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Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video and anything from the web on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop. No remotes required. Cast your favorites from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Hulu Plus, HBOGO, Pandora and many more apps to your TV with the press of a button.

Use the Chromecast app to:

• Set up your Chromecast to work with your Wi-Fi network
• Manage your Chromecast settings (such as changing your device name, Wi-Fi password, etc.)

Customer Reviews

  • Great but...

    by twelve two

    I only wish I could cast from apps like watchESPN. Would be perfect.

  • Love this for now- expand to more streaming sources

    by tojour

    Great buy- limited options. Hope steeaming sources expand soon

  • Perfect!

    by Bossy Katie

    This product is great! I can stream movies from my iPad to my tv and use my iPad for games and the internet at the same time. It also doesn't affect the picture quality if I'm streaming Netflix and hanging out on the internet. Overall I am very pleased with this product and how easy it is to use.

  • Great purchase for price

    by Cails17

    I was either going to choose Apple TV or Chrome Cast. Comparing prices, I chose chromecast. I didn't like that I had to download Netflix to my phone, I thought it was already installed to the chrome cast, otherwise it's worth the price. If I had the money, I would have gotten Apple TV because it accepts more apps.

  • OK??

    by Jon H 0717

    its funny how its called chrome cast and it does not support chrome itself. Im starting to feel regret for buying this..just sad


    by Baileysue2

    I'm on my iPad 4 and everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT the Netflix app does not have the cast button..?????? I updated it, uninstalled and reinstalled it and still no change. I even uninstalled and reinstalled this app and there is still no cast button. Google. Someone. Please. Help. Me.

  • Chrommecast

    by romaniangurl

    I was thrilled when they came out with this new device. It does everything it is intended to do. Way to go google.

  • Crome


    Muy buena aplicación funciona muy bien

  • Great app!

    by Apple Lover7262

    The only thing I want is for the MTV app to work with chromecast so I can watch shows like teenwolf with it

  • Pretty fricking legit

    by sharpsteve2


  • Great

    by 7 Points

    Heard about this device a couple days ago people tried to talk me outta getting the chromecast and going with roku because roku has more apps but I'm sure with growing popularity chromecast will be up on the charts. Setup was a breeze for me seeing my routers outdated it still works great slight buffing when I'm in a room furthest from my router but nothing crazy so far I'm liking chromecast and can't wait to see future developments/apps

  • SO useful! Almost perfect

    by Avid Netflixer

    Chrome cast is such a useful device. Works perfectly, great quality, easy use. The only thing it needs is more streaming services, PLEASE ADD CRUNCHYROLL!!

  • Great device!!!

    by Sw0rd7

    Great device in only 2 minutes I setup the app, it's working perfect

  • Please try it. Works as advertised

    by Hochipad

    I set it up using the ipad app. I followed the instructions provided. Read the other reviews who made it work. Connect to the device like a wifi hotspot. Follow the instructions. Then go to chromecast website for a quick tutorial. Please try it. Be sure you can return it without any hassles or expense.

  • Great little compact device

    by Don't Dowload

    Configuring is easy!

  • So awesome!

    by Hidizzle08

    I love the chromecast! Definitely awesome :)

  • Great app - some research needed though

    by Carlos Panting

    Amazing device, works pretty good on all my devices...make sure to download RealPlayer Cloud app as well to cast local files without any lag or skipping

  • Okay...

    by xXGreatPersonXx

    Cannot play video from the Chrome web browser which is practically why I purchased it if there can please be an update for Chrome because it currently can't cast from the web browser.

  • Don't forget to change your network!

    by C013man

    Saw this piece of advice in the reviews and it saved a huge headache. Once your Chromecast is plugged in, change the WiFi on your device to the Chromecast's name, THEN proceed with installation. Should work perfectly.

  • Worth it!

    by Ianrich511

    This thing is awesome. Easy to set up and does everything except play iTunes DRM files but that's because Apple is a bunch of Nazis.

  • Should be updated

    by Caguaspr

    Need be updated to other Apps.

