Disney Junior Appisodes Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Apr, 11 2013
  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Size: 432.55 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

• New Sofia the First Appisode added - featuring "Great Aunt-Venture"
• Bug fixes

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101 Ratings
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2911 Ratings


*********** Jake and the Never Land Pirates Appisode Now Only $2.99 ********************

***Each Disney Junior Appisode is an interactive version of a full-length TV episode. Each Appisode file size can range up to 600MB (they are big downloads). Your download will vary depending on internet speed/connectivity.***

*** NEW SOFIA THE FIRST APPISODE AVAILABLE NOW! Update to Version 1.5.0 to download! ***

The Disney Junior Appisodes app allows preschoolers to experience the magic of watching, playing and interacting directly with their favorite Disney Junior TV shows in a whole new way!

They will touch, tap, swipe, tilt, shake and talk their way through their favorite Disney Junior episodes by watching and completing various fun-filled interactive activities. It’s a fully immersive interactive TV episode that reinforces developmental values.

The Disney Junior Appisodes app includes the award-winning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode for FREE with download.

The Disney Junior Appisode app features your favorite Disney Junior characters all in one place, with the opportunity to easily purchase additional Appisodes directly within the app, including:

• Sofia the First Appisode featuring "Great Aunt-Venture"
• Doc McStuffins Appisode featuring "Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile" and "Frida Fairy Flies Again" episodes.
• Sofia the First Appisode featuring the “The Big Sleepover” episode.
• Doc McStuffins Appisode featuring the “Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff” and “A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns!” episodes.
• Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Appisodes featuring "Quest for the Cyrstal Mickey" & "Mickey and Donald Have a Farm" episodes.
• Jake and the Never Land Pirates Appisode featuring the popular “Hide the Hideout” and “Captain Hook’s Hooks” episodes.

• Interactive full-length Disney Junior TV episodes
• Multiple fun-filled interactive activities featuring favorite Disney Junior characters in every Appisode
• Discover and purchase additional Appisodes from within the App
• Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by kris hays 

    Works great! It's just like interacting with an episode of Mickey's clubhouse. My kids love it. Can't wait to see more appisodes!

  • New Sophia app keeps crashing :(

    by Joey14567

    My sister really wants to play it but it keeps crashing

  • The Great Aunt-Venture is broken

    by The Whited Family

    Wanted to report the issue before I ranted on here but they have made it too hard to report a problem. Anyway, love the apps but the newest Sophia the First the Great Aunt-Vanture but the spot where you get the apples (the space between chapter 12-13 I think) isn't working, I tried restarting the app then the ipad itself and nothing is working. Please fix!

  • The Floating Palace

    by Deanna76890

    Add Sofia the First The Floating Palace next I would like an appisode with an infamous disney princess.

  • Mic permission

    by Marklaroo7

    Having trouble with one thing. I denied the app permission to access the microphone but didn't realize they use it in the games. How can I go back and change this?

  • Very fun

    by Altâir

    My little sister loves Mickey Mouse shows it is a very good way to calm her down.

  • Great for Young Kids

    by AG lover Carly

    This app is a great app for kids! Especially ones who watch the show and love princesses! I rated it a 5 for kids 6 and under!

  • by UNiiSTAR

    My now 3 year old daughter LOVES it.. She interacts with Mickey and throughout the app! I gave four stars because the the add-ons the app are little pricey! But other than that good Job disney!

  • Great interactive app for kids!

    by Morgeena014

    I watch a 4 year old girl and she is obsessed with this app! Plays all of the "appisodes" over and over and loves them! She gets even more excited when I buy new ones.


    by Mudbugcomet

    We have bought all the appisodes. my boys and girl love them.

  • This is great

    by Aubreydcuteie

    I like it because it makes my little brother happy to do when he is bored!

  • Love it

    by Princess EA


  • The love

    by Academas 

    My little sister loves that game and so do I

  • In app purchases

    by Lridge14

    I have purchased all the available in app purchases, when playing in our iPad, but it is asking me to purchase them all again to view on my iPhone, when it is under the same cloud. Can you please help me? I can't figure out how to contact you through support. Thank you

  • Love it !

    by GoldinL0cks

    Love the app! My son gets so excited when a new one is ready to try. The only one I feel could be a little more interacting would be the Sophia one.

  • Love the App

    by dkc149 

    This is a great app. My kid loves both appisodes. I would highly recommend to other moms looking for a great app experience.

  • Crystal Mickey

    by Sweettart113

    My son loves these! I just downloaded a third appisode Crystal Mickey. This is the first one I've had problems with. When you are supposed to blow in the microphone to help Willie blow up the balloon, blowing doesn't work.

  • Me gusta el juego

    by Rocio K.

