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Low Price Sale! Get it while you can!

You can trade these monsters from Black & White to X and Y!

Completely Legit - Less than 0.005% of our users are caught by Nintendo!

• • • Pokemon Bank Compatible! • • •

• • • • • The ORIGINAL and BEST Pokemon Creator! For ONE COST you can get ANY Pokémon with ANY move, ability, item and stats. • • • • •

• This app offers in-app purchases but they are only to unlock either Pokédex information (similar to buying a separate Pokédex app) or unlocking shortcuts to legit event Pokémon.

5 STARS "Prepare to have your skepticism blown away because this creator app REALLY works!"

Note: YOU CAN USE THESE POKEMON TO BATTLE AND TRADE ONLINE - All you need to do is make them legit and set them to "egg"/received from day-care couple/hatched on route (n).

Create Pokémon from scratch!

Upload directly from the app to your Nintendo DS game!

Compatible with Black & White 2, Black & White, Diamond & Pearl, H. Gold & S. Silver and Platinum. Upload directly to your Nintendo™ DS/DSi/3DS! This app works with all network settings! (WEP and WPA included!)

• • • • • "One of the best paid apps ever"

• • • • • "It's so cool how I can create and send any pokemon to my ds"

• • • • • "Absolutely amazing. Works like a charm"

• • • • • "BEST. THING. EVER. You'll have a league of extraordinary Pokemon"

• • • • • "Way cheaper than that action replay ****!"

• • • • • "An unstoppable team of shinies!"

• • • • • "I got a Therian Forme Landerus and I have not lost once."

With PokéBuilder you can edit:

• Moves
• Met Location / Egg hatching!
• Abilities
• Nicknames
• Natures
• Held Items
• And much, much more!

PokéBuilder is a creator for Pokémon, you can edit their moves, EVs, IVs, abilities, nicknames and much, much more. Then upload them directly from the app to your DS game!

NEW: You can now share created sets with your friends!

Save HOURS of training and levelling up in game and get right into the fun part: Battling!

Perfect for competitive battling, PokéBuilder is essentially an online cheat device that allows you to create monsters and upload them straight to GTS for battling online and building your dex.

Full version features:

• Smogon Import
• IV Editing
• Shiny Monsters
• Full X and Y Support Soon!

- If you need information on Pokémon moves / stats / abilities be sure to get the Official Pokémon Pokédex app from The Pokémon Company, also available on the App Store now! -


At this time Smogon Import is only available for BW/BW2. Support for DP/HGSS coming soon.

Supports: Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo 3DS XL

Requirements: You need a Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS that is connected to a wifi network and internet services in order to use our app.

Monsters are for testing/training purposes only, we cannot guarantee you will be allowed to use them in Official tournaments such as the VGC. However they are a great way to find a team you like.

This app is 100% unofficial and not supported or endorsed by Nintendo. It is a tool to use alongside the Nintendo game and not to be confused with their trademarks (see below).

Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Pokecreator is a similar app but Pokebuilder is the original.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app but...

    by Xxdeath_in_lifexX

    I know you've probably heard this 1000 times before but if you could make X and Y support it would be very appreciated I know it's hard and it probably won't come out for a while but the only pokemon game I have right now is y because I lost my heart gold so I would be very happy I'm sure a lot of your buyers would be very happy if you made x and y support Good luck on cracking it love app 5 stars if x & y support :)

  • Amazing

    by Jacob2011

    Absolutely amazing

  • Crashes everywhere

    by Joe mama said so

    Love this app but recently it's been crashing all the time. Enough said. Cashes fixed = good

  • Great but....

    by Herb bus

    I love this app I've been using it for a while but I can't open it any more and when I do it immediately closes please fix this big ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Eh

    by Blastoast123

    I like the app personally but I fricking hate how it closes before I get a chance to use it 75% of the time. I didn't pay for it to use when it feels like working.

  • Love it. Hoping this reinstall fixes some crashing.

    by Akai12

    Beautiful first 3, but crashing. I shall reinstall!

  • Help

    by Khaymanw

    I can't get my Pokemon from the gts I don't no how

  • Developer READ

    by Tom1699999

    I need to tell u that there is probably a way to transport pokemon instead of using black and white. You can use the pss (player search system) on x and y the Internet feature. Then when you click on the board on the top and go right and u can use the gts in case u don't know

  • Works great, but..

    by GodseyApple

    Well, it worked incredibly, but for some reason now it continuously crashes. I re downloaded it and now my DS won't connect to it. Please fix the crashes...

