Expedia Hotels & Flights Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Expedia, Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 07 2011
  • Version: 3.5.3
  • Size: 30.09 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese

Seller: Expedia, Inc.

Fixes a bug that can cause a blank screen on launch.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
84 Ratings
All Versions:
4616 Ratings


Download the app and save an EXTRA $25 off your first hotel booking of $100 or more. Use coupon code MOBILE25 at checkout. Terms & Conditions apply: http://expedia.com/app

The award winning Expedia Hotels & Flights app is the best and most beautiful way to book your hotel or flight. With real-time Itineraries with notifications, it's an essential app for when you're ready to start your trip. As always, you can save up to 40% with amazing Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals and with Best Price Guarantee you know you're always getting the best deal. Download Expedia today.

Save big on hotel rooms
• Save up to 40% with Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals
• Default to your current location for fast, on-the-go booking
• See reviews from actual hotel customers
• Sort by price, deals, or reviews — instantly
• Get cheap hotel rooms or 5-star luxury suites

Find the perfect flight
• Book a flight to anywhere in the world
• Sort by price, duration, or time instantly
• Search by airport name, city, or code

Book in a flash
• Already signed in? Book in under 30 seconds
• Earn Expedia Rewards points for mobile bookings
• Slide to purchase and away you go!

View your itinerary
• View upcoming trips that you book in the app and on the web
• Open the app when you're about to travel and immediately see your trip
• Get notifications for flight delays, gate changes and much more
• It looks awesome, too!

Customer Reviews

  • Ugh

    by eliweyy3

    It's Kool I just need to review it I think idk lol

  • Cuase I have to.

    by Santacruz132

    I downloaded this app so I can get points on a game I downloaded. I might try it. But I really doubt it though.

  • ...

    by Im a person named blarg


  • App

    by Joshua got swagg

    I like this app! Just kitten

  • I wish I were a turtle

    by bennyray

  • Guzcicdyvdtvvfvchb

    by Injustice gods amount us.

    I am just righting this review so I can save up for an iTunes card. I am fourteen and not traveling anywhere so this is completely useless to me. So ya.

  • Awesome

    by tjquest420

    Love the app! Easy to work thru good filters n I know I'm getting a good deal!

  • Good app

    by Attorney454

    Great for travelers.

  • Ok

    by The e123


  • Very useful!

    by GunnarsMom14

    Love this app

  • Blah

    by Iflkjh

    Nice app

  • Phenomenal

    by Simplyyroze

    Great planning for my bi monthly vacations great prices all the time and lots of great coupons as well

  • Best app ever

    by Stephanie Santana

    It's the best qwick and easy love it

  • Cool

    by Swagorific

    Very good app very resourceful and helpful

  • need ORO

    by nucklehead

    Invite code: TAPBR252296

  • Best

    by Vabbage she

    Amazing loving it

  • Hack

    by Kc72493

    Did this for flappy bird

  • good

    by Adonis_25


  • This

    by Myles Nigro

    This is an ok app I did this for the flappy bird hack

  • Cool

    by BeastMode02222

    This app is ok because I am only 12 and I can't travel by myself

  • Mobile25 nope

    by clinton robinson

    Coupon code didn't work on my trip to NY I'm trying to book for five days. Guess expedia thinks ill just book it anyways, but I guess I'll be booking through Orbitz

  • Multi City Flights Not An Option

    by Shelbie Thilmony

    The app is easy to use and fluid, but signing into your account is inconvenient and having to reset your search criteria every time you search is a downright nuisance. The inability to search for multi-city flights renders this app completely useless for anyone not flying round-trip. Save yourself the frustration and use Expedia on a desktop!

  • Not

    by Nickcm12

    Not good

  • Too much aggravation for $25 coupon

    by Ericell

    Not intuitive, not as many sort options as the site, gives vague error messages. Deleting this app now that I got my $25 off!

  • Crap

    by zackafwaka

    Terrible app

  • Totally useless

    by MainframeGuy

    If you want to use Expedia, jut go to website from your browser, useless app.

  • Expedia $25 coupon a scam

    by Fell for Scam

    Expedia tricks you with the $25 coupon to download the app. Many major hotel chains are excluded. If you read the conditions first it clearly tells you that. But I am one of the many people who are trusting and I didn't read the conditions first. I'm sure Expedia is counting on that. Shouldn't give business to companies that deceive people.

  • Ifunny!

    by Fofofofofofoasuuwsjs


  • Useless on iPad

    by tararn21

    You can't look up flights. It's not helpful for purchased trips. I can't see my itineraries or which airline my flight is or which terminal to go to. I can see I have a flight and at what time, but you can't DO anything or get anymore info.

  • SCAM coupon

    by Slfail

    Don't download for the coupon. It's a total scam. Literally every hotel you could possibly think of booking is listed on the non-eligible hotels list for the coupon. It's just a sham to get you to download the app.

