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Languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Evolutive Apps S.L.

Updated for iOS 7. Furthermore, the App is now universal, supporting a native iPad version. In addition, there has been added semaphore functionality.

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@Flash is much more than a cool and powerful pocket torch! It is the most complete flashlight around- with seven operation modes including two semaphore modes and the capacity to send Morse messages and decode them using light or sound.

Downloading @Flash you will get the most advanced flashlight ever developed for a mobile device, which is the first one able to decode light and sound messages. In addition, @Flash can be used as a distress-signalling device, which can come very handy whenever a phone call is not possible.

Just check it out, you will love it and it’s free!


@Flash includes:
- A strong torch using the LED flash; if the device does not have a LED it will automatically use the screen.
- Many torch modes including a normal mode, a pusher mode or a pulsating light mode.
- Application Settings accessible using the device Settings App to configure the default behavior of the light at start up: Always On, Always Off or Last State.
- An SOS mode to easily send a distress signal whenever needed.
- A message transmission mode to send any Morse message you mind.
- Two semaphore modes that come in very handy in many situations.
- A complete list of the Morse Codes touching the SOS or the Message mode buttons when the 3 points appear (Pro Version).
- A decoder to read light and sound messages coming from another @Flash App, when there is a good signal to noise ratio.
- The possibility to upgrade to a Pro, ad free version of the App with a complete list of the Morse Codes and an improved decoding algorithm using an In App Purchase.
- Selected sound to improve user experience.
- A shaking control to reset the status of the App or to go back to the main screen.
- A design thought to memorize and adapt to your preferences.
- It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.


Disclaimer: Continued use of the LED flash can dramatically decrease battery life.

Pulsing light can induce epileptic attacks to those with labile epilepsy; do not point the torch towards the face of others or yourself when the light is pulsing.

@Flash is intended to be used with an iPhone 4 where it will show its full potential- using the LED flash to make light, the speakers to produce sound and encode messages and the microphone and the video camera to receive and decode them. Nevertheless, @Flash will automatically adapt to other devices not having all the capabilities of an iPhone4 searching for the best workaround to overcome these limitations, such as generating light with the screen whenever a LED flash is not available and so on.


Contact: [email protected]
Website: http://evolutive.co/en/

Customer Reviews

  • Helpful tool

    by Zulfah

    Good to have

  • Ok

    by Hoññy

    Works fine

  • Most useful flash light app yet

    by I8ME2

    The flash light functions on this app have been the best of its kind. I have been in situations where I lost electricity for extended amounts of time and this app saved me.

  • Great flashlight

    by Peconi

    Nice and bright flash light, very useful especially during power outage.

  • Works as intended

    by Kakowa

    Lights up the night

  • It's pretty good

    by RubyStrong23

    I like the strobe and manual function. However the startup time takes quite awhile

  • Startup Time is Awful

    by Jae Dee

    When I'm looking for something in the dark, I often contemplate just using the dim screen because of the slowness.

  • Saad

    by Aldosary

    والله هالموضوع عجبني

  • Vacan

    by Alealbo


  • Bsbdbsnndnbbbshs

    by Hazhjsdnshsbhs


  • Flash

    by Nka26



    by Monina 10


  • 좋은데요

    by 나바로티


  • Good App

    by Vicky_army

    Nice app, useful functionality, easy to use

  • The best of bowling games

    by Smitty19680

    This is so much fun I have scored 260! Awsome game!

  • Great

    by Ales Derpy Mercer

    Keep it up!

  • Waw

    by K7sh

    Very nice app

  • Ok ok

    by Demara's


  • Great!

    by Serious Scrabble Player

    Love it

  • Great App

    by Tlipfire

    Great work...

  • Bad

    by Great big D

    Only a blank white screen and has medium load time don't get it!

  • stupid

    by mfeelngs

    it doesnt work, keeps on closing

  • -_-

    by LaineyMariee

    I like bananas

  • Trash.

    by Chaver94

    Crashes five times out of six just trying to get past the nag screens at start up on iPod. Apparently needs serious work for this device. It has been removed from my device as useless.

  • Dont wasted ur time

    by Dom1n1can


  • Very helpful ("

    by Ron Wess

    This flashlight app comes in handy and very compact like I don't have to pull out my regular flashlight. Eventually I'll upgrade. The iPhone has so many possibilities and with this app it's a plus (" worth the try.

  • So good

    by Jdkfjc


  • Flashlight

    by Camden4424

    Makes my dick wet

  • It works..but

    by JustJay6980

    The app works, but if you switch to it from another app, it will either crash after a few moments, or re-start (which takes too long to load). It's a FLASHLIGHT app- what's it doing that causes so much lag in startup? Getting ads? I'll probably delete this, as I'm starting to find other apps that offer a free flashlight within.

  • Good app

    by Rui Tang

    Good app

  • Jdjjsnnxo

    by Ttysjjxjj

    This app is bad don't wast your time

  • Mrxxx

    by reginald jean

    Very useful.......

  • Flash light

    by Nasrin59

    It's just so wonderful and FREE, these days you don't get anything for free and specially soooooo useful.

  • Excelent!

    by macanivip11


  • Work, but keeps crashing

    by Chrisstpaul

    App works on turning on and off flash as flashlight . It keeps crashing every time I try to put in a review.

  • Crasher

    by By a very upset person


  • Ha

    by Cca bff

    This is terrible it doesn't even do anything doesn't even deserve one star

  • Yeahyuhhh

    by ChildAssaulter


  • Amusing entertainment?

    by Chad Hammond

    So theirs a flash light that doesn't use the flash from my camera as the flash light like Droid does , it uses the screen that's basic and predictable and sorry lame! The traffic light may be good for hmmmmmm a two year old, really I need to tap each light to see the pretty color!!!! OMG ! The SOS feature is cool maybe because it makes noises but I like that part. So I say low 3: I say also. Come on this is Apple and I expect the wow effect !!!!

  • woow

    by Jayb7419

    As for a first review I must say that it's shoking that it rally decodes morse messages!

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