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Seller: Comcast Interactive Media

This update contains improvements to the live TV streaming experience and bug fixes

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XFINITY subscribers can watch thousands of XFINITY On Demand™ TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere. (formerly XFINITY™ TV Player app)

• NEW - Watch your favorite sports, news and kids networks live.
• Stream TV shows and movies from premium channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax and cable channels like TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, A&E, AMC, WETV, Food Network and HGTV
• Download TV shows and movies from Showtime, Streampix, Starz, Encore and MoviePlex and watch them when you’re offline.
• Set parental controls for privacy and peace of mind.

• Wi-Fi Internet connection for streaming and downloading of video. 
• iPhone 4+, iPad 2+ or Retina iPod Touch running iOS 6 or higher.  
• XFINITY TV or Comcast Digital Video service, plus a subscription to one or more eligible channels. 
• Comcast ID or email address and password. 

Streaming and downloading of video is not available internationally. 

Streaming and downloading of video is only available using a Wi-Fi connection

Customer Reviews

  • Fair

    by Curt on

    Like other users have said commercials are three minutes long and are very repedative. Wouldn't be so bad if you could browse internet while they're playing, but that's more Apple's fault I suppose. App itself is really nice though it doesn't seem to have shows from the CW network (only one I've noticed so far).

  • Great app!

    by Pm...

    Love the app great work, keep at it very entertaining.

  • OK on stable wifi, but ad mgmt is a joke

    by AlwaysLookingForTheNextBestIMApp

    Don't get wrong I can accept the commercials for what this app does / offers. However, every time the feed stalls or the video has to be restarted it insists on replaying the last commercial segment!!! Live feed is a nice add, but 70% sport + news, repetitious pac12 sport at that! There's more to the world than that!

  • Great addition, needs work

    by Lllyyynnnn

    Definitely worth downloading. I love it. But it is far from perfect. Crashes, sticks, too any commercials, and I can not access all my favorite shows. Keep working on it. Great addition to xfinity services.

  • ON Demand is awesome!

    by Mare333

    This Xfinity app with the access to ON demand is awesome! I can catch up on shows at work, and also watch series that I was not able to watch during the regular season. happy!

  • Nice addition

    by waupacadave

    The number of live shows on major tv networks is limited, but for what it offers, I think the app is a great complement to cable.

  • Recommend

    by Kpqrm

    I use it regularly to catch up on TV episodes I missed or a movie.

  • Xfinity

    by Lillee87

    Nice app only con would be the streaming sometimes hangs up and stops but overall good app!

  • Wonderful

    by RunSMK

    This app is all it is cracked up to be and more. I love the download options. Works well for my non data enabled iPad. Can download movies for my son to watch in the car and not need to worry about wifi etc. Also great to see the live TV capability. I would love it if I was able to mirror to Apple TV, but overall it is a great app.

  • Great app

    by Dj blah

    This is a great app, if just 2 see my favorite show, The Walking Dead.

  • Does what it says it does.

    by thirstyburst

    Streaming is good, quality is good. It didn't kill my dog.

  • Verizon users

    by aria83

    When connecting thru verizon I have commercials eating up my data allowance. When I connect thru other servers no commercials. I don't have access to whats on my on demand.

  • Very good

    by jhschmitt

    Amazing app — does freeze every once and a while, but all in all very good. Definitely needs to work on Apple TV though. Hoping a deal will be struck eventually to let that happen. That is my only major complaint.

  • by

    This app is awesome I use it all the time!i suggest it to anyone who can get it because you can watch missed episodes and catch up on things like the walking dead... So get it

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Wrestleman29

    Great app. Works great

  • Works fine.

    by eljoh

    Has more content than On Demand Cable version. Works great w wi-fi.

  • Great app

    by Karlism

    Awesome app which allows you to really see shows live or on demand. Two thumbs up.

  • No cons!

    by Atapayaya

    I can't find a dang thing wrong with this app. Works flawlessly. HD.

  • Love it

    by godelocs46

    Absolutely love it.

  • Great Lil App

    by LateenaQT2k7

    I will say that I like it most because I can see shows at work during lunch that I couldn't get to before. I did have Verizon, and although Verizon's app was better, this one works well, also. Still needs some shaping up, but overall, a great lil app for your iPad and I like that I can access it at work on my PC as well.

  • Not very good

    by Fredric Rosa

    There are no local channels, only old shows previously aired.

  • Required wifi

    by Billy2345678907654

    No point if it requires wifi to steam:(

  • Terrible experience

    by Jane302

    If I could give 0 stars I would. Horrible experience with hotel wifi. Show keeps stopping. Review app even froze.

  • Yuck

    by C0mcastb1t3s

    Worse than TV - full of commercials and you can't change the channel and come back.

