FP - Fine Web Browser with Video Player Utilities App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Flash Player

Removed Ac-3 and E-AC3 codecs at the Dolby Inc. request

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
94 Ratings
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246 Ratings


FP allows you to watch any movie or video and read about it or just searching on the Internet without living the program.
Video Player Features:
- Support of the many popular video formats
- Works good and fast
- Simple in use. Upload video to the player and watch it
- Supports HD resolution

Browser Features:
- A simple interface. Only everything you need and nothing more.
- Privacy! Special buttons, which clears the history and returns to the home page.
- Maximum speed of work in the internet

To delete or upload files you need to connect your device to the computer and launch iTunes. Then find FP Player in app list and tap it to view file folder.

NOTE: Users who claim that app does not function and give it bad ratings should read the program description before purchasing it. The app does not have the function they thought it has. All features are listed in the description. Here is the instruction for getting a refund:

1) Open up Your Account in iTunes
Go to the iTunes Store and check your account. It's in the top right corner.

2) Check Your Purchase History
Once you're logged in, click 'See All>' under Purchase History

3) Report a Problem
Scroll down until you see the big button that says 'Report a Problem'. Click that big button.

4) Select the App
Find the app you want a refund for and select 'Report a Problem'

Choose the problem you're having and write a detailed reason why you think you should get a refund for the app.

Customer Reviews

  • SWF, FLV files

    by Play swf, flv

    Wouldn't it be great if this app were programmed with additional features to play swf, flv files?

  • No live streaming

    by StereoRealist1957

    Be aware that this app requires you connect to your PC, access iTunes, then upload the flash file you want to your device. Ugh! Not what I was looking for.

  • !!!

    by Kathy.Pier

    works really well, but sometimes sound fails. Fix pls!

  • Great

    by 89SY>

    Good for my ipad.

  • Good

    by Mr.Britiny

    Good app and does what It says - play different files with no sweat

  • okay

    by yogert.numi

    Not really usefull, but sometimes works well for me

  • !!!

    by Eemarcher

    app needs a lot of improvements

  • love this app

    by 89GYDI

    easy to use soft

  • .......

    by Jucicicc

    ok for 0.99. It will be cool if you improve browser.

  • Great

    by septerber@nine

    Player and browser in one app, great idea!

  • Usefull app

    by MaxMara.Min

    Not what I expected, but, anyway, really usefull app.

  • Return

    by Ronny142

    Hello I downloaded the wrong app can I get a refund please

  • Not what I thought it was

    by Mauxil

    It DOES NOT let you stream off of the Internet on your mobile device. The message that you need flash player still comes up. It does however provide a good search engine and you can download stuff of your computer to be viewed later. But streaming is a no go.

  • I like it

    by Steven HULINTEEN

    Fast web browser, Beauti interface, But need more feature.

  • Fix

    by Element control

    Works bad on my iPod touch ! Often freezes. Fix it!!

  • !!

    by DOFTA*

    not so bad app

  • Nooo

    by Roxyapple

    Esta aplicación es una porquería, no sirve y tambn te cobran x bajarla

  • Fox

    by OrangeVixen

    Not what I wanted :c


    by E-812

    This app is useless and doesn't support the functions of the actual ADOBE FLASH PLAYER APP. Please save your money, or you'll be disappointed like me

  • $5.00 in trash

    by Ebaa148

    I just wasted $5.00 to get this app and it doesn't even have adobe flash player all i wanted was t play in flipline studios . I want my mony back or fix it.

  • Not a replacement for Adobe

    by Worrior75

    Doesn't work for Adobe, just saying

  • Adobe flash

    by Rinsmother

    Of no use to me. Waste of money

  • Money back

    by They ygyegvyevgv

    I want my money back!

  • Don't buy , save your money

    by TruDiva84

    I want a refund this suppose to be a flash player yet does nothing of the sort , my ipad regular feature does what it does all ready I can search the web , I can watch a video but the one thing I got the flash player for , it does not do .... Upset and looking to be refunded.

  • Flash Web Broswer

    by John A Bacon

    Junk - Does not work with most websites!

  • Piece of crap!!

    by Very mad customer!

    This app didn't replace adobe flash. I paid $5 for nothing! and worst of all can't find a customer service # to get my money back!!! FRAUD!!!!!

  • Waste of money

    by Macali83

    Does not replace adobe flash! Does not work. Don't waste your money!! We need to be refunded!

  • Does not work!

    by Kellyj86

    When will I learn to read the reviews before purchasing. Now I've waisted 4.99 on a crap app

  • NOooooooooooooooooooooooo

    by FLR1

    Dammitttttt....in a pinch bought it instead of lunch.....now I'm out an app and &($&)(& Lunch!!!!...............Review MADE ME put one star!!!!!!

  • Fraud alert

    by stellahounddoggie

    This ap does nothing it claims to do. Thieves! Refund!

  • Save yourself the $$$

    by Jordan from DE

    If you are looking for an app that is the equivalent to Adobe Flash Player, this IS NOT IT. Don't waste your time with this app. When will Apple make a browser compatible with Adobe?

  • Angel

    by Angeldraconium

    It does not work. Please return my money.

  • Does not work

    by EOrig

    What a waste of time.

  • FP Does Not Work

    by Mwpruitt

    Does Mot Replace Adobe Flash. Does not work!

  • Don't buy does not run on ipad no substitue for adobe flash

    by Ray93950

    Don't buy no substitute for Adobe flash.

  • Doesn't work

    by Maxine Larrinaga

    Just waisted my money. Still says its not supported and i need flash player 9.

  • Eh

    by Bryon Simons

    It says works with flash player, but anime on animeseason is flash player but won't work.

  • It's is not the App you're looking for

    by Wanderlust13

    Want to watch something that requires Adobe Flash 10 or better? This is not that App. Save your money. Don't buy this crap.

  • Not a flashplayer for the iPad mini

    by Brcdew

    Search results for "Falshplayer for iPad mini" came up with this app. It is not. Still cannot use things like the interactive seating map on Ticketmaster and other things.

  • No app support for interactive flash

    by Bf!!!!

    I went to app support site in app pop up. There was nowhere to enter issue. App does not play all Abobe Flash interactive pages. I am inquiring about a refund.

  • Meh

    by O'Lyvia Harris

    Does NOT support adobe flash player videos Please change that!

  • Flash player

    by City for iPad

    Purchased on iPad for use of Flash and it doesn't work! Waste of time and money. It is just a paid version of google Crome. False advertisement. I wish I could get my money back.

  • Fp

    by Memememe12341228

    Waste of my 2$ suposed to let me see things just like the original flash player i still cant see anything

  • No flash! Highly disappointed!

    by QUIRSHI

    This browser is no different from Safari. Only mobile sites come up and the browser says flash is not supported. No support is available either!

  • scam

    by mk9kabal

    its a scam flash videos do not work!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by Lmsaeling

    Can't use with basic apps such as Facebook or flash dependent apps such as Jibjab ecards. What good is this? A waste of $2!

  • ????????

    by MDRuthless

    Rip off. Waste of money. Just download photon or oplayer wayyyyyyyy better .

  • Drhntr8

    by TStockman

    Bought this app believing it would work like adobe flash...IT DOES NOT!!! I wasted my money!!

  • Boooo !!

    by Vw dude .............

    10x slower than safari . Won't let me watch stream video error massage pops up all the time . .!! I want my money back !!!!!

  • Flash Player

    by Sexcrican65

    Don't order this for your Apple IPad, because it is not compatible. I want my money back:(

  • Don't buy this...doesn't play flash....

    by Dannyny2010

    Don't waste your money on this....skip it...

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