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Seller: AP Technologies Ltd.

- Experience the new look and feel with fresh iOS7 skin! (for iOS 7 users)
- Browser search in iOS7 style with unified search field (for iOS 7 users)
- iOS 7 fixes
- other improvements and bugfixes

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We believe that downloading to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad should be as easy as it is on your computer. That is why we created iDownloader Pro.

Now you can easily download anything from the web to your i-Device and then view/play the downloaded files or transfer them to your computer.

iDownloader Pro Key Features:

√ Web browser

- Built in Ad-Blocker!
- Multi-tab Safari-like browser
- Tap and hold to force download
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager
- Ability to spoof browser's user-agent
- HTTP authorization support
- Private browsing
- Search History
- Browsing history
- UTF addresses support
- Pop-UP blocker

Web Password Keeper integrated with in-app Web Browser (NEW!)
- Allows to Login into any website in just 3 taps
- Saves and manages as many user profiles for each website as you want
- Exclusions list allows switch off saving your passwords for selected websites
Note: to start the Web Password Keeper, please switch it “On” in the app’s Settings

√ Download manager

- Ultra fast downloading speed
- Up to 50 simultaneous downloads
- Download in background mode (10 min max due to iOS restrictions)
- Supports resumption of interrupted downloads
- Download Files over 3G

√ Music player
- Cover Flow
- Playback Fade-in Effects
- Music playback of mp3, wav and m4a formats
- Play folders as playlists
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Background / Lock Screen playing mode
- Save the Audio play position.
- Album covers
- Lyrics

√ Video player

- Background Video Playback
- Video playback of mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp & m3u8 videos
- Thumbnails view
- Export videos to Camera Roll
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)
- Video Playlists
- Save the Video play position

√ File manager
- Dropbox Integration
- AUTOMATICALLY rename downloaded songs by Artist and Song Title.
- Folder and sub-folder support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Sorting by name, type, size, date
- Extract zip & rar archives
- iTunes file sharing folder support
- USB & Wi-Fi Transfer to/from PC
- Sort files in ascending or descending order

√ File viewer

- Full-Featured Photo Viewer with slideshows
- Full-Featured Document Viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats
- Video Viewer with Slideshow capabilities
- Open Files in other apps
- Share via USB, Wi-Fi or Email

√ Password lock your files
- Dot Lock pattern
- Digital Passcode

iDownloader Pro is constantly updated with new features. If there is anything you would like to see in the application, just drop us an email through the “Send Suggestion” link in the app’s “Settings” and we will do our best to add this feature in our next app update.

Please note:
The application may collect and transmit your mac address without prompting for perfomance reasons. We will never give your mac address to any third parties.

Customer Reviews

  • Mr

    by Regem 44

    This is a very useful app

  • Great

    by alexusmc


  • Buy it

    by Jason Shaughnessy

    It's way more worth it than you're expecting

  • Little Bit of Everything

    by Extra Innings

    Great App!! I'd like to see support for playing wav audio files and support for some kind of html 5 audio preservation similar to downloading mp3 files. I'm not sure how that could be done but, it would be nice to use on Groove Shark mobile html 5 webpage. Maybe a secondary browser option dedicated to the flash video rendering. Working these into the app without breaking any IOS rules would make this app a number one above all others. Saving and edited audio files that can be directly saved for ringtones or notifications would give an all in one place for dealing with audio needs. Why couldn't music subscription websites agree to allowing fees per download through an IOS managed 3rd party multimedia app where i could agree to allowing a song purchase through any 3rd party app that follows the IOS rules? Some people are good at making apps while others throw ideas out there to help design ideas for fine tuning to the needs of app consumers. IOS strictly protects us all but, they do allow ways to make products work securely while still letting development achieve design ideas. Sometimes requesting an IOS support recommendation to an integrated solution opens doors at Apple by helping Apple even realize a new way to keep security and legal design goals while putting new solutions forward allowing consumers to have a satisfying app and everyone is happy. This app works very well and has solid stability without any surprises or code that hangs and freezes. A dollar well spent is never regretted and always increases the return on any consumer item. Example: Conspire with popular media types that are interested in a media product that resolves restrictive access and creates multi sourced code contributions for the different types of media by the dev teams who specialize in that particular area of app development such as HTML 5 transcoding or maybe even Flash transcoding to somehow INTEGRATE security and popular media access methods.

  • Sweet

    by 07hondaWooT

    Simply awsome

  • Good but primitive download speeds.

    by Jdgshxj

    Downloading videos caps around 150 Kbps on a 2 Mb capable connection. Needs enhancing!

