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BEST OF 2012 on AppStore
Handiest, Brightest and Fastest FREE flashlight on AppStore, with different skins and additional unique features: Compass, Altitude tracker and Live Map.

What we've found in reviews:
"Let there be light
I work at an airport very early in the morning it is very dark on the ramp and sometimes I need the flashlight to do my inspections on the aircraft I love this app"

"Nice light
Wow better than a Maglight"

"Never on the dark again
I had a similar app on my iPhone 4S & decided to try this one on my new iPhone 5. It is far better than the one I had & well worth .99 cents. When I give my old 4S to a family member I’ll share this app as well."

"The Best
Clear, simple and gorgeous. This is the flashlight to beat. Skins, iPhone 5 support and simple mode seal the deal for me. The other flashlight apps are knockoffs."


SuperLED light - Only for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S & NOW FOR iPhone 5
Strobe mode with different frequencies!
Colorful Screen lights - for every other iOS device
Light bulbs
Animated lighter & candle


Built in Compass!
Built in SOS signal!
Built in Altitude (Elevation) tracker!
Built in Live Map (To track usage of this brilliant app through the globe)!

Very simple to use - Just click the power button and illuminate all around!!!
In addition to these amazing features, we've redesigned the app so that it looks like real flashlight with real On/Off button and besides now you can change skins!

We've also added the COMPASS and ALTITUDE info to make our app more valuable.
And finally, what makes our flashlight stand out from others is the interactive map - Check the realtime flashlight usage on the world map. It's really interesting and funny to see that someone’s through the globe has also switched on the Flashlight!

Disclaimer: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • great app!!!

    by bgleaso

  • Love it

    by nymagpie

    Comes in handy, I use it all the time, you can't beat it.

  • Great app!

    by Russ DeMott

    Very handy. Power is out and I can still find my way around.

  • Mr

    by Menah menah

    Most excellent, easy to use.

  • Supper truck driver.

    by Eddie. 1420

    Nice to have and very easy to use.

  • Great Light!!

    by Owasso30

    This is the best app I have found for a good and strong light!

  • Awesome

    by ddm8000

    Very convenient all the time!!! Even when things are dropped between the seat in the car....lol

  • Excellent app!


    Love this always having a flashlight right at your finger tips. Thank you so much.

  • Love the Light

    by Knit1Purl2

    I use this flashlight almost every day! I keep it on my main page for easy access! Love it! It's like a real flashlight only it's more accessible!

  • Great app

    by Cam1non

    Love this app. It's a reliable tool in any situation. First thing I look for on my phone in during power outages.

  • Flashlight

    by Nannie goatie

    Great to have in any situation. Walking to car, walking the dog or if you have a power outage.

  • FlashLight

    by Long_Tooth

    Great App - I Love the Altitude and Compass features - Get This One !!! One minor thing - The Altitude word and readout is VERY SMALL - hard to read - This is one of the best apps available for Flashlight.

  • Awesome

    by Sadi1234789

    I have used 1 million flashlight apps but this one is the the best

  • Excellent ap

    by stephencross

    Who can find a flashlight when one is needed? We never could or when one turned up the batteries were shot. Now we just turn on this ap. The light is bright and focused. Genius.

  • Handiest app ever

    by Kcccollins

    What a great app. Nifty options like a candle flame and colors really make it great. I use it at least once a day.

  • Great

    by Bluehank1973

    Lights up great and easy to use.

  • Flashlight App

    by PoorAggie

    Good reliable light when you need it.

  • Best flashlight ever!!

    by Tami Turner

    I love this app! I used it recently when friends and I went crabbing. Everyone has their jobs, mine was easy, "I held the flashlight". It was amazingly bright"l


    by Grandmastuff

    Reliable fav app !

  • Great

    by Skate afar

    This makes your phone just like a Swiss Army knife. You get a bright flashlight on your phone

  • iPad misrepresentation

    by Bar in FL

    Says it works on iPad and it doesn't.

  • Zoe

    by Akingdomconduit.com

    Great flashlight. Very bright and has nice color features.

  • I like!

    by Florida025

    Works great. Fabulous

  • Awesome

    by Darkrhyes

    Best flashlight app I have seen. It does a lot of different things with lights and set up.

  • Flashlight for Iphone

    by Sister witch

    I love, love, love this app.

  • Lifesaver!

    by Spunincircles

    This app saves me when my Coworkers try to prank me. Like unplugging extension cord with light on it in a basement and locking the door.

