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  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: Ookla
  • Updated: Jan, 04 2009
  • Version: 3.1.5
  • Size: 12.57 MB

Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese

Seller: Ookla

- Performance improvements
- Localization updates
- Bug fixes

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Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.

Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry!

- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping
- Real-time graphs show connection consistency
- Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
- Track past tests with detailed reporting
- Easily share your results

Customer Reviews

  • Ok but could be better

    by Oldlost1

    Doesn't give overall speed just the speed at end of the particular run your on , like if you get a spike to 10 Mbps at very end of download section that is what it shows for download speed even if for 90% of the download test you are at 1mbps

  • Great

    by Terrible,,,,,,

    Great app

  • missing stuff

    by RonnyRomero

    longer ping test, jitter and buffer testing should be included too to provide a more reliable performance test of the data service tested

  • Best speed test website/app ever

    by Chartab

    The SpeedTest.net is the best speed test web on the planet.

  • jimmy

    by J76_JB


  • Amazing app!

    by dude12683

    This is a great app but please add an iPad version!! Thanks

  • Best app

    by أحبك يا بغداد و سياتل


  • Great for testing Internet speeds

    by Occamist1976

    I test every connection I'm on and this helps me benchmark my speeds keeps a log too.

  • In-app purchase of ad removal didn't work

    by Louis Jaffe

    The speed test is fine. It clearly shows the difference between wi-fi, 4G LTE, and 3G. I tried twice to do the in-app $0.99 purchase of advertising removal, and it failed both times, despite my having authenticated with App Store to download the app minutes before, having a valid credit card on file, etc.

  • Account

    by do-better

    Please add the account login. so that we can sync result between website.

  • Nice Easter egg!

    by kevinengelhard

    Great app. Very useful and easy to use. Also I love the Easter egg! Pull down on the speedometer to reveal the cat! Lol. Nice.

  • Speeed hahaha

    by Smarty555

    Nice gzj

  • Why no iPad version?

    by radven

    This is my favorite speed testing app, but it is awkward to use on an iPad screen — especially because the scaled iPhone UI does not support rotation. I’m tired of reading my speeds sideways - please release a Universal iPad-supporting version!! :-)

  • Exactly what it says

    by Fantasticboy22 

    And a beautiful interface

  • Great speed test app

    by D.yanik.s

    I love this app. I can test ping, download, and upload speed. It always gets results about 10mbps slower download than my PC, but I have an iPhone 4, so it could just be the old processor. Fortunately, this fluctuation is very consistent. Highly recommended!

  • Ad-force supervisor

    by Forget ot

    This is a awesome app tool. I was simply floored at what it did for my service. Great work equals a great app!!

  • Handy

    by Replevin001

    Handy app to have when I want to check wifi speeds on hotel networks.

  • Excellent product

    by Doraswamy

    I used speed to test my internet and sometime even the cell towers.

  • Great App

    by Tybo10000

    I love using this to test my speed! Just wish the dial went above 50

  • Abood

    by Al.nageep

    Best app in store

  • It is broken needs fixed!

    by DGatzby

    This app crashed my I-Pad twice this morning, gave strange results on my I-Phone.... Folks should look at it, both of my devices are working fine with every other app.

  • Inaccurate test

    by DChicago

    The speed I'm getting on this app is inaccurate.

  • FAIL!!

    by ClarkeBarre

    Sorry, we don't do ads, and won't be extorted to make them go away - we DELETE the app!

  • Ipad!!!!

    by سوبرفيشن

    Not support ipad !!

  • One annoying problem...

    by elchamber

    Can't turn off app from using cellular data usage in the settings menu. It's the app since it was one of three apps that had the same problem which the other two fixed.

  • Stupid


    It used to be working all the time, that is, until today. Every time I try to take a speed test on my bad AT&T 4G that's slow, it says latency test failed, when it's trying to do ping. I do not understand what that means, I have reset the app and the servers, and nothing happens! My 4G service is 10 Mbps, which is fast enough for ping for cry in' out loud! Fix!!!!

  • Hate this app!

    by Zee Kay

    They put a permanent app banner on my iPhones Safari screen and I just haven't been able to remove it. I dislike companies that force their advertisement on people.

  • Great app

    by PDobens

    Need to fix the labels on the Results screen. "kbps" is incorrect.

  • Great

    by Joel Bobby

    This is a great app. Cause I finally caught my broadband service cheating my Internet speed for my money.... Thanks

  • iPad?

    by Grizzly Dude

    Excellent app. Would like to see it available for the iPad.

  • Make a ipad app!

    by nathan kritz


  • awesome app

    by Batman hazmat

    great app to check how your router and phone internet pair up in speed on your phone

  • Won't find local servers

    by Dubbs77

    Since last update will not locate local servers in Cincinnati, Ohio Iphone 5s

  • Fix it

    by Mohammed Alhankawi

    Download Teat Failed

  • SpeedSpot test is better

    by The Riddick

    The SpeedSpot test is hundred times better. Gives you a download bandwidth calculator also. Anytime you want to install a gigabyte user control? I see other people have hundred megabit download speeds. Maybe they don't want the speedometer to stop at 50? Regardless if numbers are running underneath it or not... Still don't get it do you!!