  • Exelente

    by Pipiriz

    Muy buena app

  • Great app

    by Negruss


  • Awesome

    by Cap'n crank.

    This app is the perfect stash box

  • Great apppppp****

    by Ffgoootc

    Very good app, def worth the money

  • Great App.!

    by Keehkeesh23

    I absolutely love this app. The only thing I dislike is that I can't save to iTunes without using a computer. But other than that it's a great app.!

  • All good except .....

    by Chirp1234

    STOP asking me to rate it!!

  • Excellent

    by BwanaE

    Excellent! Does exactly as promised without glitches.

  • Great!

    by Jak06

    This app works great! Whatever your looking to download, this app has you covered.


    by AP3X RepLaYz

    This is an amazing app. It works perfectly and it has saved me so much money. Get this app it is completely worth every penny!!!!

  • Great downloaded for all media types

    by CWM1974

    Easily integrated into Dropbox , better than most apps of this type I have found

  • Wonderful App

    by Tony C3

    The iPhone had only one drawback, keyword... Had.

  • Love this app

    by Rebel77$

    This app is awesome

  • Awesome

    by Ash_love667

    Love this app i can get all my favorite songs with out paying and its unlimited (;

  • Yes

    by Cleo Sims


  • Every Single Time

    by MMarroquin1024

    Here's your review - remove the goddamn popup asking to rate this app and you'll get 5 stars.

  • Can't add iTunes songs

    by Deathwynd

    Stupid app asks you to review it over and over... I hate that, even after you review it... Change that!

  • Def worth spending $ on...

    by Antdog1881

    Great Browser history, fast downloading, amazing compatibility with my phone and other 'share' apps... Hopefully now it will quite asking me to review it ;)

  • Best

    by Manoj Ad.

    The best app ever

  • App

    by Lady twerk 23

    Cool App

  • Love it!!

    by Preddy_Gorgeous

    Finally, I can listen to my music when the app is closed.

  • Great App

    by Papi Wilo

    This app does exactly what it says with no problems!

  • iDownloader Pro

    by DGKallday2011

    The BEST music and video file downloader on the App Store period.

  • xgcjjj

    by Zzzzzzzzzxzzzzvdfn


  • Love it!

    by nygno1fan

    Great app!

  • Idownloader

    by Nympholympic

    I enjoy using it.

  • Downloader

    by Headshot 211

    Very useful

  • The best

    by MagicalRealism

    This is the best app of its kind.

  • Pleasurable

    by Niglet12

    Greatest app to Download porn

  • grate app


    this is good :)

  • Great app!

    by EBI-Wan

    I love this app!!!!

  • Veru useful for in-class file download

    by Nnguyen2504

    Simple and easy to use

  • Perfect

    by Swj52710

    My Favorite App

  • I luv it

    by EMonEy!

    This app is amazing and great for storing documents

  • Liberating!!!

    by Anon990645

    Finally a web browsing app that makes me feel like I'm using a Windows machine with Firefox installed on it. This app is especially useful for anime watchers or anybody who wishes to save videos to their hard disk instead of always streaming their content. Perhaps a little steep for the Pro version, but it's worth every penny. Azul media player is also great in conjunction especially for viewing .mkv files.

  • Great App

    by TheGatorTater

    Good app! How do you add to iTunes library?

  • Perfect

    by Young793

    Perfect app i love it!

  • Love it but slow web browsing

    by Jeremy3G

    Great for listening to music but the web browsing is really lagging and slow. Trying to download from Soundcloud takes a while. Please fix. Will be appreciated

  • Good app

    by Blazem13


  • This is a must have

    by Bmore27

    Great I love it!!!


    by Blacktacular

    Great App! Downloads made easy!

  • It's Koo

    by BIGsean9mil

    Awesome app

  • Great!

    by infinity2011

    I like

  • Best music app

    by Head317

    It works

  • Great app

    by Bdubs55555555555555

    Perfect for what I needed ☺️

  • Awesome!

    by BeautLJ

    Has all the latest music incase you don't have the chance to download music at home, you can simply download it while you're out on the go. Love it!

  • Awesome

    by Jonny Logic

    I love havin the ability to download hot music right from the source. This app is awesome.

  • Great

    by K1H!

    That's great, powerful and very comfortable interface and so on...

  • 10/10

    by Elmeromero123jaja

    Would download again.

  • Best way to do it.

    by Abigaillessthan3

    Easy to use once you get the hang of it.