    Cuatro estrellas

  • My Daughters Love It!

    by Laon8or

    Both of my daughters love this app! They are 1yo, & 2 1/2. They have all of the episodes. The last one I tried to download kept waiting as other reviewers have stated. But, I just deleted the app off of my ipad mini, then reinstalled it with a sync to my computer. Once it re-downloads, just hit the little question mark in the top right corner, put in the four digits it asks you to, and click to restore your purchases. All the appisodes you've previously bought should pop back up. Then, don't forget to fix your star rating. It's a great app!

  • Please fix Doc McStuffins as fast as you can!

    by Chloe Koenig

    I really wanted that brand new Doc McStuffins app so I bought it, but it won't download for me and I'm stuck for 8 WHOLE WEEKS! Please fix this as soon as possible!

  • I HATE the app

    by 78 fabulous

    You only start off with one game you have to bye every thing

  • Disney Jr. App

    by Kaylee Shya

    I can't get the App to open at all on my phone any more. Please get an update to fix the problem.

  • Jake has frozen bugs

    by Jedi Zarr Tan

    Since the last update, the Jake appisode has multiple place that freeze up. This is thoroughly frustrating to a three year old that doesn't understand what the problem is. He loves this app - please fix it soon!

  • Where's my purchase?!

    by popcorn22

    My son loves this app, as well as other Disney Junior apps, but this app just ripped me off. I purchased the Jake appisode, my account was charged, but the app is not available and asks to purchase it when clicking it. Completely ridiculous!

  • Usually great....

    by Lrfwhite

    Normally no problems but can't get the newest Sofia to install. Gets to install point then pauses. Once I resume it knocks back to 75% complete. Every single time. For the price these need to work every single time. Fix it!!!

  • Horrible waste of money

    by Blanconinoxx 

    Picture keeps going black!!! Waste of money when it doesn't work

  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates

    by Luvmykid2

    My two year old loves all of these MMC aps. However we recently got the Jake and the Neverland Pirates appisode. I am extremely disappointed with the content that encourages the user to be mean and violent to Captain Hook, knocking him down the waterfall with a water cannon. This is totally out of character for the TV show where everybody is always nice and looking out for Captain Hook's and everyone else's safety. Please remove the water cannon segment and replace with something kind. I don't want my child practicing being mean. The behavior does carry over into real life. Shame on Disney for allowing this behavior in a Disney Jr. ap. Besides that it's great.

  • Crashes

    by Robertw1983216

    Crashes, when looking for the triangle, anyone else with this problem?

  • It was good until....

    by SupervixenSG

    I just paid for 3 new episodes, they showed they were downloading and now, NOTHING. it wants me to pay for them again. Not great! I expect a fix or refund for these.

  • What a disaster

    by n007r0p1c999

    My kid was so excited about this app! It downloaded just fine but all we have gotten is a yellow screen with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse music playing in an endless loop. Phooey.

  • A waste of money

    by Geemini18

    I downloaded this app for my 3 year old a month ago. I made an in app purchase for another appisode, and it still hasn't downloaded! A whole month later. And there is no app support whatsoever. Just a dumb forum.

  • Idk

    by jax989 

    So far my son is waiting for the app to load on our iPad, it is taking for ever, I restarted the iPad, so the app restarted loading, lets see if we can play it now

  • Won't download

    by Desu yo ne

    Bought expensive episode for 4.99 and can't download it.

  • emily100

    by Emily Grant

    Seriously 4.99 for one appasode i have a iPod and i let my little sister play it and she said disney junior appasode i was like ok but when i found out that it was 4.99 for each appasode i was starting to get mad because i had money on my iPod that she could spend it on a apposode.

  • Refund please

    by Self checkout

    Worked ok until it crashed. Lost my purchases. Tried to restore them and it says my Apple ID is not found. If you want to donate money to Disney go ahead, if you want support good luck.

  • Disappointed

    by BrittanyAnnD

    Bought the app and when I tried to buy the other apps once it opened they will not load!!! It keeps saying the download is in process ... For about a week now! Very unhappy!

  • Sofia won't download. Customer service is a joke.

    by jeuels

    The game itself is fun my daughter enjoyed interacting with the characters. However I am disappointed that Sofia's sleepover game won't download. It is stuck on waiting. It has been days. I have tried shutting down, restarting, deleting the app. Nothing is working. What a waste of 4.99!!! And their customer service site is not helpful. It doesn't even list that particular game. You have to create a user account login to get help.

  • Too many problems

    by Want to love this

    Wish I could get my money back! Bought all the appisodes and all but one worked for a short period of time. Have never been able to get Sophia to work, and now none of them will work, because I have to download again and it just keeps timing out. Tried the tech support with no help. Very Dissappointed for Disney. These were not cheap either!

  • Buyer Beware

    by Niall's Wife ;) 

    Still waiting for download of Jake $4.99. Chatted with cust svc and have tried all of their fixes. Planning on getting my $$ back.

