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Thanks to all our users for your compliments!! Calculator™ is an enormuous success in all App Stores worldwide and we are happy to hear from customers from countries all over the world that Calculator™ is by far the best calculator solution available on the iPad!!

This update fixes some initial bugs and contains complete localization in the following language:

- French
- Dutch
- German
- Italien
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Japanese
- Chinese
- Russian

NOTE: We are working on a universal version of Calculator™ so everybody can use this app also on their iPhones for free!

We will keep you posted!

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
9750 Ratings
All Versions:
9835 Ratings


Calculator™ is the best calculator for your iPad!

An all in one universal application, no flaws and no additional costs for in-app purchases like others!

It provides all scientific and arithmetic functions. All operations like factorial, exponential, divisions, root, power and logarithm are supported. Including trigonometric functions like sin, arcsin, cos, arches, tangent, and more.

The expression view allows you to keep track of the calculations and the history overview shows your past calculations. Advanced features like the scientific calculator are just a swipe away. You will never lose track of your numbers anymore.

- Scientific and Basic calculator in Landscape and Portrait mode.
- Advanced functions accessible with a Swipe to the left or right
- History Tape
- Expression History, live as you type!
- Retina Display Support
- Radial and Degrees
- Swipe to edit/remove mistakes
- Fast App Switching
- Advanced Multi-Tasking support so you will never lose your calculations while changing to another application.

Calculator™ has the fastest launch possible so you will have access to your calculator within seconds!

Customer Reviews

  • Fully functional

    by Hogtrot

    Easy to use, very easy to read.

  • It is great

    by Coby72


  • Calculator

    by Bstonebraker

    I was looking for a simple calculator with large buttons and an easy display. This one satisfied all my requirements.

  • Great

    by Sarah 2233

    I love this app so much. I will tell my friends who are from others schools about this wonderful application.

  • Great App

    by SiRidge

    This should already be a part of the iPad; silly Apple. Great app though.

  • App

    by T.G.O. Tony

    Great App! I love it.

  • Great calculator

    by Halfpimt

    We use this app for everything

  • Calculator for Ipad

    by Oscarjpl

    Best calculator for an Ipad

  • Ms libra

    by leric1

    This app rates 5 star it resolves all my math issues well

  • Chopper239

    by Chopper239

    Just started to use it. So far I like it but will probably only use it for basic functions.

  • Great app

    by Ytudvim868769

    It's great ap.....

  • Neat calculator!!

    by Lock N Load

    I like the feature that let's you see your previous calculations.

  • Love the calculator❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Abbie23456789

    Best calculator I really love calculator!!!!

  • Calc

    by jrardin

    Great app. I use it for finance and network designing.

  • Go To Calculator

    by Jigger's Tattoo

    Best calculator for an iPad. Simple and intuitive to use, but has relatively sophisticated functions. Would be nice to have a % button. Other apps may be cuter or way more complicated, but this is the one that always gets used.

  • Easy, simple to use

    by MsGeriLynne

    Like the calculator. Really like the line itemization so as to verify you totals. Would recommend.

  • Really like it.

    by Purple Wind

    This calculator has very good functionality. I especially like the computation "storage". I use this calculator 90% of the time I need to do calculations. For everyday home use, it can't be beat.

  • Great product

    by Djcoleman 13

    Best calculator for the ipad

  • Easy and user friendly

    by Workwell01

    Very pleased with it. I would hope you would add a % button to help make these types of calculations quicker.

  • Love it

    by Mofus400

    Easy to use, very helpful.

  • Why


    I like this app for the basics, but i would like to easily press one button for SIN to the -1.

  • Why even deploy this app...

    by Jbigby0619873400

    My cat would have done a better job in calculating numbers; I don't even have a cat - did Sarah Palin's baby create this app?

  • Calculator

    by Langsdorf

    This calculator has a strip at the bottom that displays advertising. This is very annoying and should not be apart of a calculator that you already pay money for. They did not tell me that this distracting advertising was a part of the application or I would not have purchased it. My advice, purchase a different calculator application.

  • Calculator

    by Seedywill

    Good app. Need an RPN version.

  • Very fun math app.

    by Yo yo guys

    Nice calculator .....

