1,001 Ringtones Lite (FREE RINGTONES) Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: JLC Mobile
  • Updated: Jul, 18 2009
  • Version: 1.9.6
  • Size: 11.83 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: JLC Mobile, LLC

Added 60 New Ringtones!

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Welcome to the LARGEST collection of ringtones available on the iTunes App Store!

Over 250 of our 1000 high quality and unique ringtones are available to you for free.

Try some of our free ringtones!


Assign custom ringtones for your friends, family and co-workers. The ringtones are very unique and can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the ringtone sounds you will be able to preview:
- Background Beats
- Classical Songs
- Dance Beats
- Soothing Sounds
- Guitar Sounds
- Industrial Sounds
- Lounge Style
- Calm Sounds
- Smooth Funk
- Techno Beats
- And hundreds of other unique ringtones (alarms, animal sounds, funny sounds, annoying sounds, interesting sound effects, etc…)

Stop paying for each ringtone you download! We took extra care to select only the best ringtones and are happy to offer them to you.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Alegna431

    I don't know why this app is getting so many bad reviews. It worked great for me!! No problems at all!! Very simple and easy to use. Don't base your decision to get this app on the bad reviews. It works fine if u know how to use it.

  • Love it!

    by Jamn4god

    I love this app. Works perfect. I found a few ring tones I like. I made sure to reinstall after I lost everything on my phone. My favorite does a ringing sound and then a woman says, "you have a call". Cracks me up every time. Thanks!

  • It's ok....

    by Lily24789

    Umm there were two things I didn't like- 1- on the pictures, it has Peanut Butter Jelly Time then we I get the app, its not there :P 2- you have to connect your device to the computer to actually get you ringtone on the device :( Kinda stupid waste of my time going through and finding the ones I like, then not even being able to use them

  • Tonos

    by Albaguis


  • Awesome!

    by Ciarakay

    Searches high and low to find this app again! Awesome! Many Good beats, not the corny ones others offer. Going to buy full version. A++++++!

  • Reliable, easy to use!

    by DHazelton

    Have never had any trouble with this app. Love the variety. Has worked flawlessly for me with iOS 4 and now 5.

  • Teregalo amores

    by Pley boy


  • iOS 5

    by RubensMoura

    It works with the iOS 5...bc we cant sync ringtones by the iTunes anymore

  • Great and simple...

    by Justa Tryin

    Just follow the directions! If you need help, ask someone to read the instructions for you while you use your computer and viola! Ringtone!


    by Dhfdyydffd5578:&dk

    These ppl are well respected by me now. They say on the cover that their is 1,001 ring tones, but when you open this app, it scratches out 1,001 and replaces it with an 250. They are almost as clever as me.

  • how to use them

    by Steve Holstrom

    I ran into a problem with this app as trying to figure out where to put the ringtones after you get them it says put them in your ringtones folder but I can not find a ringtone folder anywhere on my IPhone. So if someone could explain to me what I need to do I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

  • Nice

    by Ftwqqq

    Great app!!

  • Crashes!

    by Jessie8D

    This app crashed when i tried to confirm my email,an yes i deleted it then reinstalled it but it still dosent work! It looks like a good app but that's about it!

  • Constant crash

    by Zaelah

    I can't even get past step 2, which is "choose your tone" because it just crashes. Same time, every time. Fail.

  • Bad App

    by Radioman4867

    This app is pretty much worthless. I paid for the upgrade but the stinking software just doesn't work! No email with the ringtone ever shows up. Don't waste your time.

  • Can not email ringtone to myself

    by Dhanajee

    The app keeps crashing on ios7. Can not email ringtone to myself. Wast of time.

  • Mr

    by Duane10165

    Total waste scam site for your email

  • by K031

    This is crap, you can't even preview the ringtone before you email it to yourself. Deleted within 2 mins of downloading.

  • Not worth it

    by Gc1115

    Never get the ringtones. They send you an email but its not there, it says it takes up to an hour to download. But it never does. They give you a recovery link but because it never downloaded in the first place, there is nothing to recover.

  • Dumb

    by Koste003

    So stupid

  • Free?

    by Matanuskadon

    Not so fast there. The only thing this is is a way to make your own ringtones. I downloaded and almost immediately deleted it.