  • Awful! Don't waste your money!

    by  Mists Faded

    We bought this app because our son LOVES the Road Rally episode. However, this one froze, doesn't wait for you to interact, and has way less for you to interact with. Our son, age 3, actually looked away while we were playing it for the first time, something he never does with road rally! Save your money and buy something else. To shame Disney!

  • Horrible Support

    by MandyMo333


  • I want my money back

    by bluebirdDenver444

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else, took forever to download, then paid the 5 bucks to get the second game, which never downloads.

  • Awful!! Doesn't download.

    by Paige717

    My daughter begged for the doc app, and I was hesitant because I consider $5 expensive for an app. However, I purchased it and it won't even load!

  • Disappointed

    by WooPig171942

    Very disappointed that it does not work on the original ipad! My children love the road rally version and we wanted the Mickey and Donald so bad but it doesn't work! Very sad!!

  • Money paid but no app to show

    by  Tkprice

    My daughter was really looking forward to this App. Initially when she was just doing Road Rally it was fine. After I bought Mickeys farm was when the problems started. It's been downloading for 24hrs with no change. I have paid $4.99 for an app that won't download. I also keep having to put my password in on everything now. Not happy!

  • Paid and Did Not Get App!

    by Sakurablossm

    I paid for the Sofia app and it stopped downloading. it's not in iCloud, now it's telling me to buy it again. I don't think so. They charged me the 4.99 and I'm waiting for an answer from Itunes customer service as to where my daughter's game is.

  • Sad

    by multigal

    I'm sad that this keeps freezing. I wanted to like it, but if it doesn't work, what's the point in keeping it? You would think Disney would have better products!

  • Won't download

    by AxRg

    Bought 4 of the appisodes and won't download. Forever stuck on 75%. States it's installing and then repeats back to the 75% on an endless loop. Have deleted and reinstalled with no success. Please update. Never ran into the problem in the past.

  • Keeps closing or freezing

    by Bhelm22222

    Finally got neverland pirates to download, but every time my daughter tries to play it freezes or closes. I regret wasting the 4.99. I have an I pad 3 which it should run on.

  • Glitches

    by Cupcakes 1

    Every time I open the app after about three mins it glitches and goes back to my home screen.

  • Fun

    by *K-la *

    My 4 yr old loves this app. She and I play it a couple times a day I am glad they have more to choose from now

  • Do Not Buy, will not downloaf

    by Hrich777

    I have wasted $10.00. Neither of the Doc Mcstuffins appisodes will download. DO NOT BUY, THEY HAVE NOT FIXED THE PROBLEM for awhile based on the reviews!!!

  • Love the app!


    Great appisodes!!!!

  • Will not download!

    by Balloo69

    I bought this app awhile ago and it still hasn't downloaded. I've rebooted my IPad several times, turned wifi off and on again and still nothing. If I could give it zero stars I would! If nothing else, I'd like my money back.

  • Still will not download

    by Ms.Vargas

    I deleted a lot of my favorite apps and it still will not download.

  • Overpriced

    by  WolfGangPucks

    $5 for each app when you dl this app. Disney does it again

  • Rip off

    by Chida003

    Bought multiple episodes and now they are gone after my two year old accidentally erased the app. Never seen anything like it. This is outrageous and it needs to be fixed. I want my money back or my episodes back. Please work something out because I really loved this app and I am feeling really disappointed.


    by Estafados 2 veces

    My 2 year old son loves the app and been able to play with Mickey, I paid for the other 2 new episodes and for jakes episode but it never downloaded so he was never able to see it, it is so sad to make him beeing excited for nothing

  • Took my money

    by amber2706

    I bought the app for my 4 year old daughter, I bought her the Sofia the First, and I tried buying her another little story and it's stuck on downloading, they already charged me for the second game, but my daughter has yet to play the game! They charged me real quick!

  • Won't download in-app purchase

    by Wavlngth1808

    It has been 4 days and the Mickey and Donald Farm episode still will not download. I have tried restoring, deleting, etc. and nothing works. $4.99 is more than I generally pay for an app, but my 2 year old loves Road Rally and wanted Farm so badly that I gave in... Definitely disappointed that I wasted my money, not to mention, now I have a toddler who doesn't understand why it doesn't work!!

  • Not worth it!!!

    by Bitter sweeet3786

    Took forever to download. Just shows a white screen and crashes as soon as music starts. Have deleted and reloaded 4 times, same thing! Frustrating!!!

  • !!! Does Not Work With Bluetooth Speaker !!!

    by Sakib A Chowdhury

    My son loves it BUT disappointingly the app does not work with bluetooth external speakers. Please FIX this issue asap !

