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  • Updated: Jul, 11 2008
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$25 off your next $200 hotel booking!*
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We've completely re-designed the app for iOS 7. Now, you'll find it's the best way to book your perfect hotel! 
The brand new design includes bigger images to help you make the right choice and you can also enjoy these fantastic features: 

- Powerful sort and filter options to personalise the hotels you see when you search. 
- Easy-to-use map to discover all the hotels around you.
- ‘Tonight’s Local Deals’ tailored to offer exclusive deals just for you. 
- Sign in once and app will remember your email and password every time, so you can search and book straight away. 
- Securely stored payment details for fast, smart and safe bookings. 
- Check your account and see how many nights you've already collected with our Welcome Rewards loyalty programme, collect 10 and you'll get 1 night free.
- See your past, current and future hotel bookings, even when you don’t have access to the Internet. 
- 24/7 in-app click-to-call customer support. 

*Terms and Conditions for US Mobile Coupon – MOB25FEBUS

1.This coupon is valid for $25 off a new hotel-only booking with a minimum booking value of $200 before taxes and fees at a participating Price Match Guarantee hotel. To use the coupon, you must book by 11:59 PM CT on 2/28/2014 on the US version of the mobile app or mobile website with travel to be completed between 2/1/2014 and 4/30/2014. Bookings are subject to availability and the hotel’s terms and conditions.
2.This coupon cannot be used for (a) package bookings, (b) bookings made through a group travel service, (c) bookings paid for at a hotel, (d) booking paid for in a foreign currency, or (e) bookings at non-participating hotels. Visit to view a list of non-participating hotels. Participating hotels are subject to change at any time.
3.This offer is only valid for the first 5,000 bookings using the coupon code by the deadline set forth above. You will have the opportunity to confirm the coupon code is still valid prior to completing your booking.
4.There is a limit of (1) coupon per booking and the coupon cannot be combined with other offers.
5.Bookings using this coupon are not eligible for the Welcome Rewards program. The coupon cannot be applied to taxes, fees, or charges, including, without limitation, extra person, phone, cancellation, parking, or other charges. You must pay these charges at the time the reservation is confirmed, or directly to the hotel.
6.This coupon is not redeemable for cash, may not be transferred or sold, and is void where prohibited by law. reserves the right to modify this offer at any time.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Backddd



    by Mikeytown71


  • Great site

    by Fireball3793

    Great deals for the price

  • Nice 10 stars

    by Teeza1212

    Use it everytine I get a chance

  • Good

    by Ericaleanneeeeeeeeeerr

    Decent app

  • It's ok

    by Cadenjhurst


  • Amazing!

    by Drewinator741

    I love this app, it helps out a whole lot more then the old fashioned way!

  • Great and convenient.

    by Benice2d

    Easy to use, quick and accurate. were really nice when I goofed on my reservation. cancelled with no problems.

  • Pretty nice.

    by Hanburns

    It's easy to use and no crashes yet.

  • Great App, but....

    by Gariel06

    Please add the option to write a review on hotels u have stayed, instead of having to go online to do all that. Other than app is good!

  • Amazing

    by Boua xa


  • Getting better

    by CharlesAr1962

    Been using for sometime now and I'm pleased with the service. This app is very convenient and quick to browse and book on-the-go. I have two suggestions: 1. Add a button on the booking page to add dates and hotel info to the calendar. 2. On the passbook card, it would be great if I could just click on the hotel address and have it open on maps to get directions.

  • First review of the new version!

    by Jimmy John 1

    Very helpful app i have used the site for many years to browse and book hotels, best prices in the buisness i have found

  • Nice

    by Tttka time to totally kick a**


  • Good

    by Daylyn123454321

    It was awe some I got so many nice hotels it is unbelievible

  • so

    by Horselover1125


  • Removed location filter???

    by NYClex2012

    This was a great app but on the last update it seems they removed the option to filter hotels by location within a city (unless I am missing something). Please PLEASE bring this feature back - it's impossible to search for hotels in a city never been to before without having some kind of location reference filter. I do not want to have to check the map location of each individual hotel to see where it is exactly. Wastes a ton of time - I will be using the website until this is fixed.

  • Good

    by Drakeula

    Very simple to use

  • Poop

    by Phill Bob Phill

    I got this app for a hack

  • Hotels

    by Anonymusbunny456

    This was really helpful if you need a place to stay it shows you the cheapest and the expensive ones

  • I hate the new update!

    by Angry user ready to delete

    Yes the larger pictures are nice but they removed all the useful sorting functions like amenities and most importantly distance from city center. Now it's distance from address and even that doesn't work when you're getting results all mixed up and 30 miles away.

  • Fair, usable, but way under powered!!

    by Cakyle1982

    This update is ok but it lacks the ability to sort hotels by amenities. This is important when you have a child that loves a swimming pool and it wont show you just the ones with pools. Its just not as good as the last update.