  • Amazing Speed Test App!

    by Mattkx4

    I'm able to test my internet speed (Ping Speed, download speed, and upload speed) and even share the results! I went to McDonalds and used this app then shared the pic with my friends :) It's great and I definitely recommend that you download this app!

  • Very nice app

    by MikeZo6

    Very nice app works well with Tmo super high speed LTE

  • Great app

    by Me90876

    Sorry to here about your guys cat.

  • Works great. Ugly new icon.

    by 44fjc

    For me it consistently works. On a side note, the new icon design is ugly.

  • Works great

    by Dcraft6

    I know some people have speeds over 50mbs but the vast majority of the population have speeds way below 20mbs. Like for me my cable supports up to 40mbs, but I'm getting 32 atm.

  • New update just crashes.

    by Discontent iTouch

    Would be zero. Updated to new version, just crashes to home screen. Congrats on making a broken product.

  • Very Bad it's not powerful enough

    by ArmenianBoy89

    I have timewarner cable my speed is 100mb but when i speed test it's only supports up to 30 mb can you please fix it make this app to support up to 150mb

  • iPad

    by Erik Babakhani

    make the verison for iPad

  • Works great

    by Luke2722

    Riddick is clearly the "idiot". Just because your wifi router or lte hardware is capable of those high speeds doesn't mean your service provider is giving those speeds to you. The most I've ever received on AT&T LTE is 34/down and 15/up. Cable internet speeds rarely are higher than 50/down 20/up.

  • Best Speed Test app!!!

    by TurboSiCoupe

    The very best speed test app period! Even though the ads weren't annoying, I still paid 99 cents to remove the them just to give my support. Keep up the good work! Now please make an iPad version :-)

  • Problemz with the spees teatee

    by Angel_Malik

    I keep getting low speed from the guaynabo claro server from my phone actually on every iphone i test my internet in this server goes way below speed i mean i pay for a 20mb download speed and 1mb upload i tested in my computer and another telephone brands and runs Atleast at 15mbs so can u check this up its been happening for quite a while

  • Review

    by saxsation

    Like the new user interface. Considering how high modern broadband can go 50Mbps seem kind of a low max level. Also needs a iPad version. iPads have been cellular since day one so there is no reason not to have one.

  • The cat

    by Update Ideas

    I give five stars because of the cat and I don't even like cats

  • Sprint Speedtest

    by Brandon Franco

    21 Mbps on Sprint LTE with 3 bars at 6 am. But during the day 1 Mbps or less -_-

  • Best Speed Test App

    by Friendly Techs

    Good update and very useful app.

  • It's a great app .. But

    by Zedtommy

    In last update u can check a bug start when u test (Upload)

  • 不错

    by Bruce Lei


  • Ipad ????

    by Diz13oymike

    Such a powerful app no design for ipad yet....

  • Great!

    by Stepwild

    Works like a charm. Never crashes. The new look is nice. So was the old one. The ad isn't intrusive, so I won't pay to remove. It's great like it is. A must have. Accurate.

  • Bad app big crashes!!!

    by Piny97

    Get rid of the patch it just crashes when I open it and it never did b4!

  • Ok

    by Itegypt

    Big issues still

  • Speed Test

    by incineration

    It's truly the best way to test the connection speed while the uncluttered interface sports a modern, clean design. Kudos Ookla!

  • new release broke it

    by iBarbaraStreisand

    download test stopped working for me

  • Great app

    by Chriis_M

    This app I think could just use more of a iOS 7 look to it, and maybe even a better app icon??

  • Best app

    by Khalid Saeed

    Really best one

  • Data Hog on LTE

    by Radiohead7

    This is a great app for checking woof speed, I use all the time. However I was just checking my cellular data usage and this app is by far the worst app for data usage. ONE test used 60 MB's!! That's incredible! Streaming Pandora doesn't use that much! Be warned when using this app off of wifi.

  • Ipad mini

    by Please add iPad


  • Good tool for general testing

    by  Veda Crumbry

    As advertised, this tool is handy to see if your ISP is delivering or when data traffic might slow down in your area. Only request would be an option to pick a permanent testing server location. That would take one variable out of the equation.

  • Great!!!

    by icepreyas 

    This app works perfect. I have a 3G and a 3GS and an iPod touch and it works great on all of them. I would defintelty reccomend this app if you're looking for a speed test app. 

  • Inconsistent results.

    by The Sonic God

    On a number of wireless devices, I have yet to see a consistent result between the iPhone and a Mac or PC that is connected to the same network. I'm not sure whether it's a bug with the iPhone 5 or if it's an issue with the software. It's annoying, frankly. Just do a speed test via the website.