  • Crashes and commercials

    by PDX Peter

    Play back crashes frequently, and commercials are repeated upon returning. Commercial blocks themselves are quite long. In about 20 minutes of viewing, had to sit through more than 10 minutes of ads. Bad experience. I gave up.

  • It's ok

    by LT77179

    I used to love it since I don't have a tv in my room. But now it says my time thing was limited but now I can't log back in and I can on other apps.

  • Wi-Fi only. Eat a d**k, Comcast

    by dgp1

    WHY is it comcast's business whether I'm on Wi-Fi?? I pay a lot for my data plan, and it is really irritating for some crap company like Comcast--not even my cell phone carrier-- to tell me what I can and can't do with my phone. It's none of your concern so remove the restriction.

  • When it works, it is great...

    by Saduser2

    What kills this app is way it behaves if there is any sort of connection issue. When you begin again it doesn't pick up from where the error occurred without forcing you to watch the same commercials again. If they would alter it so that, if you restart the episode within a few minutes of the error it would skip the commercials, it would save a lot pain.

  • Olympic Lies

    by Lightbright6000

    You cannot actually watch the Olympics with this app or a combination of this app and the NBC app. It's a very limited list of channels you can stream and NBC is not one of them.

  • Mediocre

    by Vince Heflin

    at best. The screen won't readjust if you rotate your phone. Very choppy playback even over 50 Mbit connection. Only the live stuff works. Can't watch TV shows but I do receive an error message. There is still some work to be done.

  • Less ads, I pay you already

    by Nindrew

    4 min of ads 5x during a show is too much when tucked in bed in my jam jams. It only works on the tv because I can go to the fridge to grab a beer.

  • keeps craashing

    by shsikspoehbd

    I can watch for about 3 minutes until the app closes and crashes..disappointing and frustrating to say the least

  • AWFUL!

    by Cat Lover 4life

    The video pauses every 6 seconds, and then takes over 10 minutes for it to start again, only to pause again after another few seconds.

  • Useless can't update iPad

    by Locked o

    Can't upgrade to latest version on iPad, isn't compatible. Being told have buy new iPad since Apple doesn't offer/sell a hardware upgrade. Why didn't Comcast do update for all iPad users?

  • The Live tv is the worst I've seen

    by La Bella Natural

    Please upgrade the live tv streaming. Can't even get the local news. Need to steal a page from Optimum's book. Their live streaming is amazing on their app. Should be able to watch ALL shows that are available on my tv while I'm home on my network.

  • Buggy

    by Mcd-md

    Slow download, freezes. Search function is next to worthless. Plus they put in commercials in the middle of scenes instead of at the obvious break point.

  • Horrible

    by Sarah2000911

    Mine keeps saying their I'd a error code something and won't let me watch any of the movies

  • Can't download ANYTHING

    by Bazinga12

    App would be great IF it worked. EVERY show I try to download says "interrupted" and will not download.

  • Typical poor quality xfinity

    by Cycling in Fla

    This is pathetic. Most of the channels won't load. Those that do take 30 to 45 minutes. This is typical poor quality Xfinity stuff. Avoid the headaches and bypass this app.

  • Still not ready for prime time

    by fteter

    Still does not support AirPlay to Apple

  • Good idea, still some flaws

    by AkaSnoopy82

    So first movie I click on is "now you see me" what comes on is "pure country 2 the gift" which doesn't even come up in a search. Secondly 6 ads in a row? Could be better

  • Commercials still

    by Coreabstraction

    Thought I would try the app again after a year. Still full of lengthy commercials. Back to Netflix. See you in a year Xtra-commercialfinity.

  • Love it

    by adrian hendrix

    I love it, and the live streaming service can't beat it

  • Crashes a lot

    by Jash01

    Crashes too often. Movie downloading doesn't work.

  • Great app

    by Kal427

    Great app works better than Netflix I love it

  • Cool butttttt

    by Dude5142

    Awesome but sometimes the wrong thing plays. For you see me is really some stupid country movie.

  • Useless search function

    by NanaAnnaNana

    This has one of the most useless search functions I have ever used. You also have to scroll completely to the bottom of over 2,000 movies to find the total number of movies. There is also NO sort function of any kind. I would think Comcast with their resources could develop a better app. On the positive side if you do find a movie you want to watch it does play it well and if you close the app you can resume where you left off.



    I know this is a first world problem and there are more complexed and other concerns in the world but why aren't shows updated on the app like they are updated on the website. After the show airs I have no problem waiting till the next day to view but on the app it doesn't update the current show. WHY????This is very frustrating as I travel a lot and like to watch shows on my ipad. Can someone please update the shows? I wonder if they really read these comments?

  • Bullocou

    by Courtinabell

    Helps me keep up-to-date with TV shows and movies. Love that I can watch from anywhere at anytime.