  • The best one

    by WorldVasion


  • Excellent for small businesses & taxes

    by Yeeeeeaaaaauuuuhhhhha

    It's nice because I can see all my details of calculations and review them like we use to have it on printed, it's not complicated at all.

  • Cal v.1.1

    by stargatesg7

    Excellent app for basic calculations.

  • I like it

    by CostaRica96

    Full screen, simple calculator. Easy to use and see.

  • Useful tool

    by Dr. CB

    I need only the basics, but it's good to have the ability to do more. Like the ease of use and look. Seen others this was the easiest to navigate for what I need.

  • A++

    by TheWolfBeast

    Works great, Nuff said !

  • Basic and perfect

    by humble yogi

    This calculator is perfect and serves basic functions well. Would recommend

  • Easiest to use

    by McPIII

    Great app to have handy on all devices.

  • 361W2051

    by 361W2051

    Love this calculator. Does all that I need. Like the way it shows the entries as you continue on.

  • It's a calculator!

    by Joanie6

    This app does what it is supposed to do. Easy to read, big buttons, and a nice history feature. Simple, but perfect!

  • Great!

    by Shakee.

    Easy to use!

  • Good

    by Hvghigjfuctfut


  • Calculator Review

    by PwdAH

    Nice basic calculator, we'll laid out and easy to use. Still, I would find a loan function far more useful than the standard scientific functions that come with these apps.

  • Very goodn

    by hittdude

    Powerful and simple at the same time!

  • Real good

    by JessDion

    Enjoy it and it is very user friendly

  • Appreciate this calculator

    by koalabeebear

    It works great, thanks!

  • Calculator

    by Michael Adams

    Simple, easy reading & landscape view becomes sophisticated calculator.

  • Easy to use

    by Kurgen175

    Great for iPad. Would not change anything.

  • Easy to use in class

    by Hercules78044

    Love this calculators ability to store answers. My special needs students really have an easier time referring back to calculations.

  • Calculator

    by Gunner s

    Great look, like the notes off to the side. Great way to view.

  • Excellent so far

    by Clonsheefior

    See subject line.

  • Great

    by ajax7220

    Excellent app!

  • Calculator review

    by Tomatoted

    I like the versatility of the app. It does all I ask of it, therefore, I give it 5 stars.

  • Does the job

    by Max Herrington

    I use this for basic math and it works great!

  • Good so far

    by Jnp1620

    Just wish it would open a little faster, but really like all the features.

  • Love it !!!!

    by Carlybopper1234

    I love this game!!!! It is the best app for homework ever !!!!!!!!

  • Smart and easy

    by PC 3498

    This app is smart and easy to use...I took the others off my iPad and only use this now.

  • Beware

    by LadyLitespeed

    In the app you will be invited to upgrade to the full version. In the app description, it says the app is on sale for 99 cents. I purchased it and was charged $1.99 (which is what was shown on the purchase button). The calculator is fine, but don't be misled about the price.

  • Nice easy calculator to use

    by Zebbidog

    Has most common function and makes for a nice calculator on the iPad.

  • Calculator usurps audio

    by laminatedhalo

    Opening this calculator pauses music since it takes control of the audio stream. Also, the screen shots are misleading since they only show the app after an in-store upgrade has been purchased. Developer honesty fail.

  • Good

    by Savannah. 3465729790853267

    It works very good

  • Great so far

    by snoopy5435

    No complaints. Works great.

  • Calculator

    by dennis obrien

    Easy o use. Very helpful!

  • Nothing Fancy but Exactly What I Need

    by Eri5437

    The best thing about this calculator app is when I hold my iPad landscape, right side become a record of my past calculations. This great when you happen to forget or lose track of your calculations.

  • Love It,

    by KC.tac

    Best calculator I have found!

  • Alexa

    by Hhhfig

  • Love it!

    by Boodapug

    Does what it's supposed to do and no annoying pop up messages every time I open it (like the last calculator app I had). I like the calculation history and that it shows what I have entered for each calculation so I can double check my input.

  • Calculator

    by S. A. 1946

    Has all basics. Like tape memory.

  • Highly Recommend

    by Marigold953

    I have used multiple calculator apps on both my iPad & iPhone. This by far is the best!!! I love how it gives you the notepad next to it so you can keep track of where you are should you get interrupted. I would highly recommend this app!!!

