Google Earth Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Google, Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 27 2008
  • Version: 7.1.1
  • Size: 27.86 MB

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian

Seller: Google, Inc.

* Google Maps Street View: With Street View, you can explore the world at street level.
* Improved directions/search: Updated directions let you can visualize transit, walk, bike and drive directions in 3D while update search result list will let you browse search results quickly.
* Improved interface: Easily browse and enable different layers through use of new left hand panel

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Fly around the planet with a swipe of your finger with Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Explore distant lands or reacquaint yourself with your childhood home. Search for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more. Visit the Earth Gallery to find exciting maps such as real-time earthquakes, planes in flight, hiking trails, city tours, and more. Integrated Google Maps Street View allows you to explore the world at street level.

Use the new “tour guide” to easily discover exciting new places to explore. With a quick swipe on the tab at the bottom of the screen, you can bring up a selection of virtual tours from around the globe.

With new 3D imagery, you can now fly through complete 3D recreations of select cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Rome, and others. With every building modeled in 3D, you truly get a sense of flying above the city. 3D imagery is available on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later.

Customer Reviews

  • Eh...

    by Silverfire357

    App works well enough but can be glitchy and the zoom control in extra sensitive. It's fun enough for tooling around killing time but trying to use it for work is difficult without all the web options such as the ruler, etc. The app is okay but it would take very little tweaking to make it great.

  • Just awesome!!

    by therackstar

    All buildings now 3d love it keep up the good work google !

  • It is awesome

    by Savannah the great

    It is amazing no kinks. It's the best it is not boring and it is like a GPS awesome is what that is and I am impress

  • Good but theirs wotk 2 be done


    Its hood for looking gor things but sometimes buildings puff out and look non realistic and looks like a hurricane went though

  • Problems!

    by Lu2U

    This use to work but now it doesn't know where I am, it changed my current location...I haven't moved...WRONG!

  • Plz!!!!! fix this!!! I can't log in!!!

    by find nimo

    Plzzzz!!!!! I have to use 'my map' on the trip. But whenever I tried to log-in , it keeps crash. plz fix this problem.

  • Awesome

    by Jaeguar

    I love it.

  • Great Mobile Version of the Mac App

    by Justin Norman

    Does everything I want it to so.

  • My location?

    by kenosabe 

    Looks better than the old one and some nice new features but when I press the icon to take me to my location it does nothing.

  • Nice app

    by Thomas Ennis

    Nice app but a lot when you zoom in it zooms back out. And that is very annoying. Other then that it's great. Oh yeah and it's a bit slow. I give it 3 1/2 stars

  • I mean come on dude.

    by  Pablo_9360

    Great effort, lots of potential for being ported and running on the iPhone, but it runs way to sluggish and slow. Often crashes. Perhaps re-work the code and try to tighten it up? 3 for effort, great potential if problems are addressed.

  • Good, but needs a update.

    by Drewswinter 

    3D view make it different from Map, but it still ain't got the traffic information.

  • Not Quite There

    by  RedGallaghet

    I must say that I have been waiting for Google Earth to come to the iPhone. It's really great with the current location and two finger rotation. But with the latest version I can launch the application and it will crash on it's own. It shows the Earth and fully starts up but then within a few seconds it's down. To sum it up the features are good but the strength of the software needs improvement.

  • iPod user

    by Gautam368/3

    Awesome app. Better than any navigation app

  • Cool

    by agggggyyy

    Great app, lots of fun but Abit Laggy and could use performance improvements also it would be cool if u could get 3D on the iPhone 4!

  • Planets

    by BANKSlayer103

    Can u add different planets to Google earth


    by What up pips!

    I really enjoy this app, but it needs an update. It crashes a lot and doesn't load the full picture.

  • Update needed

    by Nyancattoutubelikee

    I love using this app but it could use some ios7. Maybe a new icon and the keyboard but other than that it's awesome.

  • Time period

    by Ryan Coons

    There should be an option to change the time period!!

  • New way for street/ground view

    by Meatboyfan101

    I think when we go to street/ground view, we should have a touch d-pad for movement and sliding the touchscreen to look around.

