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• Amazing new sharing menu!
• New video tutorial (in Settings).
• Multiple fixes and improvements.

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Photo Editor- is an amazing all-in-one photo editor! With Photo Editor- you can enhance your photos, apply effects, add stickers, paint & draw, remove blemishes, whiten smiles and so much more!

Here are some of the amazing features:
• Enhance Photos in Seconds
• Add Endless Stickers
• Apply Amazing Effects (Aqua, Strato, etc.)
• Add Unique Frames
• Use Color Splash
• Crop, Flip, Rotate & Straighten
• Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation
• Draw and Paint on Photos
• Add Text and Captions
• Remove Red Eye
• Smile Whitening
• Blemish Remover
• Tilt Shift / Focus Tool
• Sharpen and Blur Filters
• HD Camera to Take Photos
• Import and Export High-Res Images
• Share Photos w/ Friends (Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
• International Language Support
• And Much More!

Photo Editor- is free and works across all iOS devices! Check out some of the amazing screenshots.

Customer Reviews

  • Best notater

    by kcidesign

    Excellent easy to use copy to save. Great for notating photos.

  • A friend

    by 1957porsche

    This is a pretty good app but it wish you but there are better photo editing apps

  • Fun

    by Lillifred

    I play with my friend by drawling on my picture for fun; and it is.

  • by Packer backer from Illinois

    So far, so good! I love that there's the basic things, but you can also buy more. Plus being able to make anything into a meme makes this editor X100 better! Keep up the awesomeness!! :)

  • Highly recommended

    by BrandiKitty6

    I love this app! I want to edit all my photos now lol!!

  • Love it

    by Roilhgfh


  • Love

    by smartbot1of7

    Simple app with amazing features. Worth the download!

  • Great

    by  Nora and Eli


  • Easy to use

    by Built2last4ever

    Good app easy to use. Only complaint is red eye isn't easily applied.

  • Has everything

    by Jannet92

    I actually deleted all my other photo edit apps for this one. Nothing else needed :)

  • Good app but...

    by GazelleElf444

    It's literally the exact same app as Aviary. And when I say exact I mean EXACT. Same filters, same icons, same features, etc., etc. overall though they're both great apps.

  • Awesome

    by Syrex0083

    Good editor...

  • Excellent app

    by Jen_klinks

    This app is definitely worth getting. It has so many cool editors for your photos, all in one!

  • Exelente

    by Pitufigalletita

    Puedo editar mis fotos como yo quiero y satisface mi gusto Por la fotografia

  • Great app

    by Artsy family

    We have really enjoyed this app. Only wish I could choose specific areas to blur more strongly(I.e. Something needs to be gone in background). Love the splash!

  • Awesome app

    by Buckeye36

    Great filters!

  • Love this app

    by Jennie Higgins

    I have so much fun with this app, I totally love it.

  • Practical app

    by Raging$storm

    It is very practical as an application

  • Awesome

    by The SS 1941

    The best pic app ever!!!!!!

  • Khaled

    by Khaled Alsheikh

    Very nice full of effects

  • Terrible

    by Bullseye10171895

    Terrible ap it doesn't really work

  • Nothing saves

    by CBSmith08

    So i write txt doesn't save ever stupid u dont test before u release

  • Won't Save finished photos

    by Death Valley AZ

    Love this app, but it doesn't save my photos once finished & has problems with texting:(


    by Frank the tank5567

    This is the greatest editing app ever! Hands down. Made Lil Wayne look like Beyoncé .

  • Love it!!

    by Kcmims

    I'm a review reader and this one rated 4 1/2 stars so I thought I'd give it a try. I've used this app for the past year and its my go to editor for pics. I have a few other apps I work with for my pics but I either start them in photo editor or finish them in photo editor. I love this app!!!

  • Rate

    by YoungPat

    I'm loving the app, but it can be improved

  • Amazing!

    by Lynnlynnbooks

    Photo editing is one of my hobbies, and this is by far my favorite editor! I love the simplicity, it's so easy to work and understand. It has great controls and filters that finish the photo.

  • Text

    by Letter D

    This ap had real issues with writing text.

