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  • Publisher: Contrast
  • Updated: May, 30 2012
  • Version: 2.0.1
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Languages: English

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Timer is the ultimate one-tap timer. Setting a timer shouldn't be a chore. Tap to start, tap to stop, tap and hold to edit. That's it. That's Timer.

Lovingly crafted to provide the effortless management of up to fifteen customizable reminders. Your time is limited and shouldn't be wasted trying to decipher complicated apps. Get Timer today and get on with your life!

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Customer Reviews

  • I love this timer!

    by Jaylu25

    This is a wonderfully simple & useful app. I paid for the wind chimes sound which I use on one particular pre-set & it puts a smile on my face every time it goes off! I like that I can put labels on the timers I use frequently. I mostly use this app for cooking, but it is also great to use as a reminder that a certain amount of time has passed, since I sometimes get completely absorbed in what I am doing to the point that I lose track of the time. After reading some of the reviews, I am going to try using the app to count UP to see how long I am spending on some activity...

  • Great little app...just missing vibrate

    by worldzfree

    I use this app all day at my job where I need to keep track of multiple processes. Simple, clean interface. No complaints. I only wish I could setup a constant vibrate function as sometimes I don't hear it in my environment.

  • Timer

    by Jyone13

    Timer app is the best !

  • My Go To Timer

    by Puakia

    Use it all the time when my husband is home brewing. I can cook, he can brew...you get the idea. I would also like some visual hints what the timer is for because when all of them are going I may not be able to keep track of what each timer was for. Great app! When I got a new iPad and started using a recipe app, everything went on hold until I downloaded @Timer!

  • Too simple for words

    by godoit

    Since it is all about keeping it simple and if it works well and you've got it

  • Best timer app - needs one tweak

    by synapsecbn

    This app is great in its design, simplicity, and flexibility. I purchased a theme just to show a little support to the developer. Bravo! Suggestion: I would like to suggest that there be an option to invert the colors on a timer that is running and perhaps flash once it's done. I sometimes miss timers that are running if I quickly glance at the app. Having inverted colors on running timers will make them stand out from the rest and quickly tell the user which timers are running.

  • Needs iOS 7 update

    by Joe31337

    Decent timer, but this app really looks dated.

  • Perfect.

    by Choshojo

    Just what I needed: multiple timers that keep track of time after they run out. Thank you!

  • A keypad!

    by Scribbler500

    Finally, a timer app that has a keypad instead of an infernal time wasting set of spinning wheels! Five stars JUST for that! Thanks!

  • Great bare-bones timer app

    by Epilog

    Highly recommended.

  • I wrongly thought that there was a "ghost" alarm

    by Plummerpants

    I kept getting a "ding" sound very regularly but had no timers set. I figured that the app wasn't killing off all processes after termination. I rebooted my Iphone and even in-installed my timer apps - the ghost "ding" was still there. I finally remembered that I had a chime app running which issued a "ding" on the quarter hour. Bad timing on my part in installing/activating similar acting apps at the same time as one another.

  • Simple, perfect

    by picnic boy

    Nothing but an elegant little timer.

  • The best timer app, PERIOD.

    by ibobvt

    I just want every one to know that this is absolutely the best timer app on the App Store. I have tried several and this one addresses the things about other timers that annoy the crap out of me. It's simple and fast to use, needs no instructions, and makes setting up a quick timer on the fly a snap. You can literally set up three custom timers in about 20 seconds, my last timer app took longer than that for one. Very nicely done, I would have gladly paid for it.

  • Great simple app

    by Cuddyhunk

    Just works. Much better than the native iPhone timer app.

  • Great!

    by Hotroddin

    Easy to use! Nice upgrades available for purchase. Very customizable!!

  • Hello, People of the Future!

    by Dent De Leon

    Judging by the ancient dates of most of the reviews on the App store, you will not be reading this before much time has passed, space travel is common, robots are everywhere, and Microsoft starts selling things people actually want to buy. Anyway, I use this app several times a day, every day. It is the easiest, most convenient, and most flexible timer I have used. I keep buying themes to show my support for the developer. A great app.

  • Great app w/ a suggestion

    by Dalilama101

    Love the design and simplicity of the app!! Would like the ability to set a timer for up 72 hours.

