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- Now on sale for $1.99 down from $4.99! (over 50% off!)
- An updated, modern design
- The ability to set a default browser to open websites in
- Even more enhancements and bug fixes
- Create and scan your own QR codes on our site at

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To celebrate our latest update, Scan is on sale for a limited time for $1.99 down from $4.99! (over 50% off!)


Scan is the fastest and most user-friendly QR reader and barcode scanner available. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod came with a built-in scanner, this would be it. Here is what our reviewers are saying:

“Quick and very reliable. I’d give it six stars if it were possible.”
“No ads, beautiful design, and even caught blurry QR codes I didn’t expect it to scan”
“I’ve saved over $80 by scanning products in the store and finding them cheaper online”


To scan a QR code or barcode simply open the app, point the camera at the code, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photo or press a button. Scan will automatically recognize any code your camera is pointing at.

When scanning a QR code, if the code contains a website URL, you will automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it. For other formats such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.


Scan recognizes all of the popular barcode types (UPC, EAN, and ISBN) and shows you pricing, reviews, and more about any products you scan. Barcode scanning requires a newer iPhone or iPad in order to work reliably. Cameras on older devices do not provide the resolution or focus required for barcode scanning.


• View a history list and map of all of your past scans
• Sync your scan history across the web and all of your devices
• Toggle your front or rear camera for scanning
• Set a default browser to open websites in
• Scan pictures of QR codes and barcodes from your camera roll
• A switch to turn on your device’s light (if it has one) for scanning in low-light circumstances


Our goal is to make our app the best scanning app in the store. We can’t do this without you. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and need to hear feedback from you. If you have an issue with Scan, please do not write a review of the app saying "it didn't work." This does not help us make things better for you. Instead, please contact us at or on Twitter @scan and we'll do our best to help.


In order to use Scan, your device must have a built-in camera. When scanning codes that redirect to online content, such as websites, you will need Internet connectivity.


Want to make your own QR codes for others to scan? Visit our site at to create and manage your own QR codes for free.

Update: We recently released a new Wi-Fi QR code type on our site. These new Wi-Fi QR codes allow visitors to your home or business scan a QR code to get easy access to your wireless network.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app!

    by lmuladylion

    It’s seriously so simple, and so amazing. It’s quick and easy, with no issues of scanning QR codes, no matter the lighting.

  • Best scanning app available

    by Frontal cortex

    Love the minimalist design and easy UI.

  • Best QR scanning app

    by Kevbot86

    This is the best app for QR scanning. Not only are you able to scan QR codes but you can create your own to link to different features. Great app!

  • Pretty good and cool it works well.

    by rdeleon774

    It scanned everything I threw at it.

  • Scan

    by Kettleriverdam

    Works as advertised.

  • Very handy

    by wes35

    Handy now that Internet is imbedded within the app.

  • Simple and effective

    by BrianYYH

    Clean, easy, and money saving app. What else is there to ask for?

  • Best QR code reader app

    by struct Ankit

    I love how it syncs to the cloud and keeps a history for easy recollection.

  • It's gooooood

    by Jomamma37

    I like it.

  • The most user-friendly scan app on the market

    by MarcusKrylborn

    I love the simple, sophisticated design of 'Scan' and the amazing user-friendly framework. Definitely the best scanning app I've ever used.

  • Perfect design

    by Cwar81

    Beautiful design, simple to use. What more can you ask for?

  • Great app!

    by .....Eric.............

    This app is compatible with every type of QR code, and it's so easy to use! Definitely worth downloading

  • Good app

    by paulenclaw

    One of the best QR code reader apps that I've used.

  • Awesome! Works for me everyday!

    by Leishweesh

    I use it all the time!

  • Love It!!!

    by Pat Larkins

    This app is great! It is worth far more than the $1.99 price I paid.

  • Recommended!

    by Tatiana w.

    Super slow after i updated it

  • Convenient

    by Davejhas

    Easy to use and very convenient. The scan is fast and sends you right to the product page. I use it all the time.

  • Best QR app

    by harrisonmade

    Have had to go through the hoops of many QR apps in the store. By far, this the best app QR app I have found. Easy to use and not full of annoying adverts getting in the way.

  • Very very good app.

    by Rafilin

    Easy to use and has what you need.

  • Best scan app in world

    by Maddy234567890

    It scans great and works well!

  • Fantastic

    by pamperedpooch35

    Fast, clean interface, and easy to use. Great app.

  • Very easy to use

    by nmdunn

    Easiest-to-use scan/QR app I've found. I also like the "Scan to Donate" program.

  • Absolutely fantastic

    by tyrsia

    Does everything you'd want a scanner to do, and nothing more.

