A Family Matters Travel App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Scott Weiner

A new category - "Waiting in Line"
Over 100 new questions and activities
4.0 support
Minor bug fixes

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The only App you will want the kids playing at the dinner table.

Great app for kids and the whole family during the holidays.

Sometimes parents need a creative push to get the ideas flowing. "A Family Matters" has provided that push for thousands of families and we hope it can do the same for yours. Sure you know how to talk with your children, but every now and then a new idea for engaging them can be fun and even enlightening.

We recommend using it for 5-15 minutes and alternating whose turn it is to answer a question or play an activity. This seems to get the best results. Wait for a table at a restaurant is our favorite time to use it, but car trips and holidays with the grandparents come in a close second.

If you enjoy this please leave us a review! 5-star ratings motivate us to work on even more modules.

"Parents wanting a rich and fun experience with their children should try A Family Matters, especially when traveling! It is not a video game - just good family fun."

Selected for Apple's What's Hot list for two weeks straight and reached #2 app in Travel.

"Your app was a lifesaver this weekend. My mother brought me and the kids
to some play. We got there an hour early and they wouldn't seat us until 20 minutes before. The four of us had a ball playing Family Matters."

- Look forward to waiting for your food in a restaurant with your kids.
- Calm and distract a nervous child in the doctor's office or when flying.
- Bond and feel closer to your children.

"It’s a fantastic idea and a great way to use the iPhone as a positive tool for families. " -- The iPhone Mom

We built this application to help us parent more effectively. We were tired of family dinners where the conversation consisted of "How was your day?"... "fine".

This is a tool to help you communicate more effectively with your children. What A Family Matters(tm) gives you is a set of questions and conversation starting activities designed to help you communicate more effectively with your children. We found it leads to more and deeper conversations with our kids and we think it could do the same for you.

Some of the questions and activities are simple - these help children build confidence.
Some are deeper and probing.
There are close to a thousand questions and activities designed to engage all family members of all ages.
Unlike other applications that quiz or provide facts, this tool is venue-driven. This means the activities are geared toward your location. We currently cover common places you may engage in conversation or need to pass the time such as restaurants, waiting rooms, airports and planes or on long road trips. Of course there is a general category for use around the dinner table or practically anywhere you have a few minutes to spend together.

Follow us on twitter: @weinerfamily
Visit us at www.weinerfamilystudios.com
See video at http://bit.ly/3USQo3

- Almost a thousand interesting questions and activities to keep your family busy and engaged.
- Mark your favorite activities and revisit them later.
- Create your own activities and store them - our kids love coming up with questions to ask each other and we play with them when we are on a trip.
- Twitter from the App or email your friends - share interesting activities that they may enjoy.
- Read suggestions and tips for parenting and communication (updated with each version)

WeinerFamilyStudios is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 4-7,8-10,11-12,parents
Categories: Creative Play,Reading,Special Needs,Games,Travel,Parents,Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

  • Great Distractor

    by The iPad Dad

    We have turned this into a game for ou son when he begins to get restless. My wife has become a master at getting his attention with the app and then improving additional questions. I use the app to have my son use his powers of observation to identify the world around him.

  • Keeps the kids busy and engaged during travel

    by Mishcast

    This is a great way to keep the kids busy and the whole family engaged right around the time when they started to ask are we there yet?

  • Fun App For Restaurants

    by TheDudeAbides07

    My daughter and son after about 2 minutes at a restaurant need to be entertained. This is a great app for keeping the whole family engaged instead of just handing them an iPhone or iPad to keep them quite. We love this app and most importantly my kids do.

  • Great

    by Nan2011a

    My family loves this. Just used while waiting in line at a school play. Very entertaining.

  • I can talk to my kids now!

    by sidd330i

    I am not the best conversationalist with my kids, and tend to have simple discussions like, "what did you eat today". But with this app, I discovered how I can have very deep and insightful conversations with my kids. The questions provided in this app evoked some pretty interesting responses back from my kids. Time flew by and they never even asked to play games on the iPhone! Thanks Scott for creating such a useful app!

