TripIt - Travel Organizer (No Ads) Travel App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: TripIt
  • Updated: Feb, 14 2011
  • Version: 4.5.1
  • Size: 15.48 MB

Languages: English

Seller: TripIt Inc

• For TripIt Pro users: Keep track of rewards on American, Delta, Southwest, and United by forwarding your monthly or quarterly email statements to
• Fixes a bug that affected some users signing up for auto-import.

This release also includes:

• Get alerts when a TripIt itinerary is created, and for invitations or pre-trip updates. Set preferences for which alerts you get in the alerts center.
• Easily share specific travel plans, like your hotel or restaurant reservations, keeping everyone up to date about your trip.
• For TripIt Pro users: Share Pro flight alerts and flight statuses so friends and family will know whether you're on time or not.
• Manage your subscription settings, straight from the mobile app now. And those changes will be reflected in the web application.
• New offline trip editing! Make changes to your itinerary as you’re traveling, even if not connected. Your changes will sync once you are connected to wireless again.
• Various bug fixes.

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Organize your travel plans in one place with TripIt® from Concur. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to and TripIt automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

Key Features
• Forward hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to to create an instant itinerary (If you use Gmail or Google Apps, it happens automatically)
• Access itineraries anytime, on any device (even offline)
• Get directions, maps and weather for each destination
• Sync trip plans with your Apple Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar
• Add or edit plans manually—from the app or on
• Share some (or all) of your trip plans via email or social

For frequent travelers, TripIt Pro ($49/year) gives you all the power of TripIt, plus real-time flight alerts, seat tracker, flight finder, refund notifications, point tracker, and more. Learn more at

TripIt is brought to you by Concur, the global leader in business travel & expense management. Over 15 million people in 100 countries trust Concur with their expense and travel data—and more than half of the Fortune 500 do, too.

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Customer Reviews

  • United point tracker?

    by Abarbaccia

    It seems that some of my point programs are not showing up, like united. I believe it's just those that don't allow automatic updates...but it's very useful to have all your rewards numbers in one place. I would add them in.

  • Handy program, pretty intuitive

    by KRCinKNOX

    I really like this program, and the app is just the icing on the cake. The simplicity of forwarding your email confirmation from an airline and having it auto load, then being able to send it back to myself in Outlook calendar format, what could be simpler? I'm not a "road warrior" but it handles my needs and more.

  • Kills it!!!

    by Denver Cody

    A friend that travels a ton recommended I get this and boy was he right. It tracks all components of your trip - air, hotel, rental car. I think the best thing is the way you forward your email confirms from the air/hotel/car company to tripit and it automatically gets loaded to your itineraries. Awesome!!

  • Weather

    by Scooterdru

    Nice app, features are above par. Only thing missing is weather information.

  • Woohoo!

    by tecgirlious

    The new update is TOTALLY AWESOME! Thanks for listening.

  • Add the weather

    by Rockwall Flyer

    This would be a five star app if you add weather overlay to map. This feature would make this the one go to travel app.

  • Wonderful app

    by Sasirekha Y

    This manages my trips, sends me alerts and guides me through out journey. All frequent travelers should use this.

  • Nice travel organizer

    by UpChucky

    This is a good app for organizing travel plans but I'm not sure it is worth what they ask for the pro version.

  • Permanent companion

    by Arneman

    Permanent companion during travel, sync with flighttrack and ical. Beautiful App with great functionality!

  • A great way to stay organized

    by Brettinto

    Does a great job of keeping things organized. Even when I had made three separate bookings for one trip (flight, hotel and car rental), Trip it was smart enough to group everything together.

  • Awesome

    by AbqSlim1

    Love it. My favorite travel app is still FlightTrack Pro because it ultimately has more info but this app has better presentation and works very well. Definitely recommend.

  • Great Alp, especially overseas use

    by Nmarco85

    Very happy with this app and I have tripit pro, love the functionality and tracking of tickets and flight times. Syncing with flight tracker app is very useful as well. Definitely recommend!

