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  • Updated: Sep, 30 2011
  • Version: 4.0.3
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$25 off your next $200 hotel booking!*
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We've completely re-designed the app for iOS 7. Now, you'll find it's the best way to book your perfect hotel! 
The brand new design includes bigger images to help you make the right choice and you can also enjoy these fantastic features: 

- Powerful sort and filter options to personalise the hotels you see when you search. 
- Easy-to-use map to discover all the hotels around you.
- ‘Tonight’s Local Deals’ tailored to offer exclusive deals just for you. 
- Sign in once and app will remember your email and password every time, so you can search and book straight away. 
- Securely stored payment details for fast, smart and safe bookings. 
- Check your account and see how many nights you've already collected with our Welcome Rewards loyalty programme, collect 10 and you'll get 1 night free.
- See your past, current and future hotel bookings, even when you don’t have access to the Internet. 
- 24/7 in-app click-to-call customer support. 

*Terms and Conditions for US Mobile Coupon – MOB25FEBUS

1.This coupon is valid for $25 off a new hotel-only booking with a minimum booking value of $200 before taxes and fees at a participating Price Match Guarantee hotel. To use the coupon, you must book by 11:59 PM CT on 2/28/2014 on the US version of the mobile app or mobile website with travel to be completed between 2/1/2014 and 4/30/2014. Bookings are subject to availability and the hotel’s terms and conditions.
2.This coupon cannot be used for (a) package bookings, (b) bookings made through a group travel service, (c) bookings paid for at a hotel, (d) booking paid for in a foreign currency, or (e) bookings at non-participating hotels. Visit to view a list of non-participating hotels. Participating hotels are subject to change at any time.
3.This offer is only valid for the first 5,000 bookings using the coupon code by the deadline set forth above. You will have the opportunity to confirm the coupon code is still valid prior to completing your booking.
4.There is a limit of (1) coupon per booking and the coupon cannot be combined with other offers.
5.Bookings using this coupon are not eligible for the Welcome Rewards program. The coupon cannot be applied to taxes, fees, or charges, including, without limitation, extra person, phone, cancellation, parking, or other charges. You must pay these charges at the time the reservation is confirmed, or directly to the hotel.
6.This coupon is not redeemable for cash, may not be transferred or sold, and is void where prohibited by law. reserves the right to modify this offer at any time.

Customer Reviews

  • Love the layout but taxes not included?

    by crashlander

    Noticed there's a huge difference between website of and this app. While the website shows you prices inclusive of taxes and fees, the app does not. So you'd have to actually touch on the "book" before the true price shows up. Why this extra step? I'd like to see the true price of all hotels on that wonderful layout For comparison

  • good

    by Stasonelison


  • Love

    by blackkingrat

    Love this app

  • About currency

    by Ilovedthisapp

    Everything is so good with this app but there is a problem for me here, I can not chance the currency when I travel different countries. Can you fix the problem too?

  • Cool

    by Alex chaika

    Very cool and useful soft

  • gg

    by donrak95

    so good

  • Good

    by Hahjong


  • 6402

    by Hop oh

    Awesome for Vacations

  • Just ok

    by Frosty#1


  • Functional and easy to use

    by Rreddi

    This app provides extensive information and photos about a number of hotels and resorts. I will absolutely use this app when planning my next vacation and would highly recommend it.

  • Why so hard to change the month?

    by KCCOfan345

    This is a complaint I have with most travel sites, and the issue is made worse with touch screens. - why is the 'change month' button so small? If you are booking 10 months from now, you have to delicately touch the small arrow ten times. It should be a much larger button, or ideally, allow you to scroll months with a slide of your finger.

  • Класс

    by илья чубичь


  • Like

    by Диманка


  • Cool

    by Jfjeik223


  • Better (for sure!) but still lacking : (

    by DPinFL

    Attempted to use the MOBSORRY code for my booking (the day after the app update and the code being made available) but that didn't work at all. The location information presented was quite thorough and the navigation was really good . . . very easy actually . . . but the pricing shown was far from competitive to other sites that I routinely use. Perhaps it's still a 'work in progress' app, and the next code offered will be MOBSTILLSORRY. I'll give it a while before deleting, but this can not be my 'go to' booking app.

  • Hi

    by I got hack


  • Lol

    by Though mannnn

    March 11 my b day

  • Good

    by Malochka

    Good programme!!!

