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***Introducing four new pets—Jasmine's brave tiger Sultan, Belle's adventurous pony Petit, Tiana’s jazzy kitty Lily and Rapunzel’s spunky kitten Summer! All available for purchase within the app.***

***New pets are here and they can't wait to meet you!
***Learn how each pet and their Princess became forever friends.
***Bathe, brush, groom and accessorize each furry friend.
***Create a royal gallery of beautiful Palace Pets portraits.

Enter the enchanted world of the Disney Princess Palace Pets. Meet Pumpkin, Teacup, Blondie, Treasure, Berry, Beauty, Lily, Summer, Sultan, and Petit! These adorable pets are all different, but each one loves to be cared for and can’t wait to go on new adventures with you. Learn how the pets met the princesses, find out their unique talents, and treat them to a delightful day at the Royal Pet Salon!

* Interactive salon stations where you can wash and brush the pets. Remember no visit is complete without a special accessory and a yummy treat!
* Ten interactive stories featuring adorable art and animation.
* Charming music, sound effects and pet voices.
* An innovative photo-saving tool.

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device and if your device is muted. Don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or [email protected].

Customer Reviews

  • Shhh

    by $caching

    U be quiet this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great app for all ages of kids

    by Laffy taffy101

    I love this app

  • New update

    by Rebecca59328

    The game is fine but I think you should make a new update to make sure you get the new pets. I mean, think about the people who don't have money or just can't afford to buy the new pets! Give them an update to give them the new pets and life will be easier.

  • Mmmmmmmm.... Okay

    by Go kdidmc

    This game is okay but the game crashes and might have a virus.

  • Good but

    by Purple

    I want to earn new pets not by them I love Marida were is she same with mulon and Pocahontas pleas make it better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game. Problem with upload to ipad

    by Hbro5

    I and my 5 year old daughter love this game. I have it downloaded on my phone however, I can't get it to upload onto my ipad. When that is fixed I will give this app 5 stars. Please fix this ASAP as I prefer to not use my phone for games.

  • Mad!

    by Cutiepiepet

    I'm mad! Jasmine has a pet tiger not named sultan the name is rasha! Fix this please disney! Grrr! And we should be able to cut the pets hair and Rapunzel has a chameleon not a horse or cat!!! Beside that it's a pretty fun app but, fix this please!

  • Why

    by Kiyah Johnson

    It is a good game but why can't kids that like this that has a phone and when you what to add new animals you have to have grown up s have to do it and it makes know sense and u don't need to put that on it and I'm taking about the grown up thing

  • Restore Purchases broken

    by ledererfamily

    My daughter loves this game. We just installed the new version on our new iPad though and we are unable to restore the purchases we made of all of the Palace Pets when we click on "Restore Purchases". Our version has not crashed, but am worried we may encounter problems if I re-buy a pet. Please fix so we can get all of the Palace Pets back.

  • Awesome


    Why do you need wifi to download it though? Going to Micky ds rn hahah

  • To long

    by Snow77man

    Takes way to long

  • Fgtjylouytt

    by Martinez Valeria


  • Cool

    by Desty 97

    This game is cool because it has cute animals

  • Ok till the sound stopped

    by Sandavi photographers

    My kid loved this app until the sound stopped working. There are no setting to re-set the app at all. Thee were options to restore your purchases so I thought I'd uninstall and reinstall the app...big mistake. After I removed and re-added this app, not only did the sound still not work but I was unable to restore my purchases. .I am not a happy camper is neither is my kid

  • Can't Purchase 4Pet Pack

    by B45213

    I tried to purchase the new 4 pet pack, the best deal (besides $2 each), but it just keeps spinning!!!!! My little one loves this app, but she's earned the new pets and I can't purchase them! VERY FRUSTRATING FOR HER AND MYSELF!!!!

  • I Like It

    by Omg I tots love this game

    I like this app but you know what would be awesome to be able to curl, straighten, grow, cut, and style these animals' fur. Also they should add more animals.

  • Ok

    by Yfrgergt

    It crashes all the time I hate it.

  • Best ever!

    by Asyah Symone

    I initially downloaded this app for my little sister , and i tried it out to see if it was any good.. and to my surprise , it was an amazing app!! The graphics are really nice , and its really cute when the animals talk!! I'm in love!!

