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-Some crash bugs fixed

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With SpaceEffect you can take a regular photo and apply over 75 effects and textures to create unique looking picture in seconds.

Layer as many effects as you like using the "Add another FX" function before sharing to your favorite social network(Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,etc) or save to your camera roll.

Main features
-75 very cool pic effects to choose from
- Stack different pic effects to your photo
- Make endless magical pictures via stacking different effects
- Move,rotate,scale,flip effect.
- Erase & draw effect
- Adjust effect opacity
- Adjust effect brightness
- High resolution output
- Crop picture when post to Instagram
- Undo FX & Redo FX
- 10+ brushes to choose from
- Share to Instagram
- Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

Any feedback,suggestion will be welcome. You can contact us at: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Very Cool Options

    by cb-5962

    This is a great photo filter app with some unique and artistic options. It's simple and cool-I like it.

  • Editing

    by Tee pee girl

    Its fun

  • Needs a little more

    by Lollllllllllllpppppggggg

    Decorating pictures is fun and all but it would make it really fun if we could have a profile and like and dislike pictures

  • Great app

    by byron24

    Lo Maximo

  • Awesome App

    by Afinewine

    I like adding my special touch to pictures.

  • Ehhh............

    by Every one read please!!_1202

    It needs to be able to expand the effect and also needs more effects

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    by PWTESQ

    This game has the best space effects ever my friend has it too and likes it!! It is awesome!!!!!:D

  • Space App

    by Shea Nicks

    This is amazing!

  • App

    by 10312k13

    Its hella freash tho!

  • Great!

    by Jascan(;

    I really enjoy it very simple. I wish there were a little more effects such as cropping, or sending to back/bringing forward, and text. Other than that it's nice. (:

  • Kk

    by Chad_099

    I love this

  • I love it!

    by Christine Gomez

    I love this app! Thank you!!

  • Ok-ish

    by Octacat

    Not the BEST it could be I've seen better

  • Pretty good could be better

    by Liv0314

    I liked it. But if they were going to make it better I would add text and more options to do. I have many other apps like this I would find something that makes this one better than the others. Also if u are into photo stuff like this then you should use this app and some others and use it to mix it up. Overall a good app but could be better.

  • Really Great App

    by Alli Arsevell

    This app is amazing. :) It took me awhile to really understand how to use it, but after some practice, I can now turn any photo of mine into a creative masterpiece. I just wish the app would stop quitting on me every now and then. But other than that, I recommend this app to everyone


    by Melyyyyyy_baby69

    I love this app so much it's da besssst Idk I just really like it everyone likes how awesome I edit my photos but all the credit goes to this cool app

  • Perf

    by Thugin'_boi

    Great app!

  • Love it!!

    by 3Sistersmom

    Simple and fun-start exploring what your imagination can do!!!

  • Bean

    by OMG12321fhjgsfvg

    Cool beans

  • Amazing

    by Um...I'm really bored

    This app is very cool get it. Yea well I have 2% so bye.

  • Dumb

    by Mollsmcgee

    I hate this thing my mom likes it and puts it on Pinterest but me I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!!!!!

  • Cool

    by Zoe Trent

    It's a pretty helpful app i hope they come out with a video editor


    by Cutie573

    OMG THIS APP IS LIKE THE BEST APP EVER !!!!! It's that first app that u don't have to pay for affects to ur pics if u don't have it u better get it

  • by Gummybears96

    This is the best app ever. All my picture look amazing now

  • Jeyda

    by Kiraweber98


  • Omg!!

    by Ilovetacos007

    Actually pretty freaking awesome. As a teenage girl, I'm all about editing my photos. Yeah, this is definitely my new favorite editing app. Easy to use, fun designs. Honestly, its like a 4.9. Only thing I would change is add more designs and stuff? Other then that, its beautiful. #recommended

  • So good

    by Mgirlboy

    Love it It works so well


    by Fjhdeyh

    BOSS FACE!!!!!!!

  • Vh

    by Cc✨

    Amazing effects it really works and makes my pictures look beautiful and add an special feeling to them

  • Cool!!

    by Echo charley

    It's a really cool app

  • Space effect

    by The phoenix 12


  • Best app for artists I know of.

    by Ichicora-Uzumaki

    This is my first review I have ever written but I love this app, easy controls and fun to play around with, I will definitely be using this app.

  • Good for what it is

    by Ashleyfrogley

    Easy to use, however could have an easer back button when changing the filter. Filters have many neat options!

  • 1st time to site

    by Peneze2Sav4p&v

    Beautiful, gorgeous graphics & colors. It will definitely add a surreal dimension to any photos. I rate 4 stars only because only used once.

  • Love it

    by To lish

    I love this app!!! I defiantly recommend it if you like making cool pics :)

  • Awesome

    by Jpa682

    Cool effects!

  • Awesome

    by Cait2773

    This is a great app. It has amazing edits, but i think there should be more.

  • sorry this is how i wanted to rate 5 STARS

    by SofiaPOPSTAR!

    best photo editor ever

  • Amazing app!!!

    by Pete cruz

    Love how simple and straight forward this app is. I'm no genius when it comes to this photo stuff. I just like fast quick and easy! This here delivers with flying colors! Worth it! :)

  • Just tried playing with this twice and hard to rate

    by Help need cheap house

    I don't like how you set up ads and buttons for program best I can say so far only played with a couple pics 2 stars so far maybe more when I can see what I can do with it and without always accidentally hitting ad buttons

  • Great!

    by Maddybug1231

    It's great no changes really cool and lots of choices!❤️

  • The App Needs More Features

    by Bhhehhsgshsg

    Well,I think this app needs more features.Ya'll do have the most awesome features,but I believe ya'll can make BETTER FEATURES.❤️❤️

  • Great Photo Editing App!!

    by Iceepaws

    I really like this app because it makes my pictures more cooler and awesome.!

