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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Pinger, Inc.

Textfree 7.1.1
• Connect to incoming calls faster
• Improved voice quality
• Sleek new look
• Wallpapers
• Better sound quality
• Plus other minor bug fixes

Textfree 6.0.5
• Text recently added contacts again
• Create wallpaper for each conversation
• Resolved issues with pic messaging (MMS) to AT&T
• Your music keeps playing when you start the app
• View calls and texts in one place
• Press and hold a favorite to move it
• Retina display support
• Optimized for iOS 7
• A must-have update for anyone on iOS 5 and above

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35 Ratings
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86855 Ratings


"The fastest, most reliable and easiest to use."
- New York Times

The original free texting app now with a fresh new look. Get a free real phone number and send unlimited free texts.

With Textfree you get free unlimited text messaging plus calling to any phone, including landlines and non-smartphones, in the US and Canada. Your friends don’t need Textfree to receive--they don’t even need to have a smartphone.

You get your own real phone number. Call and SMS any number in the US and Canada, even if you don’t have a calling plan.

Incoming calls from anyone, anywhere in the world are always free. Plus make free or cheap calls to anyone in the US and Canada. You get 10 free minutes to start. Earn minutes for additional free outbound calls. And if you run out of minutes, it's easy to buy them super cheap.

Get 60 minutes of free outbound calling when you download our premium app called “Textfree EX”. Was 99c, now free for a limited time!

Give your new number to friends so they can text and call you. Calls on WiFi sound better than any mobile.

Download Textfree and send free texts from anywhere in the world as long as you have a data connection. Find free WiFi at your hotel, a restaurant, even on a train. Why pay for expensive roaming charges when you can SMS free!

For a list of countries you can text to, visit: http://r.pinger.com/text-intl

Textfree works with ANY phone: smart phone, basic phone, even a land line. Even if they don’t have Textfree.
• Call or text your grandmother’s non-smartphone in Minneapolis--FREE.
• Call a restaurant and make reservations--FREE.
• Text a friend in Dallas or Toronto as much as you want--FREE.

Buzzwords links certain words in your texts to cool, helpful or hilarious info on the Web. Tap the word and Textfree will instantly open the content within the app.
• The word “movie” will link to listings of local movie times and reviews.
• “LOL” will link to the funniest videos and pics on the Web.

Now you don’t need to know what messenger apps your friends use. Textfree does it all. Your texts are 100% free. Pics are 100% free. Incoming calls and calls to anyone on Textfree are 100% free. Earn free minutes for outbound calls to any phone in the US and Canada, or buy ‘em real cheap. It’s that simple.

When your friends have Textfree, talking and texting gets even better. And you and your friends get unlimited free calls (talk as long as you like) and unlimited free texts (goodbye 160 character limit!) to and from one another, anywhere in the world.

• Get a free second line for your phone
• Group texting: send to multiple friends
• Send hi-res pics to anyone on AT&T, Boost, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and Virgin
• Call anyone in US and Canada
• Customize your voicemail greeting
• Know the instant someone reads your texts
• Use your own pictures as wallpaper
• Facebook contact photo sync
• Never miss a call or message
• Block numbers, if needed
• Zillions of ringtones and text tones
• Connect via Bluetooth if you’re on an iPhone
• Log in securely from any device

• Emergency calls are not supported
• Textfree is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time
• Your friends not on Textfree pay regular charges for texts and pics--nothing extra
• When not on WiFi, Textfree uses your carrier data connection. Contact your carrier for details of your data plan.

• pinger.com/tfw

• facebook.com/pinger
• twitter.com/pinger

Customer Reviews

  • Good but needs work

    by Holly Lutz

    I like this app for texting but it has problems that need to be fixed 1. I'm no longer getting notifications when someone texts me. I used to before I updated it. Plus I had it notifications on for the app 2. I can't send pictures and I don't receive pictures. 3. I'm still receiving messages from people I blocked I never had this problem until I updated. 4. I think you should be able to send videos and receive videos 5. You should be able to color on the picture your sending, like on text now you can send pictures and color on them 6. I think that the keyboard should have more emojis

  • Contacts Gone?!?

    by abbysosa

    So earlier today my app decided to erase all of my contacts and until I uninstalled and reinstalled it I could not receive or send text messages. I am hoping there isn't a bug in the system that will continue this problem. Otherwise this app has been pretty reliable for me, but this malfunction I believe is a huge problem that should be looked at.

