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Calculator for iPad Free combines the normal and scientific calculator for free!

* Advanced mathematical/scientific buttons in landscape view.
* Basic calculation buttons in portrait view.
* Calculate with degrees or radials.
* Percent button will behave just like the original calculator.
* Memory buttons will also behave just like the original calculator.
* Button sound is mutable
* Invisible backspace button by sliding/swiping the result screen with your finger.

With 7 skin designs the upgraded Calculator for iPad will offer you much more than the original calculator. No advertisements and a bigger screen. The user experience will be even better. With the included HD images and skins your calculator will be ready to roll at all times.

* Standard Theme
* Silver Keyboard Theme
* Retro Grey Theme
* Sticky Notes Theme
* Pink Keyboard Theme
* Happy Pink Theme
* Wooden Theme

This is the best calculator for iPad. Just see and be amazed by the simplicity and functionality of this application.

Customer Reviews

  • Calculator

    by Destined_4_Greatness

    Love the app - useful tool

  • Nice calculator

    by Justjane59

    Very nice and efficient.....easy to read and use..

  • Good calculator

    by Wabntenn

    It works really good and serves it's purpose, easy to work.

  • Hi

    by Darkness55655885544

    Good good good

  • Easy

    by Barbavanti

    Easy to use. Easy to read.

  • Nice!

    by Ron8426

    This is a nice basic calculator. I would like to see a fraction conversion button but that's it!

  • Good app

    by FiestyEB

    I like to change background colors just to keep things interesting. This app has several options for the look of the calculator. There are also a lot of technical buttons you can use when in landscape mode. I don't know what most are but if your a mathematician this is the calculator app for you!

  • Does what I need it to do.

    by No name 9

    Great app.

  • Great app

    by Appolonio

    The app is simple and to the point. It fills the screen so senior users can access the keys easily.

  • Does the job

    by ATL Momma

    It is helpful to have something I can quickly tap on when needed. No glitches or issues.

  • Rate

    by Jess-a-minit

    This app is very helpful and easy to use

  • Great app

    by Insert name here... ***

    Paid the $1.99 for the full version and have no complaints

  • Mfrancis

    by MoniPA97

    Great app! It does what it supposed to do.

  • Perfect

    by Prupucci

    What else would I need? I can't think of a thing. It looks sharp as well

  • Great App

    by Napwho

    Works fine, no issues

  • Calculator

    by Jim0309

    This is an awesome basic calculator. I don't use a calculator much anymore but when I do I reach for this one on my iPad Mini. From budgets to taxes it will take you through it all.

  • Its AWSOME

    by Eric Smith

    This is a very cool app

  • Love this app

    by Calicchi

    Great app glad I download

  • It's a calculator

    by Lavoz24

    I've used it 3 times and they asked for a review so here it is. It add,subtracts,multiplies and divides. I can't say about anything else cause this is all I've used it to do the 3 times I used it.

  • Good

    by Stan305

    Calculator is great. Like it.

  • Review

    by No Show Rado

    This does need some work but is okay for what I use.

  • Awesome

    by Lulubelle35

    Great and easy to use

  • Does its job

    by Raschaub

    There are obnoxious ads at the bottom, but the calculator works fine.

  • Great calculator

    by Surfy 71

    Nice apperance

  • Those aggravating banners!

    by Karo

    Overall, a decent calculator app, but that flashing banner at the bottom can get rather annoying. When I'm trying to do homework, it can be really distracting... Maybe no more flashing banner?

  • Great app

    by Lucca63

    Can't complain about anything on this App! I'm not a deep mathematician, but the functions I need are there. L

  • Ctct98

    by Tony Razo

    It is very convenient to have on my I pad easy to use. I love it!!

  • Good app, needs some fixes

    by oggg647485859384757

    It def needs a fraction bar and a negative sign. Since I know many kids who use the iPad for schoolwork, the main topic is algebra and we use negatives and fractions a lot. With this calculator it is unreliable and hard for me to work on.

  • Love this app

    by Swagger Wagon Dad

    I love the simplicity of this app. Use it often as it is both convenient, quick and user friendly.

  • Calculator review

    by lzyhvth

    Is a convenient tool on my iPad! Like the fact that is very clear,and easy to see.

  • calculator

    by brownienjw03

    works well, like the size of the keys.

  • Great asset!

    by Jayhawk Jim

    Simple to use. And very utilitarian. Don't know where I'd be without it.

  • Calculator

    by Mamanwife


  • Calculator

    by Island escape

    Love it! Simple and easy to use. Size is great too,

  • As advertised

    by Jeffrey Benford

    I'm amazed it's not a native app!

  • Perfect

    by bcfields

    I use it all the time! Convenient & not too advanced.

  • Good app

    by CAsj1111

    Very handy calculator, great app!

  • Very useful


    This calculator is easy to use. I enjoy the various features that allow for many applications.

  • Great app

    by Nichol Ferges

    Great app!

  • Calculator

    by Ope2007

    Works great!

  • Calculator

    by parc1lla

    Awesome and easy to use.

  • Good calculator

    by Nathaniel Richner

    Very easy to use

  • Easy to Use

    by Waterlady1

    Super easy and convenient!

  • Helpful

    by Jziggles1234

    Comes in handy for paying bills.

  • Great app

    by Jonessalty

    Thank you for the large screen and advanced functions.

  • Calculating

    by Blu dolphin

    This app does what it says it will do and I am satisfied with its capabilities.

