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You’re headed to the capital of the United States!

While you probably are aware of this historical significance of the area, you might not be aware of much of the lesser-known culture. There is so much to do in the Washington D.C., Arlington, and Alexandria area. Unfortunately, there’s simply nowhere to learn about the varied events going on at all the randomly distributed event venues spread out over this area consisting of 2 United States and the only area of the United States that isn’t a state! As a result, most people stick to the history tours and give up the local culture. What a shame!

Wonderiffic™ made it a goal to solve this issue and make our nation’s capital more accessible to its many visitors. Why shouldn’t everybody experience the behind-the-scenes culture experience in one of the most important cities on the globe? Why couldn’t it be easier to know what’s going on?

The unique 50% App by Wonderiffic ™ makes it FUN to discover many of the events happening in this vibrant area. Using your mobile device you’ll swipe through full-screen photos of things you had no idea were happening which include comedy, performing arts, jazz, sports, popular music, classical, family, theatre, classic rock, film, and food & social events. Best of all, you’ll enjoy TWICE THE FUN at HALF THE COST because everything offered is 50% off the regular price. (Sometimes even FREE!)

How is this possible? We’re an affiliate of Goldstar ™ and livingsocal ™, two of America’s top brands for half-price events. (This is not a Goldstar ™ or livingsocal ™ App, it’s powered by the magical Wonderiffic ™ Engine which makes it fun and engaging to discover new things happening in Washington D.C.)

How can these places offer prices SO LOW? Simple: Low prices encourage you to GO OUT MORE, and full venues make the shows more fun for everyone. You see more shows; you’ll attend more events, and as a result, all the places in Washington D.C. end up with packed crowds full of energy. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Since the events in the App change daily, you’ll continue to discover a wide variety of shows & events for locals, tourists, and visitors. You’ll find out about little-known touring shows, concerts, small and large theatre. Even locals will be surprised & rewarded by using this delightful App. Your family will have fun helping choose shows to go to. Your friends will wonder how you are able to discover so many new things to do. Never, ever, has it been this fun to discover.

It’s time you discovered more about Washington D.C. than most tourists or visitors do. The 50% Off Washington D.C. App will emerge you deeply into the culture that drives the United States’ capital.

Come share the love and take advantage of everything Washington D.C. has to offer!

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