  • Bummer

    by Jamesbrand007

    Wouldn't let me download it on my iPhone 4S was really looking forward to seeing this

  • Where' the buildings go

    by DJ Scorchie

    New update: Still super glitchy, user interface is too sensitive and difficult to use, and crashes ALL THE TIME on all my devices from iPad 3rd gen to iPad Air/mini retina. Sigh. Update to review: Well, at least one can disable 3D buildings in this version (7.0), but it's not necessary because buildings in almost every city are gone. Places like Las Vegas that used to have tons of buildings are now empty. San Francisco and Los Angeles have almost every building but that's not very useful unless you're looking at those places. I guess I give it an extra star because it no longer crashes on my iPad 3rd gen, will give it a go on the iPad 1 later since that one won't be getting iOS 6. original: "Can't disable 3D buildings layer, thus crashes a lot on all iPad versions" Viewing the Buildings layer was added in for a recent update, so now if you zoom in and wait a bit for buildings to load, the app will definitely crash. There's no way to turn off the layer or disable poorly constructed models that might generate a crash, these features exist on the desktop version for obvious reasons. My iPad 1 crashes super fast, my new iPad (3rd gen) crashes quickly, especially over cities like Las Vegas or San Francisco. Hoping iOS 6 Maps app can replace this as GE has been an abomination since it came out. I just needed it for access to reviews, something in every version of Google Maps EXCEPT the iOS version (yes even dumbphone/featurephone JAR/midp verions).

  • Crash

    by Jack Schwerman

    Crashes every time I try to log into my account.

  • Crashes

    by Brandonfave

    The app crashes when I try to sign in. I can't even sign in:( No stars for you until you fix it!

  • Google Earth Review

    by ike1452

    This app is disappointment. You can't navigate for crap anyway. Just looking around is all glitchy and unusable. At random you will ultra-zoom out and go all over the place. Everything takes forever to load. A app should not be that hard just to move around. It's like nobody at Google even tried to test this app. I have to give them points for the 3D buildings, almost all buildings are in 3D. Vaguely the PC version. 2 words for this app- uncontrollable, unusable.

  • Crashes

    by Catfish Charlie

    Crashes every time it try to log in with Google credentials on my iPad.


    by chlobolynch

    pls update to the iOS 7 feel! I hate this version. Glitchy and poor quality pics...

  • Horrible controls

    by JHRobb

    Needs a lot of touching up on the control issues. No excuse after all these years...

  • Coolish but flaky

    by joelmw

    Awkward interface and the latest version keeps crashing after I log in to access my maps.

  • Very limited

    by Coezoo

    No controls for measuring distance or marking a location. Also no way to share a location. Disappointed.

  • Don't bother

    by Th3 Monzt3r

    No street view.

  • Good app, bad control

    by J20005992

    Either I'm not smart enough to control this app, or it's not possible. It never works how I won't to. It will either zoom way out or in, with a steady and slow pinch movement. I had no problems in the past but it's gotten significantly more difficult with recent updates. Wish they would fix this so I could use the app the way I want to

  • Promising until the crash!

    by bjoonz

    I was so excited to take an aerial voyage with Google Earth. Then the anticipation of landing and taking a walk on the street. But no! It crashes! What a disappointment. Google please make us happy and fix it!

  • Street view crashes

    by Shasselb

    Ok, but don't zoom in too far. Street view is terrible.

  • Exel.

    by Mi aplica.

    Muy buena aplic.

  • Street View Amazing

    by Temple Run is :)

    This version is so cool can't wait until the next version mind blowing!!!

  • Not great.

    by FadedAsher

    As has been well documented, the zoom controls are abhorrent. Very blurry. Disappointing.

  • You won't end up using it that often

    by :D<3:)

    It is k but I don't really need it it is kinda cool though and the pictures are not updated I saw a picture of my house it was a picture from 2004 old right

  • Motion sick

    by Jjhhrroo

    Beware if you get motion sick :(

  • Updated app!

    by xray dude

    Since you updated the app to include street view it's bad. Street will not show up. It goes to a large blurry picture. With no street view.this Allways crashes!

  • Great app but can't sign in!

    by Readerthereader

    This app keeps on crashing every time I try to sign in.

  • Glitching

    by Cmarie13

    Used to love this app. Now app is very slow to zoom in on regular view & zooms into random spots--jumps around when you try to zoom. Also, Streetview does not work. All you see is the ground. Please fix!

  • Amazing

    by WilsonEricaUS

    This may be my favorite app of all time. It is like a virtual passport to everywhere. I can't get enough. I've travelled through the jungles of Africa, the ever amazing island of Australia, and down the street at the local wildlife conservation center. I am truly amazed and wonder if we can see this on Earth can we have an app of the future. Thanks google for the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Bugs

    by FalconPilot1

    Is it just me, or is it whenever I look up a location it syas 'Google Earth of low on power' or something? Can you fix this if it's a bug?

