Photon Flash Player for iPad - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser Utilities App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese

Seller: Appsverse Inc.

+ v4 Photon Engine - better performance and reliability
+ TRUE full screen Flash for videos and games
+ ONLY iOS Flash app with latest Flash support
+ Pages load 3X faster
+ Configurable game controls
+ Prevent Flash from disconnecting immediately during notifications and text messages
+ Back button issues fixed

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★★★★★ LIMITED TIME SALE: USD$9.99 -> USD$4.99
★★★★★ "Photon browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash support..." - USAToday
★★★★★ Photon Browser is #1 in utilities for iPad and #1 paid browser on US App Store.
★★★★★ IMPORTANT: Press lightning bolt button to view Flash content. Change Bandwidth Settings for higher frame rates and 1 if you have a slower network or device.

★★★★★ Also on sale! Get now! - Documents Unlimited to edit your Microsoft Office and Open Office documents on iPad from USD$19.99 -> USD$4.99

Appsverse Photon Browser is a powerful new browser with Flash capability designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPad. We have been the #1 paid browser on the app store for several months and you can read reviews on the web on why we are the best Flash browser for the iPad. Here are just some of them:

1. Flash browsing support
- Photon Browser allows you to play Flash games such as free Facebook games, use Flash apps, listen to music streamed via Flash player and watch Flash video.

- Browse Flash websites that would otherwise not display on the iPad and get latest Flash player support.

- Fast native browsing for normal websites and remote browsing for Flash websites.

2. Multi-task by using Tabbed or multiple views during browsing
- Supports unlimited tabbed browsing just like Firefox and Chrome.
- Split view divides your screen in half to allow viewing of video on one half and browsing on another.
- Full screen browsing maximizes your screen real estate.
- Other views include picture in picture (PIP) and 3-screen (Trio) mode.

3. Fully featured powerful browser
- Private browsing clears history, cookies and caches upon browser exit.
- Anonymous browsing through our servers.
- Awesome URL toolbar intelligently combines history and search keywords suggestions.
- Share content via email or Facebook.
- Brightness control for night time browsing.
- Rotation lock for playing web based games.
- Personalize your browser colors.

4. Others
- Bookmarks support
- Back/forward button reveals browsing history
- Print web pages using AirPrint.
- More innovative features to come


- REMEMBER TO CLICK ON the "Lightning Bolt" button to enter streaming mode to view Flash sites. Otherwise, you will see the standard message that Flash needs to be installed or upgraded as you are still in the native browser mode. Only by explicitly clicking on the "Lightning" button will you then be able to view Flash content.

- Use the number settings under Settings->Bandwidth to adjust the bandwidth profile to deliver the best experience for Flash. The optimum profile for each user will differ depending on their network and also dependent on whether you are browsing Flash websites, watching a Flash video or playing a game.

- We support sites that block traffic from certain cluster of IP address such as Hulu and other local TV station using our advance local access feature.

- If you have a slow Internet connection such as over a slow 3G network, remote browsing feature may have slow performance. Flash mode works best over Wifi in a broadband network.

- If you have problems, do not hesitate to contact us given in the support link on iTunes. We are extremely responsive and answer questions within 3 business days and in some cases within 1 business day as most of users who have contacted us with questions.

Customer Reviews

  • My "ace-in-the-hole" news aggregator app

    by Windy old salt

    Am increasingly turning to this app to view items that crash in GOOGLE NEWS and ABC NEWS. Be sure to tap the lightning bolt icon at upper right of the PHOTON opening page. Small but worthwhile Investment for my on-line digital toolbox.

  • Photon

    by Mmablondie

    I don't have a regular computer, and I take a lot of certifications online. This app allows me to stream and better my education. I absolutely LOVE IT!

  • Good browser

    by Mich_2001md

    Overall this appears to play flash content well. Not as functional as firefox on an iMac with actual flash installed, but it is a nice addition to my ipad that allows extra flexibility

  • How to Use

    by Lemonixir

    This is an awesome app! Totally worth the $$$! For everyone complaining about it not working, you just have to hit the lightning bolt icon in the top right corner and it turns the flash on. And to adjust the settings, just tap the gear right next to. Thanks to this app, I can now play flash games like Happy Wheels!

