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• Share your art directly from inside SketchBook to deviantART, the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts
• Browse the Autodesk-SketchBook group on deviantART from the in-app Gallery
• Bug Fixes

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Find out for yourself what has made SketchBook Pro the industry standard for digital sketching!

Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawing application. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed exclusively for the iPad experience.

SketchBook Pro for iPad:
•Full screen work space with support for any device orientation
•Custom canvas sizes
•Full multi-touch support
•Dynamic symmetry
•Comprehensive Brush Library with over 100 presets you can customize
•Multiple manageable layers
•Gallery to store work in progress
•Copic Color Library
•Customizable UI
•Time-lapse Record to save speed drawing sessions directly to your Photo Library
•iCloud support to store and access your canvases on different devices

Email any inquiries to:

***Only available on iOS 6 and above***

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good... But it could be better...

    by aimee wallace

    Really wish there were more fonts, an option to curve text, use the bucket feature with the eraser and an option to opt out of having deviant art right there. Other than that the extra layers are great and everything else too

  • another feature

    by nikki1221rocks!

    I love love LOVE this app. It works amazingly for me with my intuous creative stylus. But I would absolutely love it if you could add an animation feature to this app maybe..? That would be AWESOME!!

  • THE app for drawing - but some rough edges

    by Bizimpad

    This has all the tools you need, including types of pencils, brushes, airbrushes, shapes, and even blur tools, layers, and text with many fonts! But there is a problem that is VERY MAJOR. I'm not sure if this only applies when you are applying text, but whenever I try to scale, rotate or move text, it lags and eventually crashes. This is a BIG PROBLEM that prevents all the awesome things you can do on this from being done, so if the lag/crashing were fixed, this would be perfect.

  • Suggestion

    by Eclipcia

    I love this app but I have one criticism. I am extremely lazy and find it too arduous of a task to download each drawing individually. I am suggesting or if I may be ever so presumptuous, requesting you add a tool that allows downloading or importing all of our works simultaneous to our emails, photos, etc. I implore you to consider my suggestion. Please and thanks!

  • Pretty good

    by aimee wallace

    Really wish there was a grid option and an option to opt out of having deviant art right there. I mainly use this for creating promotional graphics (for my business' social networking accounts), designing products, labels, fliers, taking notes, and just about everything else under the sun. The only thing that really irks me though is there isn't a grid option! It's so hard trying to get things to scale without it. PLEASEEEEE MAKE A GRID OPTION!!! Other than that the extra layers and features with the upgrade are awesome. I've had the upgrade for a few weeks now and no complaints yet (other than the no grid option). I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes to draw for fun, But for professionals and people with kids.... Probably not...

  • Love this app but...

    by Maimnga

    Have a lot of ploblem

  • Layers

    by lftdsociety

    Great product, been in love since the last update. But please bring back more than 4 layers in a sketch!

  • Almost great

    by Cberrr

    When using a wacom creative stylus on my iPad air, the stylus connects but the palm rejection doesn't work. Hoping for a quick update to fix the problem...

  • Almost

    by Starwatchez

    It is fine and really useful, but I wish there was a select/laso tool and a blur tool.

  • Love the app but one thing

    by Joycelyn_player

    1.i love the app 2.when I'm finished with one of my drawings and log out one day come back another day the picture is ruined 3.the pens don't work that much it keeps messing up __________________________________________ Please add 1.please add when you record and your playing music please let it record the music to or maybe make it put music on it

  • Good, but Needs Improvment

    by Cocomaca

    This app is great for sketching on the go, yet it would be so much better if you could sync work in iCloud automatically.

  • Not nearly as good as paper or bamboo paper

    by Krispy25

    I love the options for the brushes but it isn't nearly as smooth as some other apps. I don't like how when you zoom out it isn't centered.

  • Take me back to the kittens!!!

    by Ghostmoth

    Sketchbook pro offers everything you need in an art app. Their support, manuals, tutorials, help line keep up. It's the top app for me. It's an Amazing art app until… ...why no one thought through the DeviantArt link. Why would anyone put an unsafe art site in the middle of app geared for everyone? I do not find inspiration from someone's gut carved. Nor do I want my kids to see that. I'm wondering if this app will get an Explicit Materials rating next. Please let US find our own inspiration. Or put in an off switch.