  • Cool

    by Awesome Bat Girl

    I really love to stalk people and stuff and this is the perfect app for everything like planning out your next trip and other stuff! But to tell the truth i haven't even opened the app yet because it won't download I just wanted to let the world know where I live! Ok

  • Google Earth App

    by Smilie Face 300

    It's super glitchy. Whenever I would try to zoom in, it would just zoom back out. And the control isn't really that good. If the glitches and control got fixed, then this could be a pretty good app.

  • Pinching and zooming

    by Aeroangel123

    I have problems where I want to to zoom in and out and the screen just goes hay wire it's horrible really glitchy and trouble loading street view

  • Pretty cool

    by Superstarizzy

    It is pretty cool but it had its bad days but it is a good app

  • Cool,

    by mom23blessings

    kids love to be able to "see" various things all over!! For our family purposes, it's really cool.

  • I'm not impressed

    by Jooo2010

    I was so excited thinking it would be like the one on the computer. But this one is much slower and forces itself to close all the time. It gets the job done, it just needs so tweaks to fix the glitches.

  • Be Updated

    by Bo hatem

    It is a no. 1 guide

  • Running out of memory

    by ATPMSD

    Getting the "running out of memory" error when it is the ONLY app running. iPad version

  • Constant crashes

    by mamda

    Such a waste...this app constantly crashes with an error message that "Google Earth is running low on memory". Don't bother downloading this app!!

  • All google products get one star

    by kevinTheGrey

    All good products get a one star rating until google gets rid of google+

  • Running low on memory!

    by Lower Prices99

    Every time I use this I get a running low on memory notification with iPhone 5.

  • Crashes on iPod 5

    by Gangster2227

    I really LOVE

  • Consistently crashes don't bother dl'ing

    by Aaananymousz

    It's a cool app but has never been fully functional. Each time I open it, it becomes less and less reliable and crashes within minutes and often less than 90 seconds. Obviously google could care less because this type of complaint has been ongoing for quite sometime. I'm only giving a star because I have to in order to complain

  • The best

    by nick12379112

    This app is perfectly clear.i use this app all the time.i definitely recommend this app.

  • THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!!!!!

    by Bob71254

    If u go to street view the earth is flat update now!!!!!! OR ELSE........……

  • Running low on memory

    by Lewis GI

    Every time I look at places on Google Earth, a message pops up saying: "Google Earth is Running Low on Memory, and then very soon after that, the Google Earth app crashes! Please fix!

  • Amazing

    by Tom Mayflower197987


  • <3 this

    by Melieluck Gulle

    I think I love google earth.i even found my own house!

  • Historical Imagery

    by rkcoaster7

    This is one feature from the desktop version that I really really want.

  • What the heck

    by Huhuhhhdehjededsd

    My neighborhood doesn't show up on here

  • Wonderful!

    by  Beast!!!

    Really great just crashes each time I try to find where I am really close. It isn't right on either. But other than that it's great!

  • Crasher

    by Maxey_XD 

    Crashes like mad, can't say how the programe works, I never have gotten that far.

  • App worthless

    by Wanderer 926

    This app is absolutly worthless. Won't remain on. It crashes. Constantly says it's low on memory 10 seconds after you log on. Either fix this piece of garbage or take it down. It's totally worthless the way it is. I would give a -5 stars if I could.

  • Beautiful and fast, poor sensitivity.

    by Paul Martin

    The detail of the maps has no peer and the additional info option for certain points of interest is nice. This was all overshadowed by the absolutely awful control and sensitivity. Sometimes O zoom in, it wont budge, next it zooms out. The view often floats around after you've stopped touching the screen. Any minor touch to stop or correct the floating is assured to end in a frustrating snap zoom out. Overall its a pretty and not yet useful app.

  • Street view keeps crashing

    by 2coolsidewinder

    Very frustrating

  • Wow

    by Thaseme

    I can see my house from here... Oh wait.

  • Love and dis like

    by Hazoqueen!!!!

    Love how u can place yourself on top of the Eiffel Tower! I can finaly say I have been on the top of the Eiffel Tower! I hate how it always loses memory and kicks u out! Could u change that plz!

  • Amazing app

    by Joel Christophel

    This app is incredible. There's a world of information at my fingertips (pun intended). The controls are surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. However, it would be nice if rotating didn't get in the way of zooming so often. Also, navigation is almost impossible when the map is tilted.

  • Cool

    by Mat904

    It was donken awesome


    by Titita07

    Can be better. Everytime i go to street view, it says low on memory then it crashes. Its getting really annoying each time. Please fix this because its a very good app.