  • Yeafggggg!

    by Rbizzle1982


  • Editing information

    by Putzy202

    Can't go higher than one star. Plenty of editing/enhancement techniques offered, but absolutely no explanations provided. Couldn't get the red eye correction to matter what I did.

  • Suggestions

    by Cresent Rose

    I love the app so much. It really helps with adjusting light, getting rid of my acne, and flipping my pictures. *I was just wondering if you could add a mirror editor*

  • Fixes faces.

    by No one needs to know

    This ap fixes all problems with pictures so there literally picture perfect.

  • Love it!

    by J2daessRo

    This has fast become my new favorite photo app. Easy to use, will be replacing half of the apps I currently use!

  • awesome

    by jack-23

    awesome! very cool app

  • Love this app!!

    by Jfishergirl

    It's great for editing pics! One of the best ones I've found!

  • Photo editor

    by 4taeStyle

    I should use it more, but from what I've experienced so far it's a pretty good app.

  • Great app

    by R0rsch^ch2

    Total necessity for editing iPhone photos!

  • Awesome !!!

    by jazzy1248

    I really love this app .

  • Perfect❤

    by Anya 2414

    I ❤ this App!

  • Very good app!

    by Fitzmec

    This app has many great features! I use all of them. One feature I hope they add is the clone feature. We take pictures of houses, yards, land etc. and sometimes you don't want an object or objects in there so it would be great to be able to block those out by blending the part you want in its place to continue with the flow. It does make some pictures rather grainy once enhanced but other than that it's been a great experience.

  • Great!

    by Veggie18

    Really nice app. The only thing better in the updated app is the ability to put weather in your pictures. I prefer this one.

  • This app is FANTASTIC & AWESOME

    by R5_lover_54

    I LOVE this app i can edit any photo & i can use stickers & frames its AWESOME

  • Great

    by Yours4evrmore

    It's a good editing app

  • Best Photo Editor

    by amg_53

    So far the best. Multiple editing options. Ease of use. Interface. Excellent.

  • Good app

    by Milespup3

    It's an awesome app but u have do get/buy sticker packs

  • Really cool

    by Gdrnkyfd

    I love how many possibilities there are I spend hours on this app

  • Not the best

    by Hannah the Nans

    I like it, but the red eye does not work, there are hardly any frames, and its very hard to control the blemish remover and draw option.

  • need a fix

    by Ptdanielsodre

    cannot use the write function properly, to many bugs while trying to write on pictures. please fix it!

  • Great app

    by Artsy family

    We have really enjoyed this app. Only wish I could choose specific areas to blur more strongly(I.e. Something needs to be gone in background). Love the splash!

  • Amazing photo app!

    by Gbrg

    I have basically downloaded every photo editing app & this one is by far the best! You can do so much with just 1 app! Love it❤️

  • Excellent for photo touch up!

    by Curley911

    Love to remove blemishes and age lines like a professional photographer can. However, when I use the blemish "brush" I find I cannot undo a stroke if I accidentally hit an area and I have to start over. I'll be using this a lot!!!

  • As good of an application as I have ever used for photo manipulation

    by esteliano

    As good of an application as I have ever used for photo manipulation..... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!

  • It's okay...

    by LOL U FAIL

    I would be okay with it... If it had a "fill" option. This app is all I use on my pictures, and I would like to use it for coloration and stuff on digital images and other things like that... Waste of space IS a rude, overreactive way to put it, though... Sorry. 3 stars. You lose. Goodbye. IMINYOURBASESAYINGTHINGSQUICKLYTHATYOUNEEDALOTOFTIMETOPROCESSLOLOLLOLLLLLLHAHAHAHAAAA!

  • I wish they didn't update

    by Ashley Smallz

    This used to be my favorite picture app I would tell everyone to download it because you could edit then post it directly on Instagram and it would shrink it to fit without cropping perfectly!! Now after I updated it you can't do that I hate that I had to download another app to make my picture fit on Instagram without cropping. I wish they kept it the awesome way it was. I may just have to uninstall and find a better app that did everything the old version did.

  • An Exercise In Creativity

    by Desert-roses

    This is a great app for tailoring a photo on the-fly, before sending off to a friend from a cellphone...

