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- Securely access Outlook Email and Calendar
- TOP 5 business apps for last 12 months
- #1 Outlook/Exchange Email App

Read and compose Outlook emails and manage your calendar directly from any iOS device. No more using the web browser to access your Outlook account!

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS now included. Access multiple mailboxes and calendars. Great for quickly combining all of your email addresses.
(Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
Office 365 business, Gmail,, Yahoo, AOL, and more)

-Read and reply to all Outlook email (includes subfolders)
-Open and forward attachments
-Compatible with PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG files

- Rich HTML Text Editing
- Out of Office
- Scheduling Assistant

-View, create calendar events (and reminders)
-Search Exchange Global Address Book
-Access contact details (name, tile, phone)

-Landscape mode (great for iPad)
-User-friendly design with easy navigation
-Excellent customer support

-Signature feature available
-Passcode protection for extra security
-Secure login

-Works on iPhone, iPad over 3G or WiFi
-Connect to Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010
-Compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Gmail,, Yahoo, AOL

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Customer Reviews

  • Just purchased today and it is working great!

    by IntentGrowth

    Just purchased this app, added my account information and the app worked seamlessly connecting to my exchange account. I am able to access my emails, calendar, tasks, all perfectly. I am thinking that a lot of the comments that you may get in the one or two star range are because of user error. Just saying......Love this app!

  • Perfect

    by MD from MA

    Been using Mail+ for two weeks now. It has made life so much easier. I was up and running minutes after downloading the app.

  • Good but missing a major feature

    by Chataut

    This app is great. However one very important feature is missing - there is no meeting reminder prior to the meeting (message pops up right at the meeting time). I really hope this feature gets added.

  • Love!!

    by Poetic82

    Awesome app for my work email!!

  • Awesome Customer Support

    by Daniel Walt

    I had trouble logging into my account at first (not knowing the correct username or address to put in), but I just had to send an email and they were extremely quick and helpful with figuring out how to set up my email. Great app, absolutely love the layout and options available.

  • Awesome!

    by Capper9976

    I only downloaded this app one day ago. Already it is my number one app. So useful and feature rich. Stable and awesome in all ways. I hardly write reviews so that is saying something...

  • Okay but frequently crashes

    by Cofblue

    I recently bought this because I want to go back to Outlook on my PC and thought this would make it a bit more seamless with handling my email. Other people have commented on the frequent crashes and I agree, as in it will sometimes crash 3, 4 times in a row. The app has a lot of potential,and I don't plan to delete it, but for now, I'll probably stay with One of the Gmail apps, probably GWhizz unless someone has a better suggestion.

  • Great app

    by velcrojones

    This app is smooth and easy to operate, keeping me up to date on work emails.

  • Heavy Duty Mail App

    by lksejf;awego;i jreaerghe;a g

    I tested this program now for 2 full month with an outlook exchange account and ~3000 emails a months. It performed without crashes or issues. It is much better than the native mail program for heavy email users since it allows filtering and sorting. Attachments work well, no issues.

  • Amazing

    by Sablecougar

    Best Outlook app I have found yet, and there are precious few of them out there. They have yet to integrate notes directly (available in email folders though) and no categories in tasks yet, but given the slickness of this interface, I'd say such improvements are most likely on the horizon. Very well thought out app and a dream to navigate. Keep up the good work! Some reviews mention a lot of crashes, while it does crash from time to time, it has never done so in a manner that has caused anything more than a mild annoyance. It is clearly a complex app that will take a little bit of fine tuning. I'm willing to give the developer a little room and see what they can come up with.

  • Couldn't do without this app

    by Mikerrrrrrrr

    Minor issue considering how often I use it. It makes life easier in keeping up with the work related email. Now if I could only get it to attend the meetings for me.....

  • Phs-Manager

    by <>

    This app is perfect to work on the go. It is the best app you can have that will allow you to be updated with current work tasks. You don't have to wait to get back to the office, the office is now in your hands. Kudos to the developers... Thank you

  • Love It!

    by s-p-m

    This app reformats OWA into a really nicely done native app. The previous app I used did some very minor reformatting but still required a lot of pinching and zooming. This is 1000% better. Much easier to get in, do what I have to do, and get out. Love it!