  • Awesome

    by Jacklynn888

    I love this I can watch anything in this app

  • Warm But Freezing

    by Golf Channel Viewer

    Good content at times but very annoying to watch with the constant glitching and freezing. Couple that with the commercials and it becomes to tedious to watch. You can't always tell if the app is paused for a commercial or frozen again. Also, the volume can vary significantly. The desired program is hard to hear but the commercials come in like a megaphone. Funny how that works only one way......

  • Overall Great

    by dlm527

    One improvement I suggest is an indicator in some form that you've watched a downloaded video.

  • Is it working correctly?

    by DM-FC

    Too many commercials for too little content. I suspect the app can't tell that I just watched the same two commercials. C'mon Comcast get with it. As if you aren't robbing all of us already. The least you can do is have a decent app available.

  • No apple AirPlay support

    by Topher Vanous

    No apple AirPlay support. Lame!!!

  • Commercials

    by Jacklyn25

    I like to watch shows on this app but now I have to sit through 3 minutes of commercials. If they took the commercials off it would make the app MUCH more pleasant.

  • Where's the hub network

    by robloxFAN21

    Where's the hub network. My daughter can't watch he favorite show on the go. I always have to give up my iPhone to let her watch here show all day. And further more, I want it for my sons, too. Please just add the hub network so my daughter can watch her shows on here iPad and not bother me. I want it in the next update to help me out. If this won't add the hub network, then I will cancel my xfinity account.

  • Crashes

    by junx

    Crashes a lot... Can rarely make it through a movie without errors.

  • Good

    by Cheychey1229

    Needs more selection for live tv.

  • Surprisingly Good

    by WaitWait

    The ability to download content from HBO, which the HBO GO app doesn't even offer, is worthwhile. Hopefully future versions will integrate with Streampix and the xfinity website - seems there is different content available across all three platforms..

  • Its good but video team need boost up

    by crackes

    I can't watch any videos because it says error something about video team but its goood they just need to let the videos play

  • Love it

    by tina427239

    Great app!!!!

  • Great app

    by Evettecalvo92

    This is a great app.well deserved 4 stars, I don't have any complaints about it,except for me to rate it the 5stars,sometimes it has trouble playing next day shows and continuously has an error comment, it should have a report error button so they could fix it right away,,I mean in the end we ARE paying for the cable.also it would also take the fifth star if it would keep refreshing the movies and maybe add more recent vids..but other than that I love the app and live streaming is fast,,but it should have more live stream channels available.over all I love the app!!

  • Slow as molasses on Verizon Fios

    by Read the fine print...again

    Can't stop pixelation on Verizon Fios in the San Fernando Valley? Watching Xfinity? Why am I paying $90 a month for this lame service?

  • The best

    by You are just rude

    I know you have to download this app like ever other App. But you are being harsh. I mean you are just hating because you cant find you tv show like spongebob young and restless and all that other stuff you like to watch. Look tv is not all you need. For example , Internet you need that to research and a family. Is tv the only thing that is important, NO. And that is it

  • Too Many Commercials!!

    by 3mile45

    Nice app. Decent functionality. Good to have another option for movies and catching up on my favorite shows while traveling. However, the commercials are a big negative - no better than watching a first-run broadcast. Why no commercials watching re-runs with Xfinity On-Demand then show them here?? Netflix is still my #1 choice, by far.

  • Good, needs low bandwidth options

    by Globaljg

    Glad they made this app, but they really need a low bandwidth option... Including audio only. It cuts out way much.

  • Great app!!

    by DocKJR

    Very much like getting the movies I like right on my if I could get them by Airplay to my TV...

  • No airplay

    by JeffN48

    Piss poor. This is not going to get me to send you an extra $10 each month. It just makes me despise you even more. Once comcast goes out of business I will happily be one of the first ones to pee on the ashes.

  • Best app ever

    by Hgsdhsgsydvsjdsvsg

    U can watch most if the shows that u might have missed on tv and catch up on it. This is the best app ever. I would recommend it

  • Wifi

    by vala60

    Directv and fios do not require wifi

  • Love it

    by Beleek

    It's the best thing since sliced bread!!!

  • What a mess of Alan upgrade

    by K2miras

    This used to be a great app. But since its last "upgrade", it closes out before the episode has finished. " Do I want to watch the next episode?" No thanks. I haven't finished watching this one!!!

  • Great!

    by Blanus47

    It is perfect for watching your favorite movies and tv show. It is absolutely great!

  • Great app

    by GuardUrGrill

    I like it,it always works

  • No airplay

    by Add xfinity

    Does not support airplay. Like to watch on tv but it doesn't let me. Hbo app and others allow it which is powered by my xfinity account. I don't get it.