  • A new light in my life

    by TedL

    This light comes in handy every where. My wife needs extra light to read a menu to finding dropped keys by the car. In the early morning when I get up I'll leave the bedroom without turning on a light and the dog is forever greatfull I have this light. I haven't stepped on him once since.

  • Flashlight

    by Ilykeninjas

    Love it~saves me when I have to walk dog out at 4:30 am~~

  • Flashlight

    by Ilykeninjas

    Love it~saves me when I have to walk dog out at 4:30 am~~

  • Helpful

    by eon of win

    We had a power outage and this helpped alot.

  • Amazingly Bright

    by normajeanr50

    This flashlight is a must have. It lights quick, easy to use, handy and it is more useful than a traditional flashlight. Find the keyhole in the dark, find a tool, find the stem on your tire if you need air in the dark. Endless uses. Ladies, ever drop an earing in a dark room?

  • Amazingly Bright

    by normajeanr50

    This flashlight is a must have. It lights quick, easy to use, handy and it is more useful than a traditional flashlight. Find the keyhole in the dark, find a tool, find the stem on your tire if you need air in the dark. Endless uses. Ladies, ever drop an earing in a dark room?

  • Flashlight

    by Nuranda

    Five star app!!

  • Really like this app

    by Shellzbellz79

    When we lose power at home this is one of the best apps to have.

  • Great device

    by Barbinbelton

    I use this every day when walking to my car and it's still dark. Very easy to use.

  • Flashlight

    by Timmmysmom

    I find this app very helpful. I used for over a year, really comes in handy.

  • Great

    by GunszDinero 

    Great App

  • Great light

    by The Bon Man

    I love this light, it always handy when I need it!!!! It's very powerful.

  • Great light

    by WuSock6

    This has come in handy several times. I even used to track a deer during hunting season.

  • Teetee

    by Treeeeetrr

    Great app. I use it when I walking to my car at night.

  • Safety in the dark!

    by Jeffffffffffrah

    Love this app because otherwise I am bumping in the dark! I also use when my kindle light's battery goes dead. Great in a pinch !!

  • Manager

    by Tooncezque

    Works as I need it to- always reliable-love it!

  • Flashlight

    by Grammabonnie

    Great app. I use it often

  • Helpful

    by Jmtpink

    Nice. I suggest getting it ;)

  • Teacher

    by Math rocks4

    LOVE this app! I had eye surgery & this app brightens what I'm reading so it makes it easier to read! I've also used it as a regular flashlight when outside & it works great!

  • Great Flashlight

    by Mamafaux

    My favorite app for my IPhone

  • Light

    by Mya's gram

    Works great when you need to light the way. Great app!

  • Great!!!!

    by markie5005 


  • It's the bomb

    by Johnnytime74

    Love it

  • Great app

    by Keenjewels

    This flashlight app is perfect for navigating in the dark!

  • Take it to bed

    by Emkayach

    I charge my phone at bedside every night. The light switch is 29 feet from where I roll into bed. I use the app to reach the bed in my wheelchair.

  • Great app!!

    by Poody51

    So helpful and convenient to use and not have turn a light on. Great in restaurants to read menus.

  • I love this app

    by elizabethh11

    I love this app it is so bright, when I am looking for my dog in my room I can see her.

  • Great!

    by Bettyboop736

    Great to have when you don't want to disturb other people sleeping!

  • Most used Flashlight

    by the photodude

    I use this flashlight in my house, at work in hotels basically everywhere I go. Great app very user friendly.

  • Cool

    by Ckbrebel

    I like

  • Great app

    by Scruffy.Am.I

    Works like a charm.

  • Huh

    by Xinphs

    Slowly react!!!!!

  • Great App!

    by Louis Igwe

    It is a simple flash light. It works well. I can't see this app lights the way. One touch and I am enlighten with light to see my path. Love it! Wish all my other apps worked just as well as this one.

  • Flashlight

    by Marcogmag

    Awesome app!!! Great and easy to use!

  • T

    by Pig farmer xyz

    Great app

  • Should be pre installed

    by T Freedom

    I think this should come pre installed from the factory. It is essential & important app on my phone.

  • Nice and bright

    by GemVoice

    Great app. Has been super useful. :-)

  • Great app

    by Minvan

    Great app. Works just like a real flashlight.