  • Too many crashes

    by Long time fan.

    Like the idea but i dont even know if it works it keeps crashing i touch 1 thing and it crashes would love to use it though

  • Amazing app

    by Orangeclone02

    This app is 100% worth the money and I love it but, I spent an hour filling up a box and on legit mode and with the correct Evs but none of the pokemon could go through pokemon transporter

  • Ok until X/Y poke transfer issues are fixed

    by Cra-z about Thomas

    Pretty neat. I'd like to see the poke transporter for X and Y fixed, and maybe X and Y compatible alone. I also want 2DS compatibility, since I have one and right now I have to use my brothers DSi.

  • Its not working

    by Mystogan/Jellal

    I keep trying to use the app but it keeps crashing and making me throw my phone at the wall and floor. And when i finally did it my black 2 ga,e says communication error and i gotta turn off the power.

  • Absolutely amazing

    by Danerystargaryen21

    Hoping for X and Y update. Love the app works perfect. Just wish it was easier to tell if they were going to transfer or not to X and Y!!! Update soon?

  • Very useful!

    by Pekhro Sektor

    This app is amazing because of the customization of the Pokemon you can put into your game. Truthfully, the only downside is that only about 1/5 of the Pokemon I tried to get in X actually got into the game, WITH Legit mode on. If the devs said just how far along they are on XY support...

  • Fix the crashing!

    by RICIMAK

    Wont stop crashing:(

  • Very good!

    by Pinkhorselove

    It's awesome! But each time I enter the app, it freezes and exit

  • Crashing please update

    by Smoovf392829438228

    The app is great. But now its starting to crash on me. Please fix it

  • Crashes alot

    by Funkyninja914

    I love this app so much but it has crashed almost 50 times in a row now

  • Good App but..

    by Guitarnddrum

    This app is good, allows you to create the pokemon you've been dreaming of finding (such as shinys) and works great. But sometimes it does not work such as sending the same pokemon over and over and of course, just recently it crashes. I don't know if it's just me or if it does that after you have had it open for a while. An update to fix the crash and this would be a five out of five

  • Crashing

    by Darrell Best

    The app loads until I try to do anything and then it just crashes. What is going on with it? I'll change to 5 stars once the app works correctly.

  • Keeps crashing

    by david72690

    On 7.0.6

  • Complaints!

    by Awes0meDude777

    I can't even use the app and I just bought it. Please fix the bugs or let it run on the iPhone 4S. I hope you read my complaints.

  • Poke Bank is out

    by regrets45

    No signs if update

  • Rip off

    by Dragongirl1212


  • Rip off

    by Dragongirl1212


  • ???

    by Deltasquad97

    Doesnt work for me anymore. Crashes everytime i open it. Tried re installing it and wont even download. I need help

  • Legit Pokemon?

    by TagWorm

    Even on legit mode, it won't let me transfer Pokemon to the bank. For some reason my app keeps freezing and shutting down.

  • Crash. Crash. Crash.

    by K.D. Star

    I'd love to review this app further but it won't get past the start screen without crashing. It's got a great looking interface but can't comment on the functionality. Please fix the crashes, only 1.99 for the app but would like to get something out of it. Will rate again when fixes are made. Thank you.

  • You can't f*cking use it

    by Sader102

    It crashes every 3 seconds

  • Horrible

    by Hunter2346

    Every time, I try to go in, it automatically sends me right back to my Apple home screen after 5 seconds. FIX THIS BUG NOW!

  • Thanks from a newb

    by Cslmom

    Thank you I am so bad at pokemon and this will help me be the very best like no one every was!

  • pokemon x And y

    by Marty Lucibello

    great app but i think it sgould be pokebank compatible, i've tried it once and it worked but now it doesn't... it still works for every game and is a great app.

  • Not working with Pokebank

    by Gabe5748

    Although this app does do its main job of generating pokemon it has serious problems. It crashes way to often, its instructions aren't quite clear enough, and worst of all, pokebank has detected every pokemon I've generated with this no matter how legit they looked. This is especially shocking because it didn't detect pokes whose IVs and natures I changed with Action Replay.