  • Good but viewing issue

    by Hearthops

    The app does what it is supposed to. My gripe is that when you use it in certain skins there is a line on the actual display splitting it which causes the numbers to be 2 different shades. Do not like this at all. The display of the values should be one consistent color like on the iPhone.

  • Great app

    by Joshyyyyyyytown

    Works great.

  • TO LONG TO DOWNLOAD but good

    by Dom. Dom

    Really good app but slow download.

  • Perfect

    by Gutierrez0307

    Perfect for those tricky problems that you can't solve in your head I wish I could get the full version

  • Does what it's supposed to do

    by Pablo Ramirez

    Solid app but would appreciate an iOS 7 redesign to reflect the stock iPhone calculator app!

  • To many ads

    by prn1626

    Way way way to many ads

  • Is a great resource

    by Yaj dude

    Thank you for making this app it is fast and is very clear in how to work it.

  • Ok

    by Obiofulious

    Meh... It's okay. Annoying ads. Not particularly good looking. I was hoping for something as sweet looking as RetroCalc but with bigger buttons.

  • User

    by RBDHS

    Great calculator ! I find this particularly user&visually easy to see in comparison to others . Great design and function . Well worth the download .

  • Great

    by Valfer7212

    The only problem is that once when i was using it i pressed any number and it was always a three

  • Well designed, works great

    by drew.alexander

    This calculator is well designed and works fine.

  • Ok

    by Lesnyrts


  • It's okay.

    by _Dance17

    It could be better. If it were more like a TI-Calculator, it'd be great.

  • App is excellent

    by I believe God

    Calculator is easy to use and very convenient!

  • Happy User

    by Lucky Dog II

    Works great and does everything I need!

  • Great calculator

    by PeeWick

    This is a great app, easy to use and always handy.

  • Stupid banner

    by Sfjzvntcvn

    For a kid with ADHD the banner at the bottom of the screen is very distracting and I can't get any work done.

  • Great Calculator... but with a String attached

    by Bapidada

    I love this app. All I wish is that the vendor stops playing with disabling feature like using it as a Simple Regular calculator and forcing me to use a Scientific version.

  • Works

    by BuenoKat

    Works great

  • A good choice for a calculator!

    by glsal2

    Since downloading this app, I have found it to be very attractive to look at and perfect for the uses I have needed it for. I am very satisfied with it and find it to work "as advertised."

  • Review

    by *****[^]£\|€|£]

    I love this app

  • This saves me a lot of time

    by KimLeyg

    I have been working with my great nephew with his 6th grade math and I have forgotten a lot and can never find a calculator.

  • Good

    by Tili'

    I love it

  • Calculator

    by P@rthold

    Great asset to anybody ..... Want live without it.

  • Great Tool

    by DunhamDrive

    Easy to use and install. Very functional.

  • Calculator

    by Gdjsjsjjsjskakq

    This is awesome

  • Functional, elegant

    by Tutubooty

    It's like a scientific calculator that folds into a basic computing one with a switch of the wrist. Smart, sexy design, and very useful. No lags, no difficulty in usage. Everything a college student could ask for!

  • Handy

    by Geenage


  • Great Little Calculator!

    by NewChecker

    It's a handy little app to keep on my iPad. I use if often.

  • Debbie Rose

    by Meemaw Debbie

    It is awesome. Thank you. But I too would like the ad banners at the top

  • Very good app

    by tennis obsessed

    Easy to use. Handy to have. Thank you.

  • So annoying

    by V.sleepykitty

    I hate apps that have huge advertising banners. This is one of them.

  • Calculator

    by TexasGoatLady28

    Works well. Easy to download.

  • Calculator

    by Fishiefriend

    Great for my needs

  • It's a calculator!

    by Vaschni

    It works

  • Great

    by smacsc

    This app is spot on

  • Works great!

    by NorCalMadre

    Very good calculator. Simple interface. Use it frequently.

  • I pad version

    by I pad calculator

    Great handy app!

  • Convienent

    by Lbr1623

    Its really nice to have. I use it often with no problems so far.

  • 100 %

    by Blowin bubbles


  • It's ok

    by Pronus300

    It works.

  • Great app

    by DJ Rappper 10

    Great app !! works just great!!!

  • Does exactly what I want it to do

    by DutchAmerican80

    It is a very good calculator for what I need it for, which is relatively simple math.

  • I'm not paying one penny

    by Unsatisfyed customer

    It's pretty annoying that you have to pay $2 for the stupid banner at the bottom, that's the only reason people pay, it is like this for all of tier apps, they have two of each app one with a banner taking up like 1/4 of your screen, and a paid one that is like how a normal app should be.

  • Doesn't work with Bluetooth keyboard

    by Sammy22369812

    Not a bad app, but the inability to use my external keyboard is frustrating!

  • Calculator

    by Cindymcphers

    I like the use of a large screen, quick and easy to use.

  • Best

    by 7h3 0n3

    This apps is the best

  • Calculator

    by MauriH

    Easy to use, works great for what use it for. Just wish it didn't constantly have the upgrade flash at the bottom.

  • Shirley

    by Takenostuff

    Great app

  • Great basic calculator!

    by Jonesmel148

    Great basic calculator

  • It meets my basic needs.

    by Leadingladyliane

    This calculator meets my basic needs. I don't need the scientific part so it's just what I need.

  • Great app

    by No time for chillin

    Does what you want, with no issues.

  • Calculator

    by taylormade r7

    Nice app

  • Awesome!!

    by kimmis12

    Great and easy and simple. That's all i need!

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