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* Added Box OAuth2 authentication.
* Added control of audio playback speed.
* File context menu is now easier to tap.
* Fixed bookmarks to WebDAV & Cloud.
* Fixed bookmarks to file: URLs.

For more information on any of these features, please visit

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FileBrowser is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad/iPhone to access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux, and NAS drives and now Box, Dropbox and SkyDrive are also supported

AT HOME: Stream movies and music over WiFi direct to your iPad/iPhone. View a slideshow of photos from your computer. No need to sync or copy to your iPad/iPhone. Access your NAS without needing to turn your computer on.

AT WORK: Browse file servers over the Internet using the iPad/iPhone's built in VPN. Retrieve and view documents from company servers.  Edit and update files on the server (requires additional doc editing app such as Pages).   Choose where to keep your data and control how files are shared. Migrate to Cloud storage at a pace that suits you.

All browsing and file transfers are performed on the iPad/iPhone so you don’t need to sit at your computer to upload files to FileBrowser.

View every document type that iOS supports. Pass files to and from other apps - for example, store email attachments in FileBrowser for later use with an editor app.

FileBrowser requires no additional software on the target computer/network drive.

Connect to your servers over the Internet (3G or WiFi) with appropriate software/router configuration.  See support page on

---- PLEASE READ ----
FileBrowser requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Please read our support page for help getting connected.  You can also email for fast friendly help.  PLEASE NOTE – we are only able to provide support in English.

FileBrowser is an essential app but it's not magic and it doesn't bypass network security. It will not be able to access your files on your home computer from a remote location over the Internet without your computer being accessible FROM the Internet and SMB file sharing being enabled.

■ Connects to Windows 2000 and above, MacOS from 10.5, most variants of Linux, and most (but not all) NAS drives.  Try our free FileBrowserLite app to test connectivity.
■ Does NOT support AFP or FTP.
■ To stream AVIs with DIVX or XVID codecs requires a third party app that is able to play these formats.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect!

    by TScottM

    Just what I was looking for to see files on PC.

  • Absolutely the best!

    by d1m1

    Best file browser by far.

  • Does SMB better than OSX

    by Dresner

    I can connect to any SMB share unlike my iMac running 10.9 which has become a difficult island to work on. This is a fantastic app and Apple should buy it and study it's networking abilities.

  • essential app

    by K33mun

    i dont write many reviews but this app is outstanding! i use it to move files back and forth between ipad, NAS, PCs, and cloud storage. it has become essential to my work flow.

  • Awesome application

    by JF#3

    We have our family photos and videos on a NAS drive hooked to our network. We can look at them at any time from our iOS devices. The only thing keeping me from giving five stats is the inability to play the photos thru air play so they can be viewed on our tv.

  • Great, versatile application

    by southbysouth

    I found the app to very useful and the interface to intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • Fantastic

    by El TinMan

    Love this app. Use it everyday.

  • Easy to use

    by Server Team 7

    Plugged a flash drive into my time machine and now from my phone or iPad or laptop, I can access files or save files in a snap. Very handy for saving important docs. Easy to use!

  • Works great!

    by Captain Hikarus

    Works great.

  • Awesome app! Works great to get to my files!

    by Gapressman

    Never have a problem, I can get to my movies, pictures, streaming my music, and load my documents. Easy-to-use. I must have if you need to get to your documents on your computer.

  • FileBrowser is great for assessing my movies

    by Brian Warrick

    With FileBrowser I can assess all my movies and tv shows on my network drives. I can also use it to store files locally on my device. It is great. One thing, bookmarks can be displayed in landscape mode, but not files on the iPhone. Landscape works on iPad.


    by Wizejhn

    As the Director of IT for an oil and gas company I am a power user of iOS devices and I must say this is an essential app it works flawlessly!! A++!

  • Great App, easy to use and set up

    by Shogmice

    This app is great, I've used it for a year and have had no issues with its performance. I use this at work to access our authenticated file servers. The only issue, sometimes when I comeback to a document I was looking at, it kicks me back the the home directory. However this could be an issues with our servers more than the app.

  • Wonderful

    by MyDefever

    I have a NAS device at home and it connects just like it said it would. Wonderful, and solves the missing link between my storage and iPAD. As stated in many reviews, more video formats need to be supported. But in the mean time, I'm thrilled.

  • Good tool for it pros

    by astraljd

    Among other things, great for viewing & moving files between iOS devices and Windows 2008R2 servers in an active directory domain.

  • Extends the storage

    by John6502

    This app allows me to only need the 16 gig IPad and play videos and audio files from the server.

  • Works great

    by 513G3

    I use it with Synology DS213j. Perfect.

  • Great program

    by Drrdonline

    I love being able to carry a large number of files and have them neatly organized. This program makes it all very easy.