  • Pretty good, except this one bug.

    by Biker918

    I really like this app. The only thing about it is that I can't get picture messages. I can send them, but when someone sends me one I don't get it and it doesn't even tell me. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  • Thank you For the update!!

    by Anthony_18

    Best app out there in the market!!! Keep up the good work

  • Calls

    by Noone just me

    I wish u have longer calling

  • Calls

    by Noone just me

    I wish u have longer calling

  • Bad

    by K9R7E1M3

    When I try to reload old messages it takes forever!-.- and I don't really like it cuz it takes a long while to load my earlier messeges

  • Good but...

    by Coconut Thrower

    It's a great app but it doesn't do much without wifi so if you can make it have other connections it would be great!

  • No emoji support

    by Antonio Ramos

    This is a great app but it would be a lot better if it had emoji support.

  • Help!

    by Coolio1999

    I love this app so much, but ever since the update, my friends aren't receiving my texts!! Please help!

  • Great app

    by 999898999

    I hate that you can't use your own ringtones and I can't send pics now

  • Awesome!!!

    by Vman1631

    It's awesome because if you have a iPod touch you can totally turn it into a iPhone

  • Fuehdcy

    by Cnagxshsg

    Thrift shop

  • Aaaaaa

    by Hipster jg

    It is good but it should have imohjies pls pls add :) Lol xox ;)

  • Emojis

    by Kora50709

    When I try to send emojis to my friends with iPhones all it dose is show up ** no matter what I do can you please fix it

  • Buggss!

    by Jbeezeeeee

    Even since this app was updated I have not been able to load my older messages!!! :((( I like to reminisce.

  • Texting themes

    by Estherjoy11

    I really like your app and it's fantastic, but the one thing that I REALLY wish you had that you used to have was texting themes. The page was a theme and the emojis and texting bubbles would match as you changed the theme, and I loved it. Disappointed that they were taken out.

  • idk a title either

    by idk a name.

    it's a good app but when I send an emoji the person I'm texting doesn't get it. they only get a star

  • Meh

    by Disssguyyheree

    It's really good for texting but whenever I send a picture to someone for some reason it sends twice please fix and i will rate it 5 stars and recommend it to all of my friends please and thank you :)

  • Cool

    by Pinkie pie loves this game!

    This makes me do this: XD


    by SofiesChoice

    I downloaded and set this app up and now I can not hear anything when I try to make a phone call. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

  • Good but..

    by Mitchlet

    I love this app and it's been great for me but since the update people haven't been getting my texts. Fix it please!!

  • Dumb

    by Brook_d21

    I've deleted this many time, but I needs to text someone so I got it again. It asked me if I wasted to put pictures to contacts from Facebook, so I was trying to hit the 'no thanks' in the corner and it won't let me do anything.!!!!!

  • I'm frustrated.

    by Nbustamonte

    It keeps freezing, wont let me text back, nor update the App.

  • Needs to be updated

    by Splitner

    I got a new number from the app and I got someone's number so I'm getting texts for their contacts you need to change it were if you don't text I doesn't change the number.

  • Bugs.

    by _asap_silvey_

    I love the app for my iPod touch, however, my mom downloaded it to her kindle fire and it made her volume not work and it made it really slow. My iPod 5 is kind of slow, but for my iPod I do not know for sure if downloading this app is what made it so slow, but with my mothers kindle In 99.9% sure that this app is the cause. Please fix bugs and viruses!(: thanks!

  • Almost perfect

    by jmathews8

    This app would be perfect if two things were fixed. 1. Add an option to make customizable text tones. 2. Whenever I use it on the iPod touch 5th generation, it starts to lag and get really slow after I type out two lines of text. Fix these things and app would be so much better.

  • Bad

    by JustinBieber@

    Horrible bad calling random people started texting me it has no speech bubbles like messages horrible do NOT recommend

  • Piece of crap

    by Shionomo

    Ever since I downloaded the new version it won't open! I dowloaded text me instead.

  • Dookie

    by Dvftfxxhxh

    This needs wifi

  • ..

    by Evilnut111

    ... This app... It deleted all of my contacts...

  • Worst app ever

    by Elizabeth12345678910

    I hate this app

  • Needs fixed

    by SinisterBabe357

    Not liking the new update

  • :))

    by daniel keeton

    I like the old one before this better the calling is not good at all and the texting in this one is so slow so slow please fix this I don't like the update tht this app has

  • Pretty Good :D

    by Koralle S.