  • Ehh

    by arianna 1682

    The app would be awesome if thequality of the pictures were better and whenever i try to zoom in it gives me trouble and it will either zoom out or doesn't do anything at all

  • Google earth feedback

    by Review scale on 1 to 10

    So far I really like google earth. I have always been smart in geography but google earth has helped me find places that are very interesting . Now I know and talk about places, my friends have never even heard of. I really like this app. The only issues I have are the lack of ground level showings. When ever I look somewhere that isn't the united states it won't show me the ground level picks, which bothers me sometimes. Other than that I like it. 9.5/10.

  • Weak

    by Moe Tank

    This app is so limited. Why can't I even drop a pin on a location?

  • Great But...

    by { Jesse Wu }

    I like this app. The only problem is..... when I go on street view it crashes. Make an update. Also, my best friend's computer can view Mars, Moon, and the sky. Could you please do that for the iPad?

  • Don't waste your time.

    by Emokid4792

    Literally, the worst app I've downloaded. I'm going to delete it because it works like crap. Street view is horrible & doesn't even work. It only works good on the computer. Extremely disappointed.

  • Quality doesn't match Microsoft desktop version

    by Agpank

    The quality of the images is lower than those on the Microsoft desktop version. Google needs to update the images for more stars.

  • Raspberry.

    by Scarecrow1st

    I might give four stars if it would, at least. orientate with the direction in which you are facing, but good to have.

  • No 3D?

    by Ngjhjgdgju

    Last night, my father wanted to check out Google Earth. When he opened the app, it couldn't show any 3D images. Even from StreetView everything was flat and totally 2D. Not helpful. Spent 1 hour trying to find the problem. What is going on and if it's a bug people have to fix it quick. Some people need on this app fixed.

  • Google earth for iPad

    by Mr. Poppop_B

    Excellent program for the PC however this app version for the iPad is useless. About a minute after opening the app I receive a popup saying memory is too low. Continued use and the app restarts. Trying to enter street view zooms to extreme closeup of the asphalt and unable to zoom out before app crashes due to memory issue. Very limited options. Will have to try it when a few of the bugs are worked out. Too bad.

  • OMG! Fix bug !

    by Doveflight

    On the street view (only reason I got this app) it glichs! In a bad way! >_<

  • Frequent crashes and very slow

    by DigitalAddicto

    Street view is unusable due to low memory warnings and crashes. Overall slowness of this app reduces functional usage to an occasional launch for me. Will Google provide an update to address the failures? It's been a very long time! Over 6 months without an update is unacceptable... Does Google support their products anymore?

  • Shuts Down

    by 25bo

    Randomly shuts down constantly

  • Low on memory

    by Breazona

    Whenever I try to go into street view it just says "Google earth is running low on memory" What is that even supposed to mean and why us it happening? Fix this before I delete the app!

  • Great but

    by Lolsayer

    I love this and all but it keeps on crashing and it said not to make it crash pay waste of

  • Need to update

    by Fdryjhfdh

    Please update google earth because it shows the map from 2012 now its 2014 so stuff looks way different!!!

  • thanks for showing us the earth

    by Uuhggvbivvfhvfjxdy?

    now i can figure out where santa is

  • Street View No Longer Works

    by DinIndy

    This has gone from my favorite map app to one I rarely use because my iPad 3 freezes when I try to use the street view. Google has had plenty of time to fix this.

  • Crashes

    by Yelaj

    The street view crashes and says it's running low on memory. Please fix!

  • Bad Graphic

    by Idontknnknow?soyaauce?

    Really all I have to say

  • Marcas de posicion

    by Lety Perez

    No hay marcas de posición, ni ninguna de las herramientas útiles que tiene la versión de pc

  • Crashes

    by Brod77381157496

    iPad version crashes

  • iPod touch 5g 3-D

    by Nfgangsta101

    Why is everything That is 3D on Google Earth appearing moldy; it's looking like clay. All buildings are not sharp, but messed up. And the trees in Google Earth, they just look like a pile of green waste was dropped on top of them. Please fix this type of problem in the next update.

  • Nice

    by Alf4805

    Love it

  • Map

    by Tumulia

    I love google earth. But after the update i can't pin any location which i used to do in the prior version. And there is no option named "3D buildings". Please fix this bugs.

  • Crap

    by Nickname 22262

    Missleading no 3d or street views

  • Low on memory

    by Texxxas

    I finally had to delete this app because it would say it was running low on memory and then quit. I reinstalled it and quit out all apps and still it would crash. It would be cool if it wasn't such a waste of time

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