  • Horrible update!!!

    by Frugal 10 yr old

    Why did you make these horrible changes? I am now unable to book a room on my phone at all. And no longer reflects the prices per night it says price changed. Once I called and booked a room over the phone it took 40 minutes before the hotel received the reservation. Horrible horrible update!!

  • i just got it

    by Jojodizon

    i got it bc i want a hack lolololol

  • feature points

    by BreadCatsLover

    I'm only doing this for feature points

  • Bawss

    by Tc jr


  • Good app

    by Miltonpaiz

    I liked that so much

  • coder should be fired!

    by Omg My eye

    I typed in Hong Kong, said no search result; I typed in London, said no search result; I selected an auto-popped city, said no search result.... I deleted the app after seven tries.

  • Untrustworthy App

    by Adamfod

    My wife and I needed a hotel for our future vacation so I recently booked a hotel we found on I used my credit card to reserve it after stated that this would only hold the reservation until we arrived at the hotel and then we would be charged. Much to our surprise the funds were taken out of our account by the hotel itself two months before our scheduled arrival. So I called customer service, was given an apology but no refund, and was told someone would contact me back. Nobody contacted me back after two business days so I'm saying beware of your credit card information being passed directly on to third parties and don't expect to return your phone calls.

  • Redkit İstanbul

    by Kirpit

    Awful program with excessive commissioning , check call the hotels before book! They also direct U by fake discount.

  • Horrible Update

    by Zofranprn

    The filters to narrow down the search results are very un-user friendly. The price range filter has been completely rendered useless with the new predetermined block version of prices ranges. Please go back to older style which follows the website closely. Otherwise, I will have to resort to using Priceline or Kayak because at this time I cannot get the results I want.

  • Nice app

    by karan2807

    Nice app for travellers

  • Love

    by CammieSoPretty


  • Horrible Program & Service

    by yakuzagreg

    The app changed information at time of booking and reverted the amount of people from 5 to 2 once we pressed 'Book'. They then refused to change the error in reservation because there was "no way to prove the app made an error". It was against their policy to make changes when they couldn't show they made mistake. We Did not want a refund, only a change in room size to accommodate our party. Would NOT recommend this app or company when there are many others, such as Kayak that are more willing to help their customers correct errors such as these.

  • Awsome

    by Gihhjshebjss

    Awsome app sorry thats all i have

  • ?

    by joshhackett

    Every time i try to buy a vase your dinosaurs keep taking my cheese. now ill never be a pokemon master

  • O ya

    by Pat_laph


  • How do I filter?

    by Ian Fitch

    They fixed it so it recognizes places like "San Francisco, CA", but can someone tell me how to filter so I don't have to sift through hotels in Valejo??

  • Awesome

    by Mymomsypurmom

    Very simple to use! Great app.

  • Great

    by Aslhöcdså


  • Great app and convenient

    by LokiSmallhawk

    Very easy to Navigate and use

  • Great

    by rialBoatley

    Best app ever


    by Jokerboy98

    It's alright

  • Good app

    by Sr.doug roludo

    Works in ios 6

  • Nice update

    by Stephen P Grant

    Slick design and great price on same night booking. Not sure what all of the complaints are about.

  • Ksa

    by Almatary_052


  • Haven't used it Yet?

    by Tinkrs62

    Well I haven't used this app yet. But I've been browsing and there's a lot of great bargains I see. Now I want to use it once at least

  • Great app!

    by Jay - Chicago

    The app is simple to use, packed with useful functionality, and let me quickly find an amazing hotel at a great price. Thanks for a great vacation!

  • Love it- works great for me!

    by Jay78125

    Not sure why this isn't working for others- fine for me post update. It's easy to use and beautiful- that's all I need!

  • Soo much better

    by cell2071

    It's way better then what it use to be try it you'll like it !

  • Crap

    by io240al

    In freemyapps not accrue points

  • Excellent

    by Sistergirl52

    I love that it works with my passbook

  • Great

    by Grajham


  • Update is Horrible!

    by DrSusz

    Can't even use this version of the update. Wouldn't allow me to enter any locations. Said I needed additional info. Previous version was 5 stars. Easier to use web version now. Will delete app if problem continues.

  • Lousy with Rates

    by PJF66

    Reserved a room with this app while traveling in PA. When I got to the hotel, I found out I could've gotten the same room for $30 less if I called them directly. Uninstalled.

  • Working

    by Susan J M

    Seems to be fixed now.

  • Good

    by Cassie Moser


  • Great app

    by Cuderthescooter

    Love this app, I use it to find all the deals I need and booking was really easy!

  • Issues

    by Trotdog64

    App was fantastic till the last update. Made it all pretty but can't search stating miss spelled street names or cities. Even when putting in zip code and city name using their search engine. Truly disappointing.

