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- When you come across a page written in a language that you don’t understand, just look for the translation bar. One tap and the page is quickly translated for you.

Reduce Data Usage
- Reduce your data usage by up to 50%. Enable this feature and view your savings: Settings > Bandwidth > Reduce Data Usage.

New Tab Page update to make searching faster and easier
- This feature is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time, beginning on iPhone

Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

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Browse fast with Chrome, now available on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience from your computer, and bring it with you anywhere you go.

Search fast
• Search and navigate fast, directly from the same box. Choose from results that appear as you type.

Simple, intuitive experience
• Open and quickly switch between an unlimited number of tabs. On your iPhone and iPod touch, flip through tabs the way you would fan a deck of cards. On iPad, swipe from edge to edge to switch tabs.

Sign in
• Sign in to Chrome to sync your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and omnibox data from your computer to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Pick up right where you left off.
• Send pages from Chrome on your computer to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline.

• Open a tab in Incognito* to browse without saving your history. To learn more, please visit:

Customer Reviews

  • Happy Happy!!(:

    by Chain saw<3

    The porn couldn't be better!

  • Needs Chromecast capability

    by Gabriella5309

    Please please please make this app compatible with Chromecast!!!

  • Good but...

    by Andyhrekjd

    I just think that it should be able to use the swipe down thing of the home screen and be able to automatically go to Google Chrome not safari. I still love this app

  • I Love Google!

    by Delaware Teacher

    I love Google Chrome so much, and I'm thankful for the way it has helped make my use of the web much more effective. I have used plenty of other browsers, but find none easier to use than Google Chrome. Thank you Google for all my great web browsing!

  • Great browser, incessant updates

    by Vaughn B

    Love the app, but seriously, we're on Version 32!? Every time I launch Chrome on my iPhone it seems like there's an updated version for me to download.

  • Much better than Safari

    by OlBeefy

    Give it a try to see if you agree. You won't be disappointed.

  • Top

    by Mariocelso75


  • Also surprised by lack of reviews

    by totle geek

    Awesome platform. Great interface. Very speedy

  • Great but....

    by Oscar1147

    Really love using the app but the only thing that I don't like is when I'm watching a video and switch to a different app and switch back to chrome the video will restart. Other than that it's a great app that I occasionally use.

  • Please add swipe to go back/forward

    by _AdamTheGreat_

    I would use Chrome constantly if I could change the swipe gesture to browse back/forward. Please PLEASE add this!!!!

  • Buen navegador .. Rápido y con servicios

    by José oaorio

    Es muy fácil dejar de usar Safari por este navegador ...

  • Chrome is good

    by Mic mic44


  • Why not compatible w/ chromecast

    by phong tran

    It would be awesome if this work with my chromecast stick for the tv.

  • Need's a few things fixed

    by Trelaw98

    I like chrome but it just needs to be fixed and whenever I try to go on a video it lags or skips alot.

  • Chrome is great!

    by Hexydes

    Fantastic browsing experience, the way it connects to the Google ecosystem just works really well. Definitely my favorite mobile browser.

  • (: Best browser :)

    by Exalented

    (: That's all there is to it :)

  • Little slow

    by Xsteven77x

    Slower compared to stock browser but the addition of so many features in comparison kinda makes the trade off worth it.

  • Great app

    by Trpik2

    Soooooo much faster than safari!!!

  • HUGE issue

    by Peterpmv20

    Is the apps good but one major issue is if you click the search bar and hit backspace all the letters will go away, but once you start typing it all just appears again.

  • it would be kool

    by Jenika123

    It would be cool if you aloud us to put,choose,or make a theme like on the computers

  • Fix typing and save password

    by Markbc303

    Neither work on my iPhone4

  • Crashes repeatedly

    by Peoplesjenn

    Crashes repeatedly .... About every 3 minutes on my ipad mini. Frustrating.

  • Issue


    Swipe to go back,otherwise perfect

  • Le falta

    by Alex español

    Actualizenlo por favor update please

  • Constantly freezing

    by Ozland12


  • Too bad!!

    by Low dog 78

    With chrome cast being such a great product and the reason I don't have cable, it is silly not to incorporate the cast function into this app!! Google is better than that

  • New update is trash!!!!

    by Papishampoo25

    I was watching a show until this stupid update happen! And now I can't even open the god dam app!!!!!!