  • Great App!

    by funkybluegrass

    As a pilot I use calculators every day for multiple purposes (logbook, calculating performance data, etc). This calculator is simple and just works. Smooth, simple, love it.

  • Great app

    by dat04

    Was looking for a basic calculator app. This one works great.

  • Great App

    by Janai malone

    Great for school work. The ads aren't distracting!!

  • Best Simple & Effective Calc App

    by LithiumMethoxide

    When I got my iPad Mini Retina, I was pretty surprised to see a calculator doesn't come preinstalled. After checking out a few of the options on the App Store this one looked simple without any other extra gimmicks to be bothered about. There is an ad at the bottom of the screen, but it's not overly distracting. The apps history feature is very handy for doing multiple equations without having to copy & paste or write down previous answers. For a simple and easy calculator app, you really can't go wrong with this.

  • Calculator

    by Mumzie13

    This app is large, easy to see and use.

  • HR

    by 1TLM5

    Love the Calculator App!

  • Great calculator

    by Lego boy 57

    Great calculator

  • Nice App!

    by susan gould

    Very serviceable! The "tape" memory feature is very handy!

  • Easy

    by Conniesroom

    Absolutely the best calculator app you'll ever need or want :)

  • Works well

    by Newarkdag

    I use it to check my children's homework. It works well and my kids use it for the same purposes.

  • Good app

    by I N T L

    Great calculator Though there could be a few more functions

  • Reliable calculator

    by Swat daddy

    Good and clear, works well

  • Great app!

    by Bejjie

    Love this app! Easy to use,

  • Awesome

    by Sugaspice22

    Great calculator!!!!

  • Great Calculator

    by RickySyxx

    Awesome calculator, by far the easiest one to use.

  • Excellent App

    by EDDR6869

    I would highly recommend this app. It works great.

  • Very convenient

    by Monotheism

    This app is very convenient and easy to use. Being that I use my iPad for most of my business, it was convenient to have a calculator app.

  • Nice Calculator

    by DMC401


  • Aaaaaa#########

    by Bxbz


  • Calculates as expected

    by Folsom Fallies

    It is easy to use and operates as expected

  • Not Full Version

    by technojerry

    You can't even try the scientific function part of the calculator without doing an in app buy for the full version. The description doesn't even tell you that. It also hasn't been updated since Jan 2012.

  • Great

    by TUU@12

    Great app.

  • Drool

    by DGCooley

    Great app

  • I love having this app

    by Ms. Mary J

    The history calculations 'tape' window makes it a great tool for my office and at home.

  • reviewer

    by !@#$1234

    REALLY GREAT. I've tried several for the iPad and this is by far the best one. Works very well. I do wish I could lock the screen when I turn the device so the calculator wouldn't switch to a scientific calculator. Functions Great! Love it. Highly recommend. Renata

  • Very good calculator

    by hliu98

    It is one of the best calculator after test more than ten other calculator app.

  • Great app

    by TheFoxyLady54

    Quick, easy to use. The only calculator I have on my iPad.

  • Wrong calculation.

    by JpWhite22

    I am deleting it. It told me several times that 45 x .75 = 78.75. There was absolutely no 1 in front of the .75 and I have several screenshots of the program's blatant error. Scary if you are using the calculator for something important. I am just linking to google's calculator as a link on my main screen. See ya...

  • Great job yo

    by Ishaan5000

    Your great app helps me a lot.i think this is the best calculator I've ever used

  • Excellent app

    by Joselsanchezm

    I like it a lot but is not full version

  • Easy to use

    by Wuhusihaiweijia

    It' very easy to use.

  • Lies

    by Ivan256

    Says no in app purchase and then has a "buy the full version" button right on the main screen.

  • love easy!

    by EJB*

    This calculator is so easy, no learning curve and it does what I need. Having the totals stay in sight makes it even better.

  • Fulleroutwest

    by Fulleroutoutwest

    I love the simplicity of the calculator. It does everything I need.

  • Works Great

    by John07444

    Works as promised every time!

  • Calculator app

    by Mommageri

    Love this app. Don't have to search for an old timer calculator. Numbers are easy to read

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