  • Yay Flash

    by Important Info Dealer

    I can finally play aqw on the ipad. thnks!

  • Good app with frustrations

    by OnagaAuntie

    I use this app frequently. It is stable, but frustrating. I do not like having to tap the screen periodically to keep it connected to the internet. This especially irritating when I use AirPlay.

  • Llmmarvin

    by LLMMarvin

    This app is great for playing all those Facebook games that require flash player. The downfall is the app times out.

  • Does what it says it will do

    by Jsaved97

    Flash problem solved!

  • Ok

    by cubanboy1538

    Pretty good. Able to watch flash videos but there are some bugs and a few crashes every now and then.

  • Gaming controller

    by Stegoooooosaurus

    Thai is a good app for the most part, I would just ask if u could speed up the response time of the game u are playing, also, please increase the space bar on the gaming controller, u could also add a feature where u could connect to a Bluetooth keyboard.

  • it works

    by Big007mike

    you visit and actually use flash web content that would normally be unavailable with just safari.

  • Yay

    by Z :0)

    Solved my Flash problem. Take that, Apple! ;)

  • Ms

    by What all of them are taken

    It's ok.... A bit slow

  • Wowowowowowowow

    by SRK-Kajol/Shahid-Amrita

    WOW! I am impressed! This app is totally worth it and is better than any other flash browser yet! (I have downloaded pretty much all of them) It beats puffin, virtual browsers, and iswifter. This is great for games and videos. Great job!

  • Great app

    by MrsToolbeltdiva

    I can now play Vegas Slots! The app is slow but it gets te. Job done.

  • Good app but needs bugs fixed

    by CJJ3

    When you turn off cookies like it says. Then log on. A lot of other screens pop up. Then when trying to log it to my website it says disable my cookies.

  • The best

    by Biko gote

    Thank photon designers, this app is the bomb. Thank you.

  • meh

    by samurai-11


  • Flash

    by Bonerzzz

    Flash works. Browser is ok. Worth 5 bucks.

  • mixed emotions..

    by heartsya

    mmm its pretty buggy i like the app but needs loads of improvements such as it should stop with the random time outs and the mouse thing should have a tracker off to the side so your finger isn't the mouse and it should automatically load the flash other than having to click it because its a hassle and i use this app for school it should be more student friendly tbh.

  • Not working

    by @&&)(;//$5678 I hope this one is not taken

    I just get a black screen when I press the flash button.!! Did an intern mess up something? Please fix it ASAP

  • So slow

    by 취업준비생no.1

    I bought this app to use Flash Player, which actually works, but like a frigging TURTLE. IT'S SO SLOW! Does NOT even worth my $4.99.

  • Great idea, but keeps crashing

    by LG*

    I purchased this app to take tests for work on my ipad. This app has now crashed 3 times during one test, forcing me to retake the test. I will wait and take the tests on my laptop. This app wasted my time and my money.

  • FarmVille 2

    by lupo6197

    FV2 will not work with this app! Wasted money....

  • Lousy

    by Kiloette

    This app does not work. It is a waste of money. Good luck on getting a refund.

  • Crashing

    by Homepep

    It's been crashing lately, pls fix. You're not a cheap app so pls fix this crashing. Thanks!

  • SLOWS down your device!

    by Nezello

    I've used this for the simplest mundane viewing both on the iPhone 5 and the V7 iPad mini to no avail. It makes your device slower...

  • Zero stars!!!!

    by askforrefund

    Terrible app don't waste money!!! Scam!! You have to touch the screen every five minutes while watching video or browser will shut down due to inactivity. I'm looking for the idiot who had this brilliant idea

  • Disappointing

    by frenchiedeets

    I was looking for an alternative to Safari for watching flash videos, the graphics aren't clear at all, the zoom is unresponsive. Much left to be desired.

  • Not what I needed

    by NSanm8r

    I bought this app because it says it can play flash games and I am a flash game artist. The controls are very unresponsive. Don't bother.

