Living Earth - Clock & Weather Utilities App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Radiantlabs, LLC

Mostly a minor bug fix release :)

• Imperial Barometric pressure to two decimals.
• Fix bug with alarm enable/disable on iPhone.
• Fix occasional crash with only one city enabled.
• Fix animation issue when rotating out of South Pole.
• Fix a handful of others no one noticed (whew).

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* Chosen by Apple as the best iPhone and iPad Utility in App Store Rewind *
* Named by New York Times as a Top 10 iPad App *

Enjoy a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with global weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. View live global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms. Explore and experience amazing weather dynamics on our planet with real-time 3D weather maps and typhoon and hurricane tracking. Living Earth is the best and most beautiful World Clock, Weather and Alarm available for your iPhone and iPad!

"Living Earth is proof that a world clock and weather app can be beautiful" - Apple

"In a sea of more complicated and ambitious apps, Living Earth is beautifully simple." - New York Times 'Best Apps'

"A stunning app that shows the Earth in real time, based on global weather reports. " - WIRED Insider 'Must Have Apps'

One purchase for all devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

● Live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data - updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.
● Live 3d weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts. Explore and view our planet in completely new detail!
● World clock, weather and extended forecast for millions of cities around the world with 7 day and 2-hour forecasts.
● Tropical cyclone notifications. Receive push notifications of new tropical cyclones and updates on current storm systems.
● Home Screen temperature icon. The real-time temperature for your location can be displayed on your Home Screen icon.
● Observe sunrise and sunset borders around the world live as they are happening. Watch the day and night shadow line progress across the globe through the day.
● Sunrise and Sunset times for each city.
● Rayleigh atmospheric scattering calculations for photorealistic atmospheric simulation.
● Observe the changing seasons throughout the year. View snow and ice coverage as well as other seasonal changes on our globe.
● High resolution live 3D simulation. Optimized for the iPhone Retina display and the new iPad.
● Alarm Clock with music playlist. Wake up to a stunning view of the planet with your favorite music!
● iCloud city syncing with Living Earth App for Mac.

Quality detailed weather information is provided by Weather Underground the most reliable, accurate weather information available!

EMAIL US: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Easy Five Stars

    by NickDangerThirdEye

    This is my quick "go to" app for current and forecasted weather. I've had it for several versions, check it every morning when I wake to help get my bearings and plan my day, and whenever I need to know what's happening. It has never let me down. This, combined with my NOAA Radar app, gives me everything I need to be well informed at a moments notice. I love this technology. Instant and reliable gratification.

  • Very pleased

    by C. Shaw

    Very cool app

  • The one I go to

    by S-sokol

    This is my favorite (I have five. Weather apps in very some times need ti be averaged) Very nice display without all the meaningless pictures. Has all the data I need we'll presented This is the one to get!!!

  • Not what I wanted

    by Drift aka Kal-el

    When I bought this app I was under the impression that I'd be able to zoom in a little bit closer to earth then what it actually allows, I wanted to be able to see landscapes and geographical sights, very disappointing considering that's the main reason I paid the $2.99 for it. This app should be only $0.99 because other than weather, temperature and clouds it doesn't offer a whole lot. PLEASE UPGRADE THIS APP SO ITS ACTUALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

  • Mountain man

    by Mountain Man 10200

    This is a great app. The earth view is great, it is nice to see the weather systems not just read about them. I enjoy checking my favorite places each morning with a tap of the finger. Good job!

  • Beautiful AND reliable

    by Dc-er

    Just stunning visually, and I find it far more reliable than the standard weather app.

  • I love it!

    by JackieAguilos

    I have family across the globe and I love how I can very easily look at how they are doing as well, weather wise. Looking at this app every morning as I wake up has become a habit for me, and I do rely on it. And the fact that I can easily share this with everyone on FB is a plus.

