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2.0.3 addresses potential connection issues especially on devices with fewer system resources.

This update also provides performance improvements when connecting to iPhone 5s.

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Use Air Display to turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a wireless display for your computer. Increase your productivity with extra screen real estate or mirror your Mac or Windows computer display to your iOS device.

Air Display now connects up to 4 iPads simultaneously to create unique presentations you drive from your Mac (multi-client support coming soon to Windows too).

“You have a bunch of different options to turn your iPad into a second display, but we prefer Air Display as the easiest option.” — Lifehacker

With Air Display, you can wirelessly extend your computer desktop to gain more space or you can mirror your computer's screen to your iOS device and control your computer with intuitive iOS touch gestures and/or Air Display's elegant built in keyboard. Got a Bluetooth keyboard? you can use that too!

And with Air Display 2, you can even wirelessly mirror your screen to up to four iPads simultaneously to create unique training sessions or presentations.

Air Display consists of an iOS app and a separate free app that you install on your computer. Both your computer (Mac or Windows) and iOS client (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) must be on the same Wi-Fi network to use Air Display.

Again, only with fewer words:

• Wirelessly extend or mirror your computer screen to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
• Control your computer wirelessly via touch gestures from your iOS device
• Type using Air Display's built-in keyboard or any Bluetooth keyboard
• NEW! Use up to 4 extra screens at the same time (Mac only for now)
• NEW! Even easier to set up, connect, and get support
• Best performance of any app of its kind
• Fully compatible with Retina-resolution screens

System requirements

• Both computer and iOS device must be on the same Wi-Fi network
• iOS devices: iOS 6 and above
• Main system: Mac OS X version 10.7 and above; Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64-bit); Windows 7 Starter Edition and Windows Vista not supported
• Connection to multiple devices is Mac only, but we're working on Windows even now


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— 50 Must-Have iPad Apps, TIME, April 12, 2013
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— 7 Must-Have Productivity Apps for iPad, ZDNet, April 9, 2012

Thank you for reading. We'd love to hear how you use Air Display to get things done.

Customer Reviews

  • Good, but there are glitches...

    by MDooley47

    It is a great app. If you could increase speed that would be great; though, I do understand how it is hard when dealing with such a large range of wireless speeds. The main glitches I am talking is bout how, for instance, the Apple logo does not load in the top left. How the Dock's background is missing exd... Also getting the on device scrolling to work better would be helpful. As well as allowing right clicks

  • Pretty good!

    by A. V. S.

    Using this with an iPad mini (no Retina) and an iMac. I can use my desktop from any room now! There are slight visual artifacts caused by lag, but I am less annoyed by them after using the app for a while. Sometimes there will be a few seconds' pause. Worth ten dollars for sure.

  • Air Play 2 - Great!!

    by toddpounds

    Best $10 I ever spent! It’s perfect.

  • It works!

    by Sadean87

    It took me almost two hours of downloading, installing/reinstalling, resetting my computer (it froze twice), but I finally got it to work. So awesome. The touch screen still works too, which I wasn't expecting. I kept getting this error that told me I needed to reinstall it so I kept uninstalling it but actually if you reinstall it first without uninstalling it it seems to work. Not a computer whiz at all so I felt like a just got lucky. That plus all the time I wasted trying to get it to work =4 stars

  • Works as advertised

    by dms_74

    On a Macbook Air running Mavericks and an iPad 2 with up to date iOS, installed smoothly and immediately worked as advertised. As stated in other reviews, the better the wifi the smoother the display interface. I would not expect good video, but I don't need for that. The only hiccup I've seen is switching the MacBook display preference to mirroring when disconnecting Air Display. That's enough of a nuisance to drop my rating from 5 to 4.

  • $10 solution to a $900 problem

    by Beemer_S

    I fractured the monitor on my brand new, uninsured MacBook Air and I was quoted $900 to fix it. For only $10, Air Display allows me use my iPad as the monitor for my laptop. Cheapest fix EVER. It works like a charm. I can also use it as a second monitor. Happy.

  • Saved me

    by SEPLON

    My MacBook screen isn't working and I'm in the middle of an important work project. It took ten minutes to set Airplay up and I'm back in business using my iPad as the screen for my Macbook. Well worth the money!!