  • Great for Outlook users

    by Guuü

    This app which works on the IPAD and iPhone is pretty great if you’ve wanted a way to have an Outlook-like experience on IOS. Specifically, the ability to create nicer-looking/formatted emails with Bullet points that work has really limited IOS devices when composing a substantive email. Also, the ability send attachments through Dropbox is a step forward. The fact that you can easily toggle between mail, calendar, contacts and tasks on one pain inside the apps is nice. So far, I haven’t seen any big issues and I’m converting to using this as my main IOS mail app. I use hosted exchange with Intermedia, and set up was a snap.

  • New user

    by WashMIEd

    Running flawlessly under iOS on iPhone 5S.

  • Great app & great support

    by ArthurMcK

    The app works perfectly and makes accessing my work email a snap. I had some issues getting it set up with my settings (my fault) but they have excellent support and got me set up quickly!

  • Had difficulty at first

    by Tibbs8119

    When I first installed the app I could not get it to connect. I messaged the developer and they explained I needed to add / at the end of the server address. After I did that everything worked extremely well. I love being able to get my work email on my ipad & iphone. The developer was also quick to answer my question. Highly recommended.

  • Getting there - Looking forward to future updates!

    by Mordechai Weinberger

    As a business user, I love this app. It has so many important functions that is lacking in the built in iOS email app. While It's not perfect, it's close to it and the developer is constantly updating it with new features and also responds very quickly to issues. Looking forward to future updates.

  • Very nice!!!

    by Traz101

    Works great for email and calendar. The app is getting better with every update. I have been using it for years.

  • Great and Getting Better

    by SeñorBubba

    I started using this app a little over a year ago because it was the best alternative to trying to use OWA on our no-ActiveSync corporate email system. The app performs all functions well, and has only a few minor flaws. I highly recommend it.

  • Missing key features

    by RaceH2O

    Has some nice ideas and great potential. The UI is very clean and welcome. Lacks recurring appointments (at least with my Office 365 account). Seriously?! Contacts need a lot of work. Searching by company name doesn't seem to work (including partial names). Contact "Personal Contacts" only lists lname,fname - no option to list by file name. So company-only contacts (no name associated) looks terrible (have to open to figure out which contact belongs to a company). Attachments to email is nice... Supporting pictures/video like most other clients... But also supports Dropbox and Box files. Nice! Once again, uninstalling app until next major version can be reviewed because it is missing too many obvious items. Can see the potential.

  • Crash city

    by Inurfacecase

    This app crashes all the time ! I can't access specific folders and takes forever to load them. Once I do , it crashes!!!

  • Worst!

    by BrianAlex

    I read several bad reviews and still purchased this. It only worked one time when I first downloaded! All mails with attachments were not viewable. Its tasks were not always working. Disappointed!

  • Same bug going 4 months

    by Jahhhdhjf

    The app support for ikonic is an embarrassment. The 5 star ratings on here are from them do not purchase this joke of an app.

  • Should have read the reviews closer

    by TexL23

    I was looking for a substitute for Outlook e-mail for my ipad. This is not the answer. It is no better than the resident e-mail on Ipad 4. Fortunately the cost the app is not that great ($5.99) so the loss is not great. Trying to get a refund is not hardly worth the effort. I receive a lot of e-mails regularly and being able to review, catorgize, and easily save in separate folder is vital. This app is not the answer.

  • Too many problems

    by Cofblue

    I recently bought this because I want to go back to Outlook on my PC and thought this would make it a bit more seamless with handling my email. Wrong. In addition, as others have stated, it crashes repeatedly. It also has the worst Search of any app I've used. This app has potential, but it needs a lot of work.

  • Junk

    by John Hirst

    Don't waste your money. Crashes constantly. No way to shut off alerts and they come in groups. Nothing for an hour then 20 messages come in at once with 20 alerts.

  • frustrating

    by Turkeydribble

    spent 50% of my time staring at unresponsive screen. when you select functions or folders, nothing happens.

  • Constant Crashing

    by POTUSNY

    Might be a good app but impossible to tell with constant crashes on iOS7

  • Don't get it...

    by Oh it's just me :)

    Doesn't work for my outlook email. PLEASE HELP ME

  • iPhone 5

    by Ser5469

    Says failed to refresh. Please fix !