  • Dont waste time

    by Sonic2blue

    I got the app and it was fun while it lasted but NONE OF THE POKEMON WILL GO TO THE BANK EVEN IF THEYRE "legit"

  • Wow...

    by Higbinatr

    This is a amazing app, I have one request, make it so all pokemon made by this will transfer to x and y. Most of the pokemon dont transfer. Like all the legendaries, the unova starters, and way more dont transfer...

  • Awesome but. . .

    by Potato123456789123456789

    This is a great app. You can create any Pokémon you want! The biggest downside to it though is that sometimes, even with legit mod ON, I can transfer some of the Pokémon to my X and Y version. If you can fix this, that would be amazing.

  • One thing


    The app wirks winderfully in every aspect, down to automatically fixing mistakes to make things seem legit (with the exception of moves) however, there is no X or Y compatability and I do not see any in any form in the near future due to the fact that the pokeBank would not accept any pokemon I made on here.

  • What to do

    by Pokestar9000

    How do you make shiny arceus legit to transfer to poke bank I tried 2 days straight plz help me tell me instructions anyone help

  • Force quit

    by Saint29angel

    App keeps crashing.(force quit) wen makin Pokemon

  • CRASHING!!!!

    by iAmSVD

    Keeps crashing when importing smogon in data!!!!

  • Great app

    by Snj915

    It's great and all, but sending the Pokemon to black or white and trying to transfer it through pokebank doesn't work. It won't let me do it at least.

  • Great

    by Kathrosie

    Just wish I could send directly to x or y

  • X And Y

    by Monkeys are purple110

    This app is awesome and I would love it even more if it could transfer Pokemon to my Pokemon Y


    by Bocanegra WaXn

    Event shop is wonderful for those event pokémon, works for generating poké on white 2 & transferring them to X or Y although it's a long, but easy process. Def would recommend.

  • Well

    by Vampirewerewolf1926

    Pokebank came out and I can't trade the hacked ones over

  • Great, but...

    by You're momma!2

    It's great and I love this app for all my other games. BUT, and at first i knew I should be patient, but by now its getting annoying. When will there be a x and y update?! It's been about 4 months since it came out and I am getting very impatient

  • Pretty Good

    by A-Non-A-Mos

    The app work well, but I did come across a glitch. When I had legit mode on and had egg moves on the mon it didn't tell me that something was wrong it should have corrected where it was obtained or told me to fix it. Another than that it's been fine. Just keep updating it.


    by dudermcbroblast

    Pokebank and poketransfer are out but wont transfer any i upload to black and white 2 please find a way around this i really want to have my dream team

  • Fraud

    by william Chang

    This app is 0% compatible with pokebank and no legal pokemon that are able to battle in pokemon white in online battle can be sent through pokebank. Y'alls need to fix this now!

  • Poke-builder

    by Barette

    This app is awesome. Seriously a great app. However pokemon bank came out and... It's awful. There are so many rules no items or poke builder pokemon. This is why I'm asking the developers to do what you've done before one up them. Please make the app compatible with x and y. I know you can do it.

  • Amazing App, But...

    by Logan Colbert

    This app is amazing, take it from someone who has tried action replays and found nothing to be desired. This app not only allows you to make and send Pokemon to your old games, but makes you feel like Arceus himself! (Lame joke I know, I just had to) Now, here's the "but" part, with the release of the bank, I've been able to transfer some pokemon but not all, not sure if it's the app or the bank.

  • Great App, but...

    by dooda89067

    I love this app and it works very well, but these pokemon do not transfer to the Pokemon Bank. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if not I'd like to see an update to fix this.

  • Pokemon Do NOT transfer into pokebank!!!

    by Oaffie

    All the pokemon made in this app did not pass the legality check in pokebank and we're not brought into the bank.

  • Poke bank

    by JasonAce8

    They won't let me transfer my Pokemon with the poke bank can we fix this issue.

  • Refund

    by Rainfur24

    I've tried this app out,and it sure wasn't worth a cent...I couldn't pass it by PokeBank...

  • X and Y support!!

    by Bbaggins602

    We'll sort of Pokemon bank is out so just transfer them!

  • It works but tries to farm your money

    by Turner Schmidt

    They tell you all these great things about sending your pokemon to x and y and how nobody gets caught, and its a one time purchase, and so on. Well, its a lie. You cannot transfer any event pokemon without BUYING ribbons from these greedy app makers. They know full well you cant transfer without these, and its not fair to those of us who PAID for the crappy app.