  • Works Great After Successful Desktop Driver Install

    by Scott Cold

    I wanted a second monitor for my laptop and didn't want to take the plunge on buying a new monitor with nVidia Gsync around the corner. I read another review on this app and it had great advice worth repeating - install the desktop software first and when the driver installs successfully, buy the app. When I first installed the desktop software on my Win 7 laptop, the drivers struggled to install. When I rebooted, my desktop icons failed to render for about 2 minutes, until a Microsoft compatible driver was found and installed. I held my breath as I dropped $10, waited for the install to complete, and as advertised I had a connection available to my laptop via iPad Air. Just as a test I took my iPad and Logitech Anywhere MX mouse downstairs into the living room. There was minimal lag and I got to work in Lightroom 5 processing photos while sitting next to my wife watching sports. A win-win! The resolution is dictated by what your machine is capable of. Due to the resolution of the iPad Air my mirrored screen was in letterbox (black bars on the top and bottom), since my laptop outputs at a lower resolution. A final note: Make sure you open your display properties and place your second screen where you want it. By default Windows added the monitor above my second screen, but prefer it on the right side.

  • Great App

    by DjBaseLes

    First. Thank u to the makers of this app..well I have my MacBook Pro connected to my HDTV cause my led screen gave out on my Mac,anyway I get tried of switching back and fourth,cable,xbox,etc..and I find this app the best cause all I got to do is leave my Mac running all day and can do whatever I want on my Mac but from my iPad mini retina.....never gotta touch my tv or Mac again this app is the best for real......thankssssss...

  • Works great!

    by Hdjdjdkkd

    I almost didn't buy this app because of the reviews, so I'll add my experience. Works great! I'm using Mac air with ipad air and this is perfect for traveling and using multiple screens. Some of the reviewers said they had problems using it with certain public networks- I haven't run into that, but I tried hooking it up using my Iphone hotspot for both devices and the app worked well. A little slower, but functional. The clarity on the ipad is slightly diminished, but that is being really picky... I could use this daily.

  • Works great for working at home or on the road

    by skier12456

    This app works as expected on my 13 inch MacBook Pro and ipad 3 (1st generation). It does need up to date iOS, which I am hesitant to do on my iPad 1. Worth the $10.

  • Good App worth it

    by Karmaic

    Easy as pie to set up and works great for a quick portable dual monitor work station. A little slow but still functions as an excellent app.

  • Smooth App

    by :::waffles:::

    Smooth application. Makes field lectures a breeze. However, I would like to see the OS X sever software replaced by native AirPlay integration. The iOS software should just emulate an AirPlay-compliant display with Bonjour discovery, that way any iOS or OS X system can feed it video

  • Very satisfied.

    by BradTheCoder

    As a programmer, I'm amazed at what Air Display pulls off! I rely on it weekly, and it gives me a lot of versatility in how and where I work. I highly recommend it as long as you understand what it's good for. It makes a great pony display if you need to watch a chat window or a debugger or something. It is not going to be as fast as a cabled monitor, and you shouldn't expect it to be--it's shoving graphics over your wifi, not an HDMI cable. If your network is slow or your kids or roommates are watching movies, your graphics will be slower. For the same reasons, I wouldn't use it as an extra terminal for games of any high motion graphics or a sales presentation my paycheck depended on. And don't get mad if it doesn't work on some public networks. My favorite coffee shop, for instance, blocks intranet traffic (for good reasons), which blocks Aid Display. It dies what it claims amazingly well if your network is under your control and reasonably fast.

  • Good, but one problem.

    by This game is da~bomb

    I really love this app! It works like it should, it's just that it it very laggy even with a great internet connection. I think that there should be an option to connect by Bluetooth if it's possible. That way it would be much faster rather than using internet to connect. If not, just fix the lag problems please! It gets a 5 star when the app is worth $10. :)

  • Fantastic!

    by Blackout Rocks!

    This app is worth every penny! It is working flawlessly with my MacBook Pro with 2 iPads. Just what I needed! Video lags a just a bit but overall I've found it to be incredibly responsive. I just love having all of my photoshop tools and menus on a touch screen! The possibilities are endless. I've been hoping for an app like this, and this exceeded my expectations.

  • Does what it claims to do

    by karogers

    Not sure what most of these negative reviews are about. Just bought and started using this app on a 2013 MBA 13” + retina mini combo and it’s working well. It’s definitely too slow to run videos or have perfectly smooth scrolling, but as a simple desktop extension option it hits the mark. Mouse tracking while in the ipad desktop is smooth and overall this app seems to be fairly practical.