  • 1001?

    by AZstang82

    I downloaded because of the people who said it was ok... It is horrible do not download it's all lies

  • Great idea, doesn't work

    by Bill in MS

    Tried to get several of the ringtones. Have not received any of the ringtones in any email. Now that I have read other reviews, I just can't wait for the onslaught of junk mail.

  • Stupid

    by Carlie's loveers

  • Don't bother

    by Bicycleguy66

    This app is very deceptive. Says 1001 tones, but only offers 250. Then you can only download 10. Then asked is you want to buy more. Bad!

  • Waste of time!!

    by queenladycs

    Does not work at all!! A lot of negative reviews. Trust me! Don't waste your time.

  • This app is horrible!!!!!

    by Erica Garcia

    Do not waste your time! This app is horrible

  • This suckssssssssssssssssssssss

    by Mauducjzkx


  • Junk

    by Bofa6

    Piece of junk.

  • Dont wast your time...

    by Z E T A 1

    After download to my e-mail cant open. My norton says scam!!!!!!

  • I want peanut butter jelly time!!

    by Wuby and sheepy

    Well, I was looking at the pictures and I clearly saw that it said:Peanut Butter jelly time! I downloaded it and it wasn't there! I don't like spongebob but still that is a pretty good song! I don't think they should put the good songs (that they don't have) on their pictures, that doesn't make sense to me! Really I don't get it! If someone finds Peanut Butter Jelly Time put it on your rating. Because I will be coming back here to look at the ratings.

  • ;P

    by Letsgothriftshopping!

    Ugh i dont want to even rate it 1 star, i checked my inbox and spam like 50 times and after 3 hours, nothing!!! So dont waste ur time with this crap.

  • Seriously?

    by Super Benjamin

    This does nothin. Be lucky to get a single note of a ring tone from this under-done egg.

  • Awful

    by Pawshtai

    Didn't work for me, definitely not quick or easy!

  • can

    by ljmobg

    Very difficult to access

  • I don't like it

    by Ijeejee

    I have to email ringtones to myself then download it

  • Uninstalled immediately

    by SavvyBlue

    Looks like a weird scam to me.

  • It's k.

    by BabyPurp

    Dnt like it much. U only get crap tones n 10 ..so dnt wast it time with it.

  • Not good

    by Belinda Gomez

    These people just want to "reel" u in to buy the app... They only give u 10 samples of ringtones AND u have to email them to yourself first AND THEN download it.

  • Worked only once..

    by Echaij

    The first time I've used it, it worked fine following the directions. I have tried using it again and it doesn't send you the emails with the songs anymore.., why???

  • Sad

    by dylo55

    All my ringtones did not sync to my iPhone 4 & I can't download them even when I send them to my iCloud account. Why????

  • No way

    by Pamzorz

    You wasted a TON of my time with that sneaky ten ringtones only BS. I've never actually raged at an ap before.

  • Crap.

    by Fenner12

    Once you downloaded it say to wait 5 minutes and you will receive your ringtone.... Ok I have waited 15 minutes and nothing!!!! Where in the hell did it go??!!?!! nothing in my spam folders or inbox.

  • H

    by Stick man 22

    Won't give me my ring tones

  • Classic "bait & switch"

    by jad77

    Forget about downloading this app. You are lead to believe that you will get 250 ringtones with the Lite version, but only end up with 10! Thanks!! :-/

  • Don't waste your time

    by Jeannie Carter

    After I get the ring tone what's next I've looked everywhere on my phone couldn't find it DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP p.s- good ring tones though!p.p.s still doesn't mean anything cause you can't get them p.p.ps-doesn't even deserve one starD:

  • Absolutely terrible......z

    by Absolutely terrible..z

    Wouldn't let you listen to it. No sound:( do not download

  • Yea....

    by Beachbum14

    I downloaded it before I read the reviews.... Didn't even use the app because of such sucky reviews. Not even worth my time. Deleted it.

  • Forget it !

    by ARollerCoasterFreak

    DITTO ! ! ( NOT ! ) by Brianx51 The ringtones are in the library but the phone can't see them. Do these people not have the ability to correct this. Or just don't care ? I liked em on my iPhone 3GS.

  • Not!

    by Brianx51

    I'm computer and iPhone savvy. The files are in my ringtones library and I synced the phone but it doesn't "see" them. Maybe you have to have an Apple computer. It's useless to me and is being deleted.

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