Spotipremier for Spotify Premium Utilities App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Lori Schweitzer

Minor Bug Fixes

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Lyrics search enabled

for Spotify premium subscription.

80% off for launch promo.

Customer Reviews

  • Coool

    by Rapidwerewolf

    Awesome app really fasy

  • Why are there ads in a paid app?

    by Scooter Magoo 2

    Seriously...... why does this app open up with an add to download an app that doesn't even exist? Works Ok I guess.

  • Great app and easy to use

    by Reminem Stop

    Besides grabbing new and unfamiliar music, I use it to flag old favorites to add to my library.

  • Search who sings

    by Good teacherAQ

    I'm definitely going to be using a lot , It found out there are songs that I like but don't quite know who are the artists/ names of the songs are.

  • Very happy!Makes me happy❤

    by Misie piggy

    Fantastic. Cheers all recipients. Easy to use and great childish fun - Perfect!

  • My most used app

    by Salim shady em

    Awesome app! Easy to use, lots of fun, and totally worth on the top

  • Love this app!!!

    by Iris Wave Ryans

    I think that this is a good app.Have a great time listening to some good tunes.

  • I totally recommend this

    by G.W busy man

    You should really get it!This app is so awesome. Me and my friends love it

  • Top of the app

    by Arnold Blari

    Listen to music whenever. . Less commercials.

  • Like the new layout

    by Fungus bus

    Since first day has never let me down Very easy and straightforward to use

  • Does exactly what it says

    by Ryan Treboins

    I'm so glad I use this app, This is one of the most handy apps I have ever seen

  • Best way to get music!

    by Redo snoopy

    I rate this high because it's one of my most used apps. I wouldn't use it if it didn't work.

  • I'm expect you to do better.

    by Btegro6374

    Just need to be faster to start app. There might be a song on that i want to know the name. And might miss it because it takes too long to open.

  • Go get it

    by Sabbri zstoepa

    Amazing and awesome app does everything you could ask for. Very well done!

  • it's fast and overall awesome!!

    by Sinna stike

    Had this app for ages & I still love it.It's great made me laugh

  • Please add more feature

    by Bterfepol19

    Anyway, thanks to the devs and I'm looking for essentials updates in the future.

  • Not bad but...

    by Treysa cowot

    It works perfectly on my device.... add more lyrics please .Thank

  • Other app can't do that

    by Mc Fertinao

    Even when I'm go to school I can still listen to music on the road ^.^

  • I highly recommend it.

    by Beancornbreo

    I use this all the time if i dont know a song i just open it , it tells me

  • This app is absolutely fabulous

    by Modetus Pikoen

    It include all my favorite bands c; I just love it, you must download it

  • Son unos ladrones

    by Canasta69

    Me an engañado y quiero mi dinero de regreso

  • Hate

    by Mroxs123

    Didn't work.

  • Annoying ads

    by Joshua Shearin

    Good app minus the annoying ads. Why do you have ads within a paid app? Seriously? Bad form.

  • Thanks a lot jerks waste of $3

    by Allieeeee979

    All it does is take you to iTunes so you can buy the song there

  • Oops

    by Caitlyn E

    Ended up buying this by accident... Would like a refund please!

  • Absolutely the best

    by Staker roome

    Having a listing to all my favorite artiste this is a very awesome app

  • Nice interface, easy to use

    by Boyd Chamrepam

    This app is an amazing music app that you can find anything

  • I want it faster

    by Btegrto___

    It's so easy and fun to use and i really live this prove it and add more feature

  • Very helpful

    by Harnes Malone

    When I forget a song and can just start this app and instantly it will tell me name of song

  • The one you want .

    by Goode doggy

    This music device is amazing! I love this app because of the simple fact that it gives you music that you didnt know the title to. Great app!

  • Find out useful to use it.

    by Bterfader324

    I love how it's so easy to find songs and how it keeps them in history

  • Awsome app!!!!

    by Moss Stepkile

    Never ever crashes, Super fun and one of the best apps out there

  • The most useful for my phone.

    by Chickenball cool

    Excellent work and experience . By far best on the market!

  • I can't stop using it

    by Bet true!!!!

    You can sing it, hum it, or put it to a speaker and it tells you instantly! Unlike other apps

  • Work great!!!

    by Italy rulero

    Im definitely going to be using this app beacause there are plenty songs that I like but don't quite know who are the artists/ names of the songs are. Thanks! :)

  • The most popular

    by Prisca Wade

    Best in the app store . This app is fun, surprisingly accurate

  • Works awesome

    by Politer Brett

    One of my favorite apps. Unlimited listening ,and all the songs you want.

  • Simple quick.

    by Brewe Ampla

    This app comes in handy so much, and you can look up certain genres of music, and find new songs and artists. This app is absolutely fabulous

  • Workshop great

    by Moushi gate

    I'm definitely going to be using this app because there are

  • Fantastic development!

    by Shari greera

    This stuff successfully found a song for me that i was looking for years, and all i had about the song was 1990 small fragment of recording... So it really amazed me when i realized the showing up result is exactly the song i looked for.... Good job!

  • Simply amazing

    by Bye retro099

    I can listen to music anywhere whenever I want to. It's also easy to find

  • Great app!

    by Chunky rose

    Spent a lot of time this apps and not disappointed.!

  • Lots of fun. Excellent

    by Morton Viginz

    This is the great app that I have ever seen or used! It is amazing to be able to hear 1990 song playing, that you like and would like to know the name of the song and artist.

  • First app I install . ♥‿♥

    by Cooler LoLme

    Great app over all. I use it several times a day with my phone!

  • I can't live without this app

    by Bunbun mononie

    Love it! It works great and very quickly. Very simple to use .

  • Sharing it with everyone!

    by Berets Nina

    Very accurate app and pretty quick. I actually sung the first three words of a song and it got it right

  • Verry nice!

    by Byetrue&polirk

    "It's great and it stores all my music!!!Easy to use and addicting "

  • Great app love it !!!

    by Kelvin carson

    My favorite music app on my phone by far.

  • Love the extras!

    by Zelly seneno

    Use it every day at gym and work

  • Nice interface

    by Myname crazyson

    Great app overall, info on all artists, great for all music enthusiasts!

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