  • Great family conversation starter!

    by brookig

    Keep fresh/new ideas coming! Also add a way to enter family name and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter a way to record or write answers. Some are ingenious and some are silly! Be nice keepsake down the road! Thank you!

  • Game

    by yolo28

    We have fun with it.

  • Conversation starters for families

    by LantauMama

    I love the concept of this app - conversation starters/topics for families... BUT my kids are only 3.5 and 4.5, so most of the topics are much too advanced to bring up with them. May I suggest a pre-school category for those of us with younger children? I would LOVE that - it could have two parts conversation topics and 'story starters' Thank you!! Am holding on to this one for when the kids are older :)

  • Fun for family

    by nick10129

    This has given my family a lot of enjoyment. Thank you. I love the new version. I can't believe how many great ideas in here. Of course these are only conversation starters but they have really encouraged our kids to talk to us when they would normally want to be playing video games. It really is the only App we will allow at the dinner table.

  • Even better

    by Emzy201

    This continues to be a great experience for our family. I can't understand why people give this a bad review for not being a game? It's in the Travel category and clearly is not a game, it's a great way for our family to enjoy our time together. Thank you and please keep it up!

  • My 7yo and friends asks to play this one a lot...

    by HappyMom23

    After almost a year we still play this game when waiting for oen of the other kids at their baseball practice or while sitting in a restaurant waiting to be served. It has been a great tool to keep us entertained and talking to each other rather than just zoning out on a screen. Thank you!

  • Fun even for adults

    by amlmpd

    My hubby and I were on a long road trip and had fun with this game. Not everything was applicable, but we still had fun. After a while you run out of things to talk about...this made our drive seem shorter.

  • A Family Matters

    by IvyRoseRaine

    definitely a great companion to travel with. No 'stuff' needed. Fun interaction even when your the driver on a road trip.

  • Fun times!

    by Q902

    Fun and interesting questions to start up conversations and learn more about those you love!

  • At last

    by Sbzaidy

    Gives us something to talk about with our grandkids beyond giving them another computer game. We use it for visits at home too.

  • Road Trip Rescuer

    by LuvMacs

    Changes "Are we there yet" to "Wish we could continue to play".

  • Cool app!!

    by livesbygrace

    Love how this app makes time fly!!

  • Awesome application

    by Mr. Mass

    If you have kids and are tired of 'are we there yet?', this is a cool app to have. Today, my two hour drive with the family was a breeze.

  • Thanks

    by birdE2010

    I just got the latest update. We still use this when we go out as a conversation starter with the kids. Even our teens like it, except now they are using it to get us talking too, talk about role reversal. It's just a really nice little app.

  • Good app!

    by CafeMom

    Nice triggers to make some conversation during a trip!

  • Wish was better

    by Hiyakevin

    Great idea. Except most of the games are not fun at all. Family quizzler is way more of a better app.

  • Terrible

    by Pscoke

    Don't get it

  • Confusing

    by Czjf


  • Wow

    by Anaroxx123abc

    Seriously I PAID for this?!?!?! It should be less than free. Totally a waste, I'm a nine year old and even I know it. I thought this was a fun game about taking care of a family- BOY was I wrong!

  • What's the point

    by Ameen banned fab

    I know how to speak to my family- why do I need an app to tell me how I should

  • Thoughtful and creative

    by DC Mom of three

    This app is unlike any other on my iPod Touch. It is chock full of interesting topics, ideas for games (like variations of "I Spy" and the like), and conversation starters. I am amazed at the huge number of topics in each section. The tips and suggestions on how to use the app work well, too. What a great way to help turn boring waiting time into a chance to really connect with family members.

  • Good conversation starters

    by Eric Sailers

    I like how Family Matters provides conversation starters for children. It helps facilitate the use of socialization skills. I used Family Matters with my middle school students (in speech-language therapy) who thought the topics were interesting to discuss. Since my students have language comprehension deficits, they required cues from me to successfully provide on-topic responses.

  • Fun way to spend some time with my family!

    by ChunkyBunk

    We had a nice drive recently using this app. It sparked some nice conversation and we learned a thing or two about each other!