  • Good idea theoretically

    by Eric5086

    Never finds chrome cast on iPad or PC. My network works perfectly. Poor execution by google

  • Junk

    by Frustrated with this crap

    I was very excited to get this for Christmas, but it works sporadically at best. I have has to reset my router several times to get the freaking app to recognize the device. The tv says the device is on, but the phone app cannot seem to find it. It is very frustrating and not worth your money. Get a roku instead.

  • Piece of .....

    by LAFilmsound


  • Cannot find connection

    by Boa1150

    My iPad cannot find chromecast after successful setup. Tried a few times... Stupid app!

  • No Chromecast for Chrome browser???

    by Red_Mama

    Why doesn't Google make their own browser a compliant Chromecast app on iOS devices? I hate having to haul out my work Windows 7 notebook to Chromecast websites to my TV instead of just using my iPhone or iPad. You would think they would make their own products work together in iOS.

  • Try ctrl open must be mp4

    by Sam01xo

    Seems we are getting shafted by @pp£€ and g00g£€. Rather than competing on the basis of quality, features, or price, the trap you in their ecosystem. Wanna watch the season (or half season rather) of breaking bad using your chromcast? Then plan on an elaborate BS workaround.

  • Lies

    by wherl

    The chrome cast box says "send video or anything on the web to your TV from your smart phone, tablet or laptop" Lies

  • Does not work!

    by HKindig

    Very disappointing. Can't stream from Chrome tabs, and dongle not recognized by PC. Save your money--simply does not work as advertised.


    by JakalRunRoundNRound

    Come on Google, you must know that you have limited your device, ON YOUR END, I might add... Sure, waiting for supported apps and such, I get it. But where is the simple stuff, you know the stuff we thought you were made of... How about streaming any stored video on my iDevice? How bout casting slideshows of my stored photos? How about increasing ability of casting from an online source? Integrate with your own Chrome app and allow me to cast any and all streaming videos from the browser, just like from a PC but from my smartphone. 2 stars for now, upon increased integration/cast-ability, I will gladly increase my star rating!

  • No se puede instalar

    by Davidpelas

    No puedo intalar chromecast en mi iPad primera generación porque en la caja de este producto no especifica que no funciona con este iPad solo tire el dinero a la basura. Debería especificar y así las personas no tirarían su dinero amenos que hagan una a tu actualización para este tipo de iPad.

  • Not good for college campuses!!

    by dave the friend of viny the sex ho

    If you live at home and are using your own personal wifi, then it works as advertised. As a college student, using wifi for the entire campus that requires a username and password, there is no way to input both the username and the password, so the chromecast is utterly useless.

  • I loved it while it lasted

    by evilynVSsheira

    I bought this the first week of Dec, it was easy to set up and started using it right away. I loved it!! I left for vacation (8 days). When I returned it stopped working. I spoke to one of the best buy people they said that I should power it using the power outlet rather than powering it up from the tv, I did that. Still nothing, as a matter of fact I can no longer cast from anything (iPhone, iPad, laptop). I also had my internet speed checked and it's the turbo one. Needless to say I loved it while it lasted! I just wish it lasted longer.

  • Super cool! The 10% of the time it actually works.

    by margiecakes

    I'm glad it was inexpensive, because it doesn't work the majority of the time. It's glitchy and laggy and most of the time when I try to watch a video I get the 'There was an error playing this video. Please choose another video' message. Funny, because the video works just fine on my ipad/phone/computer. The little brain in the chromecast just can't handle the very tasks it's intended to complete. Bummer.

  • Love it!

    by ChrisTheRogers

    This app/device is awesome! It turns your hd tv into a smart tv for less than 30$

  • Piece of crap

    by amiracle66

    Freezes a lot 70% of the time . Not worth the headache. Stick to something else like the roku

  • Pretty lackluster

    by floyd-y

    This isn't a review of this app, rather the device and functionality itself. This device pales in comparison to the Apple TV for iOS devices. Apple TV can stream so much more and ironically more freely than the chromecast can, which is limited to a handful of apps. Further, the control is not particularly intuitive without a dedicated GUI for the chromecast and access to apps there is a huge potential for bugs. Eg. I'm casting pandora right now which uses the iPad's volume in addition to the tv,s volume. Switching to another app and back changes the volume. Incredibly annoying. I feel shackled using the chromecast.