  • Flash doesn't work correctly

    by Joec4025

    I purchased this app for the flash features. When I first downloaded the app, the flash worked ok. Now it doesn't work correctly. All I get is a white screen in the place that the flash belongs. Now I'm not very happy with my purchase.

  • sooooo sloooooooow

    by MaD UsEr AnGrY UsEr

    how can i even play a game here?

  • Does not work

    by Chin-Lin Guo

    The first time I tried, I always get error messages when switching to the streaming mode. It always said "fail to connect to the sever." The company said that they will fix it. Now it's even worse: it just gives a blank screen. Give me my money back!

  • Photon flash

    by Ex-pc user

    I'm probably the only one who bought an ipad without knowing it wouldn't support flash video. After a lot of freaking out, I found photon, and now I'm happy again. Photon has amazing people on their support staff - they walked me through the quick and easy (for everyone else but me) instructions to get the best reception possible, and they never laughed at me once. Seriously, they have the kind of support we all wish every company had. I'm a very happy customer. add: somehow quicktime on my ipad came through and i've been able to watch tv without the help of photon for a while. however, this week i suffered through the entire time without being able to watch my favorite - msnbc - whether on their terrible app or online, due to a tech change that they've made. photon to the rescue! thank you, photon!

  • A necessary app!

    by Rbgarza

    I use it everyday.

  • Works well - no problems!!

    by Buggy but fun

    Completely solves Flash issues with iPad. Easy to configure - intuitive interface.

  • needs simpler controls

    by Rooooooaaaaaarrrrrrrr

    you should make it so somebody could use a bluetooth keyboard for gaming and typing reasons. please do this it would make playing games on this app so much more fun and easier to use.

  • Good, but not great

    by Phro68

    Could definitely use some improvements, but not bad overall.


    by Mckenna tacoz

    Best app ever let's you go on sites safari won't let u go on , on your regular safari. ANIMAL JAM and more!!!

  • No work for google finance charts

    by Stockup

    I used to use google finance website to check stocks but the app never works on 1year paragraph,should be fixed.

  • Updates?

    by Uhh sleauxhands

    The app functions as a flash player which is awesome, but with numerous defects such as : resetting browser tabs when an alert appears or constant crashes whilst browsing and no recent or scheduled updates the app won't last. Flash player does function.

  • Pretty good

    by Chrisguy135

    I like it, but it'd be awesome if somehow like when u play flash games, they wouldn't restart every time u logged back on. I don't know if it has to do with cache or cookies or something, but there you go.

  • FLASH!

    by Betsy00

    Sometimes I just need Flash, and Proton does the trick.

  • this app i finali can watch south park

    by Lucas Linhares


  • Rate

    by Shelly Duke

    FANTASTIC !!! Makes playing games on facebook like I was on a computer since iPads don't have adobe

  • Long way to go

    by cadihog

    I've used this browser for a long time. It locks up so bad you have to delete it. Redownload it. I'm finally done with it.

  • Ok app

    by Nympholympic

    It needs some improvements

  • Lovin it!

    by Susy Anne

    Bought this app so that I could stream movies and great and has the best browser for firefox that I've used so far.

  • Close But Not 100%

    by Prontai

    Timing out in flash mode is annoying and screen resizing could be improved.

  • Uptade

    by juancho9500

    This app need be update to iOS 7 guys.

  • Great

    by Quirkdee


  • Flash mode timeout is ANNOYING!!!

    by PEL9967

    I really like having this app but absolutely can't stand that when you are in flash mode it times out. Why??? The whole point of why we purchase this app is for the flash capabilities. Otherwise, I would just use my other browsers...which is what I do. I only use this app for flash and maybe would use it more if the flash mode didn't time out. Pleeeeease take away the white screen to tap on and just keep it in flash mode!!! Update the issue!!

  • CRAP!

    by ReRe2U

    This app is the worst does nothing that it says it does! I want a refund!