  • Pretty good for $10

    by Baelrusk

    All I needed was for some minor things. Those drawing tablets that don’t show an image……worthless. If I can’t see where I’m putting the pencil, then I shouldn’t bother. But I didn’t wanna dish out all that expensive cash for one. So I found this. And it fits my needs perfectly. Takes a bit of getting used to and is not upfront obvious how to set up. But it works great how it acts as an input and mirrors the desktop instead of working as a second display. Now I just need to find a good stylus for this. And to note: the problems people are noting about needing to buy the $30 version on a mac as well. That’s wrong. You don’t. I believe they simply haven’t set it to mirror their desktop so all it’s doing is acting as an extended display so you won’t see any of your programs running.

  • Nice App

    by Jgarner9410

    Would not recommend for movies or hi end games. Other than that very little lag, main issue is low quality on rapid changing scenes. Battery on both devices is effected very little.

  • The $9.99 version works like a charm


    Just bought an iPad air and wanted some productivity apps to get the most out of it. Priority one: extending the display on my MacBook Pro for studying at home. I tried splash pro, and didn't like that it only mirrors your display, it's not an extra display. You can try xsplash pro, but they charge you after the first ten minutes. I don't like gimmicks like that, so I decided to try air display. I was hesitant to shell out $9.99 due to the lack of reviews and stars, but I gotta say... For the purposes that I am using it for, it absolutely works like a charm. A bit laggy but not too bad if your only doing side by side word processing.

  • warning - this program can cause the cursor to be "sticky"

    by neilvn

    This program caused my cursor to become "sticky". If I try to move files around or try to move emails or anything that requires an item to be dragged and dropped ... then the cursor refuses to drop the files and I have to reboot. Search on google for "cursor won't drop files" and you we see other reports of the same, with enough of these problems pointing to air display.

  • Did not work for me

    by NoNo999888777

    I followed directions for installing on my Dell laptop. Driver did not install properly and caused a major OS problem. I had to restore Windows. If you get this, be sure to create a Windows OS restore point prior to installing the driver. I contacted Support and was unable to resolve.

  • Don’t Waste Your Time (or money)

    by designswim

    Problems installing. Used to work great. Doesn’t work with most current OS X and iOS 7. Several attempts at installing, restarting, deleting, redownloading. Retina mode doesn’t register at all—I have a 13” Retina MB Pro, iPad Mini Retina, and an iPhone 5S, fail on all three devices. You’d think for $10 they would have someone make sure their app actually works. There are better alternatives than this.

  • Don't buy it. It doesn't work

    by Lhrnydvnuytt

    It doesn't work on win 7. It's a waste of money and time.

  • Very Buggy, but works

    by KillermanGabe

    This app is very buggy. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but my screen will start flashing and then I'll be taken to a blank screen then crash. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Also when it does work it is very very slow.


    by Shelly Ann Schmidt

    I downloaded the software on my PC then I brought up the program and I put in the IP address waited for 15 seconds nothing happened then it says "Air Display could not communicate with the display device" wast of money, don't buy it.

  • Worst app ever don't buy it

    by Blusingui

    Worst ever ...doesn't works take for ever to instal on PC ... I want my $ back

  • AWFUL!!!

    by Kdc725

    I had used this app before and loved it. However, when I got a new iPad Air and wanted to use it again, it made me upgrade. Has crashed my computer and iPad numerous times. Terrible it is fixed ASAP! Don't buy until you see updates from those of us who wasted our $$$!

  • Nice feature but poor connectivity

    by Xenon.kang

    Too poor connectivity, my Mac air and my iPad was right next to each other, but it keep lost its connection. Don't buy it and waste your money

  • Be careful!

    by Scrampton Philpot

    The driver screwed up my system (2011 iMac OS 10.8.5). Blue screen, after safe restart finder constantly reloaded and everything slowed to a crawl. And that was from the latest driver.

  • Don't buy it!!!!

    by Dwardie19

    The add in for windows PC reconfigured my system and removed almost all items on my task bar and also affected office applications. What a mess. Also ... It didn't perform properly. Blank screen on both devices

  • Junk!!!!!

    by Muletoo

    I have tried to get this app to work on 3 different Win 7 64 bit machines. Everything is installed correctly. Will not sync on any of my machines. Contacted tech support 1 week ago and have got no response. I guess a refund is out of the question.