  • Awesome

    by Buzz saw 67

    It's amazing,makes pictures look so much cooler

  • Good

    by I_maroon5

    This is a fun app but there are not enough choices for me. Other than that I love this app and love adding effects to my photos.:)

  • Great effects!

    by ElmoBeHuggin

    I think the effects are awesome

  • Pretty cool

    by Earth, wind, water, rain.

    I honestly believe that this is a great app it's fun and fairly easy and a great way to edit photos. My only issue is the fact that the edits don't always stand out. Other than that it's great. Highly recommend it.

  • Its ok.

    by Usernof this app.

    I would like it if you added more effects. Its a nice app, just more ways to do effects and more of dem plzzz

  • Brilliant app.

    by Derplet

    I like to use this app in conjunction with a few other apps to make awesome Instagram photos. This app is great at providing the background, in full size too.

  • Best app ever

    by Jazzygirl1158

    XD best app ever I'm getting more followers on Instagram cuz of my edits that I do to pics I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok

    by MNagi_016

    It's alright

  • Awesome power

    by Lasvegasmtg

    It is very easy to take a normal picture and turn it into a work of art. It has so many options and with the ability to use the over lays and adjust the transparency you are only limited to your imagination.

  • Does what it says.

    by rubso

    Nice app. Simple and easy to use b

  • Amazing

    by Evan Peters (I wish)

    In love. Yup.

  • Superb

    by Chipapas

    Great app....really easy to work with your pics

  • Perfect

    by Bsuduwinahakahzudjfbd

    I love this app!❤️❤️❤️

  • Awesome

    by OiJackieGirl

    I like it a lot

  • Becca

    by I Live 4 the moment

    This app rocks!!!!

  • by Da pic man


  • Great

    by KylanKash

    Great happy I really love it

  • Love It!

    by Eitotrich

    Very fun, intuitively usable app

  • Coool

    by Unknown 20

    Excellent program

  • Love it to death

    by Glitter_gurl

    Use this so much love it to edit my photos

  • Really like this app

    by LovesHarryPotterMoreThanCandy

    It's a good app and I can make fun edits:)

  • Great game

    by Football mania76543219

    This is great for editing pictures

  • Good app

    by Mr. T. Smith

    Good app

  • by Comicwriter101

    DON'T BUY THIS APP! I can't even do the editing thing with out even buying the other app! So this is actually a trick!

  • Decent app

    by D. McCormick

    I've seen apps that offer a lot less and are paid apps. It's an easy to use app that makes editing your images a snap. It takes only a few seconds even for the most inexperienced user to creatively and effectively use the app due to it's intuitive nature.

  • Space effect

    by Mafer11

    An amazing app. Lots of effects and ways to make pictures interesting and cooler.!!!

  • by Jrhdheh

    Awesome love it

  • Not so good

    by Beckypie123

    U could've made it better

  • :)

    by Country girl 145

    I just got this app and I'm hooked! Although it would be a lot better if there were more options

  • Best app ever

    by P-nut 360

    This is the best app in the world but you could add just a few more designs for the app otherwise I think you should get this app.

  • Idk

    by Idk yet but....

    It takes a while to download :[

  • Awesome pictures

    by MadieKing

    Very amazing and fun.

  • Review

    by Coco :):)


  • Space edit

    by Mick Chance

    It's pretty cool... :)

  • Fun and creative

    by King baby duck

    Fun to experiment with just a few app design quirks.

  • Ok

    by Katkit238

    Ok I guess but it needs more. It is very, very limited.

  • Awesome

    by Athina2005

    This is so awesome

  • So

    by Tiger11551

    This is so so so so cool.

  • Spacetastic

    by Rhdhdyfhgehdhdyhdfhchjdhdhf

    I love this app!!! I use it all the time for editing photos and I love it!!!

  • Great app

    by Yammyrider

    Helps pass time and fun to add to photos

  • Great

    by Caprilp

    Love this app. Very easy to use!

  • Great app!

    by Fluffydoug❤

    This is a great app!

  • #space lover

    by Taylor's_girl

    This app is awesome. I love it so much!!!!

  • Greatness

    by Delph 8

    I love this app please make more features.!!!!!!

  • This app

    by Desginss

    This app is really good or your own designs i reccomend it for dj's

  • Not a big deal

    by Milkililki

    Was expecting more...

  • Awesome

    by Scoop looper


  • one of the decent

    by albrts

    its one of the decent photo editor out there

  • Awsome

    by LGZP34528

    This app makes this makes pics way more cool and epic luv it❤️❤️❤️

  • Best

    by Van nv

    Best pic editor app ever I love it ssoooo much you need to get it!!!

  • Visual effects are stunning

    by Mistress Miranda

    Visual effects are stunning and I would buy the pro version if there is one.

  • Updates

    by JillyfishXD

    When I first got it it was amazing... Then it updated and all the cool ones I liked disappeared and I was willing to pay for them... But I can't even do that anymore so I'm pretty sad about that. Probably will delete if it doesn't come back on the next update

  • Cool effects

    by Acerbic dime

    Interesting effects! Beyond my imagination.

  • This is great

    by Jr Duncan

    This is a great app to add some fx to your pic's love it so far...

  • Title

    by Banana steeler


  • Hi

    by Joseph Gorman

    I love this app I just downloaded it but there's on problem I'm having when I use an effect the out box that's around the effect dose not fade well and you can tell I wish I could make the box around the effect would fade to where you can't see it besides that it is a really awsome app

  • Lilone

    by Uckenfuts

    Freaking amazing!! Addicted to the app, everything works great! And there are some asome effects ;)

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