  • Major bug fix required

    by R1Mobbin

    This app would be fantastic if it kept all windows as well as the information in those windows up and ready for use when the app is started. This app closes windows when the browser is exited or when the notifications bar is swiped down, note that the notifications bar does need to be completely open for the browser to erase your open windows. This occurs very frequently and really diminishes the quality of the app. lt would be the best browser on the market for viewing video or playing games with Flash if not for the closing of windows. Due to the fact that all windows close in the instances stated above, I give this app a 2 out of 5 stars. If the issues regarding the closing of windows are fixed, this will be a five star app.

  • beats safari with a baseball bat

    by xDeviant69x

    easy to use, quick, and plenty of perks. well worth $4.99.

  • A college student's must have...

    by Dale NYC

    If u have an iPad, u need this to watch online video tutorials. Well, that's what I use it for, mostly!

  • App

    by Maichoi

    Use for games, it kags a bit but overall can't find much of complaint!

  • Only one downfall

    by Mikekoobs

    Hovering over video/preview links is a pain

  • Best Flash browser ever!

    by bsmith68

    I have been using this Photon browser for quite some time. It is the by far the BEST flash browser in the market. Kudos to the developers for bringing the latest Flash plugin to this browser. It is worth every penny. I have read several reviews of Photon and others before buying. I have now used it for 1 year and am happy to report that it is still working great. Here is my review after more than a year of use. Video - it has the smoother video playback of any Flash browser. I use a Comcast network and therefore have enough bandwidth to stream the Flash content. Playback is smooth and although sometimes my network has its hiccup, the browser was able to restore quite easily. To get the smoothest experience, I had to play with the bandwidth setting and switch to port 3. People who complained about Photon being slow may probably be using either a very slow network or have not played with the bandwidth settings. I also use it to play Battle Pirates. At one point, the Flash did stop working because Battle Pirates upgraded to the latest version of Flash and Photon still had the older version. I emailed the developer and although it took a while after I emailed, they finally did upgrade to the latest version of Flash. I had to remember to switch to the drag mode so that it can help me scroll around the map. It is also a life saver for me in many occasions. There were so many times, I was out there without my laptop and needed to access Flash websites. Photon consistently deliver. I am definitely happy with my purchase and to report that after a year, it works as great as ever. Sometimes, the audio can be out of sync for a few seconds but they catch up pretty quickly. The audio quality is good overall as well as the video quality.

  • It doesn't work for me!

    by Chuanhao90

    I download because I want to run flash based for taking online practices for my GRE. But it doesn't work!

  • Great app

    by 716flu

    Great app

  • Works Great

    by T1008T2

    Works as described - very helpful.

  • Frustrating

    by atlcologne75

    There's got to be a better option. Watching a basketball stream, got interrupted 4-5 times and sent to the App Store to look at apps I have no interest in, including during the crucial last few seconds of a close game. This happened even though popups are turned off. Each time coming back to Photon everything is reset to the start page. Really gets on your nerves that the tabs that were opened are not saved...ridiculous little quirk to this app. Not impressed. Makes me want to go back to my laptop for flash video.

  • Photon

    by EliteMasterz

    I have had this browser for quite a while and it even works well on my 1st gen iPad, on my others it works even better. I like the fact it has many ways to change settings depending on bandwidth, the way you want it to look and controls.

  • Lag while enable flash

    by JasonNguyennn

    I thought this is the best flash browser, but it's not. When I enable the flash, it runs supper lag.

  • This is the REAL DEAL

    by Iphonefunplay. Blogspot

    People don't hesitate to buy this app it's a little slow, but everything else you could ask for and more.

  • Rate me

    by Peeb33

    This app is the only way to get flash on an iPad. If you want it get it nothing else works as well. But it freaks out sometimes, and it asks me to rate it EVERY TIME I sign in.

  • Works ok

    by badwolf58

    It works ok but needs improving on the quality when your playing games and watching movies and another bug they need to fix is that when you watch a movie you cant get it too go full screen , but other then that it gets the job done .

  • Photon

    by Stillings12345

    It is my go to app for flash video on my iPad. Thank you.

  • Disappointed

    by Tlyncass

    Need Adobe Flash for learning games. This app didn't work.

