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Gorgeous and progressive, Atlanta has everything going for it. Everybody either lives here, visits here, or just passes through given Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world! It’s the 7th most-visited city in the United States and don’t you think it’s time you found out why?

Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta also has a rich diverse culture that includes musical performances, sports, comedy, theatre, art, and culinary treats. This is a city that begs for exploration.

Now it’s possible to delve into the city without the fear of breaking your budget because this cool App makes it EASY & FUN to DOUBLE YOUR FUN in Atlanta for HALF THE PRICE.

The 50% Off Atlanta, Georgia Events, Attractions, & Sports by Wonderiffic ® is the best and MOST FUN way to discover things going on in Atlanta!

Wonderiffic ™ is an affiliate of Goldstar ™, America’s most trusted brand of 50% Off Events, and with this App it’s now possible to explore things going on in Atlanta in a magical way that was never before possible! Ask your friends and family to gather around your phone or tablet while you browse full-screen through colorful images of brand-name events that you’ll all want to attend! (This is not a Goldstar ™ App, it’s powered by the Wonderiffic ® engine which makes it the best way to discover what’s happening NOW in Atlanta)

You’re probably wondering how this is possible, is this for real? Yes! There’s no catch! Goldstar ™ has brilliantly teamed up with the event venues and production companies to help them keep events full of energy. By offering you 50% Off tickets, you’ll go out more and events stay full, so everybody wins!

The App contains events you know and others you didn’t know. There’s comedy, performance art, concerts, theatre, family fun, foodie events, films, sporting events, tourist attractions, and more!

Why not give the 50% Off Atlanta, Georgia Events, Attractions, & Sports by Wonderiffic ® a try. We think you’ll be surprised and impressed.

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