  • I've figured it out guys

    by Wyattwp

    They're waiting for Pokémon bank to come out to release it. That way the games aren't flooded with Pokemon you can't get yet. Edit (2-5-14): Alright boys (or ladies), Pokemon Bank came out today. This means that there is no more excuse as it has been 4 months. Now, I know that an update take 5-7 days to be approved by Apple, so you folks have until 2-12-14 to have an update out before all hell breaks loose. I sincerely hope that I'll see an update on my phone next Wednesday. Look forward to it.

  • It was awesome

    by Daviibb

    I can't transfer anything to x or y I bought all the events it either crashes or says its not able to transfer I can't even transfer a simple shiny with egg moves .... I'm really disapointed

  • Not transferring

    by CespeedZ

    My pokemon are not transferring pls help

  • Now what??

    by Cleavland

    Not working for bank, I've spent several hours transferring "legit" pokemon from this app and none o them work?? Why not?

  • Awesome App BUT

    by Hoe-Swizzo

    Great App hardly any bugs for me but I want more info on how the Pokemon XY support is coming....pokemon bank just came out. Half of the pokemon I got using poke builder didn't go through. A quarter of those were supposed "LEGIT" events. Please release an update for this ASAP

  • Pokemon bank is out!

    by Awesomeguy14378

    So I love this app, but it needs to get with the program. Pokemon Bank is officially out in N. America, so please hurry up and get with it... Thanks for everything so far!

  • Alright

    by Bobgogo7890

    Most of mine don't go through pokebank! Only got around 45 out of my 120 I wanted transferred. My smogon team didn't even make it through!

  • They can't transfer

    by More aliens

    I tried to transfer to my x version but it said there's a problematic Pokemon and it deleted my awesome arceus

  • Awesome, but....

    by Phillllllllip

    I've tried an it won't wok with pokebank yet. Great for old gen games tho

  • X and Y Lacking

    by JadeBev

    Needs X and Y compatibility to be considered "best" PokeCreator app. Now with the release of a Pokemon Bank, I can say it is NOT compatible. At least with legendaries as I was hoping. Maybe legendaries will never work, but somewhere it needs to be stated as such otherwise many of us are filled with false hope of "completing" the Pokedex. At least from an X and Y standpoint...

  • X and Y Lacking

    by JadeBev

    Needs X and Y compatibility to be considered "best" PokeCreator app. Now with the release of a Pokemon Bank, I can say it is NOT compatible. At least with legendaries as I was hoping. Maybe legendaries will never work, but somewhere it needs to be stated as such otherwise many of us are filled with false hope of "completing" the Pokedex. At least from an X and Y standpoint...

  • Pokebank inaccessible

    by Mbleak63

    One of the first things in the description is that these Pokemon will go through pokebank, yet here we have the fact that not a single Pokemon that I have acquired using this app has been able to go through pokebank. Please don't false advertise or I wouldn't have bought the app.

  • Dosen't work with pokemon bank

    by Lazygeneral

    This is a great app, until you realize poke bank won't let you transfer the pokemon you make.

  • Really good but...

    by Dgm16

    I tried using this app to build a team but when I tried sending them over through poke-transporter it wouldn't allow me why is this?

  • Eventually...

    by Mad Audacity

    Now that Poke Bank has came out, you guys can now start finishing up the update right? I hope so, because i believe in you guys! Good Luck :)

  • Bug fix request

    by BaTmAn2149

    Awesome app guys! But since the last update when ever I try to go to another page besides the home page within two seconds the app goes back to the home page please fix!