  • Awesome

    by Lionel58

    Great view of the Earth as it is right now! In addition, you can see the weather forecasts for almost every city in the world. Love the option to view and see the status of all the hurricanes/storms in the world. All in all, great app. I personally recommend it:) Something to add: -show the amount of precipitation. It's quite often not enough to just know that it's going to snow, I want to know how much it's going to snow!

  • Beautiful imagery!

    by Sean Murphy

    It's in my iPhone and iPad. Accurate forecasts and smooth animation. Don't hesitate to get it!

  • Wabbit

    by Wabbit's Foot

    This is my fav app ever. I check it everyday for not only where I live but where all my family members around the world are. I also have weather for the north & south poles. It's fun to see. I use this app more than any other app I have. It's more accurate than my local tv stations whether reports. I would be lost w/o this beautiful & functional app. You can't go wrong with it. A+ for this app.

  • Love it!

    by VisualFlux


  • My go to

    by FitzGeezy

    Love the visuals and up to date. Had an hour by hour weather estimate and shows you the live image of the globe

  • Fascinating app!

    by Blue Highwayman

    The visuals are hypnotic for my young grandsons. Earth science is now a favorite subject of conversation. The app is beautiful in design and has great utility--what else could it take to earn 5 stars?

  • Pretty good but...

    by Tom Romeo

    This app is great, but you should be able to zoom in and show radar. Also details such as rain/snow accumulation and wind. If it did it'd have 5 stars...

  • Love It.

    by ArnezW

    What an elegant—as well as useful—piece!

  • Cool App

    by deuce x_x

    This is the only weather app I use any more. It's so easy to switch cities and check the 7 day or hourly forecast. So much info too!

  • Great app

    by Depoedee

    I use it almost every day.

  • Living earth

    by Parkerhand1

    I like the app I give it a five star rating. It is a good app.

  • Really cool!

    by Don6051

    Awesome app, gorgeous.

  • Easy & convenient

    by WalkingWoman2014

    Great way to check the weather quickly. Use it every day before my walk and to see what's coming up for the week to plan other activities. Added other cities for travel to know what to pack.

  • Alarm clock

    by Review---Alarm

    I got this app because it would be awesome to see live earth to wake up to and weather for the day and stuff but the alarm clock is far far from a main feature in this app. You must go to settings to even activate it then you have four sounds to choose from and your music. I love the sounds from the clock app already downloaded because if you have your favorite song wake you up every morning it ruins it. Also I wish it would count down the snooze time on your lock screen like the clock app has. If you could please please fix those things I wouldn't regret buying this app and I would definitely gift it to a few friends cu they said the same thing about it and would love that those things to change also. Thank you!!

  • Beautiful and accurate

    by YoahKim

    ... and I like that it shows the current temperature already in the icon.

  • Love it, but....

    by IPhone5user2013

    Maybe my favorite app because of the amazing ability to see our living home as she breathes. But I wish the weather forecasts were more consistent---the app can present a day's predicted low as X degrees, but when you open the hour by hour forecast details, hours can appear projecting temps lower than the stated forecast low. Showing an inconsistent prediction is very problematic in winter when night freezes can be an issue. Perhaps the app needs to find better source information.

  • Best app for weather information

    by Weather Review

    I have had this app for several years and I use it for time and up to date weather information. It's the best app out there! I don't even use the weather app for the iPhone. This one has so many more features and is easy to use.

  • Wonderful App

    by under 24 hrs to go

    Better weather than iOS, sunrise and sunset, time, and date all in one beautiful package. Love it. Go to weather app.

  • Great app!

    by Stokes W

    I am in love with this app. The combinations of features make this much more than a weather app. Buy it.

  • beautiful app

    by Sintiamcd

    Works great. You can add and edit cities whose weather you wish to follow. Follow storms. And it's really pretty.