  • Great for planning our trip!

    by www4

    Love the ability to email Tripit flights and reservation emails for auto import!

  • Thanks for listening

    by ifyouwillit

    A quick note to say great app. Thanks for listening to feedback on load screens in the most recent version. The new updates bring the app back to highly usable and a must buy A+

  • Kayak integration

    by DriveThro

    Perfect app and my go to app for traveling. I wish if it had capability to book flight/train tickets and hotel reservation .. Then i wouldn't use Kayak/booking At all and this would be my only app to use for traveling and while raveling

  • Amazing app!!!

    by DickyAdams

    Favorite app to manage my travel itinerary. Easy!

  • No more crashes!!

    by TripIter

    Love this app!

  • Love the new look

    by Logoheadski

    The new card interface is great! I used it on my trip this week and it was really helpful to have the reservation info I needed at my fingertips at the time I needed it. Love Tripit!

  • Love this app!

    by D-bro7

    Very convenient and allows me to keep all travel info in one place!

  • Ven

    by Ven Nilva

    I used to be World Mate user many years, but it is nothing competitive to Trip it. I'm frequent traveller and don't even understand how to handle all my trip without Trip it app.

  • Slow

    by NYC Traveling Couple

    In general I like this app, but the latest release on iPad is slow and the navigation isn't at all intuitive. To really manage upcoming trips I have to use the desktop website and I don't carry that device with me! Please fix this!

  • Receiving Gate/Connection Alters AFTER Landing

    by 13Robby

    TripIt Pro Alerts are supposed to tell you about gate changes before the airport screens, or at least before departure time, right?!? Well, for the third time I get connecting gate info AFTER the flight landed, hours after I really needed it. C'mon, TripIt, don't advertise services you won't deliver!

  • Glitchy and unintuitive

    by ajpalmer

    As a tripit pro member I'm very dissatisfied with the app. Just adding my flight itinerary has taken me over 30 mins before I have up. The app is very glitch and feels badly coded. Also the interface is needlessly confusing and not user friendly.

  • Used to be a fan, but no more

    by Paper_Queen

    I used to be a TripIt fan...when it worked. Not so much now, unfortunately (as a road warrior, I NEED these things to function properly). • The app icon shows a red "2" alert, clue what the heck it's alerting me to. Nothing under "Alerts and Updates," nothing under "Seat Tracker," nothing anywhere. • The desktop version of TripIt is even worse. The subscription link stopped working on my MacBook Air in October. As of today, subscriptions stopped working on my phone (iPhone 5 running iOS7), iPad (iOS7), and my mother's MacBook (10.6.8). Won't work in iCloud subscriptions; won't work as a local subscription. • Customer service has been abysmal. Even though the problems are Mac-related, they continue to provide PC-only "solutions" that have nothing to do with Apple. I've been paying for the Pro version for years, but am about to cancel. There *must* be a better option out there that actually works.

  • Scam

    by Flemmo London

    I paid 99 cents for this app and then learned that they will charge me $49 annually for Pro.

  • No sync

    by Longnamedatttshopefullynottaken

    No longer allows flighttrack to sync. Please pay me extra to unlock your prior five star functionality.

  • App has flaws

    by Winstonscorpius

    As many have stated, travel info very often doesn't synch. Would NOT recommend .

  • Used to be a great app

    by Jim Burns

    Trip It what happened? This used to be a rock solid travel app and now with the latest update it's become buggy, slow and the forwarded email itineraries no longer properly load into the app. I have 3 trips just this week and itineraries from Delta, Marriott, and Hertz loaded with the wrong date, wrong city. Critical information for a travel app to get wrong. Additionally, the app used to connect to flight tracker pro which is seemingly no longer the case. Poor decision. I've flown over 43,000 miles this year so far and had used this app all along the way but will be removing it from my phone and look for a better travel app. I do like the new look, it's pretty but not much else. I would suggest that potential users look elsewhere for a travel app worthy of carrying on your iPhone.