  • Perfect timer!!

    by math.wiz

    I use this app to time some of meds, and it is perfect

  • Very handy and easy to use app

    by jupiter1199


  • Nice timer app

    by Nova York

    I’ve just started using it. I like it a lot and I think it may become my goto timer app. I agree with all the good things said about simplicity, ease of use, etc. and I bought the ultimate bundle of glyphs and sounds. There are two improvements I’d like to see. 1) When a timer goes off a message appears saying “You’re 30 minutes timer has ended.” What’s the point of having all kinds of fun glyphs for labels, or the option of a text label, if the message doesn’t use them? Yesterday I had timers going for three different things – meds, laundry, picking up a friend. When the timer went off, how did I know which one it was? If I could remember which one I set 30 minutes ago, I probably wouldn’t need the timer in the first place! 2) More everyday and household glyphs: books, dishes in the sink, laundry, cooking-related glyphs, something a little spicier than a valentine heart (but still able to pass parental controls) for a hot appointment…, a chair, a bed, a tableset for a meal, someone going for a walk (not all of us are runners), you get the idea.

  • Looks good, works so-so

    by jayb2000

    The point of a timer is to alrt you when some period of time has elapsed, say 20 minutes while baking. IF THE BLOODY SOUND DOES NOT GO OFF, IT IS USELESS. The sound does not work when the mute button is on, which defeats the point of setting a timer. No, I don't to have my phone ring, but I do want the timer alarm to go off. Until this gets fixed, it's back to Apple's clock timer.

  • Barely ok

    by Scott818

    The timer doesn't sound if the phone is in standby mode.

  • At first...

    by ThatOtherGuy2010

    At first this app was great and everything that I wanted. Then it crashes upon opening. Fix this and I would give it 5 stars!!!

  • One failure

    by OldBugGuy

    A good app in almost every way. Fails in one aspect. Timers-alarms are intended to send a SOUND to prompt your next action. But this alarm turns itself OFF after a limited period of time. The alarm should continue to sound until your ACTION TURNS IT OFF. The alarm should not turn ITSELF OFF as it does !

  • Nice app but possible battery drain

    by Not fully baked

    Timers do not stop when it reaches zero. They will keep going in the background for hours, days, etc., and you will think that the timer is off because it went to zero. Please give users the ability in settings to stop at zero, instead of continuing past it. Also, ipad support would be nice.

  • Very unreliable.

    by Mezga

    Before you want to use this app for anything important for your own sake test it out. I did and I'm very happy I never used it for anything important. It is very inaccurate and unreliable.

  • If I wanted to watch I wouldn't need a timer.

    by run2tunes

    Unfortunately the only way to be sure you'll be notified when the timer ends is to watch the app. If my phone goes to sleep or I switch to another app sometimes the alert is so brief that I don't hear or see it. Other times it doesn't sound at all. Nice idea. I liked it well enough at first that I bought some add-ons. I would've preferred to submit a support request if I'd seen that option in the app.

  • Doesn't sound off anymore

    by sheeplvl1

    As above

  • nanhof

    by nanhof

    I got this app because I read some good reviews. I have used this for cooking and exercise. However, I am finding that there are times when the chime does not go off. Therefore, I cannot rely on it unless I constantly check it visually. Not good.

  • Amazing. The perfect timer.

    by Don1960

    I don't know if its actually possible to write a perfect app, but if it is, this is it. Having all those different times showing on the whole screen is genius! And then you get three more to set to whatever times you like. All usable simultaneously. Kudos to the developer.

  • Exactly what I needed and wanted

    by RawchL

    I've been looking for DAYS for just the right app. A nursing timer that alerts me when I need to feed my baby, but something simple enough to just touch n go. Because all of these timers are customizable, and can be labeled, this app is soo perfect. Would recommend to anyone with a new baby and looking for a simple, easy to use timer. Not to mention the awesomeness that the preset can be set to zero and when started, it will count up!! Perfect for keeping track of how long it's been since a diaper was changed or how long she's been sleeping. Thank you for making the beautiful app! Love all the additional options that are available for purchase too!

  • Great app

    by Sycdad

    Super easy intuitive interface and very useful when cooking. Strongly recommend!

  • Perfection!

    by MarysMac

    Even after trying others this one comes out on the top of my list. Just get it. Don't bother with some of the others. This is the best. If you don't have this app yet get it now!

  • I caved & got the works!

    by cocoamom

    I was bummed that the full version was so expensive & expressed that in my first review. But I tested this out by placing the native timer, this one, & another purchased one on my home screen. All ready to use in a second. I ended up using this one the most- even more than the native timer, which surprised me. This is just SO slick! I got the full version because I bake a lot & need multiple timers for multiple things I have going. I still think it's a bit pricy, but as you can see, I concluded that it's worth it- love it! And I'll never have to pay again for new stuff added in the future.