  • Awful

    by Kjenn8

    App always crashing. Doesnt refresh the way it should. Signature issues. For business use, this app is not reliable and regret spending $6 on it

  • Can't get it to connect to my OWA

    by tchristian34

    Looks like its a very nice app from the pics and comments of some others. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work with my OWA server. If I can get it to work, be happy to rate it higher. Unfortunately I just donated $6 to their developers for nothing in return. Email Help was not very helpful.

  • Are you kidding me?

    by Drawer2990

    I bought this app for 6$ only for it to crash immediately every time I try to sign in. DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO THROW AWAY SIX BUCKS. Waste of money and time.

  • No Support

    by Rpcampos

    I cannot make this work, the support does not exist. I emailed the company 2 times and no reply from their side. Waste of my money. DO NOT BUY THIS APP

  • Refresh lockup STILL 4 months!!!

    by Jahhhdhjf

    Dont be fooled by these 5 star ratings submitted by ikonic... Failed to refresh every time. Also read messages show unread even after opening them. Now messages dont even open... Just avoid this app before it's too late. Support is obviously a low priority. Dont be fooled by the 5 star reviews on here. They're probably from this so called support team...

  • Trash Can Missing

    by Shereenjohnson

    Too cumbersome to delete email.

  • Buggy and missing features

    by RaceH2O

    Has some nice ideas. Lacks recurring appointments (at least with my Office 365 account)? Notes fields doesn't show content in appointment detail until I save (so can't see what I am typing).

  • Does not work

    by Slclimber

    Don't waste your money if you want to use this to connect to OWA. It does not connect and support has not offered any help.

  • Very Nice App

    by jbb_mog

    This app has helped me keep up with work emails. The features available are convenient and consistent. I would like a little better handling of calendar of events, namely being able to send an email to the meeting invitees (reason for 4 stars and not 5 stars). Otherwise, the app is great.

  • Do not purchase.

    by AJS830

    App doesn't work right. Such a waste of money. BUYERS BEWARE!!

  • Unimpressed

    by Dr_Deloz

    Was searching for a more streamlined use of Outlook on my phone. Tinkered about with this for a good while and couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to do. Money not well spent unfortunately. The interface isn't bad though.

  • Not right for primetime...

    by yufasa

    First off, this app crashes constantly when accessing the calendar and I mean constantly. I read reviews here and ignored them, but take them seriously if you want to drop $6 down the drain. There is also no way to tell if you have unread e-mails in another account until you switch to that account. I have two accounts set up and I have to switch between them to see if there is any new email. There is also no way to see just your unread email. I frequently leave unimportant emails to follow up later and they scroll way down my inbox by the end of the day and therefore need an easy way to get to it. Calendar integration is lacking. In one case, in the hour I have been using it, it lost this weeks appointments and I had to close the app manually and restart it to get that back. And this is the rub, I really wanted this app for the promised calendar functionality. I sincerely hope that this app will improve, but right now the the Apple mail app is way more functional than this one...

  • Much Improved...

    by Drive_One

    I use this software daily at work to manage email while away from my desk. Recent versions have become more robust and the developers have been able to tap more features on the OWA server. My only issue now is that spelling errors are no longer highlighted. This is a minor issue. I would highly recommend this for those with access to an OWA server.

  • Waste of my money

    by Adel Hameed

    Given to them, it's a good interface. One of the main advantages of Outlook is task management and putting deadlines on the flagged emails. This app offers what's already there in the original mail app of the iPhone. I think they should refund me my money, coz I had it literally 10 to 15 minutes on my phone and then deleted it. Regards, Adel

  • Getting better

    by Pjandy

    I downloaded this app a few months ago and first impression was it was just soso, but they've been updating and it's been getting better and better. Still missing some things like flags, categories, but it's definitely a useful app

  • Deleted this horrible app

    by sworkz

    I was patient but this app never worked correctly. I could receive messages but it would never send messages. I triple checked the information and copied the outgoing server on another app worked like a charm. This app kept closing and just never worked right. Tried contacting customer service but after one email four days after the request for help I didn't have time to mess around since was hoping to use app for business. When I started to not be responsive to my customers the app had to go. Found one that worked out the gate and now happy.

