is a pathetic excuse for an app that preys upon the stupidity of the consumer. I don't know why Apple allows this app in its store. If I could get my money back, I would gladly take it. But there is absolutely no way a company this shady would give money back. They probably have already spent it.

  • Not worth it!

    by Anna1037

    I want my money back...simple as that!


    by Natloc

    Great idea and I would not have minded paying for it if it was even just a little slow, but it is virtually unusable and unstable. Have to restart the iPad and re-enter credentials to get it going and then it is slow and clunky and unreliable. I want my money back too!

  • Firefox virtual browser

    by County girls

    Horrible, horrible!!! What a waste of money. So slow, soooo slow. Had tremendous trouble getting online. I couldn't put up with it. Don't buy it.

  • Did exactly what I needed it to do

    by vadermd

    Works well as advertised. would be nice to add a couple of features to it like saving multiple home pages...

  • Waste of money

    by Sophiapuppy

    Don't waste your money... The application is so slow loading and cumbersome to use that it's not worth it. I'd get my money back if I could. I am so disappointed that I will contest the charge on my credit card. RB November 11, 2013

  • Disappointment

    by Ribbon82

    I am a dedicated user of Firefox and looked forward to having the capabilities of the browser on mi iPad, but this app is very unstable - slow, jerky, freezes, bookmarks disappear. Huge waste of money.

  • Disgusting,slowly and expensive

    by Anisio Martins

    Spent money for nothing

  • Slugish

    by Tamborim

    Anoying splash screen and upgrade slow the browsing experience!

  • Speed it up!

    by 1busyman

    This app would be worth twice the price if it was faster. It works well, but it's way too slow.

  • Ridiculous..

    by Angryrsplayer

    This app is the reason I wont be buying anymore apps that claim to have capabilities of playing flash and java games. Oh sure it sounds great on their website and it can even play a massive multiplayer mmorpg named runescape (the whole reason I bought the app in the first place). But in order to do anything it must be quick which if the creators had bothered to even think about how most games are, which i would be willing to bet a lot of people get this app hoping to play flash or java games, they would've known that in order to play effectively you would have to purchase premium, which it doesnt say anything about a time trial limit for sessions. Im severly disappointed that i paid for something that really isnt worth me using...

  • Worse purchase ever

    by IamaCaper

    Slow, awkward, jumpy & driving me nuts. It's like I am on dial up or something (I am not but it sure feels like it) The stability factor & app not doing as advertised is reason enough to give it 1 star it really deserves a 0. I want my money back I only purchased it 40 mins ago!!!!!

  • Rip Off

    by Dann~0

    What a waste of money!

  • Browsers

    by Cherlon

    It is one of the better browsers that I have used! I like for it to keep bookmarks and flash was litter better For I like watching videos and it doesnt work on some of them,slow when playing games as well,it could be a little faster on them as we'll. All and all it a very good Browser! But there is a problem playing Pogo you need to up Date Java for your IPads.

  • Slow

    by C0ln5

    Great app, but it's so slow I can barely use it

  • Flash browser

    by UndertakerIII

    Great flash browser to use, try it!

  • App Crashes , freezes.

    by Pogo Player Hopping Mad

    I want a refund!! App crashes in the middle of a game, freezes. NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY. Don't buy. It keeps asking to update Java... Dah that's why I purchased this browser

  • Useless!...

    by Darazz66

    Totally useless. Extremely slow and starts a new session every time. I want a refund of my $5.99

  • Sloooooow!

    by DavidsHeart18

    This app has such great potential, but slow and Jerry are kind descriptions of how this app works! Come on guys! Do something to speed it up! I'm running iOS 5 on an iPad 4. with Verizon 75 Mbps!

  • Good app

    by DianaRubia

    Works even better now

  • Worst app EVER!!!

    by Sliverstar38

    I never wrote a review for an app, but I really needed to write this so people know how awful this app is!! So angry that I spent almost $5 dollars on this piece of crap! I needed Firefox browser for something important and I didn't have my laptop with me so I thought this would substitute on my iPad, but it just crashed and I had to start what I was doing all over! So stupid, worthless! Ugh!

  • Awfully slow..

    by Kyle Mcg

    Wow.. How can u even sell this? Horribly slow even on my iPad 4. It takes 2 seconds just to open up a menu. Waste of money..

  • Hopeless

    by Expert Judge

    Don't waste your money. Hopelessly slow browsing, so jerky it is virtually unusable. You have to buy the "Premium" edition within minutes of using the "Trial" version at a truly price-gouging cost. I could not copy-and-paste a URL into the browser either. Steer very, very clear of this one.

  • Are you kidding me

    by Haslman1

    I do not see where all the great reviews are coming from! Hello people are you running the same app. This app is horrible, especially when you have to pay $8.00 the page scrolling is slow and uneven, pages load slow, this is a disgrace. I want my money back on this one.

  • Works but it's soo slow

    by Vrmmvrmm

    The browsing is slow but once ur watching a video it's alright ...u gotta do what u gotta

  • heavy user, heavy browser

    by Onthegroove

    like on my PC, I use Firefox when I have some heavier browsing tasks, like inspecting pages with Firebug - and in this case any java or flash website. There are faster flash apps, but this does it all. Worth every penny for me.

  • Works great!

    by HanaBKing

    If you need access to the real Firefox browser this is it!

  • Works!

    by TheKnittingPolice

    I am not going to downgrade this app for being slow. That's inherent in it's construction. It's running Firefox remotely, so of course it's slow. However, it does run my GreaseMonkey extensions, and I can play Flash games, so as far as I'm concerned, it does what it advertises...and does it well. Thanks, guys!

  • Buggy and non-responsive

    by gojoblue

    I cannot honestly rate even one star for this. Perhaps it needs to be adjusted for ios7. The fact that it cost money and doesn't work at all is a warning to not try this until a good update that is test verified is applied.

  • Needs a lot of work.

    by CactusGrassDave

    Needs lots of work. But it is a start and the java on does work. That is a first for iPad. Very slow response and blurry and grainy screen. Have not tried to sink yet. We will have to see what the team does with. It could be worth 5 bucks easily with a few updates.

  • Dean

    by Dean AG

    This app does not open on my iPad, which it is designed to do.

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