  • Crashes

    by Aurelio ramos

    On two different windows 7 laptops I was unable to get air display to work. How do I get a refund?

  • ....

    by skyng123

    my device iphone 5s & ipad air my desktop os windows7 connected error... error message -> Air Display could not communicate with the display device. I don't know this error message. Please, checking for this problem. after update check reference..^^ thanks.

  • Good idea, incomplete implementation

    by Kgignatyev

    I wanted to use stylus on ipad to work in omnigraffle but it is simply impossible, lagging, impossible to drag corners of shapes.

  • Forced to buy the same app twice. Doesn't work on Win 7

    by Minnesota Phil

    Spent all day trying to get it to work. The old one worked fine, but it's gone and they make me buy the app again, but this one doesn't work? I think not. Refund.

  • Doesn't work for me.

    by ParanoidNoAndroid

    It will not work with my laptop that is running windows 8.1. Just causes my laptop to go into an endless loop of crashes, and my display doesn't display properly on my iPad air. Waste of money. It's a shame an app costing this much is either a hit or miss.

  • Extremely Buggy

    by RuleOf72

    This feels to me like a situation where the app might work great for some users and be completely unusable for others, and $10 is not the right price for that. This app works at times and then at times I get weird error messages telling me that I need to install version 35, or version 23 or some other seemingly random version number, when in fact I have the latest version which is 2, installed. Sometimes it causes my Windows screen to get screwed up, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the mirrored screen on the iPad goes blank and cannot be restored any other way than to stop the app on both the PC and the iPad, and then restart both. I really just want my $10 back. I would be happy to pay more than $10 if it would work reliably for me, but it's worthless as it is, which is a shame. I envy those whose system/device combinations this app works with reliably.

  • Cool idea but terribly executed

    by Zantoclaus

    I love the idea of using my iPad as a second display as it would be super handy while at school. However, the functionality of this app is severely hindered by lag. I purchased in November '13, and since that time I've used this app once, and immediately after I tried to get a refund: no luck. Hopefully, the developers fix the lag in the future.

  • not good

    by wonderoxie

    so many glitches, drop down external display. i tried reset my iPad so many times, but still not works right. do not buy if you want to use iPad as a ‘useful' external monitor. i wasted my money.

  • Not very good

    by Erik12346

    Too complicated, had a few computer guru's look at it.

  • Crashes non-M$ apps to crash

    by Saric

    Works fine with Micro$oft programs but causes all others to crash. Not worth the 10 bucks to find that out after the fact.

  • Doesn't work...

    by James Costa

    Would like a refund.

  • Simply Doesn't Work

    by cougardent

    Was forced to upgrade to this version and it has NEVER worked despite trying on 3 devices. Requesting a refund now.

  • Made us pay 2x, for lower quality

    by NMZia

    Really annoyed at this company, for once making a good product, then breaking it and charging us for the trouble

  • Blue Screen of Death

    by T-16

    Windows software fails to install appropriately; dreaded windows blue screen of death after each attempted install which then requires a system restore to remedy. Even tried fresh format of my machine and obtained the same result afterward. Sad affair that they shut down commenting in the forum; sure has the appearance of a cover-up. Shame. I'd sure like my $10 back!!

  • Works Fine For Me!

    by Siebertoo

    I was hesitant to purchase this app because the reviews were so negative, but I went ahead anyway and it's great with iOS 7.4 and OS X 10.8.5. I score for film using Digital Performer and I wanted something to display the film so I could have more screen real estate (usually the film displays in a small window in front of everything). Getting things running was easy and it worked right away. The display is a little jumpy because it's running through WiFi, but that's OK for my purposes, it's accurate enough to synch things perfectly. It gets a little strange when switching orientations on the iPad (main monitor goes blank for a second) but it all stabilizes quicky. Very nice and useful app!

  • Doesn't work

    by tre-flip

    Took 3 tries to update the device driver and now the app just quits ( windows7) . Probably fix it so get it in sale but it may take a month or so.. So now it displays as second monitor but is so leggy it doesn't help. Retina display is so small that it's pretty much useless and when trying to make full screen in w7 64 COM Surrogate error and window closes. The support website won't take comments and has been like this for 3 months now. Absolutely useless app! I don't recommend it.