  • Best app

    by Lio3369

    I love this app.

  • Thank You

    by Nikiyah

    Photon is my main browser((:

  • I'm tired of my software begging me for stuff

    by Tim Dion

    I'm writing this review in the hopes it will turn off the beg screen that continually pops up and asks for a review. You get a 1 for being soooo annoying.

  • Works...sometimes

    by Kels240

    It works fine most of the time, then when I click a link I've been using it just won't load. I have to delete the app and reinstall, then it suddenly works again. I've had to do this several times now! Please fix!!!

  • Graph of investment history

    by TommyJacobs

    Chrome on the iPad does not appear to be able to fully display and manipulate Googles Finance investment history graphing, possibly because of lack of Flash on the iPad. However, Photon seems able to do this. TE Jacobs

  • Bluetooth keyboard compatibility

    by Candy many

    why cant i se a Bluetooth keyboard to play games can you add that pls

  • Plays flash music

    by Dinah Ann

    A little bit awkward, but it does enable me to play music that is in the flash format. One big problem, if you don't touch the screen at least every few minutes it cuts off the music. This property makes the app useless for playing music in the car when driving alone.

  • There's only one legitimate reason for this app.......

    by Shock-n-Awe

    Older porn sites.

  • soooooo slowww

    by Sailor girl 99

    slow,choppy, buffering is soooooo annoying.The player is hard to control tapping to fast-forward takes forever hard to skip where i want it too and constant crashing.

  • Nice app

    by :emankciN.

    Thanks saved my mafia wars

  • Horrible quality and bad player!

    by Thermgg

    Puffin web browser just made a new update and it makes photon look ridiculous. Photon is just really out of date. I wasted money on this app

  • Wonderful app

    by Tadkel

    I downloaded this for my iPad and it works great.

  • Proton app.

    by Cheeseinthedrums645

    Very good app. Works always

  • doesn't work

    by Dr Darlie

    Do not buy, does not play flash games on facebook

  • It Works

    by E Smooth

    Could be a little faster, but hey... It Works!

  • Slow

    by rsxdragon

    Slow to connect to well as not loading the flash based websites. Not worth $4.99.

  • I find it to be just out standing. LOV it.

    by Neal Mcdowell

    Is this good are what , heck yell.

  • Awesome

    by Stash524

    Works great!

  • Super app love the streaming...thnx

    by Manny326

    Excellent love the cursor options as well

  • Awesome

    by 16aminnich

    This app is awesome. It lets me play the games that i want to that safari doesn't let me. The support people were very nice and helpful. Thank you!! :)

  • Confusing file system

    by Spinalman

    This program has good features once you have a document to edit or create, but from there it is confusing as to how to move the file to say Dropbox. If you don't have an internet connection the program won't let you create a document on your local drive. It was a waste of $5.

  • Criminal Case

    by IS1,USN,RET,CVN69

    Love the App, great help!

  • Cumbersome, but does the job

    by AOA DOC

    Not super easy to use, but works well. That said, minus one additional star simply because I am so tired of the app asking me to rate it every single time I open it.

  • This app KILLS! Love it!

    by Myke Geter

    What's that...? Work network won't allow me on my movie site??? HA! Photon Browser to the rescue! :)

  • Works for me

    by Sfclubber

    Ok so for streaming sites, it can be slow and buggy, but it does the job, so its better then nothing, i like this app!

  • Not impressed

    by Nackapac

    This is a pathetic replacement for adobe. A big F U to apple for not making it compatible.

  • OutFreakingStanding App

    by Lamyers1

    There is a small learning curve to get it to work with all types of flash but once you figure it out it performs flawlessly! FINALLY MY IPAD CAN PLAY FLASH!!! Worth every cent! If some of the manual features could be made automatic this app would be worth twice what they are asking!

  • Turtle

    by AGVBX

    Too slow

  • Like it

    by Mhfdhbhffh

    This app really saved my butt, One thing that needs to be updated though is my ability to use a Bluetooth keyboard, I can not really make use of this app without it.

  • Works great!

    by Tanoly

    A bit expensive but does the job

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