  • Excellent but need one thing

    by شاكر لكم

    Excellent app and very supportive but can you please integrated with the IOS calendar as when received invitation and accepted will be appear in the calendar as notification ... Thanks Actually deserving 5 stars ...

  • Basically Perfect

    by Nick luvs Meebo

    Only caveat is that I've only been using it a couple of days... This app blows me away. It doesn't copy Outlook; it's somehow a spot-on transliteration of Outlook in an iOS point-of-view. Honestly on of the best apps I've ever tried (and I have over 600, including at least 6 mail apps) P.S. Cloze seems really interesting, too, so far.

  • Gr8 app!

    by Nubba Nubba

    Works for me gr8 for calendars & email through Outlook & syncs pretty seamlessly - only issues for me is that it really doesn't update 'notes' as it should.

  • Great for school !

    by Ababyboo

    I use this app a lot to stay in touch with my teachers and it always lets me stay on top of my class work !!!

  • Too unreliable

    by Dsjm2002

    A nice effort, but the program freezes often and takes multiple attempts to switch from inbox to sent to draft folders. Also, the "search" tool does not work and can't pull up an email if you enter the title of it. For a paid app, I would expect it to work much better than the standard mail app on the iphone. I'm going back to the iPhone mail app until a more stable update can be implemented. It is nice that the calendar is integrated into the program, but the other shortfalls of the app make it more of a hassle to use than helpful.

  • Usefull but does not works in offline mode

    by JStabille

    App crashes and needs to be reinstalled. Calendar not sync easily

  • Update is terrible.

    by Michelle Flynn

    I have used this app for a year and a half no problems. Updated this week and now it continuously loads my emails. 7 copies in fact of every email. I read an email it goes back to showing unread.

  • Can't access my owa

    by JP2099

    I put in all the right settings and it won't access my owa. I am an IT Technician and work on PC's for a living. I tried their suggestions from their help emails to no avail. I found out their is another app that does work for the same price. I will have to try that one I guess. Wish it worked.


    by Grew up with Madonna

    Very very upset that I spent the money on this app. It keeps resetting my calendar and I am not happy does not work at all.

  • By far the best outlook app I tried!

    by Anthony Carrancho

    This is awesome!!! ive been looking for an outlook app that does everything i need. well worth the money!!

  • GREAT app!!

    by "Pod" User

    Always updating and staying current. Developer always gets back to me. I appreciate the app. Keeps me connected.

  • Connected

    by Tjloomis

    Keeps me connected to my e-mail and calendar when away from the office. Syncs effortlessly and is dependable.

  • Best Outlook App Available today!

    by Chandanais

    Anyone out there having issues with this app, please consider USER ERROR as a reason. This app is amazing! I just wish I could change the "notification" sound. It uses the default text tone which I want for texts, not email (1st World Problems!). Still love the app.

  • Refresh issues

    by waned good atpp

    I was using this app for work... Worked great. Now will not retrieve emails. Get same refresh error others reporting. Please fix outlook

  • Trash

    by supertech33

    Ever since update.. All it does is crash. I havent got it opened once. Previous versions were ok.

  • Out of Office

    by CassyH

    Always boots you out of the application when trying to modify the out of office message. Which is stupid when you force someone to pay for the feature!!

  • Still very good.

    by Bensmommy2

    I have been using this for several months and it is solid. It prompts for reviews after each update, but lots of apps do, which I think helps the developer, so long as we provide fair reviews and feedback. The last 2 updates fixed a few bugs. I did receive failed to refresh messages a few times, but pressing refresh usually fixed it. I had an issue with question marks replacing certain characters, but I contacted the developer and received a response and it was corrected in the next update. Overall, very good and I rely on it constantly.

  • Great app for business users!

    by bergamesco

    This is a great app allowing business folks the ability to have a native iOS experience for Outlook Exchange when corporate firewalls don't permit access. This app delivers a lot of integrated Outlook functionality. I especially love the quick touch "I'm running XX minutes late for this meeting" feature to send to meeting attendees. Great so far app designers - please stay focused and don't sacrifice core email platform stability or user experience for razzle dazzle new functionality.

