Pic Jointer – Picture Collage, Camera Effects plus Photo Editor Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: RUI JIA
  • Updated: Mar, 20 2012
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 12.67 MB

Languages: English

Seller: RUI JIA

* Optimized for iOS7

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Current Version:
355 Ratings
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21378 Ratings



#1 in over 50 countries! Big thanks to all of the fans!

Pic Jointer satisfies your greed to share multiple photos with your friends at one time, via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. With the handsome layouts, you can easily combine multiple photos into a uniquely jointed one. Plenty of adjustable patterns with various sizes and effects will help you quickly choose a perfect frame for your beautiful photos.

Other features
- As many as 64 adjustable layouts for you to create your unique image
- Swiftly zoom, pan or rotate each photo
- Easily control the curvature of borders
- Easily adjust the size and color of frames
- Instantly share the image via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by RainaW87

    Functions well

  • Easy to use

    by Fun_name

    Cool app fun to use

  • Good App ~

    by Tofe-Alanazi-20

    I like it!

  • Great

    by Longlegs024

    This app is very useful and productive! It can be used for many projects and presentations!

  • Jointerific!

    by wasted36

    Lol this app is aight

  • Add iPhone 5 aspect ratio

    by Gazel4

    This is definitely one of the easiest and smoothest picture joining app I've tried. I was using it on my iPhone 4 and was using them as backgrounds on my phone. Once I got my iPhone 5 they didn't fit so well as backgrounds anymore due to the aspect ratio. If you could add one that fits better to the dimensions of the iPhone 5 background that'd be awesome! Thanks.


    by Reindeer07

    I love this app!! It works so awesome for my Instagram photos.I like how you can make it with no edges and change the color!

  • awesome

    by عمـــاني

    i love this app everybody must love it it's awesome

  • Great app!

    by Tontto

    This is a great app to showcase different pictures and creat your own story. Awesome!

  • Simple.

    by Paul Montalvan


  • Awesome app!! Use it for all my posts!

    by Tonigirl4646

    Awesome app!! Use it for all my posts!

  • Awesome

    by BrittBrr15

    It's a great app!!!

  • Rating

    by Himo984

    Amazing app

  • Great. Easy to use

    by Ungdoo

    Easy to use

  • Great App

    by !Casanova!

    Cool app you should try it.

  • Awwwwesome

    by A2167y

    I love this app! It's perfect for me because I love pictures and I love taking them! But I wish I didn't have to pay to get the colors. And could you not put so many ads on it? Other than that I love it!

  • Simple and useful!

    by Makemelifht

    Love it!!!

  • Great app!

    by mrmerlind

    Love this app!

  • Nice app

    by Billy Barrell

    This app allowed me to group holiday photos to post and send, better than anything I have found.

  • Pictures

    by Madi722

    I really like it alot.

  • Too many ads

    by TC words

    I tried using this app, but was interrupted by continuous ads every few seconds. Seems to have the same features as other apps. Avoid this app.

  • by soccerponytail

    You have to buy EVERYTHING.

  • Sera Kirk

    by Sera Kirk

    This app sucked... -_- couldn't use it

  • Bad app

    by Jadenthecoolest

    Terrible app

  • Seems pretty cool

    by Dea45678

    I love this app!

  • Love this app

    by Deb G. 5

    Fantastic app. No glitches. Easy to use.

  • Great

    by Sunshinein2012

    Fantastic app. I really like it

  • Great!

    by Ladylove107


  • by J.love $$$

    Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Love this

    by BigTabT

    One of my fav apps!

  • Pic Joiner

    by JNGoetz

    Fun app. Lots of ways to be creative with your pictures. Very enjoyable and EASY to use!

  • Great!

    by Ichuse1

    It's a really nice app!

  • Love it

    by Seth Hill

    Super simple to use. My posts have never looked better!

  • Good

    by Jonterforever

    Very good app!!

  • Makes Photo Collage Easy

    by JJMothers

    Easy, simple, with lots of options. I've used it for work and personal photo collections and holiday cards.

  • Good app

    by E.D. The original

    Killed the spam and also it should be a video cropping option on the same app

  • Good review

    by Woohaacheckit


  • Add more blocks

    by HelenBud412

    I need more blocks like 5, 6, etc other then that I love it

  • Cool

    by Bskebwksjdbdjx


  • Omg

    by Manny973

    This app is truly amazing!!!! It is perfect for couples who for people who just want to have fun

  • Its ok

    by fromDeanna

    It's a pretty basic photo editor. I still prefer some others over this. Wish you could make the border lines disappear or make them thinner!

  • Spam central

    by keithrt

    Before you can use it you have to cancel out of several full-screen ads. There are also ads along the bottom. There are better, less intrusive alternatives.

  • Awesome

    by MADAWEE

    This app is way better than pic stitch. Very easy to use and works great

  • Tim McGraw

    by Cindylou59

    Totally awesome.

  • Confusing

    by Chlosiph

    It was very complicated I do not suggest this app go ahead and try it maybe it was just me but I did get much confused and frustrated.