  • nicely done

    by PirateBay

    looks great!

  • Great scan app

    by dwayne johnson

    Live this app

  • Great app!!

    by LOLpinkUnicorn

    This app is amazing...incredibly fast and versatile.

  • Great scanning app!

    by Andrew Ho

    This app had the best scanning capabilities out of all of them! Nice and simple!

  • Best QR app

    by Mad junkie

    Simple, clean, functional. Thanks for making!

  • Gorgeous UI!

    by ilcmndtr

    Love the clean UI

  • Excellent scanner

    by Frank Falco

    Fast and easy to use. iPhone barely has a chance to focus and Scan has read the code. Brilliant.

  • Great app!

    by hendawg

    Best QR app on the market. Easy to use, great interface. Look no further!

  • Great QR Scanning app

    by jsnrdy

    Highly recommended

  • Great App

    by Dtrilla

    Awesome app

  • Quick, easy to use

    by Christopher Heninger

    Fastest QR scanner I've used to date. App is lightweight and loads quickly. Well done.

  • Amazing, would have payed for it.

    by zebulonmorgan

    Almost every single QR app I have ever used has been annoying, they always seem to be methods of getting users into another platform (eBay, ect.). Scan is great because it does just that, scans QR codes, and nothing else (like ask you to purchase goods or download another app). While I did get Scan before it became $1.99, it is such a great app that I would have bought it anyways.

  • Simple and easy

    by Ejung12

    I like how quick it reads codes + donation function very cool.

  • Yep, it’s a great scan app

    by sf954

    Found this on Techcrunch and like the guy, but more than that I like the app. Much easier and faster than the two other apps I’ve purchased. I hope to see more big things from Scan. Nice!

  • A++

    by Lindsay Arave

    I enjoy this app. It is easy to use and has many features.

  • Above the rest

    by Hkbjqt

    There's lots of apps out there that scan barcodes and I've downloaded quite a few.... But this one is different. It goes beyond just being app and let's you create ones that surprise you on how useful they actually can be. I use them on my website promoting my own art and projects.

  • Shark Tank Star

    by Ethan Sukonik

    Go see the article on TechCrunch, not Amazed, download their App, u will be!

  • Great App

    by JYLEE1021

    A very cool app. Nice interface. Quick to scan even in low light conditions. QR codes are everywhere and this app provides a great, quick and easy way to find out more information about a product or service. Haven't created any QR codes of my own yet, but I can see the potential and possibilities.


    by usmarcom

    Best ever Scan App ever tried and the new scan to donate is just fantastic! Good job guys

  • Awesome

    by chaz762

    Works well scans everything!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clean and well developed

    by ShapeShifter499

    Pretty good qr app, gets the job done

  • Great interface

    by Blucas801

    This app works very well

  • Wow

    by wasert456

    This is hands down the best QR reader for ios. I was using another app for a long time, but it was always slow and not very user friendly. I think this app looks cleaner.

  • So fast!!!

    by ShaneHackney

    The scans happen so fast with this app. The best I have tried so far!

  • Awesome app

    by sathya80

    Great app works everytime

  • Excelente

    by CamoSR

    Tengo la app hace mucho tiempo, y funciona aún cuando mi cámara esta dañada y no es capaz de enfocar objetivos cercanos, lo que hace que otras apps no puedan leer códigos.

  • Excellent app

    by wheelca

    I have been using this app since it was first released. Love it!

  • Great App

    by Jwhite4578

    Easy to use app with intuitive interface. Especially like history feature for remembering scans.

  • Great QR scanner

    by wp7_xbox

    Scan is fast and simple. QR codes scan very fast. There's not a lot of things in the app that don't need to be there. It's a basic scanner that works.

  • It works great

    by William Sanchez

    Works as advertised

  • Great light-weight and fast QR Code reader

    by W00dh34d

    Does it's job really well, a clean fast app!

  • Great little App

    by Rob.Peeler

    This app finds the QR codes much quicker than any other app I've tried.

  • Great !

    by Chen Ganir

    Works great, Extremely fast !

  • Brilliant

    by AJH9876

    Awesome app!

  • Super quick scanning!

    by Monkey1911

    Scans very quickly, and really like that there is a on screen button to turn on the LED to light up te QR code when your in a dark area.

  • Wow

    by Scrippscreek

    I've tried most of the scanning apps and this is the most compelling. Super fast too!

  • The Godfather

    by andreelias

    Scan deals with QR Codes like no one else.

  • Awesome

    by Great801

    I like this!

  • Best QR code reader out there!

    by AJRtheFirst

    Love this app. Easy to use and beautifully designed. Highly recommend!

  • Great App

    by Lopezedan

    Scan is the best QR reader I've ever tried. Highly Recommended!