  • New update stinks!

    by Rebcherry88

    It was a great app until the newest update. Now you can't filter for things you used to be able to, like certain neighborhoods. Don't know if I'll be using this very much.

  • Unable to create new account

    by NoFear.Shanan

    Even after today's update, still unable to create a new account in the app.

  • Awesome

    by Dolphin40417

    It's awesome

  • Great!

    by Germanshepherdbreeder

    This app is amazing for people who like to travel and need a place to stay. Very good app. Must download

  • It's good,

    by Diedrich k

    I like it!

  • Idc

    by Yo mama is a milff

    honestly I have never used this app but I have downloaded it about 10 times because I get rewarded to do it. So like the other guy said here's 5 stars because I get rewarded a lot by this app

  • Rate

    by Rozy_barbie

    Its good

  • Doesn't work at all.

    by Edward Pietsch

    Broken. I can't search for any locations or current location.

  • Arghhhh

    by Djhskahhksjzbhsjdkjsjsjsjjsj

    Give us the old app back. Can't see anything other than 'deals'-can't search.

  • Was a great app. Ruined after update

    by Firenine

    The servers went bonkers after the update. I was previously impressed with Ill be using other booking methods bow. Sorry but that was a big disappointment after weeks of useless app and website.

  • Unreliable app, won't use again

    by Annettish

    Booked a sweet same night deal. Arrived at hotel hours later and they said they didn't have our reservation. Called and said they couldn't do anything but they'd still have to charge us because the hotel would charge them. Ended up with no room and losing $100 due to this crappy app and their unreliable customer service.

  • Update is awful!

    by Honeydooo

    The updated app is terrible. It doesn't locate any hotel when you are signed into your account. It only "locates" when you are signed out of your account. Why "fix" an app that worked perfectly before?

  • Homewood suites reno

    by Ehelmich

    I will return and recommend it. Im glad had in its suggested listing.

  • Awesome

    by Tsj2224

    This is a great app

  • Good app

    by Bootsy booboo


  • You can do better

    by Sou hein

    Its a hussle to find a place near you

  • Bad app

    by A8P

    The app does not work. Tried searching several well known destinations for a weekend get away and it does not "understand" what I'm searching for. Guess I'll try a different site...

  • Old and New versions work great

    by gteran76

    I have used a lot the older version, everything works great on it except when you wanted to see the photos full screen, this new version fixed that, everything else works great and looks modern. Excellent app.

  • Horrible update!

    by blizortiz

    This update is horrible. Location search is not working. I can no longer use the app! Delete!

  • Can't book a hotel

    by ابوخالد١٢٣

    Can't book a hotel

  • Search Broken

    by SteveInBoise

    App doesn't understand any city in the US. Unable to book hotels since search doesn't work. Oh well... Have to use Expedia or Priceline

  • Awesome crap

    by W Powers


  • Bad update

    by Busko11

    Good app but bad update

  • Really Great app for finding hotels

    by Alex T Ssssss

    Great app!!

  • Update not good

    by Alliizz2111

    THE uuppdate thing doesnt work ...please fix it!

  • Search is broken wth!!

    by Sexychopsticks

    Basically nothing works. Please fix ASAP smh

  • Can't sign in

    by Pimp Slayer28

    I'm having problems signing To my user account ever Time I try to sign in. What's going over here

  • Zuma

    by Kaka olala

    I love it

  • You need to fix app!

    by Ian Fitch

    Newest update doesn't work! You guys need to fix it ASAP. Have been delighted with previous versions that worked!

  • idec

    by drewnelsonnyboy

    I have downloaded this app multiple times just because it gives me rewards in my other game apps, so to thank the creators of this app for said rewards I grant them a 5-star rating. I really don't have anything else to say about this app except for like sometimes I get like a really expensive hotel and I book it for like 300 people to stay for the longest time and then I don't pay . It really is just a waste of my time though.

  • Will not work after update

    by Jwblocal701

    After update it wouldn't find any area at all zip code or city/state Trick is to delete the app and download again...then it works fine

  • Great

    by Aye Gur

    Great app!

  • New update fail

    by jomarcabuena

    Hard to find hotel for the new update.

  • Terrible Update

    by BeCleare

    Does not work! Hope they fix it!

  • Bad filter

    by Myeeeeyore

    Filter doesn't work as well with the update. I used to be able to search close to a landmark and that's not possible now. :(

  • Hi

    by Sfuggijbftyuj

  • Search function does not work!

    by A Bad Monkey

    Though the rest of the app is a big improvement, without being able to search hotels the whole thing useless!

  • Update is HORRIBLE!!!

    by SugarCainJen

    Put in Milwaukee, WI and it doesn't recognize it. Have to go to the actual website to book a hotel. New update is ridiculous.

  • perfect

    by ali shirdel

    im very happy. its best hotel all of the world

  • Bre

    by Breosha Everhart


  • good

    by Abo Almjd


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