  • Living earth (v3.02)

    by BIOHAZARDs.....!

    excellent job ☺️

  • my go-to weather app

    by Wyoming reader

    Easy 5-star rating. The visual presentation alone would make the great explorers of old, from Christopher Columbus to Roald Amundsen, weep with delight. The roster of weather-reported cities is huge. I travel a moderate amount; my family is scattered all over; we do lots of outdoor stuff, from camping to soccer tournaments. This app gives fast and useful weather data from everywhere we go. An improvement: determine a way to display regions showing climate variability in the past ~15 years which scientific consensus assigns to long-term climate change. This would add a powerful temporal and spatial depth of information to your already truly worldly app.

  • Beautiful!

    by JMG37

    Great app, use it every day. Wish there was an option to increase the size of the clock. It's great though.

  • The Best Weather App

    by Smokin...

    I love this app! I've had it for over a year now on my phone and longer on my iMac. It's the only one I use!!!

  • My favorite weather app.

    by TommyDare

    I like all the features of this weather app. It has become my favorite app for checking the weather in all the different places I travel. I really like that it has current conditions for clouds and wind.

  • Beautiful

    by Justadumbgirl

    Enjoyable and functional ... Some cities or towns are too small to find but that lack is lost in the accuracy of the weather forecast !!

  • Yeah, what the computer said.

    by dorseyvega

    Very cool way to see the weather. App is smooth and I rarely have issues with functionality.


    by Charliee2014

    This app will not disappoint you. It's got 5 stars got a reason. Best money I spent on an app. Use it everyday, it's fast, accurate and got so much knowledgable infomation! Highly recommend!!

  • Phenomenal!

    by Jewelsie1x1

    App that can be programmed to keep your entire life timely as synced with your favorite music! Really sensational! The Earth spinning in real time impresses everyone that sees it. They load the app instantly. Do yourself a favor and DONT WAIT A'll THANK me. Have a good timely life!

  • Recommend

    by listeninginseattle

    If someone buys an iPad this is my first recommendation. Not only get the weather, but see the weather.

  • Love to use it.

    by KC Kenny

    Elegant is the word that best describes this app, with instant weather info and beautiful display it's the best.

  • Beautiful and Functional Weather

    by BAO1117

    Great app! Informative and visually pleasurable to use. Developer makes regular and useful updates.

  • Good

    by edvin martinez

    Me gusta como se ve todo y lo mejor es q es en vivo I love it lo recomiendo Esta es la mejor aplicasion del tiempo q tengo(: Me encantan Los nuevos ajustes la localisacion de huracánes esta d lo Mejor me encanta es la mejor aplicación que tengo Pero esta nueva versión se ve más clásica Necesitan ser más precisos con las predicciones es mi aplicación favorita del clima y a beses no es correcto el pronóstico ! Me gustaría que se pudiera acercar más a las nubes

  • Great App!

    by Rj.ND

    I use it daily. Great way to get quick weather overview for multiple locations.

  • Great App!

    by Hasoviro

    I use it daily. It has not given me any problem thus far.

  • cool

    by botflyguy

    This is a cool app. I use it in Afghanistan to keep track of weather and times zones back home. The graphic are awesome. Glad I got this one.

  • Pretty Darn Awesome

    by LMB9

    Love this App! Try it you'll like it

  • Great app. I look at it daily. I use it for all my decisions about my outdoor plans.

    by Seahacker

    Great weather app. As a golfer I like that it gives hourly forecast including windspeed. I use it daily and check other cities I plan to travel to.

  • Fun app!

    by paigeo10

    It's great for weather and beautiful to watch!

  • Lovely planet

    by Ebcdenver

    This app provides a lovely, easy way to view our planet. Tracking storms is especially interesting. I do wish I could alphabetize my list of locations.

  • Informative/educational

    by MECarlin84

    Could benefit from easier alarm control access.

  • A view from above

    by Keyclar

    Great info on this app. Has more than your average number of locations you can add.

  • Animation cool on my HD phone

    by lynwhizza

    I keep track of kids and family.

  • Outstanding application

    by Vegesack

    Good weather forecast. Like a lot.