  • Meghe%~€¥£££¥£€=¥€><€£>

    by Fggjccnhs

    Ya this app no goods

  • Useless

    by Todase007

    It won't even start((

  • Mobile25 Promo Code=Crap!!

    by Ryzzai

    Don't download this app thinking you will get to use the mobile25 promo code because it's a scam. They don't even have a place to add a promo code. Your purchase is complete once you swipe!!!

  • Don't download this app for a hotel discount!

    by Micmarti

    Very disappointed with this app. I was surfing the web on my laptop for a hotel for an upcoming weekend out of town. When I came across the Expedia page, a pop up offered a discount if I downloaded the app and booked through that. So I clicked on that and entered my mobile number. I received a text with a link to the app and downloaded from there, chose my hotel, and entered the requested information. I was asked for my security code from the back of my credit card, then all of a sudden my reservation was confirmed. There was no final review, no confirmation button, and never the option to enter my discount code. I called right away and spent 10 minutes on the phone to find out that I needed to start an "account" with Expedia to use this discount, which was never offered as an option on the app, and then that I couldn't use the discount with the hotel I had chosen - again that information was not provided while using the app. Now I have been on hold another 15 minutes - still waiting - to cancel. Not happy with the app or Expedia's customer service right now. Definitely a bait and switch. If they encourage you to use their app, they need to make sure that all important information is included when booking.

  • No iPad ui for booking flights

    by Yury_A

    Was it a joke to release this app without proper ui for searching for flights?

  • Mobile Coupon Farce

    by Sistahpreneur

    So I admit, one of the main reasons I decided to give this app a try was because of the coupon offer, $25 off your first booking of $100 or more. I took the bait. Attempted to apply the coupon to a reservation priced at $107 dollars, and guess what, it didn't work. If I'm going to pay full price, I'd rather give it to another company rather than one that pulls the old bait & switch. Hello Orbitz!

  • It sucked

    by Gurrrrrrly14

    I really don't like it. It doesn't work at all.

  • Useless

    by OidarOK

    This iPhone App seems to be totally useless. Once I navigated away from my itinerary all I can see is pretty pictures of various destinations. There seems to be no way to get back to the beginning where I was. I've tried every button and icon I see and I've even tried closing the App and it just reopens to the same place. If I was standing at the airport counter trying to find my itinerary it would be a catastrophe.

  • Great app!

    by Katerade1234

    cheap prices and fast

  • Lipstick on a pig

    by Sebandadoti

    I was excited when I first opened the app. The design, flow, integrations were are done super well and I was about to give it 5 stars... Then I tried to actually use the app. Signing in with Facebook made me link accounts, and linking account hang. When I tried to go around the login and just enter the itinerary code for my flight it wouldn't let me copy paste the info in the app! 13+ digits to remember from an email on the device.... Not a chance. So basically using the app is useless for me other than finding flight which I already use Kayak for. Fail.

  • Help

    by Barnesieva

    I've downloaded the app but it is stuck open in my App Store and prevents me from looking for other apps or updating the ones I have. Please help!

  • Bundles

    by Marillyynnn

    This app would be perfect if we could do flight and hotel bundles

  • Super Helpful

    by Cindyyeeah

    Nice layout, clean sleek, simple and helpful

  • Always pleased

    by Smhacker

    We are avid Expedia users and have always had superior service during travel, if there is a problem Expedia is there!

  • Appnana

    by ButterEatFace

    Just doing this for appnana

  • For those that can't afford an assistant.

    by Joseph Poston

    Hello, I don't really write to many reviews however, this little app saved my skin several times during my trip. First it reminded me that I could check-in 24-30 hours prior to, which ensured my family sat together on the plane and, coupled with the car rental it was seamless. The car rental direction option really saved my bacon because the rental cars GPS malfunctioned and the app on my iPhone in tandem with maps of course lead me right to the parking spot for the rental. This app was really well thought out and, I was an Expedia fanboy before however, this just brought it all together for me. Thank you Expedia.com, you put the planning in the back ground and reserved that time for whats important and , in my case it was the utilization of every moment of family time. Very Respectfully, J. P.

  • Nice

    by DoomsdaysGenesis

    Thats all..

  • Needs a little work!!

    by Aaron Presser

    I would like to see this app have more functionality line the website. Every time I want to update my current quote I have to redue the entire process. It's frustrating because an app is supposed to make searching the same if not easier than the website. It doesn't need all the flair as much as it needs more functionality.

  • Beautiful app . . . but

    by McLane63

    It is a very nice looking app, and works fairly well, but it has a glitch that I could find no way to report. I booked three different cars, and even though the Expedia, and Enterprise sites both say I rented a Midsized SUV, the app says I rented a Midsized Car.

  • Easy-Peasy, quick and best prices

    by Pitsnpurrs

    Add to that they have great coupon codes you can apply!