  • Too many popup ads

    by bmusante

    Excessive ads block the whole screen.

  • Great photo tool

    by Mr. Willborn

    Does what it says, quickly and easily. What more could you want. If you are looking for a way to make your ordinary photos stand out in social media, email, or just for yourself, this is a great way to do it.


    by Beautifultish

    Never had a problem with this app

  • Stuck

    by Mpsboy

    I choose a picture but I dont know how to go to a next pic to choose, Theres no easy next button.

  • What happened??

    by EBBells

    Seems like it would be a good App. However, after getting past the spam... Crashes!!! So never got to use!!

  • Okay

    by Go cra cra

    I liked the app when i got it but could you make it do were you can take videos like that

  • Worst picture app

    by Googias

    The freaking pictures wouldn't load and to many ads

  • GIFS?

    by Ashie12

    Can you put gifs in hear too? If so then how?

  • Amazing app : - )

    by Hailsg9057

    This game is amazing I love it you get to all this stuff like take pics and write about it.

  • Pic Joiner

    by Kcm79

    I was looking for a easy app and I stumbled onto this in the "App Store." A great app!

  • Awesome

    by The decade singer

    My friend texted me a pic and I put one of her then me :)

  • More Layouts

    by TristenFunk

    Great app! More layouts would be nice(:

  • Too many ads

    by Ad monster

    How about some more distracting popup ads? Just kidding, that's not possible. Stopped trying to use this thing after two minutes because the amount of ads.

  • Not worth it

    by desertrose0601

    Despite what it looks like, this app will not let you use photo filters without paying. Also I couldn't even open a photo without bypassing two pop-up advertisements. They're trying too hard to sell to us. If they'd simply make a good app, we'd be happy to pay for it, but this hard sell tactic is obnoxious.

  • ;)

    by ;). :)))

    I LOVE this app.

  • Much Better Than PicStich

    by Ashlee423

    Many more options, cool borders, pics fit nice, couldn't ask for more!

  • Misleading

    by I'mplaying77

    Yes you can put collages together. You want to do anything else it costs $$$. What a waste of my time.

  • No ad please

    by Welovecantonese

    I don't like the pop up ad and the frames and collage are not impressive.. I have many other collage apps have more backgrounds and frames.

  • Nice

    by Texas FW

    ❤️ Used it quite a bit!

  • Good app does what I need it 4

    by roryt10


  • Pic Jointer

    by Navi19143


  • by Queeneezzz

  • good app

    by Meandirgreat


  • Fun App

    by Boobtickler

    For real, y'all.

  • Awesome.

    by Jaklin26

    This app is awesome. Developing the pictures that come out or making shutterfly gifts. It awesome I really like it, it's very useful!!!!

  • Love this all

    by Stressed but blessed

    Awesome app. I love seeing my pics side by side.

  • Best app ever !!!

    by Missy loyal (:

    Love this app !!

  • Nice

    by Rivamonte

    What a nice

  • Great

    by Bukakke!!

    Does what I need it to do quickly and easily.

  • Too little choices.

    by Ennekiagma

    This app needs to go under a huge overhaul. Offer more options on patterns, and ability to accept picture and make it fit in the pattern and not lose quality

  • Nice!!!

    by jaimepainortiz

    Love the app

  • Love it

    by Crod85

    Great app

  • Pic

    by Grimrpr13

    Love this app

  • Love it!

    by bobcharlie0

    Kathleen Sebelius and Bert from Sesame Street. Perfect !!!

  • Great app

    by Odeleon05

    Awesome app

  • Awesome!!

    by Cajun Marine Mom

    Easy to use! Great variety!!

  • Picture Fanatic

    by Ibblesd

    Take pics of everything everywhere & ❤️This app

  • Excelente

    by La reina maltia

    Es fácil de organizar las fotos que se desean.

  • Love it!

    by Chubsmeister

    Great to make collages. It'd be nice to see them add more formats.

  • Works great

    by Anhyi

    Good app

  • I like it

    by Borchanu

    It's amazing app

  • Could be cool, but useless 4 me

    by Narratress

    Never mind the fact that I was bombarded by very intrusive ads right from the start. I selected a template (there wasn't a 4x4 grid, which I expected) and imported my first pic. I could rotate, flip...but there's no way to resize the photo so it fits in the template frame. I looked at the in app upgrade purchase and it wasn't there either. I'm deleting the app right now.

  • Works Well

    by Webjunkie

    Very easy to use.

  • Excellent

    by newyorker49


  • Too bad i can't rate it zero stars

    by 1236983247995221

    It refuses to let me add pics to the frame, which stinks because I use this app everyday. Seriously. I'm thinking of using another app. And deleting this one. And bad mouthing it too my followers. All 37k of them. Please fix this. I was your update that ruined it! I will have them all rate this app bad. I have an iPod touch 4 that runs on iOS 5. Thanks for listening. I will give you one week. The timer starts now.

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