  • Alarm issue

    by Tyiiopppp

    The alarm function for your app is glitchy. The alarm doesn't go off sometimes. When my phone is face down, the alarm goes off but immediately turns itself off. When it's faced up sometimes it doesn't go off at all. When I test it, it seems to work fine. I've woken up late multiple times since I got it.

  • Best Time and Weather App

    by Sharashito San

    I love this app. Best $3 I have spent on this iPhone. It is amazing and fun to look up other places and compare.

  • Probably the best weather app

    by Sirpilsofd

    Just get it already.

  • Nice alarm

    by [@t

    Works dependably.

  • Beautiful & Functional

    by Oolasha

    I've been using this for some time now, and it has only gotten better. It's simple, accurate, and beautiful design is also functional just to quickly check weather conditions while enjoying a scenic, earthly, yet otherworldly view. Very easy on the eyes. If you're expecting excitement, buy a game, but this is actually quite interactive as well.


    by LosAngeles90631

    Best visual weather app available at this time.

  • Exceptional App

    by 4Tikie

    Comprehensive yet easy to understand. Has a vast array of additional info with accuracy. So glad I found this app.

  • Love this

    by Spcmadi

    This is a neat app

  • Great App

    by Hates Reviewing Reviewer

    I dig it. It's one of my preferred weather apps.

  • Living earth (ver 1.3)

    by RobRonda888

    Excellent info and reminds you what a beautiful planet we have. Thank You I use it every day. Best Weather App -way ahead of any others I have tried

  • Love it!

    by Teahmus

    Gorgeous app. I use my iTunes music for my alarm. Nothing buggy. I also like tracking the weather in Chicago, NYC and Tokyo - which is where my kids live. Worth the price.

  • Love this

    by therens

    Love this! Gorgeous, information, easy to use. I even use the alarm to wake up. Weather forecasts accurate and a plus.

  • Legite most have app.

    by Rellish_lyfe

    Should be able to use during lock screen. Would be even more awesome !!!!!

  • Epic!

    by Onetwocarlo

    Great weather app!

  • Looks great BIG,would love AirPlay

    by John V Christopher

    I use this gorgeous simulation as my screen saver on my 80inch display,high def airplay would only make it more sumptuous.

  • Simply a beautiful app

    by Storm clouds

    By far the best app of its kind that I have ever used. Very nice!

  • Nice nightstand app.

    by major gaspains

    Great app. I use this on my nightstand as an alarm and it works great!

  • The clock

    by Abrao Eliasquevici

    The best in it's category I recommend it is Five star ap

  • APPealing

    by DonRellman

    Great visuals & weather info, and encourages planetary awareness of our fragile lovely home.

  • Can't view clouds at a useful zoom level

    by randomuser4102

    Seriously, the reason I wanted this app was be able to zoom in to see cloud cover for my area... even just seeing my state (Washington) would be helpful. As it is I can only see an area that's so broad it's impossible to tell what's going on.

  • Lovely Earth

    by MissCharlie33

    I love this app. It's very beautiful, with great local and global info. It's easy to get lost for a while, spinning the planet, zooming in and seeing what the weather is like around the world. Recommended!

  • Excellent APP

    by Janine281

    This is an excellent APP. I highly recommend it. It consistently provides accurate weather forecasts. I also love the alarm clock feature, and weather alerts. This is a highly useful APP.

  • My Daily Weather ref

    by Cristina Marvelli

    I check this app daily, especially use the hourly predictions to see the nighttime drops. Beautiful format satellite views.

  • Awesome

    by the prodigal sun

    Still my go-to app for weather.

  • :[

    by lots of us

    the latest update was supposed to display your local temp without reopening the app...if the app is not reopened, the temp from the last opening is displayed on your was great before :[ not only that, it does not always give the correct temp when opened :[ again

  • Best App that I have

    by FitzG0417

    I use this app throughout the day. It helps me plan my week and trips. Great!