  • Update broke it

    by bleedmaizenblue

    Today's update broke Chrome. When you have multiple tabs open and you try to close a tab by X or swipe it crashes.

  • Good

    by mattsgreat5

    I don't really understand why some people basically praise google for this app. It's written on the same framework as Safari is. Everything but the front end is the same. I really like it though, but don't go and say its a lot better then Safari when it's not possible to be so on the iphone Update: Along with everyone else, I'm getting instant crashing, however I'm not so immature that I'd down rank this app. Google will get to the bottom of this and fix it as soon as possible. Have patience people! Update: Update for ios 7 is nice. However, on my iphone 5 at least, when scrolling up on a page there is noticeable lag caused by the transparency animation of the address bar and it feels extremely choppy scrolling up on a page. Please fix this. UPDATE the issue listed in the previous post still has not been fixed and is noticeable across the board of Google apps. What happened to the buttery smooth animations across apps. I find it sad that even the 5c has this problem after only a few months of release

  • Chrome

    by Inettools


  • Google

    by AP2725

    Great browser.

  • Toolbar Still a Problem

    by AlanHughes

    They still haven't fixed the problem where the toolbar/tabs bar scrolls off the screen.

  • Chokes

    by Phill B68

    Typing is a burden, should be priority fix.

  • A+++

    by M3thonal

    Best browser ever !!

  • Crashed

    by Sbc1234


  • good app

    by Hotboy-leo


  • Improvement needed

    by G.sing13

    I love chrome. I use it every day on my desktop but this app needs additions. Chrome needs: •An option to turn on & off on devise browsing history like in the google search app • Faster loading pages Otherwise great app

  • Great!

    by Fmafan237

    Occasional crash, great other than that

  • It's ok

    by Disappointed 218

    Could be better: swipe to go back. And how about making it Chromecast enabled?

  • First review

    by Ryleyd23

    Best browser around

  • Good works

    by IshbuDigital

    1st for update. But I mean works don't know how much data usage saved with new feature but only time will tell.

  • Awesome!

    by Finnifer314

    Google Chrome is the best web browser out there. It allows for smooth and fast internet surfing, and the layout is amazing. Keep it up!

  • Getting Better!

    by Joshuasawsome

    Way better in performance, and stuff like that.

  • Needs a change

    by Chriis_M

    Great app I just think there needs to be a change! Such in a newer app icon, maybe that's bigger the chrome logo. As well I just think there needs to be more color in the overlay, the google colors. Last when will we get the swiping to go back?

  • Awsome

    by William Angel

    Awesome! It is good app that let's you use chrome mobile

  • Best browser ever

    by Jmerch44

    There is no better web browser. Smooth, fast, simple.

  • Better than Safari!

    by iPeter123

    I'm surprised there are no reviews -- this app syncs my computer's Chrome to my iPhone effortlessly. It allows you to sync your history, bookmarks, passwords, and request desktop versions of websites when they display the mobile version. It is honestly my favorite app and I've not used Safari in a long time because this one is so superior in most aspects. One thing is missing -- pinning bookmarked websites to your home screen like Safari can, however it is unfortunately unavailable due to iOS's architecture and how apps interact with it. However, this won't interfere with me using this app. Thanks again, Google.

  • Crashes consistently..............

    by cockneyusa

    I've had it crash every time I've used it

  • Crashes repeatedly

    by RetroUltraModern

    I have an iPhone 5S with the latest version of iOS, and the Chrome app crashes all the time on it. I don't know why. I like the look and feel of Chrome more than Safari, but because of the constant crashes it is not worth using Chrome. If Google fixes the issue, I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Stop trying to make me download stupid apps

    by Emowarrior0

    Every 5 min I get sent back to the App Store because of chrome trying to get me to download another stupid app I don't want. Fix it. Until then I'm removing this from my ipad

  • Crashes amazingly often

    by Zgh2676

    The desktop browser is nice. The potential of the mobile version is immense. However, whenever using the mobile version I want to throw my phone or iPad out the window. It crashes almost every time I use it.

  • Needs a ton of work

    by Bimmerman2002

    I have always loved chrome over safari. forwhatever reason, my iPod crashes with the new version of this app. I cannot even look at something for awhile without it crashing. I notice on my iPad with iOS 7(and same version) that the app works no questions asked. But when I use it on my iOS 6 iPod, havoc happens. I want to stay on 6 and not go to 7 for good performance. So please fix the crashing part of this app.