  • Great little distraction

    by Boston AJ

    Not a bad title, doesn't take up too much space on your phone and is pretty basic yet still fun for my 4 year old. It's a nice little diversion for longer car rides or if we are out to dinner and it's taking a bit longer than usual. Best part is there's no ridiculous in app purchase requirements to actually get any enjoyment out of this game.

  • Palace Pets Update

    by Disney App Reviewer

    I agree I am not happy with the update because you have to pay for Sultan, Petit, Lily, and my favorite Summer!!! I'm so upset because of this because it was such a great app still is just that hate looking at all the other pets while I only have Pumpkin, Beauty, Teacup, Berry, and Blondie! Please Fix!!!!!

  • Major bug currently

    by Alexandria's momma

    App keeps trying to download update & fails. Ends up eating through my battery. Save yourself some anguish & wait until this bug is fixed. Clearly whoever designed it isn't monitoring it very closely!

  • Crasher

    by Krazy kalyn

    It's ok but I can't style the pets I can try but it will always go black and go to my home page Me and remi are very sad

  • Hate this app

    by GraceRobberson 2013

    It's so frustrating it has all these cool things on the app and you know what I don't get to use it because I has to many megabytes which is so annoying I hate that I have so many megabytes and when it does I never can get a cool app so frustrating I hate megabytes when they go over 100 or 200 I never get to use the app I hate princesses pets from now on

  • Angry mom

    by Angrymom2525

    The app was left open and my daughters spent 20.00 without realizing. Would like a refund please!!

  • its ok

    by kkjjjjmmdd

    i do not like that you have to buy some pets.

  • Hasn't worked since update

    by Ally910

    I purchased the full app and my daughter loved it and on January 8th I updated it and it's been a blank black screen with the music playing ever since. Hasn't worked. Fix this please.

  • Bad

    by 5 star player at games rocker

    This app won't even let me play or open this app and doesn't load onto my phone

  • Cool app but

    by Wolflover1224

    Add all the princess and the princess you don't have but should have are jasmine Mulan meritda Elsa Ana Pocahontus they should all have more then one pet and you need to add more stuff for the pets and let them go to party's dances and make the stores a little longer should have more than one pet

  • Works til you start paying

    by Etthomas44

    Was working great until I started buying new Pets for my 4 year old, now it has no sound & crashes. How about "bug fix" update ASAP! A very disappointed Dad & 4 year old.

  • Problems

    by Jen Hull

    This is a very cool app when it works. My 3year old loves it. I even bought her the extra pets but now after the iPad update the program opens and there is a blank screen. Everyone is really disappointed. Please fix or provide a refund thanks!!!

  • Great App Prior to Latest Update

    by BethLeann

    Great app prior to the most recent update. Very frustrating too because I have bought the extra animals. It's just a black screen that does nothing. Please fix!!

  • Great app but won't work

    by DeeJemm311

    My 4 year old LOVES this app but it will not work correctly. When we try to open it it's just a blank black screen. It's very frustrating because we have paid for the extra pets. I would give this a better rating if it worked properly. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Great if it didn't QUIT every time!

    by Good morning people

    My 4 year old granddaughter loves this app...until it QUITS, which it does 90% of the time! Please fix it ASAP!

  • Fix it!

    by CaOCGirl

    It crashes and won't even let me open it since the update. Fix it or give me back my money!!!!

  • What the

    by Rfhswugsxhu

    WARNING so at first it was soo fun then when I updated the new pets costed money! So all I wanna say is that this game stinks because the new pets costs money I think it was $2.00 I was shocked and I turned on the volume on high then it made no sounds and then it crashes a lot so whoever likes this game is dumb and whoever created this game should either be a shamed of them self or go to hell this game doesn't even deserve one star

  • Do not do the update!

    by Dabears0220

    My kids were so disappointed after the update that the game took away previous pets and they now need to be purchased! Nothing new came in the update but things too purchase so unless you are looking to buy the new additions I would not do the update.

  • Great Pets

    by Mjchia

    I really like playing this game. It is fun. You dress up pets. Each princess has a pet.

  • Awesome.

    by Helenxchris

    I entertains my 4 year old for hours. She has her toys and this game and it really brings it to life for her. Plus it's kinda fun to dress them up

  • New update idea

    by Cat <3 dog love

    I think because of the new movie frozen Anna and Elsa should have their own puppies. Here are the names I think you should give the new pets. For Anna name her puppy Ginger or Pepper. For Elsa name her dog Snowflake.