  • Palm rejection

    by Kzoodan

    Would like to see palm rejection added for use with the Intuos stylus.

  • Awesome

    by Pastor Colvin

    I love this app!....however I do wish there was a referencing option s I could look at my subject while I am drawing, just an the new update

  • The ability to restrict DeviantART is needed.

    by P@BL()

    One of the best apps out there. My young children, under 7, love using it but there is not setting to restrict access to DeviantART. Prior to this newest change, this app for our family was a 5*****.

  • Listen up Noobs

    by warturtle2000

    I have spent over 30$ on drawing apps THIS ONE IS THE BEST!

  • Almost got it...

    by Jack it's

    My only complaint is that I can't select multiple sketches for deletion. I use the app for school projects and personal drawing, and it's full of drawings I don't want, and it takes to long to delete all of them. Add a button for multiple selection, or add folders. Thanks!

  • Use it constantly - love. Please fix new problem.

    by Kindness - all that matters.

    12/12/13, yesterday, updated. Today, froze during a drawing; crashed; lost my work. Ouch. Attention please.

  • Great Functionality to create flyers

    by Audio-visual procrastinator

    I use this app a lot to create flyers for my student group and other causes. We advertise all over the school with great graphics and fonts. This app is great. You do not need to be a graphic designer...this app does it all.

  • used to work good...

    by fester05

    I have had nothing but problems with the app crashing on me since this latest update. It crashes so often its now useless!!

  • What happened to multiple layers?

    by Changer876

    I paid for this app because of its many additional features. Unlike before, adding more layers than 4 is impossible. Really frustrating. Please reverse this feature.

  • the more features you pump in.. The more buggy it will

    by CriticalCritix

    I use to use this program for a design sketch on fashion stuff.. A good one with ample of brushes! But now it buggy.. Crash a lot and even the undo are not reliable. Many time it fail to bring me back even 1 step before!! Pleeeaase stop pumping new difficult features...just make it perfect with the current one!

  • Disappointed with update 2.9.. Getting pro-create

    by M choice

    I wrote a review to this app last year with a four star overall. This app now goes down to 1 star from the disturbing amount of crashes I get. I have been using this app 3 years now and I never had any complaints, until now. I frequently use this app when designing logos and every time I resize a font or move it around the app goes blank and shut downs. The ios6 interface never gave me such problem but ever since the update, all I get is lag in the interface and constant crashes and loss of work. I have insisted on using this app since I got used to the interface and somehow refrained from using pro-create.. I might just start doing so. I'm using this app on the iPad2.. I guess app developers only care about the newest devices that apple make these days. Disappointing

  • Does not support custom canvas sizes

    by AllNicknamesBeenTaken?

    Only has a couple of preset sizes. Wish I hadn't bought it.

  • Odd

    by firecrossthesynapse

    Every program I have that I use to sketch, create or modify content. However, after paying for the pro version I realized this app has no such ability: an ability many apps have. Very disappointed. Oh wait, they suggest simply spending a ton of time erasing what is not wanted. Oh, hey I never thought of that (sarcasm). Add the cut, copy, paste, and I (and others) would be happy to add some stars to this review... or just be honest about not offering this feature to people who are about to buy it.

  • Great Improvement! Still crashes

    by wumpshire

    Hmm, just crashed like it did before, not sure if it's the instability of iOS 7 or the same problem. But it crashed and I lost my data, it's too bad that they can't create a stable app, can't use beyond basic sketches or I have to constantly save which takes up to a minute.

  • Need restrictions for deviantART

    by fisherfrontier

    Not happy with the social content that's being displayed within the app, and I don't have a sense of who is moderating, or whether they can be trusted.

  • Problem

    by Dickdrawer

    Since the last update, brushes are not working. It is a ball with a small tail. Looks like a dot with a smudge. I paid good money for this, so I hope this gets corrected, or give me a refund!

