1,000,000 HD Wallpapers for iPad, iPhone Retina and iPod Touch Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

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Over 1,000,000 wallpapers for literally any topic! Designed specifically for the iPhone's new Retina display technology and the iPad's high resolution screen, these are the sharpest, most vibrant HD images you'll ever see on your iPhone or iPad.

SEARCH TAB: Over 1,000,000 wallpapers, searchable by term. Just type in what you're looking for (Corvette, Pretty Asian Girl, London Bridge, Kim Kardashian, etc.), and be shown dozens of images to choose from.

BROWSE TAB: 1,200+ featured wallpapers.

Images in multiple categories: Fantasy, Nature, Landscapes, Architecture, Men, Women, Butterflies, Wildlife, Eagles, Owls, Clouds, Europe, Flowers, Ammonites, Trees, Leaves, and many more!

All for one-tap easy sharing as Wallpapers, Facebook Posts, MMS Text Messages, Emails, Twitter Posts, iWork Apps, Slide Shows, and more.

DO EVEN MORE AND SAVE $$$! This app is part of the CLIPish Pro 2 mega app. To do everything this app does AND MUCH MORE, rather than buying this individual app, you may want to consider getting the all-in-one CLIPish Pro 2 app--20 APPS IN ONE for only $2.99!


★ DESIGNED specifically for iPhone's new Retina display technology and the iPad's high resolution screen.
★ Over 1,000,000 images, something for any topic.
★ SHARE images using Facebook, Twitter, MMS Text Messaging and Email.
★ SLIDE SHOW feature to turn your iPad or iPhone into a stunning picture frame.
★ ENLARGE images to full screen with one tap, using either a "crop" or "stretch" method.
★ SEARCH for ANY specific item, such as "lake," "Colorado," "Winter," etc.
★ PERSONALIZE images by adding text to any image. Adjust font, color, size, and placement.
★ OPTIMIZED for iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), iPad and iPod Touch.
★ ORGANIZE FAVORITE images in customizable folders.
★ MULTITASKING for "instant on" once you've started the app once (with iOS 4).
★ UPLOAD your own images for editing (crop, rotate, add text) and sharing.
★ INFORMATION button gives details about many of the images.
★ OVER 600 FACEBOOK & TWITTER ICONS AND SYMBOLS to dress up your status and wall postings.
★ FILTER images by Landscape or Portrait mode.
★ UPDATE your Facebook or Twitter status with or without an attached image.
★ AUTOMATIC CACHING saves time by only downloading images one time (automatically limited to keep app's cache size at under 250 MB).
★ CROP AND ROTATE images before sending.


* FAST INTERNET CONNECTION RECOMMENDED: Due to the extensive server-side communication for downloading images, this app works best for users with a strong 3G signal or WiFi connection.

* Some images featured are in the public domain. If you believe your work has been included in err, please let us know so it can be removed immediately.

✍ WRITE US! Input and suggestions always welcome, and we're always here to help. Please contact us at support@clipish.net

Customer Reviews

  • Totally sophisticated

    by Gunshot202

    Very awesome

  • Totally awesome

    by Kurama uchiha

    Excellent wallpaper app

  • Hd wallpaper

    by Jlv 711305

    Good app!

  • Great app but

    by Mrsir22

    Want more pics of women!!!

  • Cool app.

    by Fetch Gordon

    Well worth the money.

  • Best WP app I've found

    by IndieMan100

    nice selection of HD WP. If you like beautiful women pics, this app has thousands!!!

  • The best

    by john11222

    Best wallpaper app I've found.

  • Has everything

    by airpost22

    Seriously can find ANY wallpaper on any favorite topic. Well done app!!!

  • Five Stars 

    by meetme10

    Love it! 

  • yes, one million WP

    by ScottKinsmeyer

    wow, this really does have a million different WPs!