  • Stupid

    by Nour Hassan

    Only one outfit for each pet where's Mulans pet panda blossom? Why does Disney want so much money like in club penguin?!?!

  • Bad

    by Hdhehdhebduebeyebdndhdh

    I dress them up but when I want to see them it doesn't let me

  • This game is awesome

    by Jackiee5


  • Fine

    by Kndnvhvnb

    I like this game especially how cute the animals look like but why do we have to pay money to get the other animals everybody is Writing bad reviews about the billing part if you just take that part we will love it

  • Does not let me in!

    by rotec cycles usa

    I can't get in it does not let me!I swipe and all kinds of stuff but it still does not let me in! : O Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Horrible

    by Lbacause

    The worst game in the history of the world , nothing works JUst Horrible

  • Good game

    by Girlglasses455

    I was not fun until I had to update it. When I found out each new pet was $ 1.99 I was not to happy but overall good game.

  • My daughters favorite!!!

    by Karic720

    My daughter just turned 2 and I showed her how to work this app and she absolutely loves it! She says haircut which seems to be one of her favorite things to do lately and she loves animals! Keeps her busy!!!

  • The worst game

    by Smartkitty#1

    I try to play with the new pets but it Will not let me all I want is to do the tiger please fix it It will be good if you fix it .................................!

  • Emília

    by Pinto Monteiro

    Eu amo este jogos e é de mais

  • $1.99!

    by Bidea

    The two new pets cost money!!! DISNEY HAS GONE OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

  • Charge for new pets!

    by HeyMomma

    Very disappointed. Paid for all the pets in the first version then have to spend another $4.99 once a "new" version comes out! Really Disney? Do you need to use the fact that our kids fall in love with the game and the parents will be suckered into having to buy new pets each time you update? I won't buy another Disney game if this continues. I for sure not be updating from now on!

  • New Princesses

    by SuperAnimeGirl97

    I LOVE THE APP! I hope you'll be adding more pets soon & I hope Elsa & Anna will get their own Palace Pets!

  • Plaplace pets

    by Tay-Tay g

    Slow installing but a nice

  • Can't Purchase 4Pet Pack

    by B45213

    I tried to purchase the new 4 pet pack, the best deal (besides $2 each), but it just keeps spinning!!!!! My little one loves this app, but she's earned the new pets and I can't purchase them! VERY FRUSTRATING FOR HER AND MYSELF!!!!

  • This game isn't the best game in the world.

    by Jillybirdjohnson

    Almost all of the games ever invented have in-app purchases. This is one of those games.

  • Happy until "updates" came along

    by Pennsauken

    My 3 year old daughter loved this app until the updates came along. Now she is perpetually disappointed because certain new pets won't wake up (I.e., I'm not about to pay more for this app, as I feel nickeled and dimed).

  • Disney Princess Place Pets

    by jaybyird

    I love the place pets they are so cute and lovable there is puppies kitties a bunny and a ponies petit and blondie that belongs to each one of the disney princesses and you take care of them and dress them for Royal events. Love this game. when does bibity, bloom, blossom,windflower bayou, and Meadow. come out.

  • Shame on Disney!

    by Reester5

    My grandkids loved this game, ask for it everyday. When they first saw the new pets we were all excited. Then we found out you need a grown up to purchase them. Shame on you! Not fair to do to kids, they are too young to understand.

  • Fun game but expensive

    by AJ1978music

    I agree with the other reviewers. It is unkind to show the pets they can't have. $2 per pet!!! Really? My daughter chose to use some of her earned money to buy the bunch and now I can't get them to download to my iPad! I expected more from Disney.

  • Amazing app

    by Josef1611

    Its amazing , i loved it , but please :( can you add new pets ? All of them at once ?! I mean : blossom , windflower , bibbidy , bloom , bayou and meadow I just want new characters and stories to read , i am sure that all other disney fans will like it ... I so addicted to the pets

  • Eh

    by DDD84

    Tho I'm not much into princesses, but this was a cute game. I enjoyed Teacup most of all. She's Belle's dog and I like Belle but there is not much to do in this game. All you do is bathe and dress the pets. Give us something more to do with them. And also, it's unfair that you have to pay real money for the new pets. No body is gonna spend real money just to pamper a pet. But if they do, it's their money that they are blowing and soon they will regret it. Make it where we can "pamper" ALL the pets.

  • Ehh.

    by Jake Phillips

    It's alright. It's a good time saver. I am a little upset about the new update. 2 dollars for new pets?! Outrageous!! Otherwise it's ok.