  • Love it

    by pieger1

    If you want to see a hotel where ever u want you see different kind of hotels

  • Great

    by Priceisright77

    Book hotel loved it

  • No points = one star

    by quick5pnt0

    This app offers points on the FeaturePoints app for trying it out. However, I have downloaded it on two of my devices and never got my points. For that,, you get a one star review. Thanks!

  • Ridiculous - Why Are Prices Higher Via The App?????

    by Cheetka

    Although the app has a good look and ok functionality, it is RIDICULOUS that the hotel prices via the app are significantly higher then if you just visit via the internet. The higher prices range from $50/night to over $100/night more (some where even higher). Why in the world would anyone choose to book via this app??????

  • Filters stink

    by Andrew12901

    I want a hotel with a pool and a bar. This app should let me filter for these; it doesn't.

  • Extra charge?

    by Living in US

    If you set your iPad in different language than English (in my case, I set it to Japanese), when you make a reservation for US hotels, they will charge you, foreign transaction fee (about 12 dollars). I live in US and they still charge you the fee. If you use foreign language in your iPad, do not this app until they fix it.

  • Useless

    by Seth Marilyn Hayle

    Not useful at all.

  • Still "Updating"

    by Jsthvnf1

    Two days later, and the app says it's still "updating". The only way I can use the app is to open it through the updater, since I ran the update two days ago, and click on the "open" button. Stupid! Still broken as far as I'm concerned. I'm using IOS 7 on an iPad.

  • by 1LadyNRed

    I couldn't believe the prices on the hotels that showed up on this app. Very insane prices!!!

  • Beautiful app but......

    by cherdjones

    You can't create an account through the app even though it gives you the option. It directs you to call customer service. This needs to be stated up front. " to create an account please use the internet and create an account on our official website". Or something similar. I had the same problem with the Travel and Leisure app. If the resolve this issue I'd give the app 5 stars since I do think the app works well. The pictures are gorgeous.


    by thereal101

    This app won't let me search for ANY Hotels!! "Sorry we don't understand Denver Colorado" REALLY?? Maybe Denver was blown off the face of the planet!! Ridiculous!!!!

  • Still no fix

    by eeeeRAWk

    Used to be a great app. My iPad automatically updated to this one and now I'm stuck with a worthless app. Thanks for the 10% discount!! Oh wait,you have to actually USE THE APP for it? Oh let me get on that right away. Fellow travelers, stick with Kayak.

  • Can't search anything

    by Ralph Lopez

    Basically I type in any search criteria and it can't find anything. Not even Los Angeles California.



    New update search not working....... Please fix it

  • App is flawed

    by Don't sign in

    App does not allow a search if you are signed in.

  • What in the world?

    by Gloindahouse

    Doesn't even work!

  • Terrible app

    by Ddggz

    App does not work. Hard to believe that a company would come out with an app and not test it to make sure it functions.

  • Useless!

    by dashh

    New version of app is useless! It doesn't accept any location, landmark or even zip code. And when I use one of my saved hotels, availability doesn't come up. So basically, I can't do anything with this app now, I have to go to the web version. Flashy look doesn't help when it can't search or can't book. Fix it!

  • Update to app is terrible

    by errol33

    Feature problems: -Search does not meet expectations. -Welcome Rewards is not integrated from my account (i.e. It asks me to sign up, when I already have rewards for my account) -Customer Service provides you just a number to call, it should also have some FAQs, etc -Deals tonight should have more offers (Hotel Tonight app does better job)

  • Bad app.

    by Matt nie

    I was expecting to book hotel using this app. This app is design to look nice nothing else.

  • worse than useless

    by goneswillbebygones

    I lost out on the only available room while trying to get the app to apply the discount code, something it never accepted and would cause me to log back in each time. Once I left the code off it couldn't process due to "technical difficulties". Then I went to the website to try it a fourth time, the room had been taken - THANKS FOR LESS THAN NOTHING.

  • Search option is no longer working for me

    by DWG22

    This use to be a great app. Please fix the search option.

  • Took away functionality, DO NOT UPDATE

    by Bekuz_Ikan

    I used to be able to search by map view, but now you can only search by adding the city name. What about us people who are on road trips and search for cities with hotels in the direction we are traveling WITHOUT having to type in the city name ? BRING THE ABILITY TO SEARCH MY MAP VIEW. !!!!!!!

  • Good app-crashes sometimes

    by Hoppygirl79

    Good app have used it several times. Crashes occasionally

  • Get this one.

    by Ryanjan97

    I think this app is good but keep it at v.2.2.2.