  • Works well

    by Milltoneblabbit

    This is a very polished, stable app, an absolute necessity for using your ios device on a home network. I particularly like the support for multimedia - you can use it to view photos, video, and play music without leaving the app.

  • Great app

    by Two-Six

    Perfect for non-jail broken devices

  • If using for TIME CAPSULE abilities: DO NOT BUY!!!

    by Corey Jeppesen

    Bought this app for the sole reason to access my Apple Time Capsule as FileBrowser states and IT DOES NOT! Apparently, in small print on the help of FileBrowsers site, they say that Apply has broken the ability to do so. I wasted $5 on this and will never use it.

  • It just works!!!

    by Mikory8567

    One of the best apps out there...

  • A must have!

    by Gong4nS

    Very useful

  • Great app!

    by Mrkon

    Browses my nas very quickly, file streaming also great. Would like to have native airplay support for playing videos and slide shows. Otherwise, great app!

  • Great app for accessing files on your computer

    by Pied_piper2u

    This app works flawlessly. It can't be beat! I can stream videos and photos that I have stored on my PC.

  • Great App -

    by Gpeckman

    Access to all my server and cloud files and has the full functionality of a desktop program. No issues - just works

  • indispensable app

    by Mychael Luu,MD

    great for accessing data on my server, should have been a built in app by apple from the start.

  • Boo

    by gadrayz

    For an app this expensive it should be able to play mkv files as well as any other types of files!! Fix this!

  • Does exactly what I thought it would

    by Cam Kenji

    Great program

  • Works great!!

    by Dustin Souls

    After making a change to the registry, as suggested by the developer this app works great.

  • Great App

    by Keith Bonnici

    It works like it promises. Now it so easy to watch all my photos and videos from external network hard drive.

  • Works

    by John Reuel

    And it works well. What can I say. Video playback could be a bit better though.

  • Needs avi support!

    by alalito83

    Gave it 4 stars because it needs AVI support for video no reason to be able to access common files that you cannor play, other than that is a very good stable app connects to remote computers in a breeze.

  • It works as described

    by Photosmike

    It works as advertised. I use it to connect with my iMac running OS X 10.9.1

  • Works well!

    by Greig G

    Great for accessing my NAS

  • Very nice application !

    by Cura-benji

    Should be nice if you could copy movies directly to a ipad.

  • Pretty cool

    by Missing in action

    Works well and made the existence of the ipad 100x more valuable. Thanks for a great app!

  • CE

    by Storagexpert

    Perfect for network file access. Would like to be able to associate file types to applications.

  • Love it

    by Stacey Fearnley

    Great way to access wifi drives and bounce them to Apple TV.

  • Awesome app

    by Bob in Lexington

    This app is like having Windows Explorer on your iPhone / iPad. App works perfectly, and is rock stable. Provides full two way file access to network computers. Also works perfectly over VPN. Essential app!

  • Indispensible

    by Zeroes

    For access to my local NAS and Dropbox, this app is great. I use it constantly to move files between the NAS and my iPad or iPhone (copying movie files before extended travel), and as a better file management tool than the Dropbox app (copying and moving to different folders within Dropbox and between Dropbox and iOS device or the sever). This all enables a bunch of workflows that would otherwise require a computer or significantly more work. Aces.

  • Excellent app very happy

    by Sawyer's Path

    Couldn't do more it works like a charm perfect for networking

  • The best I have found

    by Brisbane39

    I have tried a bunch but this is the best app for accessing a NAS and server on my network. Straight forward and reliable. It always does what I want.

  • Versatile and dependable access

    by rschletty

    One improvement would be a drilldown search through subfolders for filenames. Another would be the ability to preview native PSD (Photoshop) files. To view, I have to send to a different helper app – PSD Viewer. Overall, I am quite happy with this app.

  • Wonderful!

    by The Big 'D' Man

    I truly love this app! This one of the primary I use almost on daily bases!

  • Easy Accurate and fast

    by Jphotos

    Gets better with each iteration. Hope you have Chromecast on your radar. Would be a super upgrade to view files on big screen. Thanks for the continued EXCELLENT app. I recommend to my co workers and students. Thank You !

  • Great movie streamer

    by fissiksman

    I keep all my movies on my home computer and NAS drive. This program lets me stream to my ipad, or load my ipad before a trip with my favorite flix. Also can move files from one computer to another. Great app, should be part of iOS.

  • by patton12


  • Great with home NAS

    by rocktitinthe80s

    We use a NAS for all of our documents, photos, and music. Filebrowser is great for accessing everything from two iPhones and an iPad as easily as from my MacBook, Mac Pro, and windows laptop.

