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It just isn’t the same going to Boston unless you check out all the museums, cultural attractions, concerts, sports, and theatre performances. There’s so much to do in so little time! We’re positive you want to do everything and see everything but sadly it’s not affordable because many of the events have an admission fee. Boston can be one of the most expensive cities in the country.

But you’ve just discovered a way to make it possible to do more with less money! How? With the 50% Off Boston & New England App!

The city of Boston steeped in history. It’s the birthplace of the American Revolution. As the gateway to New England and one of the oldest cities United States, Boston hosts a plethora of events catering to it’s many visitors. Boston fans are fanatical about all their home sports teams; they live and die by their sports!

Browse through the full-screen photographs of top-quality brand-name events that are being offered at 50% Off the normal prices! You’ll be shocked when you discover how much fun you could be having during your visit to Boston.

How is this possible? What’s the catch?

Everyone is surprised to discover THERE IS NO CATCH! We are an affiliate of Goldstar Events ™, America’s most trusted brand for half-off event tickets. (This is NOT a Goldstar™ App, it's powered by the magical Wonderiffic ™ Engine which makes it fun and engaging to discover new things happening in Boston.)

You and your family will have SO MUCH FUN using this App to discover interesting new things going on in Boston that you may have not been aware of. When you find something you like, 50% Off Tickets are just a few taps away.

Now you’ll be having TWICE THE FUN for HALF THE PRICE!

How can these places offer prices SO LOW? Here’s how: Low prices encourage you to GO OUT MORE and full venues make the shows more fun for everyone. Low prices help all the Boston events we feature end up with packed crowds full of energy! The result: you have more fun, you are encouraged to see more shows, and the venues stay full. New shows gain popularity! Everybody is happier! It’s a win-win situation!

If you don’t believe it, download the App and give it a try. We promise you’ll be impressed.

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