  • Awful

    by New 2do no good

    Now that they discontinued the syncing feature for flight track pro this app went down the toilet. Bad move. Lost me as a customer!!!!

  • SucksApp

    by vidgameguy

    Worthless app. It has never, ever "found" one of my trips even though my company uses Concur for travel. Even though I entered all the emails my itinerary is sent to. Completely worthless application and I recommend not installing and for god sake don't pay to upgrade.

  • Did not know there is another charge

    by Kate2345

    They want another $49 for a subscription.

  • Total rip off....

    by Dweb44

    The app syncs with our work booking system just fine. The part that stinks is you have to pay 49$ per yr to see arrival and departure information. Gimme a break. No chance

  • Downgrade!

    by BBH67

    I've knocked it down 2 stars due to ANNOYING card updates constantly. Previous rating I do like this as its quick and easy to forward email confirmations and it organizes your itinerary. It however does not deal with updates well and would be ideal to forward multiple emails from air, auto & hotel at once and have it done in one email as opposed to forwarding multiple emails. It would great to have a section & reminder to put in TSA wait times to alert you to leave to the airport early, etc. it would be user driven but useful to plan with. Even sending average wait times based on departure would be great. Otherwise, good app.

  • Used To Be Good

    by grecpod

    The TripIt iphone app used to be good, but the latest update ruined it. I hate the "updating cards" message every few seconds...

  • This app once was good

    by david4ndt

    This was one of my most useful apps I had. I travel weekly. It is now a pain. It automatically decides to start and add to current trips. It decides wrong and does not give you a clear way correct. It resend alters which have been reviewed and closed. If this is not corrected soon I will delete this app.

  • Good looking, but SLOW

    by Mikemahon

    I have been a long time user. I still rely on it, but please background update the travel cards. STOP doing it when I open the app. If I have slow internet I can't tell a cabbie where to drive me because the app is loading. Please fix immediately.

  • Redesign crippled this app

    by nairbd

    Used to be a solid app that worked. After the redesign, get used to seeing the "Updating cards" screen. App is slow & almost unusable. Long time TripIt user, now looking for alternatives since the app is so bad.

  • Updating cards

    by J Doggggggggg

    The updating cards feature takes too long and should really be done in the background.

  • Faded glory

    by caa100

    Once upon a time, this app was fast and convenient. Now it is slow to refresh, cumbersome to navigate, and prone to crash. A shame, as I had come to rely on TripIt as my main repository of trip info.

  • Was great, then came the update...

    by spitcool

    I purchased this app awhile ago and it had made my constant travel and organization so easy. However, ever since the "update," I've stopped using it. Going places with no or poor data service around the world, the app becomes simply unusable. Even when I'm domestic using LTE or wifi, the "updating cards" routine made the app so slow and unusable that I just keep everything in a text file on my phone now. TripIt, cache everything locally and update in THE BACKGROUND if you want to keep your users!

  • Can I Get A Refund?

    by Cowpotpi3

    Since the "upgrades" this app is a pile of burning garbage. I've sent new itineraries repeatedly and it won't process them. Concur your company is a joke and I'd like the $50 you idiots charge for Pro back. I don't have time to deal with your pathetic time wasting app.

  • Update is maddeningly slow and clumsy

    by EdiPhone

    The basic, crucial purpose of an app like Tripit is to quickly and reliably give you access to your important, previously downloaded travel details at a moment's notice with minimal hassle, interruptions or delays so that you will catch your flight or train or hovercar ride when the minutes and seconds matter. The most recent update fails in this central task. It fails because you launch the app and a grey, uninterruptible message box with "Updating Cards" shows up and spins for many seconds while your train gets ready to pull away and you struggle to look up your ticket confirmation code. This uninterruptible, un-cancelable overlay that covers the information you care about shows up not just once but several times during a simple information look-up session. And after over a week of using the app I still don't understand what the new cards are, why they are useful to me, or why it is important to repeatedly interrupt my ability to use the application for up to 30 seconds at a time. It also fails because the current navigation system is mystifying and obtuse. Instead of the previously simple list of trips drilling down to travel items, there are now left and right scrolling views, scrolling "trip cards" and an unnecessary "Upcoming Item" view which is unnecessary, gets in the way and is not useful due to the often random ordering of hotel times that Tripit does. To the developers - please return the application to a useful state by bringing back the simple list of trips and plans that open quickly, reliably with *zero* interruptions.