  • Very Cool

    by TomsMix

    Cool app love it

  • Living Earth

    by Aussie Constant Learner

    Living Earth is beautiful AND useful. I go to it every day to see the forecast where I live, and to see the current weather and the forecasts where my friends and relatives live scattered across the USA and in eastern Australia. They've had some seriously high temps in Oz in Dec and Jan. Stunning to see the display when one sets Living Earth into the "Current Temp" view, even more so when you set it to "Temp (Max) Forecast"!

  • HD Earth

    by 808gawa

    Great app. I would give it five stars, but the alarm doesn't work sometimes.

  • Great App!

    by queenoffarts

    I use this app daily and love it!

  • Beautiful

    by Steen a Dane

    Great screen saver and weather app. Has all the info you need about the weather, only thing missing is radar type maps.

  • One little flaw.

    by Southwest Bound

    This is a beautiful app, but it needs a flexible alarm clock. I need to be able to set an alarm for sunset and have it repeat at actual sunset every day, so I can close my chicken coop on time, and keep the predators away from my chickens. I don't like having to reset the alarm every single day. Otherwise, I highly recommend this application for its precise weather information.

  • Excellent Graphics

    by Wghutfhv

    This is by far the must crisp app I have seen. I love that the cloud cover updates throughout the day. I use this to spot weather systems that might potentially send surf to the west coast and it's spot on terms of accurately showing current weather patterns via cloud cover. Hands down awesome app

  • Great App

    by \/ /\ [\]

    I love this App, it's so fun!

  • bug

    by Pwnalyzed

    I really like the app.It was a really good app until it kept crashing on me.Please fix this crashing problem on my iPad 2

  • Amazing Live Earth

    by Qlww111

    This is an amazing App... It is really worth to download.... I recommended many friends of mine to get this APP..

  • Love it

    by abnow

    We'll it is a no brainier ,it is a very wonderful app I enjoy looking at it everyday. It is fascinating to watch it. Thanks for a nice asset to my ipad air

  • Beautiful app

    by DrVRob

    I love this app. I use it every day. I love the graphics. I use it consistently over the standard weather app that came on my iPhone.

  • Breathtaking Visual with Functionality

    by Ironskywalker

    I use this app for time and basic weather. Where more detailed snow forecasts are required I use weather-bug. The temperature forecasts are fairly accurate. I use the alarm as a supplement to my favorite alarm app because it doesn't have a playlist/wake function.

  • Accurate!

    by Mom22mne

    LOVE this app! Almost always right on target with local weather, even several days in advance! It makes getting my children ready for upcoming outings or for the next day(s) of school so much easier! Thanks!

  • Daily user

    by Figliojr

    Really enjoy this app - use it every day - wake up to display of time and today's weather

  • As good as it gets?

    by Bataampte

    Splendid features and function, gorgeous interface, very high stability. A no-brainer purchase.

  • Excellent app. Attractive and useful.

    by RHD Washington DC

    This app is elegantly simple. The information is readily targeted to a number of cities and has just enough information to ascertain time and temperature for intervals during the next week. Excellent for planning trips.


    by Ringosdad

    Best weather app I've used on iPhone !

  • Great App

    by Timothy Novakovitch

    Most accurate weather app on the market

  • An App you'll use

    by Monkadc

    This is the only App that I use on a daily basis. It's great for when you're traveling somewhere new and need to monitor the weather prior to packing.

  • The best app

    by sh00b

    I love everything you can do with this app. I never buy apps, but I'm very glad I bought this one! Thanks! I wish there was a precipitation radar though.

  • Great weather app

    by Robert Wright

    I really like how you can see many locations all at once. I use it all the time.

  • Living Earth App

    by rlm4633

    Pretty cool app it's got all the weather info you could ever want. It would be really great if the earth graphics would actually zoom in to your location instead of just showing a dot on the globe! There are problems with the local temp badge app icon not updating to show current temp until you open the app. Otherwise a good weather app.

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