    This app is pretty good except for two things: 1. No alerts for texts, even if I set them in Options 2. I still get texts from Blocked Callers Other than that, this app is great. It's convenient for people without emails. May there be many more updates!

  • Se ve buena

    by Erick/84joel

    Esta aplicación se ve buenísima

  • Lame

    by James town coed

    When I put my phone number and password it said it was wrong I do not know why

  • Awesome

    by Love a lot bear

    I love it just one thing do we have to have wifi to call or text?!?!?! I need to talk to people outside my house

  • Best game ever

    by Cmbujhdjk

    It the best game ever you can call and text even if there is not a iphone

  • Turtles

    by Jay 452

    I like turtles.

  • Need iPhone 5 support

    by Not Fresher Than Me

    It's a really good app but if you could make to fit the iPhone 5 screen it would be the best and maybe reduce the ads a bit :)


    by Angie 11:)

    Ok take it from me this app is awesome and I'm serious if you have a iPod where you can't text get this app not the other apps this app lol

  • Okay

    by Lala31898100

    Great for texting not for calling

  • cool app

    by R-9000

    this app is cool

  • Textfree

    by Alexx_1313

    It's the best app in the whole wide world

  • Big problem

    by C.cobb

    I like this app a lot but I'm having a problem I can text but when I try to make a call it won't do anything almost like its frozen just says dialing can't answer calls either I tried deleting the app then downloading it again but still does not work please help!

  • Good app

    by Big_dean

    This is a great app I use it all tha time

  • its good but needs some help

    by michael/ M&M

    I like the app but every time i try to get on it, it would shut off and i don't get my messages instantly!!!!!

  • I love this

    by julie and

    It's the awesome app ever

  • Good but..

    by Mitchlet

    I love this app and it's been great for me but recently it seems like I'll send a message and it will act like it sent but the other person won't get it. Besides that I love the app!

  • eh

    by Makayla Rigmen

    could b better. the pics r so annoying bcuz i cant even send them from my number. i dont kno y but i havent been getting notifications even though all options 4 this r turned on. some messages have been sent twice... dont kno how that happened. and sum wont go through, even though my wifi is working fine. not the best txting app, but it works. i really like my # and 4 that reason im not switching. my brother and i have tried other apps and he prefers them better. i was fine until the problems i mentions started. just lettin ya kno that that should b fixed... soon plz

  • Uhhhh

    by itsraerae2357

    It's an OKAY app but I've been getting RANDOM calls from people they just keep calling so I blocked the first caller after that I get another caller it's weird because I haven't even had the app for a day , other then that it's better then any other texting app .

  • Textfree

    by Dragonfangs49


  • The worst app ever

    by Mysofinehouse

    Omg my pinger will not work it gave my number to somebody else. I hate it

  • App

    by David is sexy beast dnsk

    Does what it needs to do.

  • Corruption

    by Lord_varys

    Had textfree long time ago but never deleted it. Happened to log in to it today to find my info changed, someone using my number, and texting numbers that I had on my phone. Needless to say very unhappy with app security. Deleting.

  • Working good but....

    by Blanquiazul

    Was nice texting to Peru but after 2 weeks I can't send texts anymore!! Is kind limite text? Because doesn't go thru,fix please to international text! Thanks

  • It's ok

    by TEM2

    It's a Really good app except for the fact that if you don't text for 30 days it will give your number away. That is a problem because when you lose your number you lose all oh you texts that go to that number. Other then that it is a great app and I

  • Issue

    by Glitch problem

    I like the app I've had this app for a long time. But whenever I'm asleep, my friend would text me and I won't see it until 2 hours later. I advise people who download it to check the app for any text or calls.

  • They need to make the calls better

    by Restaurant girl

    When I make a call I won't get any signal please fix it

  • Ehh

    by Boiig3wd

    I cant put or get notifications please fix


    by La ñina

    It's a total waste of my time a, you can't send pictures and b you can't answer a call because it takes ten minutes to load

  • Not that great.... AT ALL

    by Makayla d

    It wouldn't even let me create an account! Please do fix this and open this app up to ages above 9 this is rediculous!

  • Ugh

    by Lmw 08

    The calls are no good!!

  • Wifi?

    by PartiPoodoo

    I love this app but I wish it didn't need wifi!

  • Good

    by Dakota Fredericks

    I like it but i cant send pics. Please fix it.