  • Annoying

    by CarolinUpstateNY

    This mobile app does not tell you what gate/terminal your flight arrives at or leaves from. It does not tell you which company you are getting your rental car from. Maybe Tripit Pro does; they are always offering me a trial. But since I always need to look up my original bookings anyway to get essential info, I won't bother.

  • Scam app

    by Refill patient

    In order to do anything other than list a trip on the calendar .. It's 50 bucks! No thanks!

  • Update runs slow

    by Ummm nummm

    The old version ran faster in the update is very slow. Usually I need this app to open right away because I need information such as a confirmation number quickly. Instead of seeing the necessary information I usually see an icon that says "updating cards". This has made the app frustrating to use now. If you can fix this it would be helpful.

  • Redesign is Slow & Disfunctional

    by TypeMRT

    The redesigned TripIt is not the easy-to-use, dependable app that it used to be. Now it's slow and difficult to use. When I'm traveling I need to be able to get to itinerary quickly & reliably. The previous version was able to handle 10-20 annual upcoming & shared trips with no problem. If you're a frequent or business traveler DO NOT upgrade to this new version. Slow: Every time you launch the app you wait at least 10 seconds while it's "updating cards". It takes so long that you think there's something wrong with your phone or network. Disfunctional: The initial view is the card view of your trip's next item. It's a useful way to view each item in your itinerary but if you keep swiping to the left you'll end up in the following trip (but not shared trip) with no warning. Next, tapping to reveal the list of trips and then choosing a trip brings you to the familiar list view of your itinerary, but there's no way to go directly to the card view from there. Don't swipe left in that view either - you may accidentally delete part of your trip. I'd rather the default start page be the list of trips UNLESS it's during the timeframe of my actual trip. Then it would be more useful to start in the individual card view.

  • Constantly "updating cards "

    by the shapps

    Ugh. This new version is constantly updating the cards (syncing with the cloud) and is frozen the entire time. They should be able to update the cards in the background. Instead, when you open the app you must wait for a long time while the app updates the cards. It's really lame.

  • Terrible "Upgrade"

    by nmortho

    New card format is slow and unusable. Constantly refreshing takes way too long. Previous version tons better!

  • Good app downgraded

    by amop

    Was happy until this update: now very slow, constant refreshes that don't seem to do anything. Feels bloated. Also wish I could turn off the notifications...too many.

  • Cannot sign in

    by Jazzfest78

    The latest update renders this app useless.

  • Can't track my Unites or Delta Miles

    by Plankosaurus

    Can't track my Unites or Delta miles/points

  • Crashes on launch

    by Jmossinca

    I'm sure the new Tripit is nice, but until you fix the app to work properly, I'll never know.

  • A total dog

    by Lekun

    Technically this app fails miserably under ios7. Apple previewed and allowed developers to get their hands on iOS 7 back in June. This app should have been updated to function by now. Functionally the email parser I use to create trips struggles mightily. I find no use for this app. Maybe if you pay $50 a year for pro it does worthwhile things. But for that price you better be a serious traveller.

  • Perfect before the recent update

    by akwest

    I have been a devoted user of this app and felt the $50 was worth it. I travel almost every week and this app has been fantastic up until the recent update. Now the app is incredibly slow- constantly updates, crashes a lot and you can't even see most of the lodging info. I would wait to purchase until they fix the significant bugs. Once fixed, I will up the stars.

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