  • Ok

    by Tal Shaffar

    Safari's better


    by SimsOwnAll

    Since updating, the following has happened when I use this app. ----- Crashes This app crashes like crazy! Sometimes two or three times in a row. ---- Freezing I can not scroll down any pages now because of the constant freezing. ---Tabs Disappear When I TRY to scroll, the top of the page moves to the top of my iPad and that means all my tabs disappear. This is the worst!

  • Not work after upgrade

    by njitzyc

    App doesn't launch at all.

  • I love it

    by Milan Womack

    I love it good for porn

  • one big problem

    by seal team steve

    it's an ok browser, but the auto-refresh feature that happens when you choose to go back to an inactive tab is extremely annoying. for example,if you are in the middle of typing and open up a new tab to find a reference or something relate to what you're doing and try to go back to your original tab, it will auto-refresh and you will lose everything

  • Force closing

    by Chicochci

    It keeps force closing! PLEASE FIX THIS APP ASAP!

  • It's alright .

    by Kk13578

    Still better than Flappy Bird

  • Break down

    by hxueh

    Why did it break down after I open it?Need to be fixed.

  • Needs a overhaul

    by Chriis_M

    I just really think there needs to be a new app icon and a new design to the app. Also I think there could be more color to this app! Also add the swiping to go back so it's easier

  • i love crome on my non-mac computers, but...

    by francinefiles

    oh my gosh, it crashes on my ipad 2 multiple times per day :( what up google??

  • Crash not Chrome

    by CoolCookie62

    It crashes everytime I use it. I can't figure out what's the problem. Every website I've opened, it just crashes after a few minutes.

  • Dalek42

    by Mikebrownerat

    I am interested in what you say. Contact info?

  • Full screen fail

    by codestalker

    I despise the full screen feature. Make it an option and I will reinstall. Until then I will just use safari on my iPad.

  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • Shutting down on me

    by Mexican kitty

    Every time I leave the app for a few minutes it shuts down on me when I return back to it. That is the only thing, everything else is great and functionally working.

  • Why did I update?

    by Mickey693

    It was working fine in the previous version . I updated to the latest, and now it crashes all the time. Why did I update? I expect better from google.

  • Much better than Safari!

    by Ty to the G

    Just got Chrome on my iPhone today, and I love it! No problems so far, but I wish they would add iCloud Keychain integration.

  • Still crashes constantly

    by Noizemetalworks

    Ipad 2. Crashes very often. Sad. Google is going the way of Microsoft. Don't bother fixing what's broke, just add more features. Ever since ios7 Crome has been awful.

  • Great App - Update made it worse

    by Gohanto

    I love chrome in general and use it on all my computers and phone. Last iOS update made the bookmark text much larger so now it takes forever to scroll through bookmarks (main reason I use Chrome is because of synced bookmarks). Please fix!

  • needs so much work!

    by 신리희

    sometimes, i cant scroll fully down on a page and that is really irritating. also, when typing on desktop version and the text passes the screen, it annoyingly keeps moving little by little by every letter i type and that was giving me a headache and is even more annoying. i admit, some features are really useful, like the 'pages recently closed' and the 'most visited web pages', but i am so disappointed in you, google and the people who work for google, apple's safari is better than your mobile google chrome.

  • Sure is better than Safari

    by Zoe'sDad

    Love the Google experience on an iPad.

  • Really Annoyed

    by notfunnytakeitoff

    Every time I try to close a tab it immediately crashes. It's really annoying and I'm deleting this app.

  • I love Chrome, but some bugs

    by Jenson33

    I always use the Chrome app instead of Safari, because I prefer the look, controls, and lack of a maximum number of pages. However, it would be much better if some bugs/little details are fixed such as: Some PDF links do not open the first time, and say "insecure link" or something. In this update you can't type a word into the URL bar to press "define," which I used to often do, rather than going to an actual dictionary site. Sometimes the app crashes, (perhaps because I keep so many tabs open at a time, 70+) but it easily recovers.

  • Crashes frequently on my iPad mini

    by Brendanimal

    Chrome is a great browser. I use it on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad mini. It performs excellently on my laptop and iPhone, but crashes frequently on the iPad.