  • Horrible

    by Dancemamalala

    This app does not work. I downloaded it because there is supposed to be a 10% discount on my booking if I do. I tried to search for hotels and it doesn't know where Columbus, Ohio is. So I put in a specific hotel and it starts to pull it up and crashes every time I try. What a waste!

  • Cant search hotels anymore

    by Ilovedthisapp

    I cant serch any hotels any more by new 4.0.1 version. Keep asking me to put the right zip code or specific location even if I've already done so. Don't update to this new version unless they fix it.

  • Great rooms available

    by Lyons738

    Great rooms always available even last minute!

  • Not as good as previous version

    by Mike25045

    This update is awful. Don't waste your time.

  • Update makes searches impossible!!!

    by SJF13

    New update, while making app visually pleasing, left it unable to search...

  • Too bad, so sad.

    by God of Kolob

    On the iPad Mini, search is broken, keeps telling me that I need to include more info to complete the search, yet I chose the destination from their drop down menu. Doesn't seem to know where Las Vegas Nevada is. Classic case of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  • Super

    by XxxQwertyProXxx


  • Me

    by Jdmcjfj


  • Bring back the older version

    by kenzoidian

    This new version looks better but it is much harder to use, and in some instances does not work at all.

  • Thanks "Not"

    by Maslow1

    well... the previous reviewer got a better update than me... I get no search results for anything after the update.... guess all the hotels in San Fran... Chicago... and New York are booked

  • Filter criteria gone

    by Cicush

    Sometimes, less is not more. I found that the app for some reason does not include the filtering criteria found on the web site. For example, I cannot filter by pet friendly hotels. While the app may look nice, it is for me much less useful than the web site.

  • Its ok

    by Илья67

    Not bad

  • Not as good as the previous one

    by avrilko

    I cannot change the language, country of the app and the currency for hotel prices. The last version had it! Otherwise I appreciate larger pictures of rooms and hotel.

  • 5

    by Dipsy134


  • Not impressed

    by SaxifrageMage

    This think struggled to find even as famous a hotel as chateau lake Louise. Really?

  • Good app

    by Thos619

    I'm a fan of and this app, not sure what people are complaining about, I was able to filter results, list or map, narrow searches, etc. everything is right where it should be.

  • Bugs

    by JusBaba

    Installed on iPad air. Found several dead/buggy hyperlinks on app thus far.

  • Filters

    by dogstar88

    Would be nice to have more filter choices like is a hotel pet friendly

  • Okay

    by Goodapp$$

    Cool application

  • The $25.00 off Coupon is a scam!

    by JoeV54

    What they should tell you but don't is that to get the discount you must book a room of $200 or more to get the discount. It is False advertisement to make it appear as if you use the APP to book a room and apply the code you will get it. I called their Customer Service and they informed me of the minimum requirement. BOGUS! If they lie on their statement what else are they willing to lie about?

  • Works well

    by JustMeV

    Customer reviews of hotels are most helpful. This is the app I use to book most of my recreational stays. Shame your company doesn't partner with more "mom and pop" type hotels. There are a lot of locally owned establishments which could benefit from this type of service and advertising.

  • Review

    by HoustaOrleanian


  • Very good at finding a diversity of prices and locations

    by Vincent Martinez

    Granted they only find hotels that choose to be affiliated with them, it's a useful tool to enable quickly finding hotels with their prices and locations laid out for easy selection. Once a reservation is made the apps make it convenient to retrieve the information.

  • My

    by Beaut2three

    It is fine just like the rest but the place I want to stay at is priced higher then going to them directly.

  • No specificity

    by Polnick

    If you want to narrow by a large city location landmark, good luck that's not this app. If you want to look up a specific hotel, not this app. It's good if you are near the location. That's it.

  • Keeps crashing on iPad

    by Dbswiss

    Would be a good app but it just keeps crashing on my iPad 2.


    by 4mor55

    I thought it was alright. Friendly user, may need a tune up. I liked,it was very helpful,

  • Wiinga

    by Waqarluq


  • Couldn't get rid of

    by QCLady2

    The only reason I loaded this was because it was the only way to get it off App Store on my iPad. Assuming they did this intentionally, I will not use it.

  • Julia

    by Burl89

    I love! It's very easy to navigate. The $25 off when booking through the App is only good on rooms $200 a night before taxes. Make it good on all first time bookings would be a better deal!!

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