  • Great app

    by lisadunsmore

    Needed something for 30-day plank challenge. This works for me!

  • Not the best

    by M0R9

    Simple and stylish however there is no pause function making it inferior to most other time apps. Also, the way the timer is set is a bit confusing at first and could be made a lot easier. Nice work but this app is unfortunately impractical.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Maximillian R.

    I work at home so keeping track of my hours is a little difficult. I've been searching for a good timer app and I thought I found it with this app. However, once a timer is started there is no ability to pause it. This one feature has been the dealbreaker for me, otherwise this is a beautifully put together application

  • The search is over

    by Food365

    After trying a number of timers and sometimes the same timers twice I have found one that I can work with, and I love it. Easy & simple. Multiple timers at once. Great for every day cooking & competition BBQ. On occasion, I unknowingly start a timer which is annoying, but that's operator error.

  • Almost There...

    by BouCoupDinkyDau

    First off, I like this app. However, it does not meet all my needs, but then again, neither do any of the other timer apps I have come across so far, either. Second, the dev needs to prepare for iOS 7. To access the menu, you must swipe up from the bottom, and the new Control Center is going to use the exact same gesture. Finally, some requests: 1. There needs to be a sharper distinction between an active timer and an inactive one. At a quick glance, I can't easily tell which timers are active and which are not. Mostly this has to do with colors, as the actively lit timers aren't that much brighter than the unlit inactive ones. 2. iPad support with iCloud sync would be super awesome. One of the best features of DUE (by Phocus) is the ability to start a timer on my iPad or Mac, then have it with me on my phone as I go. 3. Continuous interval alarm. Another great feature of Due is the ability for the alarm to go off every 60 seconds until I answer it, preventing me from missing it or ignoring it altogether. 4. Use of own sounds/songs. This one is a no-brainer methinks. All in all this is an above average timer app that could really hit the next level with a little more work. Until some of these kinds of little touches are implemented (especially suggestions 2 & 3) I'm inclined to stick with Due (an app that both annoys me [sluggish syncing] yet serves my purposes better at this time). Keep up the good work!

  • Simply Great

    by Shanon Eubank

    Great in its simplicity and quick access.

  • Perfect

    by Jaifaime

    Simple and straight straight forward, super easy to use, elegantly clean layout. Exactly what a timer app should be. Thank you for making this.

  • Awesome app

    by ptyager

    Keep it up. Love your apps.

  • Best timer/reminder app I have seen

    by sunlitlaz

    I have found myself setting timers left and right, this app makes it so quick and easy to set 'em up it's awesome. It beats all others by at least a mile!

  • simple timer

    by SH in WI

    Nice and simple. The only downside is it takes a while for the app to launch. But this is a nice easy-to-use app for a common task. Good to have.

  • I absolutely love this app.

    by 27_notes_dance_in_ink_34

    Beautiful, simplistic design. I even bought all the add-on packages for it, and it's just a timer. I won't use any other timer app, pre-installed or otherwise, on my iPod or on my phone. Excellent job with this app!

  • Make Alarm clock with quality sounds

    by Satpalr

    I was not able to find email of developer so posting here. This app is great! I bought in-app ultimate bundle too. I liked the timer sounds. I wish there are more and I want to use those sounds for my Iphone alarm app but there is no option to extract those sounds so may be developer can build one working iPhone alarm clock with similar and more sounds. This is my first review.

  • Doesn't always work in background?

    by Peter D 123

    My experience with the app has been it sometimes fails to indicate time is up if another app (e.g. Safari) had been used and the Timer app was not on the screen when iPhone locked. Maybe I did something wrong but it seems like when I unlocked the phone and when into the app it would immediately indicate time is up when in fact time was up a while ago. Not trusting it to work perfectly.

  • It's ok

    by Rhythmwalker

    It didn't get 5 stars cuzz they nickel and dime you for sounds and stuff I hate that. Also the volume it low. I've missed alarms because of it. Other wise I live it it's perfect.

  • Too many bundles

    by gmcneil100

    Seems to be too tricky by 2 - makes it expensive to get all the bundles at $9.99 AFTER buying a few sorted items since it offers no credit schemes for what has already been purchased

  • Perfect

    by mvneufeld

    This is a well-designed, useful little app. Download it, and if you like it then buy a theme or two to thank the developer for his good work. (Anodyne will look great with iOS 7.)

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