  • Pencils and brushes no longer working?

    by sshimmel

    Suddenly not of the tools work with either my fingers or stylus. Only dot-like smudges appear on the screen. Anyone else having this problem?


    by Jcdreussi

    Whenever I want to load a picture to draw on, it takes forever to load, EVERYTHING takes forever to load. I love drawing on this app, but FIX THE GLITCHES!

  • Stability issues and useless text tool

    by @louisvb

    Has crashed several times now and I have lost my work. Also having issues with adding text. Ultimately, the text tool is fairly useless and needs lots of help. You can't pick where to insert the text. It doesn't do multiple lines. The font selection is limited.

  • App probelms

    by Littleklepto

    When i open an art file the drawings on the layers are erased and i can't get the artwork back :( and the app always crashes when I'm in the middle of drawing something. The app lags horribly when i use it and i end up losing the drawing. Please solve these problems because I'm considering not using this app any longer :(

  • Side Toolbars?

    by Katsa the Graceling

    Great app, but can someone tell me where the side toolbars (brushes on right and colors on left) went? I've searched the settings, but nothing works.

  • Love it... But..

    by Truthisphree

    It could use more layers allowed in the larger formats.

  • Needs more but has a lot

    by Somethingwickedthiswaycomes

    I really wish there were some basic controls for adjusting contrast, levels, etc like a photo program does but on the individual layers. For example you take a photo in there and it needs to be adjusted inside. It would be easier than going into a different photo app if it was all just there.

  • Unusable on mini

    by DSKjr

    been using this app for years on ipad 1, 2, 3 and now mini. Always my top sketch app. But the lag times between opening a file and doing anything with the file (on the mini) make this unusable. Illustrations disappear and reappear. Crashes every time I open it now. Have to sit and wait for minutes for my taps to be registered.

  • Crashes

    by O'Hare

    TWICE today I have been adding finishing touches to pictures I have spent HOURS on and this app CRASHED both times causing me to lose BOTH of those pictures. I will NEVER use this app again.

  • Are you serious?

    by HollyKittyDrawer

    The sketches won't save, they'll say it'll be "corrupted" and open a new sketch. Whenever I go back to a sketch, it always erases what I do. I owe people, can you fix these errors ASAP?

  • I have had it with this app. Hello Procreate.

    by Jack the Giant Killer

    Had been working on a sketch for an hour, jump over to chat, come back and all the work is gone. Kaput. Same canvas as before, just completely blank. This has happened too many times before, simply too unstable to be trusted. I'll go ahead and leave my ongoing requests but certainly have no hope that anything will improve at this point. Just rediscovered Procreate, it has made leaps and bounds since I first tried it, incredibly responsive, fully customizable and stable. Oh, and it, like Sketch Club, has every layer transfer mode I've been asking Sketchbook Pro to add for 2 years now. Too little too late. Bye. ONGOING REQUESTS: 1. More layering options: overlay, soft light, hard light, hue, etc. Sketch Club can do this. 2. Something I miss almost every time I use this, basic hue/saturation, colorizing and levels for layers. This is essential for illustration work. If I bring in a photo texture I really need the ability to adjust it. Sketch Club can ALSO do this. 3. Layer masks would be nice.


    by RoronoaEmi

    SCREW YOU GUYS for changing around the SAVE button to the DON'T SAVE button!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been using this program for a long time and I really like it. The update for the most part was good to but SERIOUSLY DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!! It's made me really angry with the program and I've lost good progress because of it. Please don't ever do that again. I'm giving it 3 stars because I -do- really like this program but the update was a screw up and if I make something that I want to export for a portfolio or whatever, the quality goes down DRASTICALLY once I'm out of the program. PLEASE fix this. It's a real pain and it negates the work I do. Thanks.

  • More layers

    by Dirt Rider 712

    Pretty cool app, I haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do. One thing I'd like though, is to be able to use more than 3 layers with the higher resolution canvases.

