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* Bug fixes
* Search term highlighting

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With over 140 calculations and unit conversions, 100+ Personal Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations from your iPhone or iPad.

Easy to use and understand inputs and results in either decimals or fractions.

Not just calculators but the ability save and open saved calculations and add calculators to a favorites list. You can also email calculator inputs and results so you can easily share your calculations. Search functionality enables you to quickly find the calculator you want.

All for less then $0.01 per calculator! How can you go wrong!

Current Calculators include:

Area, Angles & Volume
* Arc
* Circle
* Complex Shapes
* Cone
* Cube
* Cylinder
* Polygon
* Pyramid
* Rectangle
* Trapezoid
* Triangle
* Sphere
* Square

* Average Speed
* Fuel Economy
* Fuel Required
* Fuel Savings
* Lease Payments
* Loan Schedule
* Travel Time
* Vehicle Loan Payments

* Airflow
* Air Pressure
* Angle
* Area
* Density
* Electrical Current
* Electrical Power
* Electrical Voltage
* Energy
* Flow Rate
* Fluid
* Fuel Mileage
* Length
* Mechanical Power
* Money
* Speed
* Temperature
* Torque
* Volume
* Weight

* Butter
* Cooking Volume Conversions
* Weight of Liquids

Health and Fitness
* Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
* Blood Alcohol Content Level
* Blood Volume
* Body Fat Calculator
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Calories Burned
* Dehydration Scale
* Ideal Body Weight
* Target Heart Rate
* VO₂ Max
* Water Requirement

Home Mortgage
* Finding the Term of a Loan
* Home Value Change
* Interest Only Payment
* Loan Amount and Down Payment
* Loan Comparison
* Maximum Mortgage
* Mortgage Refinance
* Mortgage - Points vs. No Points
* Seller Net Proceeds

Math & Scientific
* Square Root
* Percentage from Fraction
* Fractional from Number
* Normal Probability
* Odds Probability

Money & Investments
* Certificate of Deposit
* Doubling Investment
* Effective Interest Rate
* Future Value Lump Sum
* Gross Pay
* Interest - Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
* Interest - Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
* Payday Loan Interest Rate
* Savings - Monthly
* Tip Calculator

* Grade Point Average - Cumulative
* Grade Point Average - Single Term
* Raise Your GPA

* Belts and Pulleys
* Cylindrical Tank
* Electricity Cost
* Leaking Faucet Water Usage
* Morse Code
* Phonetic Alphabet
* Semaphore Flags
* Tank Fill Time

Weather and Time
* Cloudbase
* Dew Point
* Frost Point
* Heat Index
* Lightning Distance
* Relative Humidity
* Temperature Conversion
* Time Zone Converter
* Wind Chill

* Acreage
* Fertilizer
* Insecticide
* Lawn Grass
* Lawn Mowing
* Mulch
* Plant Quantity
* Sand Box
* Tree Height
* Yard Area

More calculators coming soon in free updates!

If there's a calculator you'd like to see added, visit our website and send us an email.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Trent.D

    Everything you will ever need is included in this app.

  • The BEST I've used!

    by Saddlebum042

    I have downloaded or bought about twenty "calculators" over time and this one is the best I have ever used. Look through the Details pages to see what I mean. One thing I really like is the ability to save my favorite calculators Nice job!

  • Amazing Value!

    by Greanjubba

    For those of us who do not have the gift of instant mental calculation. A calculator for almost any scenario and more I'm not sure I will ever get the chance to use.

  • Truly Does it ALL

    by Aero Machinist

    This app is not only the deepest conversion app I've come across, it's also the most tricked out. All your standard measurements, weights, temperatures & forces are here, along with fun stuff like Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code. The built-in calculator is inspired, as well as the tape that stores any calculations you might want to keep. Did I mention the integrated "email PDF" option? That's worth the price of admission alone. The ONE thing I would suggest would be a 'Reverse Calc' button to flip/transpose the input and output units. Great App! So much bang for the buck!

  • Perfect Tool

    by Big-D12345

    Does it all. Couldn't ask for a more useful app.

  • The Perfect Calculator!

    by Dr.ER

    Being an engineer dealing with fluid, electrical, mass, and length calculations on a daily basis I couldn't ask for a better app. Keep up the great work!!

  • Excellent

    by ShyShyPie

    I think this app was well worth the money without a doubt. I am so happy that I did purchase it. God Bless Joe D

  • Great calculator

    by Wichita guitar picker

    One of the best and most useful calculators on the market. mc

  • Great app

    by BobDIsland1

    This app is packed with useful tools and is nearly perfect. The one option I'd like to see added is a labor cost calc added to the area calc so you can get your sq. footage and have it calculate my labor cost all in one calculation. If this is added I'll def give it 5 stars and RECOMEND it to everyone I know!

  • Love the update!

    by Raybigto

    The new update has a added calculator function making it the best by a 100 times, compared to other calc apps.

  • Need good Mortgage Calc

    by Rika33

    Good app, nice layout and colors...But, really needs a GOOD Mortgage calc with more input options for a basic Mortgage calculation...similiar to PowerOne financial calc. Not a comparison of 3 diff loans that is missing some basic inputs...a GOOD single loan calc for Mortgages. Thanks!

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