  • Great apps

    by The Whited Family

    It's been a while since I've downloaded an appisode for my kids (so I don't know if Id have issues with the download like people are talking about but I haven't always had an issue with that) but as soon as they have their next allowance I'm sure they will want the new doc episode. They love all the others and play them often!!!

  • in app purchases

    by Militarymom<3

    At first I thought the appisodes were way over priced but then I saw how interactive they were and how much my toddler loved them! so I decided to buy a couple (at the same time) I bought the sofia one and they had a Jake and the neverland pirates one on sale so I purchased that also. I had been waiting patiently for the sofia one to install (over 4 days) then I checked it again and it just said waiting… it wouldn't do anything else and the jake and the neverland pirate on was like I didn't even buy it. I am so disappointed , my kids were pretty excited for them.. :( I contacted support so I guess we will see if I change my 2 star rating…

  • Can't sync between apple products

    by Fg1982

    Purchased 2.99 appisode on my iPod touch but now I can't transfer to my iPad w/o paying for it again!

  • Great, but problems

    by Want to love this

    When this app is working my 3 year old loves it! The concept is great! However I have had to remove and reinstall 4 times. It's very slow at downloading, and every time a new appisode is added I have to remove and reinstall. I have purchased all of the stories, but recently my daughter tried to use it, and was asked to repurchase all the stories. Getting a bit frustrated.

  • Fix ASAP

    by  daicatuyen

    Will not download. Please fix ASAP.

  • New Doc App Still not Downloading

    by pymama

    I love this app and so does my son! However, I have run into a few issues when trying to download. I tried to download Jake and it took about three pauses/resumes before it finally downloaded. I am trying to download the new Doc McStuffin app and I have been stuck for a few days now.

  • Good, but can't make in-app purchases

    by kimiko611

    My daughter loves this and asked for the Jake appisode. I try to purchase it, but it says I have to download it from Itunes cause the file is too big. I don't see any way of doing that. I've tried searching for them in the Itunes store, but cannot seem to find them. Kind of disappointing.

  • New Appisodes for Boys

    by Deghh

    My son loves the appisodes. He wants to know why Disney does puts out so many girl stories. Can you please make new versions for boys?

  • Block on purchase

    by NelleD710

    My son loves the game. I wanted to purchase the jake one but is says I'm unable to make a purchase from the app....what's up!?

  • New appisodes will not download !

    by KaraTX

    Paid for new Jake and Doc appisodes, and they will not progress/download!

  • Download stalled....

    by Slaaapchop 

    Will not download anything but road rally although I have purchased the other appisodes.

  • Seriously!!!???!!!

    by dobermom457 

    I downloaded the app which took about 10 minutes. Opened the app to find the only game we can play is Road Rally. We already have Road Rally from a separate app we downloaded several months ago. If you want to play the other games you have to download them for $4.99 each. I don't think so!

  • Daughter Loves It

    by njmomz

    My 2 year old loves this app. The Doc McStuffins Appisode has great interactive sessions and she has mastered all parts and loves playing it so much I downloaded the Sofia Appisode. I think it's sessions aren't as good but she still has fun. I did have some issues with downloads but after a couple of restore sessions we were fine. I restored my purchases on a new iPad mini and a new iPhone 5s with minimal issues. The price is a bit high for the appisodes but the quality is fantastic.

  • Great App, extra episodes cost $5 but the quality is worth it.

    by Luckylizzie1222 

    I feel bad for those who are having download trouble. It worked ok for me on my iPad 3rd Gen. Left it plugged in on wifi and both paid appisodes downloaded in less than 15 minutes. We have been a huge Road Rally fan for over a year and were waiting for new episodes. Our son loves them all. Sure, $5 sounds like a lot, but its worth the hours of enjoyment each appisode provides over the year.

  • Still won't download

    by Mimiselfi

    Downloaded this app for my daughter. I paid for the Doc mcstuffins app and it downloaded fine. Then decided to buy the Sofia app and it stuck in waiting mode. Waited about 2 weeks and an update popped up. I did the update in hopes it would fix the problem everyone was having with the download problem and it didn't. I dont want to delete the app for fear of having to rebuy the apps already purchased. Contacting itunes for reimbursement and not downloading anymore!!!

  • Nothing loads up!

    by Will1025

    Crystal Mickey app has been saying it's waiting for WEEKS NOW! Same for the new jake app. I was charged and my son can't even use it!!

  • My son loves this app!

    by StarryxKnights



    by Matthew Sawyer

    It's been downloading for weeks now... I'm a frustrated parent with frustrated kids.

  • Sofia not working but will charge you!!!

    by CLBR RN

    Please fix Sofia if you are going to charge people for the game! Stealing is not cool - that's what it is charging people money for app that doesn't work!!!!!

  • Too expensive

    by KLee27

    Love the appisodes but the others are too expensive

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