  • What's to come?!

    by Jrose4296

    This app is basically useless. But I hope the engineers will figure out a way that you can be playing a video/movie and be able to listen to it through headphones while the tv is muted. Huh? Good idea?

  • Works as expected

    by bpeltz

    I'm very pleased with the chromecast device and app. Apps work as I expected and the quality is very good. No issues with lag or anything else. Even though our wireless router is in the basement and we are on the top floor.

  • Adult Swim

    by Bernedette Vindell

    This thing is awesome with a phone better with a laptop. Now just let people program they're apps to work with chromecast like Watch Adult Swim

  • Almost useless

    by dennis18r

    Aside from being portable, it's a cheap version of Apple TV that can't do 95% of anything useful. It does stream Plex app nicely but everything else is pixelated. And nothing about controlling it is intuitive at all. Maybe many updates from now it will be good. But for now , I'll just use my Apple TV. At least that actually works

  • Ok

    by brk7894

    Need to be updated so you can chromecast from mobile! More app support!

  • Perfect

    by The-beagle

    Does exactly what it claims. Couldn't be any easier.

  • Great

    by PopePeter

    At first I thought it wasn't very good... But then I realized that my router just wasn't good enough to keep up. Replaced it with a new router and boom! Everything is great.

  • Good device, bad operators

    by PC-guy

    This device does what it says it does. Most of the negative reviews are by people who really have no business talking about technology. A 3rd grader can operate the device and software. Anyone who cannot is most likely experiencing an ID-10-T error.

  • Worth it

    by Timothy Andrea

    Works well with netflix and HBO plus which is basically all i use it for. It is super simple to set up and basically does it for you. The only thing I can't figure out is how to cast my chrome browser off my iPhone 5s to my TV. All in all I think it's a great product that will only get better. Don't listen to the trolls.

  • Piece of crap

    by amiracle66

    Freezes a lot 70% of the time . Not worth the headache. Stick to something else

  • Don't Waist Your Money On Garbage!!!

    by Kaid Pederson

    Flat out doesn't work.

  • App is Worthless

    by jonnymohio

    The Chromecast device itself is great. Runs as it should off my laptop. The app will not connect to the Chromecat, so it's useless. I've rebooted, reset to factory settings, even reinstalled the app, but it will not function. I have an iPhone 5s 32 Gigs, so it is the latest model.

  • Ups and Downs

    by The Review

    Ups: - Resolution as good as Ultra HD 1080+ - Fast and No lag - Very Mobile - etc. ___________________________ Downs: - AirPlay / Mirroring should be added - ChromeCast Has to be plugged in at all times (Unlike the commercial which is not a surprise) ___________________________ I don't have that many complaints. DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY!! go to Best Buy and get one for $30 or find one cheaper online. It would really great if mirroring was added.

  • Good buy

    by @Swaglessj

    Limited functionality concerning apps. The only negative. Finally a product that doesn't over charge. If your flat screen doesn't have woof and built in apps. This is perfect.

  • Ok

    by bbkevin

    Ok, but nothing special. I would expect more from google. Save your money and buy a ROKU.

  • Hoo-ah

    by Ksteele79

    Needs to come with setup instructions for first time users. Works fantastic with plex. Use my phone to cast movies to my TV from my computer(server) and they play like a charm.

  • Ignore negative comments

    by Jacob_Z

    They must have terrible internet or something. My connection is decent, at best, and this thing works flawlessly. And setup could not possibly be easier. Easily worth $35.

  • Works as advertised

    by Noonetakemynick

    Installed and works flawlessly on my Cisco router. It did require an automatic update but after rebooting itself connected with no issues. Netflix streams smoothly without interruption so not sure about all the negative comments; likely (user) home network related. Worth the price but hope more apps are supported later so you can view stored media direct from your mobile device.

  • Works great

    by Eln557

    Plugged it in. Updated. Streamed. Very simple, and as far as u can tell, compatible. I live in rural montana with a slow connection and it runs great and hd quality.

  • Works great

    by Eln557

    Plugged it in. Updated. Streamed. Very simple, and as far as u can tell, compatible. I live in rural montana with a slow connection and it runs great and hd quality.