  • Great app!

    by Texschelle817

    This is a great browser. Much better than Safari!

  • It does need work

    by This

    Don't get me wrong; it's a good browser. It's twice as fast as safari, but lacks features. There should be a download manager that syncs with google drive. Don't tell me you can't do it because other apps can, and you're google. The swipe back and forward feature for ios 7 should be implemented, as it is in safari. Gestures should be added like in dolphon web browser. This is an ok browser, but can be better so 2 stars

  • The overall performance is good, but still require improvment

    by wydragonrt

    I am a big fan of google chrome, but the browser requires some improvement toward the dropping tab that drops when scrolling down. That tab is not running smoothly enough, which makes this app lost one star...

  • Yc Raj

    by Yc Raj

    Nice but nt upload photo in facebook

  • No menu for the google apps?

    by greatbolshyyarblockos

    Am I stupid or something? I can't believe Chrome for iPad doesn't include a button or a menu that links to the rest of Googles apps! Drive, Maps and a couple others are easy to get to and have their own iPad apps, but there are about a dozen Google apps I love to use and more I want to learn, and I have to sign in to Gmail through Safari to access them! I feel like I must be missing something.

  • Horrible

    by fortiz619

    What a horrible app I use to like it before it kept crashing for some reason it's not workin

  • Awesome

    by Dfhkbddskkffkdrshit

    Great for porn

  • Force shut down

    by Mandazzhsuqiaiajaja

    Good browser, but it force shuts down when doing normal browsing. Quite irritating loosing my place and having to restore constantly. I will be using safari or my tor browser until a new update. Will change my comment upon review of new update.

  • Awful

    by Farttttttttsddsd

    Keeps crashing upon opening.

  • It's saying error!

    by Rayven Boone

    Every time I try to get on chrome it says we page not available an been doin this when I have full speed enternet an even at my house

  • Recent upgrade bad

    by Nyclb

    Since the recent upgrade, Chrome has practically ground to a halt. Pages load at a glacial pace. Not good. Going to another browser.

  • i love it!

    by Cass527785

    so much better than safari but needs more features

  • Crashing

    by Emerylulullililiili

    I love google chrome but lately it had been crashing a lot and it's getting really annoying. I hope someone fixes this soon or else I'm just going to go back to safari.

  • Crashes, crashes, and more crashes

    by mbuck85

    I use to love this app, but on my ipad mini retina it crashes about a dozen times a day. Google, please fix it!

  • Wish I could disable the full screen mode on my ipad.

    by Elgusto

    The disappearing menu bar totally defeats tabbed browsing. Which is very frustrating. Otherwise love the multi computer syncing and fast browsing.

  • Latest update not working!

    by zacattack47

    Unable to connect to internet over 3G... Safari works though.

  • Disappointing

    by S4757

    Getting worse with each update. Now reloads page constantly, crushes too often.

  • Awesome app

    by Pmtravesty

    While it lacks the sleek feel I safari the simple fact that I can sync between my phone and laptop browser is amazing. Chrome is the only browser I'll allow on my desktop an the default one on my iPhone

  • Cannot open links

    by kwantify

    Clicking a link that redirects me to another page crashes the Chrome browser.

  • Please change the icon !

    by alii85b

    In my opinion : 1.safari Please change icon ,The center circle is small، Also Still .... loading speed web page slower than of safari web browser.

  • Horrible update

    by MSPSue

    The update won't even load Google News correctly. I get one story plus half of the next, then a blank screen! Don't update until they fix this. This was my go to browser, but I had to replace it.

  • Used to be good...

    by CleveDawgPound

    Has become almost unusable. Going back to Safari.

  • Update = crashes

    by JRock454

    Ever since the latest update it crashes multiple times per day. Also allows ads that kick you to the App Store, and cannot play audio files that play fine in Safari.

  • the latest update is terrible!

    by jerk nugget

    i've had this app for awhile now (year+) on my 4S and never had any issues...until a couple months ago when i started having periodic issues with crashing. i was happy to see there was an update, and obviously assumed it would fix this issue. NOPE. it now crashes more than ever. every single time i use it, no matter the site or the action, after a few minutes it just closes without warning. if this doesn't get resolved soon i'll sadly have to start looking for a different mobile browser. currently it's practically unusable.

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