  • 5

    by Cheer girl

    I love this app! It rocks. It is very bright! But does not hurt your eyes! This light rocks I can say it does take 10 seconds to load but it still ROCKS!!! I use it a lot and I love it good for dark places even to do homework and to work on job stuff also to find your way around the house or if your at a hotel you don't wake anyone up by turning on a big light! It is also much liter than a real flashlight because it is on your phone! One thing that I love about it is that you can make it look like a candle or just a light. I love this flashlight!!!

  • Flashlight

    by Boonejboone

    Great resource to have. Not a fan of all the advertisements.

  • It works great

    by Diamond const

    Every time I think I'am in the dark I Remember this app. It works great.

  • Retired Lady

    by Shir-win

    A must have for any smart phone!

  • Great little app

    by Ctrain250

    I really like the compass and lighter effect for use at concerts. ;)

  • Great, but slow on iPhone 4

    by Hajuasahi

    Everything seems of good quality of this app in my experience. The one problem I have with it is that it takes about 5-8 seconds to open on my iPhone 4 (not sure what it is on a 5). I don't know why such a seemingly simple app could take so long to open. Otherwise it's very useful and functional

  • Best Flashlight Ever!

    by Jacquiv39

    Best light app. Works better than regular flashlight:-)) absolutely brilliant! This is the BEST flashlight, it's lovely and bright, one could even read or write & it's great when it's really dark! A gem indeed:-)

  • It's very helpful I love it!!!

    by Cprg27

    It's a nice app and very helpful...


    by Inthetikikikiroom

    THIS APP IS AMAZING LOVE IT SO MUCH USE IT 24 /7 unless it's light out lol BUT ITS FAB

  • Great app

    by Annlach

    Really handy and works well.

  • Very satisfied

    by ShuffleLove

    AWSOME app

  • Powerful light!

    by Aquarius Star

    Love it!

  • Love this app

    by PunkyMommy03

    I use it all the time! Perfect when you need to look through a dark closet/room. A lot of light in this little app! Very much recommend it!

  • Awesome App!

    by Smilingeyes4you

    I love this app! It gets the job done and the light is extremely bright!

  • Great app!!

    by Trekker4lifee

    This app has come in very handy!! It's like having a flashlight on you without having to carry one! Love it!!!

  • Perfect

    by Dehandy

    It's just what I need from a flashlight app.

  • Works great

    by Cancer Thunderstruck

    Really bright

  • My reading lamp

    by SkineChef

    I like to read before dozing off each night and I find it easier to click the app off than lose my warm spot in bed to reach over and switch a lamp off.

  • A must have APP!

    by Thisismeuc

    I use it ALL the time!

  • Jozldy

    by Prizit

    Love this app! Comes in handy all the time .... EXCELLENT !!!!

  • It lights my way!

    by GranNanPooh

    Great app - I use it to find my way around the bedroom if hubby is already asleep & lights are off. Hubby uses it to help him read the menu in dimly lit restaurants.

  • U really don't need it but great

    by nyny101

    U don't need it for iPhones Dere is already an flashlight on Dere u need it for an iPad doe

  • Light

    by Whitey 363

    Very easy to use,and find .no strange actions like I've had with previous lights

  • Great !

    by gdpluv2teach

    This is a great app that I use regularly.

  • Wouldn't be without!

    by Nanrunner

    This is my most used app! I use it to gather my things in the morning when I have to get up early for a run or whatever and I don't want to disturb by sleeping husband. I also use it outdoors if I'm walking to my car and there is not sufficient light. I think you'll be amazed how often you end up using it! Power outage? You can get to other flashlights and candles safely. I can't imagine not having this app!

  • Flashlight

    by Chelle Lee Mercer


  • Very Handy

    by Ohyeah2010

    I use this app all the time. My bedroom is extremely dark so I always keep my phone handy and whip out the flashlight for most everything. It's very powerful!!!! - A MUST HAVE

  • Excellent app

    by Dawfie

    Has come in handy on a number of occasions

  • Super

    by LJ7677

    Best flashlight app. Use all the time.

  • Great

    by Acosta311!

    Illuminates thangz

  • Awesome love it

    by LuvMyScents

    Love it

  • Bright and dependable

    by mdtb97

    Light when needed. Love it!

  • My favorite app

    by Tinyhousegirl

    Comes in handy in so many situations! Awesome.

  • I like it!

    by Jabrew52

    I like this app, it is very handy.

  • Chef

    by Legion chef

    Good app. However the app ad popups are extremely annoying! If I want those apps I will go and browse the store. So make them go away!!

  • Mark

    by Pool Instructor


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