  • App Tracks You!! Hacks Location Services

    by leetest

    This app activates Location Services even when Location Services has been shut off under Settings > General > Privacy > Location Services: Off Clearly violating the users request to NOT have their location disclosed and circumventing the iOS settings for Location Services iOS 6.1.3

  • iPad support

    by enjoyincubus3300

    This is the most used app for speed tests, and you can't update it for iPad? Wow. Thanks for iPhone 5 support, 5 months later.....!

  • Decent.

    by Hepestus


  • No iPhone 5 update?

    by Roy1976 

    Please quit being lazy and resize this app for iphone5.

  • Read sentence below

    by mc_CLOUD1400

    After you finish a speed test, tap the speedometer and drag down. Caught me by surprise. Otherwise needs iPhone 5 support so I can read the full thing.


    by -Carlin-

    Not bad, not great.

  • Works great

    by JapaVu

    This app does a great job at checking your download/upload speeds. Nice easter egg, too (pulling down the dial).

  • Ios7 crash!

    by Tballinusa

    I've tried installing and uninstalling several time and it crashes before opening on my iPad 4 running ios7. There are several speed test apostrophe out there I'll have to uninstall your and download app that actually works!

  • Simple and useful

    by Liz I

    Got this to help me evaluate my move from cursed cable company broadband to 4G wireless hotspot. Also used it while traveling to compare the motel wireless to my device. Love its ease of use.

  • iPad version

    by Isthisnickname taken?

    Agree with others ... five stars when iPad version is released. My brother develops apps. Creating an iPad version of an app is not so technically challenging that so many app makers should still be shying away from it.

  • Does it's job.

    by TeleVue

    Does what its designed to do. Shows how fast the internet read/write speed. Verizon FiOS gets me 40/35 mps.

  • Ookla cat was a nice touch!

    by KyleKryptic

    The Easter egg for Ookla the cat is what made me give this app five stars, a fun touch to a normally mundane app, good work!

  • Amazing app

    by Moosknuckles69

    I love the app, although, at times it would be nice to also be able to see the peak rates during the test as my internet (wireless provider) tends to be vary greatly in speed during tests.


    by Aj Gulnar

    Love the app, and the small "memorial"to your cat Ookla. POOR KITTEH HE WAS SO FLUFFEH

  • Good, but inaccurate

    by Awzzumnezz

    We had our internet speed upgraded to 50mbps a few days ago and I run the same test with the same company on my laptop and the one on my laptop is accurate but the app doesn't seem accurate but then again I'm going through my iPhone 4S.

  • Needs ipad support

    by apcox93

    Great app, but title says it all

  • Good app

    by Srtaydog

    Thanks for this good app

  • I love this app

    by StaticXXX

    I use it almost daily and unlike the desktop site it doesn't try as hard to trick you into buying un needed software. Thank you, Josh

  • Great app

    by Bsnwrk

    Keeps track of tests

  • Pull Down Speed Graph

    by CntryClub007

    The cat facts are hilarious, just pull down the chart after running a speed test and begin laughing.

  • Always reliable

    by null pointer exception line 0

    This has been my go to app for checking network speeds for years. Also, R.I.P. kitty :(

  • Fantastic

    by RMD3819

    Simple and easy to use.

  • Great Internet Speed Test App

    by ProPrinter

    This quickly tests your bandwidth speed to determine download and upload speeds for your Internet connection.

  • Greatest goose egg in an app ever.

    by Bill Somethingorother

    Ever wonder how Ookla got its name? Ever wonder why you wake up with random scratches on your chest or back? Find the goose egg and find your answer.

  • advertising removal charge FOR EVERY DEVICE

    by torrnado

    It is extremely underhanded that users must pay per device to remove advertising when it is not clear during purchase. I paid and installed it on my iPhone and then added it to my iPad only to find I have to pay again for the ad banner removal. FAIL.

  • Great!

    by Brandonjoco

    Been using this app for over a year now. Has worked great from day 1,and it's still works the same if not better!

  • Must-have tool

    by Unruly-e

    Well designed and thoughtfully written. Great for easily and quickly testing connections.

  • Small on ipad

    by سوبرفيشن

    Small screan on ipad 4

  • Ookla speedtest

    by Backwoods12T

    One of those rare programs that does exactly what it says it does, and does it with speed grace and agility. 'Nuff said.

  • Excellent

    by iPadRick8

    Accurate and very usefull.

  • Awesome app!

    by tribit2500

    This is a great app. It's really easy to use. I just think that some creep made it! After you do the test pull the circular thing down all the way. Continue to do that. What a creep!

  • User

    by Gibby3324

    It works great. But don't download it to check cellular data speeds. It's a data hog.

  • Needs an iPad version.

    by SwankPeRFection

    And get rid of the silly cat!

  • Excellent!

    by KNB:) 

    The new interface looks amazing! Does what it says. Best speed test app I've tested so far.

  • Works good but.....

    by OmniCamaro

    Need an iPad version and needs to read higher then 50mbs.

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