  • Does The Job

    by Anthony Sumter

    I use this 3rd party app to connect to web mail link of my exchange server. This is a great app no issues and I get to stay in touch even when i'm remote.

  • Used to be a a Great App

    by Beth46

    I've used Mail Plus for a while on my iPhone and iPad. Now, the iPad version will not load or refresh. I've deinstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Support hasn't been able to help.

  • App FAILS to refresh after update!!

    by Pie rocks

    App worked great before the latest Dec upgrade!!!! Now it doesn't work at all! It says "failed to refresh"! I highly recommend saving your pennies on this one. It's useless!!!

  • It WAS a nice app

    by Some sound guy

    I used this app for a couple months to keep my work email segregated from my personal. Recently when it came time for the quarterly password change, the app stopped working. Despite numerous attempts and re-installing the app, I'm still getting nothing more than a 'failed to refresh' error. Hopefully support will come through.

  • Unable to open office documents

    by a real bartender

    Since the last update I am no longer able to open office documents. This app worked great up until then.

  • Slow and locks up

    by neps

    This app kills my productivity on most uses. It hangs from tasks like switching from mail to calendar or even when writing an email. Also it sometimes has issues sending where I'll have 20 versions saved as a draft or the email I thought I sent was still stuck in draft. I like the idea of it and the access it gives me, but these issues have been happening through several updates on multiple devices and I have not seen it get fixed.

  • Ok app

    by Bsnzjnsvsnsm sbbjshjzhhsbsvs

    Overall it's pretty good. Colors of labels don't populate in the calendar, the signatures don't load right in emails, and task completion doesn't modify on your desktop when you complete a task on the app. Other than that, it's ok.

  • Great app!

    by Zbaker82

    Must have for work.

  • Still works great 1 year +

    by MVP421022

    App has worked great to get my Outlook emails and see my work calendar. Really like the swipe menu.

  • Refresh lockup STILL

    by Jahhhdhjf

    Dont be fooled by these 5 star ratings submitted by ikonic... Failed to refresh every time. Also read messages show unread even after opening them. Now messages dont even open... Just avoid this app before it's too late. Support is obviously a low priority. Dont be fooled by the 5 star reviews on here. They're probably from this so called support team..

  • An app you cannot have a day without it


    I use this app every day. Once I am in train the day of my work starts with this app. One of best app I have ever purchased.

  • Good app! But fails to refresh sumtimes

    by App needs an update!

    I hateeee it when it says '''failed to refresh'''

  • Zero support, not full featured

    by TMHPA

    I purchased this app to be able to do "out of office messages" from my phone. I cannot figure out how to do this, so I emailed the support team to get an answer; still no response over a week later. Also The calendar does not show up using Outlook live exchange; again I emailed support but never got a response. I want a refund, but still not received the receipt so that I can request one Weeks later, no help, no refund!

  • A Great Help

    by LaserGuy1959

    This application has been a great help accessing my business email while my computer is not accessible.

  • Great app

    by MidNightRider1220

    It keeps getting better. Wish this would completely replace my desktop app, but it is close. Keep up the good work on it.

  • Eh

    by Reesiesmomma

    Bought this bc I needed more functionality than native app. Can't add event to calendar bc it won't let me change the time... Can't view shared calendars either...

  • Freezes a lot

    by BartCommute

    This app continually freezes up while opening emails as well as when I'm writing them (doesn't save them). "SLL error"s happen all the time when updating inbox. Very frustrating. If there's a better app I'm going to get it. I update it when available, seems to just get worse. Hopefully the help desk will get back to me.

  • Fantastic life saver

    by Wire Doc

    Used this app for a couple years until it suddenly stopped working for every user in my company that used this app. We can still log into the web app fine, just not with the Mail+ app. Updates, delete/reinstall all no help for any of us. No help from the vendor. Beware!

  • Purchaser

    by Purchaser 1340

    Did not work waste of money

  • Perfect

    by Virginia Baccellia

    Works great for government workers outlook email, calendars. So much easier to send emails through address books. So worth the money!

  • Good app

    by G C A P

    Strong work. Many useful features; regular updates.

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