  • Muy mala.. Muchos errores de conexión .. No sirve .

    by Abelito el pandita

    No sirve ..

  • Half baked product

    by Macroran

    Perhaps good for people don't hand Apple TV. At this price point, it's worth a try only. The dongle design with a power cable attached is not an elegant design. The setup process seems easy but many unnecessary steps. Streaming takes a while in the beginning, not smooth user experience, but it's gets better after like 5 seconds. User interface is ok. Given how big google is, releasing a half baked product seems like a defensive move. Not even support 1080p while Netflix is talking about 4k streaming. One star for functionally works only on limited applications.

  • Enjoyable

    by Cho66

    I received it as a gift after using my parents' for awhile. It works very well and does what it says it does with all of my devices. It also has picked up on all the routers I have tried it on. I can't wait until more apps come out. I own a projector as well and it plugs right in. It makes movie nights much easier. I own a 5s, an ipad 3, and a hp computer.

  • Chrome

    by Bastian39

    Very nice but does not work with netflix

  • Great for what it does

    by Eric Raney

    Does great for what it does and will only get better. Best 35 bucks I have spent.

  • WOW

    by Mkmmomo

    This amazing product will kill the Apple TV one day. For the price, you get everything you could ask for and more. I feel like Google will continue to add features and apps. One day, it will be able to do everything the Apple TV can do and for a huge price difference. I couldn't be happier with the purchase and I highly recommend.


    by Kyson121213

    Could you make it so that you can cast from the app i would love it but other than that it is awsome

  • Crashes on my iPad 3

    by Jado Cast

    Constantly crashes. This was a waste of money.

  • Awesome

    by Treedawgin

    I don't know why everyone is having so many problems with this app or chromecast in general. Excellent picture quality, no lag, fast connectivity, and ease of setup. I bought this from bestbuy for $29.00 online and picked it up 45 min later. When I hooked it up I had to disable "guest" mode on my modem but that was the only issue, after that I was "casting". I have an iPhone 4S, DSL, and use my carriers modem with wifi and have ZERO problems. Sure I wish I could "cast" pictures and video off my phone but maybe later on it will be added to the app but for now you get what you pay for. I'm glad I didn't go off the reviews on here.

  • jUNK

    by Gyjhfhcfjvd

    No good it's a pos. Should have been Bluetooth not wifi it is junk going back to my apple streamer

  • Terrible. Waste of time and money.

    by Scotty mn45

    DOES NOT WORK. Instructions are poorly written. Keeps insisting I download the You Tube app which I already have installed! Directs troubleshooting to special Google site which is 180 degrees removed from things you love about Google. Epic failure.

  • Doesn't work on my new mini iPad

    by BlackNurvana

    And have no idea why

  • Works well!

    by BriNicole72

    The Chromecast device and app were easy to set up. Works well with our wifi despite the fact that our modem is downstairs. We use our Chromecast on the sole television in our house without cable. The one drawback has to be the small number of applicable apps. Vevo was just added so perhaps more decent apps will be added in the near future. Great start!

  • The Best Thing Ever

    by Fix it please!!!!!.,..

    Awesome, not much else to say about it other than the title. Just stop reading reviews and just get the app!! :)

  • Easy!

    by Scarud

    Hooked up and updated easily. HBO go works great on it. And small. First day no complaints.

  • Works good

    by AntPit

    Setup was easy enough and video streams just fine. I was able to link up my iPad and my wife's Nexus at the same time. Wish it would stream my photos or own videos.

  • To people who can't connect please read!

    by Ryan Imondi

    During the setup process you need to change your wifi network on your computer/device to the one the Chromecast is transmitting after you power it up. The name of its network is shown on the initial setup screen on your TV. It is something along the lines if 'chromecast####'. After you connect your device to the chromecast's network, search for the device again, AND THEN it allows you to connect to your household wifi network! For some stupid reason Google failed to make this step obvious in their instructions!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Jontai1

    This thing is great! Of course it needs an internet connection, of course it needs to be plugged in, if it's slow it must be a slow internet connection, mine works 100% fine :) why people complain? I love it!!!