  • Doesn't work with Pokebank

    by mustard_dood

    Tried transferring pokemon I made with legit mode on this app and it doesn't work

  • Really

    by Kymika Quatrone

    I can't use the Pokemon I created on this app what the hell

  • Blaziken

    by Money maker XD

    Man blazikenite that's all I have to say other than nice job

  • Awesome but...

    by Reddude64

    Thank you so much for this app it's fast and easy but pokebank just came out today in the USA and most of the event pokemon are good ( most ) but any thing else won't work

  • Pokebank

    by NYZ A-TEAM

    You can transfer your Pokemon to pokebank since it's hack I said its able to transfer your Pokemon to pokebank but that a lie:(

  • Pokebank

    by $vv4&

    Pokebank restricts the pokemon being transferred. All the pokemon I got with the app are considered 'unable to be transferred' and then closes out. Please just make the gts function compatible with x and y! Otherwise the app is working perfectly

  • Not pokemon bank compatible

    by Player94536

    I tried sending a 6iv ditto and it didn't work so please make the app pokemon bank compatible other wise good app

  • It doesn't work with X and Y POKE BANK!

    by AceTaco

    I downloaded POKEBANK and transporter today, ready to transfer over 1 6iv Ditto for breeding purposes, and it gets turned down on transporter! Fix it!

  • X and Y

    by Siimplykingkrazy

    My pokemon aren't transferring to X and Y please fix

  • Doesn't work for X or Y

    by Ven.itsumi

    This app doesn't work for Pokemon X or Y.... Pokebank AND Poketransfer released today in US.. I have tried everything in this app. legit mode, none legit, to even giving my Pokemon nothing at all before I try to transfer them! It's rediculous that it can't freaking transfer I like that app but I bought it for X and Y which they clearly said would work! But yeah... Idk.. Enjoy it for any games but x and y and it also stopped for me on HG and Ss

  • Great app, small problem

    by antroz93

    Now that Pokemon Bank is finally out and I've tried, these Pokemon are NOT compatible with Pokemon Bank except for the event pokemon. I've made all of my Pokemon in legit mode but Bank won't transfer them

  • Not compatible with US Poke Transporter

    by the tradesman

    I was very excited when I found this app; when it said the Pokemon you created would be transferrable to X and Y, I decided to give it a shot. Upon finally getting the app to work with my 3DS XL, I managed to create a shiny Vulpix and get it in my copy of White 2. Upon opening up Poke-Transporter, the app immediately recognized that it was a fake. I was very disappointed, but not entirely surprised. From the sound of it, the return of Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter has brought much tighter security measures. I do hope that they find a way to fix this, because despite my best efforts, I can’t manage to hatch a shiny anything from eggs.

  • Love it, please make the pokes bank compatible!

    by appleappsrock

    So, pokemon bank just came out in the US today and I tried transferring the pokemon I made with this app but it didnt allow the transfer

  • Does NOT work with Pokébank

    by SavJav96

    Got Pokemon bank and hoped this would work but it doesn't. You guys disappointed me :(

  • Good for everything before X and Y

    by Gigglesneezecough

    This app is awesome except it doesn't work for the pokemon bank or transporter

  • Poke transfer won't work

    by Motherfuckerjones the 3rd

    I really liked the app before x and y had came out and Pokebank has just been released today. But sadly you won't be able to transfer over pokes that you made even using the legit mode. Just use PokeGen.

  • Dose not work


    I get caught by poke bank every time with legit mode on and making it look as legit as possible so you need to fix that plus some Pokemon like porygon are really buggy I can't change there moves

  • I think they

    by LokiiTaMari

    Should fix the compatibility with pokemon bank

  • Cant connect with pokemon bank

    by llamalover37

    Great app, works perfectly with my pokemon black, but i was disappointed when i discovered it couldnt connect with pokemon bank/transporter. Needs improvement

  • :Mr mime

    by teddy0221

    I can't make a MR MIME!!! WHY!?!?!?!?

  • X and y support a lie

    by 77777777776

    Pokebank was just released so of course I tried to move over my pokemon that I got from this app. However, they were all blocked from the transporter. If they want me to change my review they should fix this and remove the lie they have on their description.

  • Poke bank

    by AssassinX23

    It's out for us so I'm wondering how it will affect this app

  • App is a Lie

    by Gambola187

    Not Pokemon bank compatible Pokemon do not transfer over waste of money

  • Can't get past Pokémon Bank

    by Exzedre

    As amazing and beautiful this app is, even Pokémon that were made to be legitimate are not able to pass through Pokémon Bank. I hope this problem can be fixed but if not, that is very unfortunate.

  • eh

    by Zucchiniinthenight

    it works but pokemon bank does not allow them to be transferred from black or white

  • Why?

    by Staring into the distance

    The app works great and all but why only three of my pokemon was able to get through the pokebank? I created a box full yet three was able to get through. Is there an explanation for this? Unless Im missing on something here…?

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