  • Emojis !

    by Braataa

    People can't see my emojis & they're iphone users. Why is that?!

  • Doodlebug101

    by Doodlebug101

    I love this app

  • Area code...please add (737)

    by lil_ant02

    I love this app, have used it for years now, but here in the central Austin Texas area we had to add a new area code because of our constant growth, and I now have friends who have this area code and my app doesn't recognize their number as an area number...pleeeeeeease fix this thank you!

  • Good but..

    by @pp18l0v3r

    It's a good app but it takes too long to reload. When I go on it I want it to feel like natural texting on the cell. When I go to check my texts, I have to pull it down to reload and sometimes it doesnt even do that. Finding another app.

  • Can you picture message?

    by Eka_13

    Wondering. Please anyone answer

  • So so

    by Sgbbcgg

    Its ok. But it needs emojis.

  • FIX IT

    by Charlsetta Smith

    Why I can't hear the other person who is talking to me.FIX IT!!!!

  • Getting random calls

    by Lillymont

    Ever since the update I've been receiving calls from random numbers that I don't even know the person. Please fix this! Thank you

  • Amazing

    by ferengis 

    It's kinda like my iPods a phone now !!!!!

  • IOS 7

    by Navy SEAL_______ Team 6

    You guys should make it have an IOS 7 look and feel, otherwise great app, but also make it so you can send and receive photos and make the calling better


    by Asdfghjklpoqjd

    Please please please FIX! i keep missing calls because it doesn't connect. It's so bad! Please fix all these bugs

  • Poor

    by Best luv it


  • Awesome

    by Breezy zoom

    The best app I've had.

  • Great!!

    by I luv ice cream!!!!

    Totally awesome!!! I LUV it!!

  • How to get mins

    by Peace19263

    How do you get more minutes on your iPod

  • Use something else

    by jatara

    Save yourself sometime and use something like google voice. These people will turn off your account even if you actively use it and will give your number away to someone else so all your messages start winding up on someone else's device.

  • FIXX

    by Yellow_Panda01

    Cant send texts to my friends -_- unless they have the app

  • Buena app

    by MimiMjj

    Me gusta la aplicación. Sólo un detalle...aveces no avisa cuando tengo un mensaje nuevo. Pero fuera de eso, es una buena aplicación. Además es gratis y los precios para comprar minutos son accesibles.

  • Having emoji issues

    by Ninkiki

    I really like this app!! Great personalization options!!! But recently It is not allowing my emojis to be seen by the person I'm sending it to.

  • Great app!

    by Hotdiggiddydog$$

    Great app! Would give it 5 stars but the update won't let me send pictures

  • Great

    by opticROFLcopter

    Its a great app!❤️


    by Beckyy Breezyy

    Please fix block feauture or let me transfer info to a new number!!!!! All i want is to be able to block idiots!!

  • Happy

    by Feh ugh

    Love it think u should let us make our own texting sounds and ringers

  • Stars?

    by Iceguy22

    Messages and FaceTime is better

  • Photo

    by Ladanzarrin

    You cant receive a photo from it and sometimes it doesnt send the photo

  • Ms.

    by JV 17

    Love this app.. Awesome helps me to connect with my friends and relatives overseas. Worth to keep it.

  • Wrong Person

    by LizzieSoccer

    It was great, until I tried to text my mom, and the text ended up going to the wrong person. It was so mortifying and I felt humiliated. I deleted the app and I never want to use it again.

  • Too slow and doesn't notify

    by Ghoul_Scout_Onyx

    I have the notifications turned on but I'm not getting any notification from TextFree when I get a text or call. The app is also very slow and crashes often. I would use a different app if I didn't already give my number to important contacts.

  • Not what I wanted

    by Halocodl4d

    I can't send pics from my crappy Samsung intensity phone to my iPod The entire reason I got this app

  • Good app

    by Rj323

    Just wish you could attach pics. If there is a way I've not figured it out yet.

  • Aaaaaa

    by Hipster jg

    It keeps closing if you don't fix it I'll delete and get textnow so pls fix

  • :)

    by Jw3$ttt

    One word...bonerific

  • Horrible

    by Dani $$$$

    The reason this is HORRIBLE is because 1, there is way too many ads. 2, I'm getting texts from people I don't know, and I'm getting calls from people. I don't know. 3, it keeps crashing. 4, whenever I

  • So easy to use

    by Mides72

    It's nice having a secondary way of communication. This app very easy to use!

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