  • C

    by Azkajun


  • bad

    by Jefferey L.

    can only search within 10 miles? horrid. using booking.com and hopefully it will be better. update: not sure if expedia prices are better, but the booking.com app is much better!! you have a lot more to search with and filters. expedia's app is so horrid it makes me cringe.

  • Not perfect

    by Kyle Daddy

    Tried to use Expedia app to book flight tickets. For number of travelers, the app does not allow to put in children. There is a difference in ticket price between adult and children tickets. Need to correct this bug.

  • Thank you

    by mitsukipark@ gmail. com


  • The screen turns black

    by Rprie

    The screen turns black and if I wish to continue I have to delete the app and download the app again. Otherwise when it was working fine I was able to track my itineraries, was a good app.

  • App quotes higher prices than pc browser

    by Danbath86

    Searching the same flights on a PC web browser will quote prices approximately $100 lower than when using this app. I have tested this three times over the past three days. The same flights appear from both access points in parallel searches, but all prices are $100 higher from the app.

  • Cool app

    by Supergreatfun

    It will be great if you could do the package deal too ....hotel + flight+ car or hotel + flight ..

  • Rough

    by Mustardisking


  • Nice

    by Don_gRealla


  • Live it

    by Cainan513

    Helped me find a great hotel love it

  • Good

    by Mjswagg pitch

    This is great

  • Cool

    by Epicninjawaffles

    It's really cool

  • App Nana

    by Qzawrml. Dr

    Use code to get 60,000 nanas! r2018842

  • Good

    by Jaydenisaacmartinez2000

    China to vagina

  • Great app

    by Beebo1234567890

    Great app very useful

  • Ok

    by Fluffyandmonte


  • Good app

    by TyWat 20

    Very helpful

  • Alright

    by Ofwgktony


  • Great App

    by Shsjsbsbsndsn

    Everythinf perfect

  • Doing for an app


    Doing this for app nana

  • awsome

    by brian ingy

    love the app very useful

  • Uhh

    by Tanawnaw


  • Expedia

    by addykat

    Nice sleek design, fast, easy, accurate. :)

  • Yeah

    by Nsisjnkka

    Its helpful

  • Good

    by Cmwaston64


  • Pretty cool

    by Praiser29

    Just for points2shop

  • Great App, easy booking, friendly customer service.

    by RogueConstruct

    Just book my next trip through a location using the expedia travel app. Locating the inn and making the reservation was super easy. I just signed in, selected select my stay dates, hotel and credit card and zip completed. 5 minutes later I called the hotel to ask a question and they confirmed my reservation was already set. Will be using expedia in the future for all reservations. Once you make a reservation, you app automatically provides you will all in the info you need off it.

  • Hate it

    by Rae 2wice

    Needs to be deleted!

  • Needs fixing

    by noon2

    I use Expedia for all my travel reservations. It's nice to have this App on the go but it needs lots of fixing such as going back to trips, choosing dates (highlighting the dates scrolling down the calendar isn't very convenient), I couldn't find a way to look at multiple destinations travel, it doesn't update flight status as I hoped ( I had a flight last week delayed 3h and didn't receive any updates). Still it's convenient to have if it did everything the commercials say it does. I'm looking forward for the updates

  • Just getting the app for nanas

    by bekahsbabysdaddy


  • worst service

    by rcava

    worst service ever, search at web, and it’s impossible to delete your account

  • No discount

    by tpguy1

    Expedia promised $25 discount with code for 1st reservation with Mobil Didn't except the code, no discount App not well organized for making reservation

  • It's alright.

    by Solyem

    Took a few tries to make a reservation so not that great. Does have a friendly interface ....& I saved an extra $25 using the app with the app promo!!! :D

  • Patti

    by lsufanz

    It wouldn't let me use the coupon code.

  • What a piece of €^#}!

    by Ptgmy5387


  • ....

    by sssww


  • Best app of its kind!

    by xrusa.13

    My new way of booking my flight tickets! Thanks

  • Forced me to sign to .co.uk site

    by larry_

    Although I am registered at expedia.com and downloaded the app from the US store, it automatically started the UK site, where I had to re-register and got higher prices.

  • The best app ever made

    by Aaallleex1736

    It's so useful

  • Definitely download this app

    by Talia948

    Easy to use

  • Yeah

    by Meeeeeeeeeeee12353257464375


  • Expedia

    by Whitwash88

    Good app!

  • Not bad

    by SaadthePaad

    Very useful if you want to book a hotel or get airplane tickets on the go.

  • Horrible

    by Epinephrine23

    Trying to get the coupon to work and booked my hotel with NO confirmation at all. Would not refund money and biggest rip-off going.

  • Cool

    by AJHeaven95

    I like it.

  • Opinion

    by Lrg1191

    Great app

  • Vvvv

    by $&&7nnn

    Bbbnn great

  • Good

    by Soccer kid818


  • Meh

    by 3Kennetts

    APPNANA made meh

  • Very good!

    by xDanny760


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