  • AWFUL!!!

    by Katelyn-slash

    Soooooo boring!!!!!! Not worth 1.99

  • Not What I Expected

    by Alycia the Music Lover

    First off, thanks for the sale. ... ( and "app miner") Second, this game is not what I expected. I thought it would be muchore interactive. ... Like a fun 3D game. ...Can you please at least make it so that we can write our answers down so whoever/ whatever we're talking can see them later??

  • Love IT !!!!

    by Sarikos

    The is a great app for the entire family.. We all love using it when ever we go out, or stay in. Lots of things to keep us busy..Thanks

  • Awesome App...

    by Tixdana

    This app makes you think of what's proper, what's make sense to ask to your kids in every situation... Very interactive and interesting -----ericDV

  • Love the App!!!

    by smjohnson18

    This is great app. What a great way to spend family time together on the go! It will come in handy on your next family trip.

  • life saver!!

    by ginatomaso

    This app saved my sanity this week. We had a 4 hour car ride to go see family for the holiday season Family Matters was such a help. The kids did not fight or even ask if were almost there, they enjoyed playing this app as did my husband and I. What a great idea I will be sure to tell my friends about it.

  • wonderful app

    by Craigy72

    What a great way to spend time together while on the go, in a restaurant or at the airport! Being a parent of four kids and so busy it is nice to have little moments like these where we can have some fun and get to know each other!! I will be telling my friends about this app.

  • Who Knew?

    by GeorginaJ

    Who knew that a $1.99 app was such a great deal! My youngest had cut his hand this weekend we ended up at the Emergency Room where we waited for over 2 hours to be seen. For most of that time my son and I played this app. I have to say we were almost sad when the time came to put it away we had so much fun with it thanks!

  • What is this?

    by Jayme welch

    What ever parent is making their children play this is a terrible parent sorry I've never gave anything one star but this deserves one

  • This is a great idea

    by LightningJack

    I have already found this useful with my son!

  • Asowm game

    by Liveable

    This game is asowm they have many diffrent topics to have fun

  • Nice idea.

    by Ecw73

    Nice idea.

  • Cool App!

    by Mimsy262

    Thanks for making an app that encourages thinking, talking, and not just hitting buttons. I just tested it out with my 9 year old. Thumbs up, Weiner Family Studios.

  • Good Family App

    by AMB0523

    Lots of great questions to get the family thinking and talking! Perfect for traveling and other times you have to wait

  • Keeps kids occupied

    by BooBoo343

    Great for engaging kids in conversation and keeping them busy while waiting for a table at a restaurant.

  • My first App. on my new Touch

    by Mom-2-3

    Being the mother of 3 children ranging in age from 11 to 5 it is always a challange to find something that appeals to all. This App. fit the bill perfectly,it's entertaining and promotes thoughtful conversation with your family, thanks!

  • No 1st gen.???

    by Bigboyrise

    What's wrong with 1st generation Ipod touch now? Is it not good enough for this app or something? COME ON!


    by Supermom2010

    I really loved this app!!!! We used it out to dinner last night and it was so much fun with our 5 year old! Usually at the dinner table he wants to watch my IPOD TV shows and not talk much-so this was a great way to engage him in a family conversation and have some fun! I cannot wait to see what you do next!!! Thanks for thinking of the "FAMILY" when you built this-good job!!!!

  • this thingy is perty kool :))

    by hellothere:)

    i like this app because while we are on very very long roadtrips i can get pretty tired of watching movies and this app is like a game and it can keep you really occupied! ITS AWESOME! :))

  • Great app

    by Bernie993

    This was so much fun at dinner. My kids keep wanting to pull it out and use it. Thank you so much!

  • fun stuff

    by jacksonovich

    Fun & easy to use. It's nice to have one app like this to handle kids.

  • Great App, Nicely Done and a must have for Familes with children

    by SCOTCHIE77

    Love the app and does wonders with occupying time with your children. A must have if you are traveling from place to place...5 star plus app.

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