  • Being like dad

    by Owls ate AWSOME

    So,I am trying to be like my dad witch he takes photos and edits the hopefully this will help me show him I can do this.

  • Just like photobucket

    by App thing is cool

    Works just fine it's great and cool for editing photos and creating memes I don't plan on deleting it it was no regret! :3

  • Oh yea pretty good

    by The SS 1941

    One of the best pic apps no SH*t.. I like it so Fu*k off if you don't !!!!!

  • Can't edit photos in HD

    by Dancertrish

    Yeah so if you have a photo in HD you can't edit it and still keep it in HD.

  • SillyKid

    by Huy389222

    Cool Dude!!!!!

  • Review

    by InfestedAverage

    It's pretty good you guys!

  • Good heart of Aviary with intuitive twist

    by Jhtrico1850

    I hate having to scroll left to right in Aviary to edit the pic that I want. This app makes it easy presenting pics in a grid view to select, and you can select multiple photos and edit in succession it's what I've always wanted :)

  • Awosome app

    by Lola1132004!!!!

    It is a amazing app u can do many things with this app

  • Amazing

    by Joken92301

    Easy to use.....makes boring pictures pop.

  • Don't download

    by Srbuckley322

    This thing is crap. Most of the features you are in-app purchases, and it's constantly trying to trick you into buying them. It doesn't even do half the stuff it says it does

  • Thanks!

    by Uniqueph

    Awesome app

  • good

    by iAdiko

    perfect app

  • Great app

    by BARNACLES! :D

    Has everything I need

  • Excellent, Easy and fast!

    by Garcia-Villamil

    Is an Excellent App. easy to use and fast!

  • photo editor

    by RJ8120

    Awesome app!! so pro!

  • Pretty good!

    by Shawna313

    I like it

  • Love it!

    by super_secret_ninga_spy

    You can write memes, add effects, add frames (you have to add that) you can draw on it, focus a certain part of the pic, put stickers on it, and more! You should definitely try it!

  • Love it!

    by Biolanuga

    App is as cheap as chips, but love the edits.

  • Awesome

    by Epic awesomeness 25

    Lots of ways to edit!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Mmmmmmmm123lovemstar

    This is a really great app. It is basically a whole bunch of things in one, and it's fast to put what you want and easy too. It's way better than all the other apps I've downloaded to be honest. If you like to put effects on your pictures or draw or put memes, this is the app you need, it's really good.

  • Great app

    by Amberrrllyy

    Love this app. There should be a rainbow filter, a dark circle remover, and a make up editor. But otherwise I love it.

  • It's cool

    by Superbowl champ1997

    It's cool

  • Great ap!

    by Kremeka

    I am very pleased,

  • Better than other editing apps

    by Tsehaithenurse

    I liked it. Very natural beautiful photo enhancement that illuminates the skin.

  • Great!

    by Fhdgxuhucbgsvu

    I like it! Great pictures! :)

  • Hello!

    by Wajid Sarwary

    Love this app! Best app


    by Meggs72

    Love it-I use it almost daily. So far I've found it's the best Photo app out there!:)

  • Muy bueno

    by Shadowrolo

    Toda una herramienta de edición de imágenes.

  • Okay

    by amanda hammers

    When I first downloaded the app it let me save but now nothing!!! Disappointed

  • Good App

    by Theresa Terry

    Did what I was looking for. Good App!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Scso7269

    This app is so cool. I love that you can do anything. Even make your own meme!!!

  • Very pleased

    by Donbgphoto

    Works well and efficient

  • Great App

    by aLmonddy

    This is honestly a great app. It edits your pictures but doesn't leave them looking too over the top

  • Love it

    by JennyL217

    This is very easy to use and I always use it on my photos before I post them. I have never had a problem with the ads.

  • Photo editor

    by Gameblogger111

    This app is awesome !!!!!!!!!

  • Great!!

    by Dillydue187


  • Focus

    by Miss Avie

    I love the focus...

  • Horrible

    by Slipsick

    The text does not work it crashes everytime. Waste of time.

  • Easy and wonderful

    by Thin Wind

    I use it everyday

  • My favorite !

    by Lubov guryanova

    Love this app

  • Good

    by A.asady


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