  • More brushes

    by BDAY reminder

    Love this app. I basically use it everyday, but can we get some more brushes like Dodge, Burn etc. Please and Thank You

  • Great app, but annoying glitches!

    by ArtWisdom

    First and foremost, I LOVE this app, but I end up wanting to throw my stylus at least once before completing a project. I have a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad, and frequently have to change my brush back to the one I was using. This usually happens when I press any of the stylus' buttons, which are set to UNDO and REDO.... Suddenly, a brush I never use is equipped, and I frequently have to pull up the brush menu to change back. Plus, I'm having a lot of difficulty locating a Magic Wand Select tool. Haven't found it yet. I'm hoping some of these glitches will be resolved in the next update. Otherwise, this would be a 5-star app, in my book.

  • Mirror function does odd stuff

    by LimpSausage

    I'd give you a 5 but there is something weird with the mirror function. When I use the brush to color in forms, slight gaps are left in the opposite side. Why isn't it always symmetrical? Also, there are a few tools that do some funky stuff when mirrored. Specifically that tool that creates a feathered shaded edge on either side of the stroke depending on the direction. It would be nice if that could mirror properly.

  • Whole app crashes every time I try to add text!

    by Yiawa

    It's a nice app for coloring things and all, might be good for people who work well with their fingers...but it has a maximum of 12 layers and the app will crash every time text is added unless you go very VERY slow in moving and resizing the text, which is really hindering me right now because I'm trying to make an image that js very text-heavy and writing words with my finger doesn't make them readable.

  • Work Deleted, App Crash

    by Cjx360

    I worked for about 2 hours on a piece and was adding finishing touches when the app crashed for no apparent reason and I lost my project... Really upset about that, the app works great but this wasn't the first time it crashed for no reason.

  • AMAZING!!!

    by DDorman

    I've always loved Autodesk, but this app is great for anyone that wants to draft and design or paint, or simply just play around. It's simple enough for teens but fully equipped if your looking to make some serious artwork.

  • Lost work

    by Danae h

    The latest update made the save button no longer the top option when clicking the home bottom. Now the top option is DONT SAVE. Why in the world would that be an option. I use this app all the time, and save frequently. And in auto pilot and clicked the first option when it prompted me to save thinking the first option was save, and now lost all my work because the first option is DONT SAVE. Stupid addition to a great app. Remove at once!

  • FIX IT

    by pkrobin

    Waaaaaaa your app! We'll I tried to type... But when I moved the words...we'll WELL THE APP CRASHES!!! I want you to FIX IT Oh and by the way I would give you my real rating on this app if you fixed it...

  • Crashing since iOS 7

    by Etienne Beaulac

    The app crashes when I start drawing. It used to work great before the iOS 7 update, so please update the app for iOS 7 compatibility! Thanks!

  • Crashville

    by SF artist

    Crashes when I try to adjust text layer. Bad news. Can't use this app until this gets fixed.

  • Awesome App!

    by Ukraniandudde

    Love drawing in the app, but since the update I can seem to find the brush selector wheel. When you tap with three fingers, 9 brushes or custom utensils come up. Have I missed this in settings or it's gone for ever?!

  • My favorite art app

    by Suzi54241

    This app is the most streamlined, versatile and professional art app out there. Love it.

  • Love it but have feature request...

    by Pesto64

    I do enjoy this app but I have one feature request that I think would improve workflow. Please have a size and opacity slider available on interface like in Procreate. It would make all the difference in the world!

  • Rad

    by Brainstormz2211

    Hey guys, I have a request. When we go to open a new canvas, I think the save and don't save buttons are done wrong. I found myself hitting don't save by accident. Did they get moved around? I think they should be switched. Save should be on top, don't save on bottom. I've almost lost like 5 sketches because of it. Users first instinct is to hit the top button to save.

  • Love this sketchbook

    by Jjo1972

    But it keeps crashing as I am adding type. Help! Please Fix!!!!

  • Excellent

    by Canoniphone

    This app is amazing on PC, and so affordable to allow you a cintiq experience on an iPad. Be ready for the Wacom pressure sensitive stylus and I believe this is gonna be a killing combination against the entry level cintiqs.

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