  • A

    by Pho 203

    To many pop up adds that direct you to the App Store without clicking on the adds

  • mohsen

    by mohsenemil

    It's good

  • Worth the money

    by Joelsmith4

    Very good

  • Good App

    by Sycoactive

    Great app.

  • Good

    by Spread the word=more peeps


  • love it

    by Alinafashoo

    amazing app!

  • easy

    by Paya Haerifar (Payafar)


  • Get these god**** adds out of here

    by x XEROPAIN x

    Incredibly useful and easy. Must buy. I didn't pay 2 bucks to be r4ped with adds. Chill out

  • Clutch

    by KingJon301

    Essential for music lovers on a budget

  • Good app

    by Showboat804


  • Just what you need!

    by Tomasutra2

    perfect for downloading music and videos and music videos!

  • Good but could do without constant rate us please.

    by D12 rules

    It does rate us wayyyyyyyy toooooo much!!!!!

  • I downloader pro

    by Cricket42486

    App works great

  • ;)

    by 123 xoxo ;)

    ;) no

  • Nice app

    by Thumpa1283

    Needs improvement on web browser sometimes it's unresponsive other then that nice app please update the little bugs ASAP

  • ..

    by AddisonFarr.

    Great app if you know how to use it!

  • Nice App, highly recommend it.

    by COD_banzaii

    Does what it is supposed to!

  • Nice

    by Hny175

    Luv it!!

  • by CashTimeGenocide

    Sex Nuff Said

  • Nice app

    by Gonice

    Simple and easy... Keep downloading!!

  • What's with all them pop ups????

    by Keelaboo

    Now I thought when u pay you shouldnt have all this pop ups, rate this rate that it's becoming very much annoying. During search it's going to the App Store ????? What's that about?.... Overall I'm happy with it thanks..... KB

  • This app !!!!

    by Rggyh

    This app is so amazing, I use it all the time every day! It's so amazing and everyone should download it, it's totally worth the money and you'll definitely get your worth out of it !

  • Good app

    by Doggm65

    Works well but recently does not work

  • no.

    by Emilyduu

    Having to deny Jelly Splash or whatever it's called 8 TIMES IN A ROW IS CRAPPY. I paid money for this app. One time is okay, but multiple times in a row is NOT.

  • Great app

    by Gecko667437

    Great app would recommend to anyone

  • Rating

    by Drhollis

    Awesome!!!! Love it! It's that simple!!

  • Good app

    by Craw2.0

    Have to get pro the lite version is useless.

  • bestt

    by drippy dre

    must buy !

  • Love this app.

    by StunnaGod

    This is one of the best music downloading app out there.

  • My favorite app

    by Yesitshamz

    Screw itunes. + downloads + dropbox access? Id kiss ya if i could.

  • So far so good

    by mikespencer707

    Didn't like the constant question of rating the app So that's why it only gets 4 stars

  • Great app

    by Thisnicknameisnowtaken123

    But im going to give it one star for constantly bothering me to rate the app, so i hope that rating this stops asking. But great app, i use this for music.

  • Works like it says without a hitch

    by My Boy Burger

    Love this app! Works for legal downloads. Some say it can be used to be a thief; I hope not, but even were it able, I would not do so. I prefer not having my property illegally taken, so I try not to do illegally take otherwise myself.

  • Paid but ads

    by Cuteulala

    Used to be good now always asked to rate and I got an advertisement time to see another ap

  • Download

    by Sharpieondeck

    Cool apps works great for my iPhone 5

  • User friendly

    by Curtman135

    Love it and very easy to navigate through.

  • Great app!

    by KurtLA

    I've downloaded movies and songs using this app, saved me a lot of money.

  • twana

    by Twana khursheed

    cool app love it

  • Horrible.

    by Court_kn33

    Doesn't have any old good song. WAY to many pop ups. I paid for this why the hell am I getting 5 pop ups for jelly fish when I PAID for this. Fix it and add new songs already. I'd really like my money back.

  • Love it!

    by vipetress

    Once you figure out how to stop the pop up ads. The app is perfect!

  • A+++++++

    by BUSHMASTER1987


  • Nice

    by Futur345



    by Doug Tuck

    If you see this review first off know I've trued a couple of these music apps and this one is one of two apps I'd recommend to anybody for music downloads, so if your hesitant to buying/using this app don't be it's very useful and totally reliable.

  • Se defiende

    by Hoyo hot

    Buen aplicacion comoda espero que ya no me pida que le de reseña a medio video o musica.....

  • Too many adds...annoying

    by koonjbearry1

    Wayyyyy tooo many adds

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