  • Simply Does Not Work

    by LakerLoyal

    Waste of time and money trying to get this to work. Awful I wish I could give ‘0’ stars (1 is too generous)

  • Lags & counter intuitive but it works.

    by w01fram

    I use this with Windows and would suggest to install the Windows companion software first and make sure that it runs. Got 2 things to comment on: 1. It lags a lot. I'm using Windows 8.1 with the iPad Air and I'm right next to my home network. My PC is a development machine with enough power. 2. Unless I couldn't find it, you seem to be only able to move into the air display from the right hand side of the main computer. I can only place the iPad onto my left hand side, which makes moving in from the right counter intuitive. So for now (-2) stars for those 2 issues.

  • Works great for me

    by Joesmosax

    Great second screen for photography. I also had the original app and I don't notice much different.

  • Still doesn't work

    by JT92101

    Was hoping this update would work. Still doesn't connect. Please bring back the 1.x version. It did. Do not understand why so many companies insist on messing with a good thing. Leave it alone, or at least leave us the option! Update: 2.0.2 Mac client at least connected to my iPad 3 from my Mac Mini. (But not on 2008 Aluminimum 13” Macbook). Updated to 2.0.3 client, now broken on Mac Mini again. Doesn’t connect from either of my Macs.


    by DanKanes

    I was skeptical about this app at first. Low Latency they say. Good Image quality they say. Hmm. We will see about that. Well… I’m blown away so far sending to my iPhone 5S using my retina Macbook Pro… REALLY Slick stuff. Will be testing using the older iPad 2 that my wife has later tonight. I don’t know if the latency will be as low, but I’ll be darned if this isn’t down right amazing so far.

  • Good app

    by Benjamin Nipnap

    When I initially downloaded this app, the input lag was such that it was unusable. The recent update appears to have solved that problem. There is still a small amount of input lag, but nothing that cripples functionality. I have an ipad running as the monitor got my MacBook Air which is running the CS6 suite. Paired with a stylus for iPads, this is a great tool for on-the-fly graphic design work. It won't replace a dedicated display graphics tablet, but if you already have an ipad it is great in a pinch.

  • Windows 8.1?

    by Joseph Gates

    Was unable to download the driver onto my Windows 8.1 laptop. After I followed the instructions meticulously, it kept asking me to reinstall the software. Very disappointed. Would like a refund.

  • Nice!

    by Totes McGoat

    This works great. It’s snappy, the image quality is super sharp, and the user interface is beautiful. I contacted the developer because there were some negative reviews and I wanted to make sure this was going to work with my Mac and my PC. So first of all, GREAT support! Apparently there was a bug in their updater, so some users who tried to upgrade to Air Display 2 were left with the old drivers AND the new drivers, and all heck broke loose. But a clean uninstall and reinstall would have fixed the issue. Meanwhile, probably because I wasn’t upgrading but buying afresh, I haven’t seen any problems at all. Highly recommended.

  • Junk

    by ns65

    The program would not install on my laptop running Windows 7. Tech support said they are aware of the problem and there is no solution. They said I have to either request a refund or wait for the next update. Bottom line, don't waste your money on a program that won't even install!

  • Seriously, this is possible?

    by Gnome Sane?

    I saw a friend running the original Air Display about three years ago. It was pretty cool. But it didn’t feel like a wired monitor. It felt like something streaming video over wifi. It would sometimes chop a little bit. Nothing horrible, but enough that you wouldn’t watch video on it or really use it for much more than a static display. But I read a review of Air Display 2 in a blog called AppAdvice. It said — I have to copy-paste this because it’s awesome — “When running on an iPhone 5s, iPad Air, or iPad mini with Retina display, Air Display 2 will offer users “screaming fast” performance. That’s right: hold on to your hats and glasses.” Anyway, I bought the app. I didn’t lose any hats or glasses, which was a disappointment because that would be memorable. But I can say that this finally feels like a wired monitor.

  • amazing on the new ipad air

    by carmen abdyle

    air display 2 is a very clever solution … highly recommended!

  • Pretty cool

    by Gordondjj

    It’s extremely useful to me!

  • Laggs

    by Angelguitar13

    I just started using this yesterday for my music editing and well.. I'm kind of disappointed.. Every time I make a movement on my secondary screen it loses resolution and takes time to clear up. Not worth the money to me.