  • Frustrating

    by Mellybass

    Video will sometime freeze, also sometime stop altogether and send a message that they are working on fixing issue. Would like to see more shows available to download so the can be viewed when not on wi-fi.

  • Problem

    by Eli3zer

    please solve the live channel

  • Movie download

    by Awakening 917

    The system will not let you download more than 2 movies even when you clear your viewing history.

  • Awesome

    by Kingof2B15

    I think this app is amazing its ez to use and fun to watch,it is also very clear for the shows or movies

  • The good TV shows are missing!

    by pandmmac

    Dear comcast: I pay a HUGE monthly bill to you to enjoy cable. Is it too much to ask that I have mobile access to the same shows? The lack of content available on this app makes me want to run screaming to another provider. Shame on you, comcast!

  • Too many glitches

    by Fix this!11

    I love the content, but the player freezes constantly! I often find myself giving up and watching some old movie on Netflix because this app just WON'T WORK!! PLEASE FIX!!! It takes two or three attempts to load a movie.... Also....fix the purchased movie app, OR provide better instruction! Every time I try signing into it, I get a message saying the app "encountered unexpected input" and it boots me out

  • Its good

    by Stevo1.0awsome

    There are times when the picture gets really fuzzy or a movie just wont play but for the most part its pretty good.

  • Awesome

    by JDFREE1

    Simple, easy to use app. I travel frequently for work so I especially appreciate the download feature when in the air. I've saved a lot of money by not renting movies for flights. Occasional errors, but that is technology, nothing works perfectly. The live channels are great too, please add more!

  • Like it

    by 5haneOfTheDead

    I think this is a really great addition to xfinity.'s service. Is it PERFECT? No. Is it worth downloading? ABSOLUTELY. The feature that allows you to download select movies and tv shows to your device is fantastic (my brother's in the hospital getting chemo, so now he can load his iPad with some movies/tv shows to take his mind off being sick while he's in the hospital). Even Netflix doesn't give you this option. Really haven't had any problems with the app. Wish there were more channels available live. Lots of sports channels, but I don't care for sports. Anyways, I'm honestly impressed. Xfinity is obviously taking people that prefer to watch content on a device seriously.

  • Airplay

    by Jaycat12345

    No airplay support!!!! This needs to be added ASAP.

  • Love watching the old shows on iPad!

    by Dspsep

    Versatile app. Love watching old shows on y iPad with it. New shows have WAY too many commercials--sometimes 3-4 minutes at a time. You can do that on TV, but not in an app.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Wanda86

    Great app. I rarely gave issues where it's freezing or anything like that. The live tv portion is AWESOME!

  • They improved ALOT

    by Jaymibh

    I remember when I barely opened this app because of the poor playback, constant crashes, etc. The selection was always better than Netflix, but the app was really temperamental. The recent updates have given more selection in customizing playback speed, captions are easier to work, and it seems more user friendly in general. commercial ads have increased but they've also increased on the PC streaming website and on TV in general. Its still better than missing your favorite shows in general.

  • Best app

    by Wtyiooooo

    Best app ever

  • Chromecast compatible !!!

    by Swagg-Syndrome !

    Wish it was compatible with the chromecast device then ofcourse it'll be 100 for me ...

  • Falls short on live tv, bugs and app errors

    by Shelby_PDX

    Bugs, stops often with an application error, no live network TV. Falls really short from Anyplay app.

  • Please

    by clash of clans!

    Can you please make the Animal Planet Network to the live streaming. Thank you

  • Please read this

    by Home shopping

    I think we should get the same shows on both the tv and phone app. As it is we get lots more options for shows and such on the app and online catalog than we do on the tv on demand and stream pix We should be able to have all shows and movies on all devices not a few here a few there and hardly any on tv. Do us a favor and consolidate all choice to be seen on all devices

  • Horrible

    by MikhailB22

    Bad App! It rarely will stream the things I want to watch. It has "playback errors" all of the time. I works maybe 25% of the time. Horrible app.

  • Ever changing availability

    by Mohdri

    I keep logging into bookmarked shows that I've seen several episodes of already, and you keep changing if I have to have an upgraded service or not. I'll go back to Netflix.

  • Convenient

    by SouperSally

    I use it on my iPad and find it works great and offers lots of options.

  • Works for us

    by TMarti5

    Primary use for kids programming.

  • Love it but it needs some work

    by Artcegirl247

    I love this app it comes in handy, but when I'm watching it sometimes it glitches and cuts out certain parts. Please fix. Other wise that that it's a great app.

  • Awful

    by B1941S

    As this is a Comcast product, it's as awful as we've come to expect. Buggy, poor quality and utterly useless. It's everything you'd expect from a company that has zero market competition.


    by Tllewis169

    I want Comedy Central on this app!!

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