  • Love the recents tab to see others selections

    by Jaceto

    Wow, loads of WP in every category but I love using the recents tab to see what others are sending. It gives me ideas

  • Best of class

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this app! No wonder why its always so high in the charts. Great job developers

  • Best WP App

    by CHO200

    Amazing app. Would have paid more

  • #1

    by Lake Powell babe

    Its Well worth the money. Get it

  • Good app!!

    by King of the coop

    Basically I am going to try to keep this brief this is a good app for getting hot picks of chicks or in someone else's case pics of guys but other than that good app

  • Update!!!

    by Cory Key

    The app is not loading any pictures. You need to fix the problem.

  • nice app

    by CwO113

    Easy to use and great UI

  • The best

    by Sinzehwa


  • Great

    by Reacer

    Better app is beautifol

  • Pretty good

    by Bloody poo 821

    It pretty good has a few bugs and crashes every once in a while but is still a really good way to get wallpapers. I must say money well spent!!!

  • I hate it

    by This nickname I already chosen

    It is not cool.i spent 99 cents for this cheap app. BOO

  • update

    by 77matrix

    needs an update shuts off when u try to save pics so far not worth downloading

  • by Bmxrock

    Crashes after I open the app once then close the app and it starts to crash

  • It's not that great

    by Sergio Herrera Jr

    The image quality is just ok, and it keeps crashing. I would recommend zedge over this and I didn't have to pay $1 for that

  • Not worth it

    by The Duran

    There are way to many useless images.

  • 1 million wallpaper

    by Qpekcnsneigbcbsj

    love it,... working with wood i get a lot of great ideas! never get bored. problems with Saving pic at first...

  • Woot!

    by Caleb DeChand

    Great app love it!

  • Pretty good

    by Condog 006

    I like it a lot but sometimes takes too long to load.

  • Sweet

    by Dune pirate

    I love this app I use it constantly.

  • Nishboy

    by Cjssj

    Best app ever. More updates.

  • Good app

    by Ultfbrd

    Easy to use

  • yes, one million WP

    by Meganeesium

    wow, this really does have a million different WPs!

  • Clipishpro

    by Garcia Lewis

    I have no idea what app ppl are rating but I bought the upgrade and it's a total waist of money it says it's installed and it's not and there is no way to get a refund or person to help with this problem

  • Awesome selections

    by Sweetsunrise

    Lots of wallpapers to choose from

  • Men's app

    by Mrrocky7474

    Great app, for men. I love it and most men will. It is definitely a app for men or someone who appreciates the female form. Um um um, worth .99 all day....screw the haters

  • Best wallpaper app ever

    by Diana Ziolkowski

    This is the best wallpaper app I've ever found I can find all the wallpapers I ever wanted

  • Booo

    by Nkelly.va

    I really don't like this app.do not waist your money people it is bad u can find MUCH MORE WALLPAPER apps I can find that is more better so again don't bye this it is wasting $1.00 or 99¢

  • This is tops

    by Neknoslo

    A tremendous selection of Visual images with just a word

  • Don't like

    by MR34433

    I am pretty sure, I can find a better app for free. I don't like this app.

  • By jaclev

    by Jaclev

    Great app. Stunning pics, love it!

  • Find Anything!!

    by 92wags58

    Great app!! All sort of pics!!

  • Disguisting


    Over all disguisting. I thought this was going to have a lot of cool animal and abstract wallpapers but there is too many half naked and naked women. Do not buy, it is wrong.

  • México

    by Lu pillo

    Lu pillo

  • Awful

    by Marshall12346

    Used to be good, now it crashes and I can't open it

  • Five star

    by Xenon 37

    This app is for those who like picture of "ANYTHING"

  • Best app

    by Ebony F 

    AWESOME!!!! 

  • Awesome

    by TDOG3385sbc

    This app is great

  • Cool

    by Apollo65

    Great app!

  • I love it!!!!!

    by Melly069

    Pulls up anyone on the net....!!

  • Nice Hyundai pics

    by Bbsmommy

    A lot of them look like my2003 or with racing mods!

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