  • Great app!

    by Lab ugh

    Super fast and really easy to use! The best QR code reader out there!

  • Great app

    by Hickik

    Would defiantly recommend

  • Good Scanner

    by Robert Winkler

    I have used this scanner a few times and have had no problems.

  • Easy and helpful

    by Shopping4heels

    Scan is so convenient to use and I love how user-friendly it is! Very fast and easy to operate. Would recommend 100%

  • Simple and elegant

    by Gavitron2

    This is the best designed code reader out there.

  • Best QR code app

    by ChristianJF

    Best QR code app out there.

  • Great app!

    by Shifter knob

    Very user friendly. I would suggest to anyone.

  • Solid scanner

    by Deacon Nevals

    Works well each time I need it

  • Shark

    by Baron Newton, jr.

    I just saw this app being shared in the TV program Shark Tank and I think this app is the most efficient application around. Just like in Shark Tank this is very helpful but small. There should be more announcements to populate the application.

  • Shark tank

    by RoxyFoxy007

    Saw your app on shark tank. Went to my phone 2 download ur prod after ur presentation was over. Thank u I've been looking 4 an app that does exactly what this app does!

  • Super Easy and Quick!

    by iTouchUnow

    I've been using Scan since 2011 and it has been better than all the other barcode/QR Code apps I've tried. It has been stable, quick, and is super useful at the store to scan something and find it cheaper online! It has saved me lots of money! Thanks Scan! Keep up the great work!

  • Amazing app!

    by thechampishere93

    I love this app so much it's perfect!! Best qr code app!


    by Shoot the Bird

    Saw it on Shark Tank. Best QR app out there.

  • Shark Fan

    by TaylorPam

    I couldn't believe you didn't get the money for the valuation. I had to find the program and download it. This is just great.

  • Great

    by Garrettdh

    Works perfectly every time, great App!

  • Great and simple

    by Gemmell25

    This app works fantastic! But from time to time I find myself using other scanning apps to find better results.

  • Wow

    by Gur1l

    One word wow! This app is great. Stop using those other scanning apps because this is completely different and better! It's definitely worth the money! I promise you won't regret it! :)

  • Teacher

    by PALOak

    Great app for teachers to use in the classroom. Create a QR code that connects to a website for a lesson. Use multiple QR codes for more lengthy lessons.

  • Great app

    by Brentjbeaver

    Works great

  • Awesome

    by Nicholas Pericle

    Great app. Works great for my occasional QR reads. Best app for QR reading.

  • Best Scan App

    by Shayla Robins

    Well made, user friendly. It doesn't hardly even half to focus before you already have a reading on where to compare prices and find it. Super FAST!!!! Attractive app!

  • Great App

    by NsQuinn8

    This app works great and the interface is slick and clean. A must-download going forward.

  • Alright

    by Tfvfv

    Good app, scans well, quick. But it keeps saying do you need more time? whenever I scan something and interrupts me.

  • Awesome!

    by Rae -Rae

    Love it!! I have No problems with it.

  • Great when it adds MS tag capability

    by bromag

    Great at scanning barcodes and QR tags. Need a separate app for Microsoft tags (ones with colored triangles). Add to functionality please!

  • Awesome

    by Nicholas Pericle

    Great app. Works great for my occasional QR reads.

  • Jwillett

    by Jwillsmoothmoney

    Great app' so easy to use. I met the owner and creator, such a good guy and has great value for his product!

  • Fantastic App

    by SharonKN

    My husband found this app and told me about it. After using others I was very happy to find this one. It just works.

  • Bomb

    by Do do baby jammer

    Great app

  • 돈 값이상을 하는 어플

    by Dakguneddongko

    그전에 에그몬을 썻는데 인식이 안돼서 짜증났었는데 이 어플은 한마디로 인식 짱짱 아주 좋네요

  • Wow

    by Biohawks

    Such app. Very scan. Amaze.

  • Best scanner app available

    by Jeremy Heintz

    Much better than the full version of quick scan. This app works with every QR code I've given it.

  • Moeen Khan

    by Khan Moeen

    Quick and Accurate. Great app

  • Takes for ever to scan

    by Landon D.12

    Great app but it takes for ever to scan and only scans two kinds it's not the best but it's ok.

  • Works every time

    by Phxrodent

    Works easily. Convenient. Never had a problem using it. Had it since 2012 and I use it a lot.

  • Great

    by hgfbjn

    I enjoy using this app.

  • One of the most useful tools to have

    by gregvary

    This app allows you to scan every single item which can be helpful while you're in a store and want to see if there is a cheaper price elsewhere. Also goes to the website for any of those barcodes that scan to a company.

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