  • Good app, but needs to support more video files

    by ClayRon

    Very awesome app. I will give it 5 stars if it could support more video formats. I could only get it to play .mp4 video. All .mkv, .avi, and .flv will NOT work. If you are getting this to play video from your computer to iPad, look somewhere else. It is great to browse all other pictures and documents though. If they support all video types I will give it 5 star.

  • Ver Good and Fast!

    by Ob1gui

    Very good for local network! Allows me to view consecutive videos without having to load them on my IPAD. Document view including MSWord docs works great! I highly recommend this app!!!

  • Love it!

    by Matt-tallica

    It works. Fast access to my NAS at home. Nice work

  • Great app

    by Steve Grierson

    Great app...delivered as promised

  • This App Is A Valuable Tool

    by Bubba from SF

    This App is so good that it should be build into the iOS Operating System. It completely integrates my iPad and iPhone with my Windows PC and my Network Attached Drives, making managing files between all of my devices seamless. And it never crashes.

  • Excellent

    by Phylter

    The app works great and is well worth the money and the five star rating that I gave it. If I had my wish though it would also have FTP, SFTP and FTPS support.

  • Used to work

    by JoramB

    I bought this app and it used to work nicely, but recently it isn't able to access my network PC's anymore. Rather go for FileExplorer, it has the same features and it works!

  • Works great for streaming

    by MarkInSeattle

    I use this app to stream content from my Windows 7 desktop. One issue aside, this app works as expected letting me wirelessly browse my PC and NAS.

  • Not so much

    by Oj87

    Bought this app to stream movies from PC to iPhone. It reads the files well, but forget about streaming video. Also, forget about watching video; the player within the app functions very poorly. If you need to read or transfer files from PC to iPhone, this will work. But forget about streaming video. Mostly disappointed since the reviews seemed so positive.

  • Great app

    by Biliken SLU

    Great and easy to use

  • The best file exploring app I've ever used!

    by Kabojnk

    By far!

  • Works perfectly

    by SuperSchenck

    I can stream movies from my Time Capsule to my tv using Apple TV as well as view images and other files. This means I no longer have to store as many files on my laptop computer. I couldn't be happier with this app and have recommended it to friends.

  • Awesome!

    by Flyer fly

    It does what's supposed to do. $5 is worth it.

  • Review begging

    by trh75

    Stop asking for reviews. It's annoying.

  • Excellent File Manager, no kidding

    by Gobbo Family

    This app is the best so far I found to manage files on my network. I have a NAS server and this app not only sees the server easily (and fast) but also manages it seamless. And it's photo preview (thumbnails) and photo slide show are simple but really great. Oh boy... I would write thousands of good things about this app but I don't have much time to write. But believe me, I downloaded a lot of file managers. So far this is the best.

  • My AirPort Extreme HD on my iPad!

    by Oroldan06

    FileBrowser is an excellent app, It let me access my AirPort Extreme Hard Drive on my iPad Air and iPhone 5.

  • Love it!

    by Charly Fayle

    Indispensable for managing and accessing files on my home server.

  • Works All The Time

    by Robert Ogilvie

    Dependable and fast. I wanted to play music on my shared network to my living room audio system. It does it perfectly. I wish it would play lossless or flac files. Still high bit rate mp3 files sound very good. Thanks for the good work!

  • Best app to access my NAS

    by gsotomayor

    Love it.

  • Very good utility

    by andre in brooklyn

    But not quite excellent. Does not play some video formats. So there is room for improvement.

  • Great app

    by LSchroedl

    No problems. Bad reviews I read are being over-critical.

  • Worth every penny

    by Blhall1984

    I have had an iPhone for many years and this is one of the best apps I have ever used. This app delivers on everything it promises. Set-up was very easy following their online tutorial for both local and remote configurations. I would recommend this app to anyone, and like other users have said, this app has a lot of potential to grow and add new features.

  • Just awesome

    by whodgman

    If you can find your network computers IP addresses, you are in like flint. If not, be precise on the name of your individual computers. Neither hard, all good. Works like a charm.

  • Outstanding

    by Neidermayer

    Works great with my Apple Time Capsule! Plays most video formats.

  • Great App

    by Vbhas

    Does what it says

  • My go-to app for network file transfers

    by HowGreatIsThis

    The best thing is, it just works! Every time! No fuss, no muss, just like a good tool should behave. I don't have a single complaint, and that's unusual for me (:

  • Great for managing files on my QNAP

    by yufasa

    I have been using this app for some time now. I use it mostly for managing files on my NAS. It plays video well. The developer is active and add new features all the time.

  • Solid app

    by BSartist

    Solid functional app with great customer support.

  • NAS browsing

    by Akadnr

    I use to browse local nas. It would be good, if it had file extensions association with apps configurable via settings.

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