  • Add this!!!!!

    by MagicWolf911

    Make it show what your doing on your phone.Play a game,it'll show.Make it like that please!!!!!!!

  • Chrome browser

    by eliezer raksin

    I'm waiting for the bowser to work

  • Needs to work with Google Drive

    by Grassy813

    Make it work with your own products like google drive. Then people could bring up presentations, docs, etc on a tv for work. Then you have huge value in the work place

  • I'm Disappointed

    by Usacoder

    'Nuff said. Almost useless with an Ipad.

  • Lack of features

    by David Tropiano

    Would be nice if there was a universal remote function from this app as it's often pain to navigate in streaming apps.

  • POS

    by Bygnutz

    If and when it decides to work ,pretty good, I have enjoyed it about 20 min, then hours resetting,rebooting etc

  • Please !!!

    by Leenang

    Please include Tunein Radio and more apps !!!

  • Great app

    by Mattypoospartacus

    This app streams wonderfully. I think all the bad reviews are because other apps which are used for this app Are still glitchy. Netflix runs fairly smoothly. Hobgo too. I think it's unfair to give this app a bad rating when it's the other apps that have the problems. I've had chrome cast for a day and am loving it. U can use your itouch/ pad while chrome cast runs. I'm streaming Netflix as I write this review. Both from my itouch. LOVE IT. FAM IS GETTING ANOTHER ONE ALRDY.

  • Won't work on old iPad iOs 5

    by RicoSuave5

    Can't they create an app that will work on first gen iPad?? It works fine on my iPhone but it won't work on my iPad. Also no app for Kindle or Windows phones. Other than that, setup was easy and Netflix works great on it.

  • Mr

    by chucklar

    It is good when it works. It does not often work. And Google goes about its merry way. It's cheap and does not come with any easy support. Seems as if Google is depending on user volunteers for support. Another wham bam thank you ma'am by Google.

  • Does what it's supposed to

    by Rondadams

    I was able to easily setup my new Chromecast without any issues. I really like the Chromecast, and it works great. I hope they add more apps to it this year, which would make it even better.

  • Where are the apps?

    by ISteve007

    Where are the apps google? U need to stream photos from the phone. Apple TV got it right. Please copy that.

  • Works well when it is working

    by Jlopez88

    I love the idea, however when I got to play something it can not find the existing chrome cast device. I try everything I turn on and off the tv, get out of the app go back in. Nothing, it just works when it wants to work. I don't understand it.

  • <3

    by denise smith

    Worked very well and qwiq akses

  • Good

    by WarEagleHey!

    Installed it last night and watched two movies from Netflix and it worked great. It does need more apps, but it is not apple tv and for what I would use it for it works good. 3 stars because it needs more apps to cast.

  • Software

    by Maebrahem

    The device is great but the application (software) is poor

  • Solid Solution

    by DJ Elements (Bumsquad TX)

    The need for more apps is a must. I would give it 5 stars if it had more apps that were compatible.

  • Solid Solution

    by DJ Elements (Bumsquad TX)

    The need for more apps is a must. I would give it 5 stars if it had more apps that were compatible.

  • Don't use this app to connect

    by moshi45

    Use the pc app instead this will not work to connect your chromcast

  • So far so good

    by Terhead

    My only issue is that it doesn't automatically play the next episode in a series on Netflix. Fix that and I'm 5 stars.

  • No rush...

    by R1xm

    Works as advertised, but mediocre at best. Video quality is low, and it lags. Device has no native apps and depends on partner apps on your device to integrate the chromecast option. Will be much more excited when they support casting from more of Google's own apps, such as Drive and Chrome.

  • P.O.S.

    by Gretz32

    Title says it all

  • Awesome

    by DDDavinnn

    I type this from my phone as I watch HBO Go streaming from the same device. This is thing is great!

  • Awesome!

    by Jm_turner

    I bought this expecting to use it on occasion, but I use it every day! Rather it's listening to music or watching movies on netflix, it's a amazingly simple addiction to my room. And for $35, you can't find a better deal. One of the coolest things is that I don't even need to keep my phone plugged in! Doesn't effect the battery at all. A must buy!

  • Works great

    by Gokhan Sancar

    Its better than i was expecting

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