  • New pets won't download

    by Fred Winston

    New pets not working! Please fix so my daughter can stop crying...and there's no app support either!!

  • Money

    by Ihop2004

    They make u pay for a pet that cost two bucks and they make the child think the pet is sleeping way to go disney

  • New pets awake on iPhone but not iPad?

    by Big Bobby from jersey

    I bought the newest two palace pets from my iPhone. They're 'awake' on there but not my iPad? When I bought the previous two pets, they immediately 'woke up' on both devices. Any help/ideas?

  • Greedy! Shame on you Disney

    by Amead88

    Charging $2 per animal is outrageous! You make enough money off your over priced items in stores.. My toddler is already hooked on disney so you'll get your money one way or another but sheesh!!!! we just wanted a simple game she could enjoy on a car ride. And you must feel clever to make the animals look like their already in the game and not just an ad pop up so the child thinks mommy or daddy just has to wake up the "sleeping" animal. You leave it to the parent to explain it's not part of the game and has to be bought! Very irritated!!

  • My daughter loves it, but misses the sound!

    by Zluvsdeals

    This app would get more stars if the sound worked since the upgrade. I'm glad a pet for Tiana was added, but it's a shame we can't hear it! The volume on my iPad is fine and the settings are correct. Please fix!

  • $2 per pet

    by KatieHK

    It is very disappointing that they are charging so much per pet. The worst part is that it is very upsetting to my sister that she can't wake them up. I would not recommend this app to anyone unless you want a very unhappy little one. :(

  • Wow!

    by Ladybug gymnast @ beaming

    This game was so cool Jasmine is my favorite But I am not patient and there is allot of waiting and the pets cost a lot of money so I don't understand why people are complaining !

  • $2 each?

    by Teeta4Stompy

    I don't normally take time to review things... But after buying this for my niece and then paying another $4 for two more pets... Now another $4 for two more pets? That's a little on the crazy side Disney....

  • Aggressive in app purchase trap

    by Jbrynne

    If you enjoy listening to your kid cry about waking up the sleeping animals that she can't play with for $5, then download away! As for me I'm deleting this. Thanks for the irritation.

  • Fix In app purchase

    by Cmswank

    Unable to download new pets. When trying it just clocks and clocks and never downloads. Please fix.

  • Extortion

    by Beckhamj1

    Having my 3 year old being able to see the new pets, but not being told before the download they must be unlocked for $1.99 each is extortion. She can't play the game anymore without seeing the pets she cannot have. Very sad I updated.

  • No sound!

    by Damatogirls

    Since the update there is no sound. I reinstalled the app and triple checked that the sound settings are ON. Please fix!!!

  • Outrageous

    by Xnyer29

    My 5 year old loves this game and was so excited to hear that there were two new pets added but was so upset when I told her that I would not pay $1.99 EACH for them! Disney are you kidding???? You can't even do that much with each pet and you expect people to pay $4 for this? Get real. You are greedy!

  • Auntie Debby

    by PirateLadyDebby

    My nieces love this game. Pls add more princesses and pets like Merida, Pocahontas, Mulan. Just wish we did not have to pay so much for each new pet.

  • New pets cost money!

    by Mom2012a

    Very misleading!! You see there is an update in your apps. The comment says new pets so you install. Then you can actually open the app and see the new pets. After you hand your phone to your child to see these wonderful new pets once the tap on a pet it pops up a box for parents saying each pet costs $2!! Oh but you can get the bargain deal of $5 for all of them. I already paid for the app and wouldn't have take the update if I knew it was going to cost me another $5. Or at the very least say that somewhere before you get to the point of clicking on the pet!!!! I wouldn't have been as mad had I made the choice on my own to purchase the pets!

  • Good for little girls

    by Casandra440

    This is a cute, easy tap game for kids 2-4. Sometimes if my 2 yr old is antsy, I put this on and it easily occupies her. Esp. When she sees her brother playing games.. Very simple and harmless for her to play.

  • Was great until the update

    by Snoop4me

    Completely disappointed with the past two updates and the addition of more pets that you have to pay for! Not to mention the game glitches, freezes, and turns black/closes out constantly now. I am ready to uninstall it.

  • Rip off

    by Noname grandma

    Really?? Charging again for new pets? RIP-OFF!!!

  • Sound doesn't work

    by Tattooedmomofthree

    No sound and yes I checked my volume. Please fix.

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