  • Crashes PC

    by FL-Shelton

    waste of money. Doesn't work.

  • Great so far!!

    by Tricitizen

    I just downloaded the app and it works great so far! I have a 2009 13" Macbook Pro (so it's a little older) and a 1st generation iPad mini. No problems whatsoever. Very easy to use and installation was a breeze. Honestly couldn't be happier. I'll try and update if things change.

  • such fast

    by Metal-chicken

    works like charm - should buy - no problem SUCH DOGE!

  • Ok app great support.

    by Tj Rangel

    The app was ok not worth 9.99 to me. Had issues there tech support was very helpful.

  • Costs another $30 to use, laggy

    by Dr. Euphoria

    Don't buy this junk. You need to spend another $30 to use the Mac client version, and once you get past the convoluted registration and download process, the stupid software doesn't work well's laggy as crap.

  • My 2 cents

    by Championem

    I really hesitated before paying the money for this because of the bad reviews, but i took the risk. It worked perfectly for me the first time—instant connection, and although the display is not the same full resolution as my MacBook Pro (early 2011) it is actually good enough. I tested it with Apple’s Pages on my Mac screen and Second Life running on the iPad Air and it really works fine. If you don’t use Second Life, you may not realize what a resource hog it is, but I haven’t seen any problems with it on the iPad yet. I don’t normally write reviews but wanted to point out that this app really does work well for some of us. Maybe it’s a Mac thing?

  • Doesn't work at all

    by US Citizen

    I do not recommend buying this app - the developer doesn't seem interested in fixing the bugs. The most recent suggestions for fixing connection problems on their website is from 2011. So for 2 years they've had the same bugs and haven't been able to fix them... Not a good sign. When I try to connect to the app my iPad just shows a blue screen. Restarting the app on my ipad and computer doesn't fix the problem, and even uninstalling the software and drivers and reinstalling it all didn't work. I just paid $10 for an app that does absolutely nothing, awesome.

  • Total crap

    by James S Good

    I paid $10 and installed on the recommendation of a colleague and It has never worked correctly. When first installed, it worked, but it set my iPad as the primary display, so my desktop was tiny. I read the instructions on how to make my win7 machine the default desktop, and it never worked again no matter what settings I jacked with. 5 days later my stable win 7 64bit machine blue screens. I can't definitely say it was this app, but It is the only new software I have installed this week. The worst part is I CANNOT uninstall the PC app. The uninstall hangs, then just disappears, without uninstalling. DO NOT BUY, unless you want to waste $10 bucks, and hose your laptop.

  • Does not work

    by Ercenk Keresteci

    Does not work with my MacBook Pro, booting in Windows on boot camp partition. Running windows 8.1 with the latest drivers and updates. DO NOT BUY THIS! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  • Poor Windows PC compatibility

    by rkgdroid

    This program has not been thoroughly tested for Windows. It rendered my Win7 64-bit Lenovo T430s unless. Desktop icons and task bar dissappeared, and like Foresixxx I had to force shutdown. To get the display back I have to change the change to bios not to use built-in NVIDIA 5200 GPU and to go with integrated. This also allowed Air Display to work... But also quite poorly. Only two display resolution options. One looked way to crappy, and other (Retina) while crisp was way too small on my new iPad Air. I am surprised there were no other options. Anyways running without NVIDIA is not an option as I depend on it for high-end Solidworks CAD.

  • Don't

    by frithh13

    Very poor app. Does not connect

  • Terrible

    by american idol finatic

    No real information about the app on any websites and I can't get it to work on any of my devices. Rediculously overpriced and doesn't even connect.

  • Bad image quality

    by TJ13476

    Looks like a jpeg image, even on static screens.

  • Pretty good

    by wiSnowleopard

    This works fairly well, but it is very laggy most of the time, leaving me slightly dissapointed.

  • Great app!

    by jameswicks

    I love this app. Does exactly what I need it to do. Buy. Download. Use. No fuss, no muss. That easy.

  • Works but SLOW

    by Perceptivemonkey

    Even under perfect circumstances – with all security turned off and on an ad hoc network connected directly to the Mac there is a solid three-quarter second lag. Also the registration is sometimes off so the stylus doesn't click on the screen where you're touching the iPad. Not good for Photoshop or graphic programs but it might be okay for the office suite.

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